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Found 13 results

  1. Say, if the Mane 6 would sometimes take time to write stories (non-fiction and fiction alike), what do you think each member's works would involve (like happy/sad/bittersweet endings, that kind of character, cliches, etc.)? Also, what genres do you think each member of the Mane 6 would prefer?
  2. A friend gave me the idea of trapping a certain kind of fanfic author in a story of their own, and this is what I ended up writing (it never exceeds a "teen" rating, I assure you): Grim by Siegfried Danzinger -Part One- Perry was an MLP fanfic author. He liked nothing more than plucking beloved characters from his favorite series and depositing them in absurdly violent and incongruously horrific situations. Authoring a fundamentally original work was simply out of the question; he wouldn't derive anywhere near the emotional satisfaction from mutilating characters of his own creation. Perry was working on a new piece. Perhaps something involving the CMC; he wasn't yet decided on the victims. "The filly wandered into the forest," he typed. He stopped to consider. "The filly wandered into the dark forest." Hideous things seldom happened in broad daylight. The filly wandered into the dark forest. The twenty-something pony enthusiast coaxed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with one pale finger and leaned back in his chair with an audible squeak. "What happens now?" He said aloud. "Atmosphere. Have to establish atmosphere." The filly wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. A branch scraped noisily against the window of the writer's room, and a draft swept over the man as his right ring finger completed the sentence. Perry abandoned his comfortable chair with a muttered curse word and headed towards the window. Closed. "Great. Something's wrong with the heat again," he told himself. Shakily, she held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light- The lights dimmed; flickered. Perry spun around in his chair and swore at no one in particular. "There isn't even a storm," observed the author. As if responding to his complaint, the lights were suddenly restored. "Fine." Perry returned his attention to the computer screen; it had apparently turned off. His forefinger searched for the power button. "Ow!" The exploring finger went quickly into his mouth. "The hell?" Perry withdrew the plump digit and examined it. Blood. Not much. But any blood was more than he would have expected. "Why am I-" The computer screen blinked on: The man wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. Shakily, he held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light onto a patch of peeling, rotted bark. From nearby there came a sound. Afraid but curious, he leaned in closer. It was then that the lantern's light died. The lights went out in Perry's room; though the computer screen remained lit. A scratching. A terrible scratching; it sounded as though it were in his skull. A wooden, tortured groan that emanated from just in front of him. "What... I don't understand." Perry was confused. "I'm not typing this!" He'd lost control. In his eagerness to move away from the screen, Perry leaned back too far and toppled over in his chair. He floundered on the floor for a few moments; his fingers dragging against the cold- "Dirt? Ground?" Perry got to his knees and closed his fingers over a handful of damp earth. Scratching, scratching. Moaning. Creaking. "Let me wake up now," the man pleaded as he absent-mindedly smeared dirt onto his lens with trembling fingers. "I'm asleep." Another sound. A louder and all the more disconcerting sound. Like thick roots being torn out of the ground with a shrieking, wordless rage. He struggled to his feet, "I'm dreaming." He wasn't dreaming. "I'll wake up any moment now." Perry wouldn't wake from this nightmare. Something vaguely resembling a tentacle lashed out at him from the dark; wrapping tight around his leg with a whip-like snap. His limb was pulled out from under him, and the back of his head was slammed to the ground with such force that the once-black world was suddenly swimming with blinking white spots. A heavy branch crashed down right beside him; its fetid bark scraping against the sweaty, exposed flesh of his face. Perry yelped and clapped a dirty hand over the wound. Something like a gnarled hand - but much larger and covered in hard, leafy barbs - closed around Perry's skull. Scratching, scratching. Perry screamed. Tried to scream. Moaning, shrieking. Who was shrieking? Who was- Perry awoke on the floor of his room. He was dazed. Trembling. Cold sweat clung to his skin. He had apparently lost control of his bladder. "Why am I..." He slowly picked himself up and turned towards the computer screen. It was on. The author stumbled over his chair in the dark; landing hard on his forearms against the unforgiving surface of his computer desk. Maybe, it read, we can do this again sometime. Perry. Perry. PerryPerry. PerryperryPerryPERRYperry.
  3. Greetings, I am working on a fanfiction project, called Legacy, and could really use some help. The Story: Legacy takes place in an alternate reality, which starts right after the Season 4 two-part premier (the rest of season 4 has not happened in this timeline). At that time, an alien lizard-like race, called the Vectin, invaded and conquered Equestia. Almost all of the Pegasus' were killed when their cloud cities were burned from the sky, with the few survivors hiding in the mountains. The Unicorns disappeared mysteriously (will be revealed later where they went) after the Vectin started hunting them all down, as they were fearful that the unicorn's magic could defeat them. Only the Earth ponies remain in abundance, with many being enslaved by the Vectin to grow and farm the bio-material they use to construct their bio-ships. Earth ponies not enslaved live in constant fear, as the Vectin randomly attack them to prevent rebel uprisings, and take more slaves. The story will focus on the adventures of a new Mane 6 (the grandchildren of show characters) as they take a captured unknown space ship in a long quest through space to free their planet by finding the only species that has defeated the Vectin before, the Terrans.... My story outline calls for a total of 48 chapters, divided up into 4 13-chapter "seasons". The original goal was to write each "season" first, then publish it one chapter a week, while working on the next "season". I have created the entire background, and bio's for main characters, both heroes and villains, and have commissioned one of the artists on the forum to create visuals of the characters based on my descriptions. I have created drawings of the Pony's and Terrans' ships, am finishing a map of space which will show their journey, and my roommate is helping me come up with visuals of the Vectin species and ships. I also have a plan for a side-story, to be published separately, that would take place during the invasion itself, and give more background on two of the Legacy main characters. Yes, I am serious on making this a big project. What I'm looking for Someone who would like to co-author it, and help me write the story, even contribute ideas. I've got the first few chapters started, but, having never written a story myself before, I would like some help, specifically with descriptions and dialogue. I'm looking for someone who would be more then just a proof-reader, but a full partner in creating this. My basic problem is I have the whole story in my head, but am having trouble getting it out! Yes, this would require a long-term, and major, commitment from whomever wants to join. Of course, you would receive full credit, and listed as co-author. I intend to publish on FimFiction, but you would be free to share/publish on your own as well. Please let me know if you are interested, and I can send you a rough-draft of the first chapter. Once on-board, I'll send you the character bio's and background info I've already come up with. Obviously, communication will be important. We can meet to discuss using Skype, as well as PM's here, email, etc for simple messages. Please only respond if you are serious about committing to this project! Attached to this post is a 2003 Word Doc file of the prologue: Prologue.doc So, who would like to join me in creating a new world?
  4. The position has been filled. I just realized that I have no idea how to delete a post. thank you for the interest in my project.
  5. Calling all writers! No matter what you write. Be it poetry, fan fiction, fiction, scripts, music, anything! I, StableStahl (or bathroomstahl on here), have created a Steam group made for writers helping writers... or just normal people helping writers. <-- is the group. Please read the rules before joining and I hope everyone likes it. I made it so I can help other writers and that's my main plan for it. I hope everyone likes it
  6. I am currently trying to get and refine ideas for my stories, as a budding author, but I'm gonna need your help. Can I find any websites where I share my story-related ideas, however long, and discuss them with other writers (instead of spending forum posts where not many people are willing to even listen ... ) ?
  7. This man is a skilled author, but it has been revealed that he has been inspired in a number of ways by MLP:FiM, or was a Brony himself. Will this man be a target for harassment, despite all of his fame? Will he be shunned?
  8. Here are some of my stories in blog-form (I know that it's an unpopular type): Do you know any good blogs that consist mainly of fictional stories? And anyone I can discuss their ideas with?
  9. On one hand, you will become famous or infamous. On the other hand, they will ruin your interpretation of your story. If this is not worse enough, they can take your franchise away and ruin it, like how Disney did to Star Wars. What do you think?
  10. Have you even encountered any story in which the author treats his characters with contempt and mockery, that he/she intends that you enjoy watching those poor, "dumb" characters suffer?
  11. NaNo is over for 2013! Hope you enjoyed the frantic writing, and see you next year! For those who become daunted by NaNoWriMo through reading this thread, read the last bold question. What is NaNoWriMo in a nutshell? NaNoWriMo, despite its name, is an international contest that anyone can participate in. In a nutshell, it is this: you have the entire month of November, from midnight of November 1st until 11:59:59 of November 30th, to write a novel. Sounds easy, right? Of course, there is a word count: 50,000 words, written entirely in those thirty days. Plenty of "pros" double or even triple that word count goal in those thirty days, so it IS possible! Sounds cool. Do I need to sign up? Not necessarily. If you want to be official about it, follow the link above and sign up for an account. It's quick, easy, and free! Once you have an account, you can talk about writing with other writers on the site and upload your work as you write to show off your speedy typing skills. What do I write? You can write about whatever you want. You can write in whatever style you want. You can have one 50,000 word chapter or fifty 1,000 word chapters. You can write an MLP fanfiction or a series of journal entries loosely based on your life or WHATEVER. There are zero rules when it comes to what to write, aside from to continue writing whatever you begin. Why should I even consider this? Obviously, not everyone has time to write a novel in thirty days. For those that do, however, NaNoWriMo is one of those awesome things you get to brag about to your friends and coworkers: "Yeah, I wrote a novel in one month. Nothin' too important." In addition, the feeling you get come December 1st is a relief like no other, especially when you get to share the fruits of your labors. What do I get for completing NaNoWriMo? Bragging rights and, most likely, a severe addiction to caffeine. I'm also going to poke around the Forum and try to cook up something special for anyone who reaches their goal. Couldn't I just type a single letter 50,000 times and submit that? Yeah, but where is the fun in that? NaNoWriMo is all about you: no one counts your words and no one judges your story. You either complete your personal goal or you don't, simple as that. Remember the honor system? What if November 1st comes and I can't think of anything to write about? Start planning now! The challenge is to write a novel in thirty days, not go through the entire process of thinking up a full plot. You can have dozens of spreadsheets and sticky notes and character dossiers -- so long as you don't start writing until the clock strikes midnight, you're golden. What if November 30th comes and I haven't finished editing? Same as before: no problem! It is laughable to expect everyone to write a novel worthy of publishing in one month. Consider NaNoWriMo a rough draft speed write of sorts. As long as you hit 50,000 words (no matter how crappy your story may sound), you've succeeded! Can I write a joint story with some friends/Forum users? Doesn't matter how you write the story, so long as you credit everyone involved and hit your goal. I have this story I've been working on for two years! Can I write another 50,000 words to that and call it good? You can, but that removes a lot of the fun from the event: writing a novel from start to (almost?) finish under intense time constraints. If you have a piece that you're just dying to work on, then go for it. Otherwise, start with something new and fresh! Who knows? You might find a new project to dote on. I want to participate, but I can't do 50,000 words. Is there a smaller NaNoWriMo that I can do? I haven't seen any similar events (aside from the Young Writers Program, linked below), but that shouldn't stop you from participating. Maybe your novel idea is only capable of 25,000 words. Rather than dissuade anyone, we'll be treating November a little differently here on the Forums: you can set your own goal and we'll keep track of it here. Complete that goal, and we'll consider you a NaNoWriMo champ. Shooting for 30,000 words? We'll cheer you on. Want to write a 15,000 word story, but challenge yourself to never use commas? More power to you. I'd rather get more people interested in a fun writing challenge than a few people who want to attempt the "full" event. However, remember this: if you write 1,667 words a day, you will finish on November 30 with 50,010 words. Some days, you'll hit a dry spot. And some days, you'll pump out 5,000-plus words! Don't be nervoucited: you'll have every writer, NaNoWriMo participant, and member here on the Forum egging you on. Don't be afraid to shoot for 50k! Even if you miss the mark, you'll still get a lot of writing done and be more experienced for next year. Links: + Official National Novel Writing Month site + Pep talks from famous authors + List of NaNoWriMo stories that were published + Young Writers Program (for younger any users who want to officially set their own goals) 2013 participants / goal: # Handsome Jack / 50,000 # Dusknight Haze / 50,000 # Rudy Redlin / 50,000 # Sepia-chan / 50,000 # 00Pony / 50,000 # TwilightCircuits / 50,000 # lincolnshirepony / 50,000 # ILetThePoniesIn / 50,000 # Anishna / 50,000 # Fluttermena / 50,000 # RarityRainbow / 50,000 # Geminii / 50,000 # NeverNeverland / 10,000 # Scootadress / 50,000 # Oleg / 50,000 # Nightmare Diamond / 50,000 (Unless you state otherwise, I'm just going to assume that your goal is 50,000 words) News and Stuff: I managed to get a little somethin'-somethin' for those who complete the challenge. @Bronyette cooked up a cool pony-themed pixel badge that you can show off to all your Internet friends, real-life friends, animal friends, and imaginary friends. I'm creating this thread now so that people who wish to participate can ask/answer questions and begin planning. Two months may seem like a ways away, but it can creep up on ya', and planning helps a ton. And anyway, I can't be the only user here interested in NaNoWriMo. Anyone else want in?
  12. So, as the thread title suggests, I am looking for a few partners for a project I am currently undergoing. I have taken it upon myself to contact a publisher of various works, who said he might publish my works if I get all the resources. That is where y'all come in. For said project, I need the following: Artist Writer Editor Reviser Musician Now, you may ask, what is this? This is going to be audiobook and book publishings. Here is what each job is responsible for if you sign up, and what the requirements are: Writer- must be flexible (metaphorically), have good grammar, and be imaginative.- you will be drafting stories with me for the works. Editor- must be patient, and have a good eye for spelling- you will help edit any errors in spelling in the original drafts. Revisers- must be patient, and have a good eye for grammatical errors- you will help revise any errors in grammar in the original drafts. Artist- must be at least somewhat good at drawing, and be flexible (metaphorically)- you will make cover art for these stories, which may get used as an actual book cover. Musician- must be at least somewhat good at making music, and must be able to meet musical requirements, and know musical terms- you will be making background music for the audiobooks. What's in it for you: you may get to be published, and get full credit for being in it. I hope you'll consider joining! Sign up soon!
  13. If you have paid attention to most of my blog posts you probably know that I don't like my job the good news though is that I do have a solid plan for getting out of there which I have full faith in. I could simply get another job but as Big Macintosh would put it "nnnnnnooooope" that is not for me. If I got another job I would probably take a pay cut as I would be starting from the bottom would probably have to put up with the same BS again and might not have the same benefits at the other job that I have at my current one. I could also go back to school and I might take a few classes to simply to give myself something else to focus on other than stewing in the hellhole I call work but my grades have gone so far down the toilet because of Math kicking my butt and other responsibilities and not to mention tragedies I have had over the years that I am a little nervous about going back. One of those responsibilities was to help take care of my sick father who was a dialysis patient which was especially difficult in his last year of life as his condition deteriorated quickly. The bottom line was his body couldn't take it anymore and he passed away last March, while it wasn't nearly as difficult to deal with as previous deaths I have had in the family in large part because I had years to prepare for it and I am glad he is no longer suffering I miss him more than I could ever put into words. My exit strategy is to become an author which as my research has indicated is not easy, but I have a major ace in the hole. As I have mentioned in some of my blog posts and other posts on this forum I have a mild form of Autism but it wasn't always this mild. When I was first diagnosed at age 2 I lost what little language I had and didn't regaing it back until I was 5 and had severe behavioral problems and extreme sensitivities to certain sounds. To make a long story short years of therapies, interventions and an overall process of gradual mainstreaming into society have my condition to the point where most people cannot even tell I have Autism. I may not be completely "cured" as my experiences in the checkstand have painfully reminded me of but I have advanced to the point where I am a relatively productive and successful adult yet I still feel like a failure a lot of times. Next Saturday the 19th is going to be my 27th birthday and for far too long I feel like I have let my life pass me by, being an angry bitter depressed adult constantly griping about how much his job and his life sucks is not how I imagined my life would be at this point. But though I have vented on here which has helped a little but if I spend the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself that all the hard work and sacrifice by both myself and my family to get to this point will all be for nothing. I have originally intended my first book to be an autobiography but decided to save that for later in large part because my autobiography is going to be a trilogy and my research indicates that publishers are more reluctant to agree to publish a series if you are a new author. Why I decided to make it a trilogy is both because I have a lot to say and it would give me time to build up to the more recent years and be able to mention certain things that happened at work without having to worry about getting fired from a job I would no longer need. My first book will be more like a self help book, it will detail my different opinions on all sorts of different subjects relating to Autism and will have advice gearing toward parents with Autistic children, teenagers and adults with Autism and everyone else. My brother has offered to help me edit it and my Mother suggested that she could maybe write a few things from her perspective and maybe get my aunt to say a few words too. It will serve its purpose of getting my foot in the door to write my autobiography and eventually allow me to break out into other subjects I am interested in writing about such as philosophy, politics or possibly fiction. If this plan works and I have confidence that it will as I have done public speaking on the subject before and my speeches have been extremely popular, add to this all the connections my mother has from all of her years of activism in the Autism community and a relative in the movie industry (yeah really, no lie I pinkie promise) and my chances are pretty good. I will be able to help myself and others, it sounds pretty win win to me.