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Found 3 results

  1. So after looking under the hood of my truck I began to think to myself: where are my comrades? I know that there are some Bronies out there who drive a truck or have in their lifetime. So it is my mission to gather information on you guys and start a Brotherhood of 2x4 or 4x4 truck drivers. Share you truck pictures. extra points if its an action shot. I also want your guys' feedback on your experiences on the road and off. I will start off by saying mine. Driving a truck wasn't tricky at all for me. in fact seeing as how my truck is my first vehicle i have more skills then those who drive a cheap little Honda. i can pull of parallel parking with no trouble. parking in tight spots are a breeze for me. I found that small car drivers act like their car is a limo or a Cadillac. As for other trucks on the road the deciding factor is the size of their truck. where i live Full size trucks are complete jerks. they tailgate me and have their brights on. Small trucks are really courteous when on the road. mid-size trucks are a hybrid of nice and jerky. Depending on where you all are i was going to put a group together to drive off-road and on road. so basically make a club that would meet in real life.
  2. Some shots from the past month. This'll probably be hard to load but Facebook compresses it rather harshly so it's probably okay. Sony A6300 with a cheap 16-55mm OSS lens Some are cropped and edited in Photoshop, others are not.
  3. Rainbow Dash Cutie Marks on a Cadillac? Yep, here it is! Rainbow Dash has to be my favorite pony for more than one reason, but one of them is her Cutie Mark. So, in short explanation I made some Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark stickers and stuck one on the left rear door, the right rear door, and the rear window. The picture may show them a little faint, but they show up quite well under the tinted widows. Now i'm not only the only person to have a Cadillac CTS in the parking lot at my school, I am the only one to have Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark stickers on one. As shown, the picture to the right is obviously the one that shows the cutie marks the best, I just put the one on the right to show the whole car. 2008 Cadillac CTS 3.6 Direct Injection V6