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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone have a favorite season? Mine is autumn! Autumn to me is Frank Sinatra and the smell of rain, hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, doggy snuggles, tart honey-crisp apples, candied pecans, the anticipation of Christmas, crunching leaves on walks, the smell of chili in the crock-pot on Sundays, the chill in the air that wakes you up in the morning, fuzzy socks and long sleeves, blankets freshly warm out of the dryer, hot pancakes on Saturday mornings drowning in maple syrup, foggy sunrises, cozy sweaters, decorating my desk with baby pumpkins and gourds, poetry, beeswax candles, skinny jeans and boots with leg warmers, pumpkin bread, rereading Harry Potter, swings and bike rides looking up at the changing tree stars, cinnamon rolls, tea, and apple cider. I just love it so much! :3
  2. Of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which season do you like the most? (The hype with FiM's seasons 4 and 5 inspired me to do this question. If you're asking me, mine is winter.)
  3. I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out, tell me what you guys think http:/
  4. Hello friends. Due to the chaotic and intense competition of March Madness, I decided to make a song that everyone can agree is great. :3 Enjoy. Edit : tfw ugh bandcamp why do yuo have to use HTML for embedding
  5. As those of you who are scoffing at the picture above already know, I'm not at all like Fluttershy. I just think she's adorable, and the picture was somewhat appropriate for this a mah first blog post-entry-thing. Woohoo! (In case you're wondering, I have taken the Bronyland Personality Test, and I came out as a split between AJ and Pinkie PIe, with a slight learning towards Pinkie.) Now, you probably didn't start reading this because you wanted to know which of the Mane Six I'm most like. You probably started reading this out of curiosity, perhaps fueled by some knowledge of my OC's and what I'm doing with. So, I'll probably get to the point of this quickly, perhaps fueled by the angry mob out my window demanding that I get on with it. Basically, this is going to be the place where I store what information about my OC's and fanfic ideas doesn't really belong on or the MLP Forums database. You might be wondering, as you certainly have right to wonder, why I'm putting that stuff here, and thus almost contradicting my previous claim of it not belonging in the database, and not leaving it in my head, or on my hard drive, or anywhere but here, where you might be somehow forced to read it. Well, I'm hoping...if it wouldn't be too much trouble...if those poor souls who are reading this could leave a comment or two below, or a brohoof if I actually earned it (no doing it to make me feel better!), so that I know what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong. If any of you awesome ponies out there could do that, I'd be eternally grateful. Anyway, you've probably read the title of this post-entry-thing, and have noticed that it doesn't read, "A Plea for Help" or "First Post Yay!" or "Hey, guys, my name is MrPandaa, and I'd like to talk about Original Characters." Instead of any one of those posts, it reads, "The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus." Madeyalook. Really, it says "The Fundamental Ideas." Could I get any more vague? (Well, yes, I could--I mean, "The Ideas" would technically be more vague, but gimme a break here and pretend it's as rhetorical as it sounds.) What I'm gonna do in this post is basically copy-paste some very basic outlines of fanfic storyline ideas I have, and if you like the idea, I'd be Pinkie-Pie-happy if you'd say so. And, if you don't like an idea, please say that, too! I can't change if I don't know what to change! Storylines begin in (All stories begin with a narrator giving an overview of the story, similar to Brian Jacques's REDWALL series.) Post-apocalyptic, distopian Equestria--Mane Six dispersed, Twilight disappears, Rarity goes crazy/goes into coma from stress, Fluttershy missing/dead/ruthless, Pinkie Pie a little more insane, AJ only one with sanity left; acts as leader until Twilight reappears. Brock--earth pony, travels Equestria in search of knowledge in various fighting styles and forms; studies animals, ponies, changelings, etc. to copy fighting style; changes name to reflect "project"--Brock the Patient, Brock of the Mule, Agile Brock, etc. Troubled Soul/Turmoil--Trubbs attempts to defeat Turmoil; seeks out most powerful entities in Equestria--Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Zekora, Brock, (other OC's--Thunder Dash, etc.?); she must go inside herself to defeat Turmoil (follows the progression through damnation according to Dante's Inferno?); gets helped by Shadow Footsteps and Autumn Morning Shadow Footsteps and Autumn Morning--[begins: "In a dream, I see myself. I destroy everything I love, last of all, her." Shadow is getting ready to confront his remaker with Autumn (and Trouble?), explains some backstory as they battle their way to the remaker--tests that reflect his story, games that know too much, maybe his story was all planned out, and they've been duped into a trap, leads up to remaker, confront him, reveal that Shadow remde himself, with the help of Blue Skies and Autumn; believed remaker revealed to be Shadow's old boss, who now wants him dead for treason against the cult he belonged to as an assassin.] Shadow was originally assassin for highest bidder; was remade so that emotions are displayed outward by the four elements (wind, water (and ice), fire (and lightning), and earth); meets Autumn Morning, inn burns; Shadow runs away, Autumn catches up and helps him control his emotions Emotions: sadness=water, bitterness=ice; anger=lightning, love=fire; stubbornness/patience=earth; playfulness/humor/freedom=wind. Pirate ponies--crew of ponies (the Crew Capall or The Ceffyls, usually just called the Crew) marauds about Equestria in the seas and stuff; made up of a bat pony female (Blackjack?) (seductive and deadly at the same time--think Black Widow or Zero Suit Samus; "Aye, she a doxy li'l vixen, en't sheh?"), Bruno the Capaen (Captain--smooth, young (15-16), handsome swashbuckler; has idealistic hopes and dreams for world and Crew, and will defend any one of the Cephylls with his life; was once a street urchin, and has a good sense of direction--can map out whole cities in his head; Crew jokes with him about believed crush he had on Blackjack/bat pony female when just a swabbie; a tribute to user Bruno © on MLP forums) (, and are awesome; Celtic Pony Pirates! After Equestria--ponies from a faraway land (part/whole of the Crew?) find Equestria long after it is empty of ponies; maybe two of Crew enter/live in alternate reality of Equestria in which Nightmare Moon succeeded in bringing eternal night United Equestria--great evil arises, something that cannot be defeated by Celestia and the Mane Six alone; Equestrian races must band together to fight this threat; story follows a ragtag band trying to unite the races and factions, dealing with corruption as they find it; discover a decades/centuries-old plot and foil it. (could follow storyline of Wrath of Ganon) "Fairy Tales"--either pony adaptations of human tales, or new Equestrian ones Origin story/Myths--Answer: What happened before Celestia and Luna? Who are the "gods" of Equestria? etc. Story of a pony who came to earth, fell in love with a human female, and lived on earth, had a family, etc. He must go back to Equestria, confront some evil, and keep his life on earth in order, while not allowing anyone to figure out who he really is. Alright, that was a lot of typing! (Just kidding, it was Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.) So, if you took the time to actually read that mess up there, and noticed anything cool or uncool, please comment below about it! I will be regularly posting more stuff for my OC's, but if there's anything any of you ponies want me to put up first, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks, and I'll see you bundles of awesomeness around the forums! --MrPandaa
  6. A new first for my own blogs. Hopefully I can entertain, I don't know much to talk about sometimes on the forum, because I'm just that kind of person and I still want to keep in touch. Squirrel doesn't plan to leave anytime soon! As in the title, college pretty much happened. Finally I'm in Thomas Nelson Community College...its about time! Wanting to get a degree in computer science so I know plenty of math will be in my future...blech Not a fan of math but it has to be done. Only thing that annoys me of whats been happening recently is this. We have a Japanese teacher named Mariko, she's very nice and I do like her for that but when I go over on certain tests or quizzes with her, she'll see mistakes I made and when she sees it, she'll laugh a little. She does this to everyone pretty much, laughing at the mistake and hoping to correct it...but, there's no need to laugh when you have someone who say failed a test and needs help. That will really discourage some and me but at this point I just wanna get math over with. Other then the usual subjects of History, english, and along with Ethics being a fun class, that's about it. Even with that teacher, I find my ways of relaxation...both of watching ponies obviously but in the form of games. Recently I found myself an emulator for Neo Geo games. Remember that console that was $650? Along with the games being expensive as well due to their limited quantities...yeah no, I'll get digitial downloads, compilations and emulators to have my Neo Geo fix. (Who remember Blazing Star? heehee...hearing BONUS! BONUS! POWAH UP! HEY A POWER UP ITEM APPEARS!) Plenty of frustration to get rid of. I could just use a stress ball, but I'll mash my arcade joystick to death to get rid of my stress Anyway, stink bugs are coming soon and I'm getting quite a few in my room. Most of them keep crawling inside of the air conditioner in my room in the window. Annoying as hell but certainly not as bad as before one day. Had my window opened up and over 10 or 20 of those things were on the ceiling, under my bed and more. I went to town killing those suckers and flushing them down the toilet. Even with the annoyance of bugs, I'm still happy winter is coming...gonna wrap up in my blanket, warm up some apple cider and watch MLP, some movies, and various Three Stooges DVDs I have since I love to watch those during winter, reminds me when I used to watch them all the time with my mom. Squirrel checking out
  7. This is an old character I decided to bring back, and made a few improvements on. Her name is Autumn Harvest, an earth pony in Fillydelphia. Her talents is baking pies, and she sells them around and during any events. She lives in a tiny cottage, because she is a poor pony trying to make the best out of what she knows. Her personality is outgoing, to the extent alot of ponies find pretty weird. Her favorite passtime is hanging out with her best friend, Summer Burst, and pulling pranks. She loves comedy!