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Found 5 results

  1. So, I wonder which of these antivirus programs you ponies have tried and which one you think is the best. I was in this thread and then I thought it would be quite interesting to know which programs you prefer. Also, tell us why you like/not like the program. You might find a new program you like better! Here are some links to the Antivirus programs on the list: Avast! AVG Avira Bitdefender Comodo ESET F-Secure Kaspersky Norton Panda My opinions:
  2. I know it's kinda silly to use a pony forum for this. But I really am not comfortable asking anywhere else. I've been using Avast antivirus (the free version) for a while now. It comes with this little thing on your browser that will tell you if anything tried to track you. Well, that has been kinda useless. Since nothing was trying to track me. But now it's telling me it's blocking a bunch of different things. Here on the forums it's telling me it blocked Facebook, Doubleclick and New Relic. It's also been blocking some things from Google and other various stuff on other sites. I did a malwarebytes scan and found nothing, and the Avast scan I'm doing has also found nothing. I'm not having any actual problems using the internet or anything. So, I'm just asking if anyone could help, or if I should be worried? I'm not sure what's caused this. Edit: Still nothing. The scans didn't find anything. I'm thinking there isn't an actual threat. It'd still be great if anyone could tell me anything though.
  3. Hey, I did a remix of Kitsune²'s amazing song, Avast Your A*s. Let me know if you like it our not. Thanks!
  4. I find the evolution of a song on a website such as this or even on youtube fascinating. The way the same song can be remixed in so many different ways and move so far away from its original genera and sounding I find amazing, and its great to have the talent of so many artists able to do there magic on one song! So here is a great example of it using "Monster" by Meg & Dia (with a pony example at the bottom). I chose this song initially because the contrasts are so massive!: Original: The original song was in fact the last version of the song I discovered (crazy isn't it?) As you can hear above, the song is initially very rock/metal esc. It already has a female singer (point this out now because with some of the remixes the voice distortion can make a male voice sound more female). It has a nice pace/speed (I'm not going to claim I can guess accurately the BPM but to me it feels 90-100 BPM) which is slow "ish" (bear this in mind for the next remixes). So what may surprise you is the massive jump to the next genera of the remix: Dubstep: Isn't this song just so different from the original? I mean you can hear thats its the same piece of music but its so different! It keeps the same pace as the original song, but the voice distortion and addition of wubs and beats change the song drastically. But wait till you hear the next remix: Nightcore/trance: This remix is a remix of the original with elements of the dubstep version added such as a bassy beat. Its also had extra voices added and instrumental elements added as well as being sped up very slightly, but not as significantly as most (credit where credit is due, the artist kept the original pitch of the singing). 1/2 way through, however, it becomes something thats unrecognisable to the original! And then even the remix got "remixed" in a sense or in this case largely just sped up into a Nightcore dubstep remix! Can it be? Nightcore/Dubstep!: The final remix is a remix of the nightcore/trance remix. It conforms much more heavily to trance with a much higher speed/BPM and high pitch voice distortion. The dubstep elements are the same as the last but basically sped up. Probably my fav version of the song apart from the original, it just makes me wants to get up and rave! Isn't it crazy how far we have come from the original? Much fast, higher pitched voices and it gives off a completely different feeling. The original makes you feel an under the surface sadness, where as the final song there is not hint of that at all! Its much happier and bouncy, and the only element of the feelings the original expressed are maybe a slight menacing tone, but not the sadness original expressed. Overall, I just wanted to show how 1 song can come to produce so many great remixes from it and spread to entirely different generas from the one it was originally. I also find it amazing how the different remixs can make you feel different emotions despite being from the same song. A song that I feel the remixes do this better then anything is Avast my Ass: The Many Avast's of my As: Now this phenomenon of constant remixes of an original song and then remixes of remixes until something completely different form the original is also seen in music done by my little pony artists or as I like to call it "ponystep" (I will use this most its just easier)! Original: Remix 1: Remix 2: Remix 3: Remix 4: Just as with monsters, there are so many remixes and versions of the original song (and even the original remixes) that they vary wildly from the original song and even cover several genera. This once again allows the same "initial" song to give over a varying range of different feelings through the remixes! At some point I hope to illustrate this further with more examples from the pony world (smile smile smile anyone?)! Thanks for reading ! I will probably do more on song evolution and remixing in the future! If you have any good candidates please let me know them in the comments!:
  5. Here's a remix to that one famous repeating song. I used finale printmusic for, it as you can see in the title. It only took me about 4 hours to get this one done. It was mostly copying and pasting.