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Found 103 results

  1. Well basically, you describe the avatar of the user with only a word. Example: Creepy, Handsome, Cool, Smart and etc. Now you try to describe my avatar with a single word. Enjoy
  2. Answer is very simple. I looooove music. EVERY music. And I love anime. That's why I chose my avatar("That's why they call me Loyalty" :3 ^^)
  3. Based on "The USER above you is naked in your bed. Your reactions" thread. But with avatars So there won't be more collides hopefully between the users and avatars EDIT: Thanks @SparklingSwirls for the idea ^^
  4. The avatar above you is out to kill you. They will hunt to the ends of the Earth to find and destroy you. Do you think you can survive their fury?
  5. What is that you like about the above user's avatar?
  6. This is my very first post, so I don't know if this is the right place to post this Please correct me if i'm wrong!! But how did you choose your avatar? Does it say anything about you? I had trouble finding the right avatar, but I ended up with Lockheed, which is Kitty Pryde's dragon from the X-men comics. When I was little i always fantasized that I had a pet dragon just as Kitty's
  7. With such self-explanatory title I don't think I need to add anything. I found my avatar in tis video: I loved the picture so I spent 1 hour searching for it's original source Edit: Damn the source was right down in the comments .
  8. The title explains it pretty well, I've had different avatars in different communities and I've noticed that my personality and the way I post varies from site to site, usually following the pattern of the the profile picture I use at the time. So for me, it affects me quite a lot. In a different perspective, I've had friends who change their avatar on a weekly basis, sometimes changing it simply because of their moods or a new transition in their lives. So in their case , "They" influence their avatars. Anyways , I'd like to know what you guys think. How much does your avatar affect your personality? has it affected the way you type or the things you post?
  9. YellowHornBrony

    Assume the Avatar Aboves Gender.

    So, uh yeah, just start assuming genders.
  10. Saw plenty of song based games on here why not a new one. Pretty a song the avatar above you reminds you of. Put a video up if you wish. I would go first but there isn't anyone above me. I shall look down on you peons till it is my time @Duality @Trottermare Galamane @The_Gobo are to be targeted for crimes against me
  11. I tried to follow Pathfinder's example of putting a gif of my "Pokemonsona" Zoroark on as my avatar, but every one gif I tried using says it's too big to be used. How does one go about getting a working Gif for one's avatar? Some advice would be appreciated.
  12. Whats your opinion about this program called Second Life? There's these avatar models made from 3D models that you can put together and make things. a lot more freedom than I usually see in games ((I hope this is the right place to talk about)) 383b666c2c404ca307f53fd7a4c17b27.mp4
  13. Give a reason that you would start a war with the avatar above you in the comments. Anything goes!
  14. verycreativeusername

    The avatar above just punched you. Your reaction?

    I got the idea from these threads: Anyway, the name explains all. What would be your reaction if the avatar of the user that posted above you just punched you? You got punched, not your OC or avatar. Ha, there's no avatar to punch me.
  15. What the title says, simply guess how the avatar above you looks like. For example, I’d guess. “I think he has green eyes and spiky brown hair” Enjoyand have a happy new year!
  16. So, what CANON MLP: FiM pony is the above user's avatar most like? If this thread already exists, then sorry about that.
  17. Princess Moony

    Would you boop the avatar above you?

    Like the title says
  18. I want to know if I can use GIFs in my signature and as my avatar? If I can use GIFs, are there certain size and duration limits to follow? Thanks!
  19. Basically what the title says. If the avatar above burst out of a magical genie lamp and told you that you were granted a single wish, what would you do? What sort of wish might the avatar be able to grant you? Screaming and running away without asking for a wish is a perfectly valid response. I would continue doing whatever it is I was doing beforehand, because the absence of an avatar bursting out of a lamp doesn't usually make much of an impression on any witnesses.
  20. does anypony here doesn't like katara from avatar the last airbender? Please tell me i'm not the only one who detest this girl
  21. Yoouyu

    Rarity avatar thread

    If you wear the avatar of lovely pony white unicorn angel princess <3<3<3<3 Come here and share your avatar =) My current Rarity ava=)?
  22. Haven't been on in over 2 years! What better way to get back on then take some drawing requests like back in the day! Feel free to message me or just comment requests! I can digitally draw or just draw them IRL and scan them in. Up to you guys!
  23. As said, Give the User above you a Villain name and power!
  24. I made one for avatar/signature, now let's try this one I figure enough people have gotten themselves custom titles by this point from freebies, subscriber status or BronyCon, so, let's try it out.