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Found 29 results

  1. Just as the title said, The user/avatar above you is most likely (to)..... example: TBD is most likely to die from boredom
  2. I, like many bronies, use a pony avatar even on non-brony sites or games. In fact, the avatar for my google account is of Rainbow Dash wearing shades. Because Google accounts are linked to YouTube profiles(which I hate btw) my comments always show up as my nickname with a picture of RD. I watch a lot of political and gaming content on YouTube. As time has gone on I've gotten many people who respond to my comments bringing up my avatar and saying that I don't get an opinion because of it, often adding that I'm filthy or gay or a pedophile. I'm not complaining about this, this is the internet and I find those responses hilarious, but I am curious. Are these stereotypes of bronies still rolling around? I suppose they are. Have any of you wonderful people experienced similar comments for using pony avatars? care to share? EDIT: I'm really not looking for sympathy here! I got over the insults a while ago. I love it when people give me hate for it because its often given in hilarious ways. I just want people to share stories really! on a side note, I use this picture of Fluttershy in games that let me select it. It's funny when I top the scoreboard and people get this:
  3. (Slightly inspired by WheatlyCore) I'm just curious how often you change your username/avatar. I change my avatar about once a week, but my username I don't change untill about a month, month and a half later. I used to go by the name The Philosopher. My username I pick after Death songs.
  4. Welcome, Everypony, to the Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza! September 7th - September 30th Artwork by fuutachimaru Hello, everypony, Discord here with further shenanigans for the masses to enjoy~ How is everypony enjoying @Rarity's little fashion week thus far? If you haven't seen it yet, check behind the curtain to find out all about it, as well as other official forum events. There's trivia, polls, dresses to create and gems nearly as beautiful as my face for you all to collect. Fashion Week got me thinking - and I mean some truly, truly deep thinking - the kind of thinking I only get done in my Thinking Tree kind of thinking. I was thinking and I said to myself, I said - 'Discord, there are many other ways to express your interests besides the clothes you wear, yes? Yes, most definitely, Discord, you're such a genius. Oh why thank you, how kind of you to notice! What were you thinking of, Discord, you sly old fox? Well I'm so glad you asked. Why not have the users of our forum wear something else to express a common interest? Why not avatars? And why not...Pokemon?' You see in my expert opinion, Pokemon, like ponies, is a wide and common fandom on the grand old internet. And so, for the entire month of September, this topic will remain pinned in our Forum Lounge, encouraging any and all users to pick a favorite Pokemon of theirs and use it as their avatar! There is, however, a catch. No duplicates! The Rundown: * Make a comment with the name and picture of the Pokemon you wish to use as your avatar. Your posted image does not have to be the avatar you end up using, it's a visual reference for those scrolling through the thread, in case the OP hasn't been updated yet. Your name will be added to the list along with the name of your chosen Pokemon. * Once you've claimed a Pokemon, no one else may officially submit their participation as that same Pokemon. However, there can be one shiny and one non-shiny variant for each Pokemon, as long as the color palette is an obvious difference. If TwibobSparkpants123 wished to be Charizard, then AwesomeBoi42 would be allowed to be Shiny Charizard, for example. Alolan variants of Kanto Pokemon also count as separate entries. * You can move on from the event at any time. When you are done with the event and wish to move on, make another comment saying so, and you shall be removed from the list. Keep in mind that once you bow out of the event, the Pokemon you claimed will be open again for other people to take. * Try not to switch Pokemon after having claimed one, unless it's to grab something that just opened up, that you really want. If everyone changes thier entry constantly this thread will descend into chaos! As fun as that'd be, the boys in blue tell me unfiltered chaos is a no-go. At the bottom of this nonsensical rant is a list of all users officially submitted to this thread's reservoir of participating members. My dear friend @~C. Discord~ will be assisting me in running this thread, and should any other wayward staff find themselves up in the clouds with us, then they too are welcome to help out~ Some Pokemon Threads for your Influenced Suggestion: Official List of Participating Users *Most Definetly Not @Passion*: Poke'on, everypony~ Art by MistyEDash
  5. So this is a "back of the good o' days" game I did in the old forum I used to be in. Just a thought of sharing it to this forum. Just as the title said, The User (or their avatar's, since many tends to be mixed between the two) above made a confession to you, what are they? As stephen colbert said, "I don't know if they're consider "sin" but I do feel bad about them."
  6. Hopefully this is the right section for it but Playstation Network has FINALLY added My Little Pony avatars! They are $1.99 each which is a bit steep but I for sure am gonna buy all of them. Twilight Sparkle!/en-us/games/avatars/twilight-sparkle/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000016 Applejack!/en-us/games/avatars/applejack/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000009 Fluttershy!/en-us/games/avatars/fluttershy/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000010 Muffins!/en-us/games/avatars/muffins/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000011 Pinkie Pie!/en-us/games/avatars/pinkie-pie/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000012 Rainbow Dash!/en-us/games/avatars/rainbow-dash/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000013 Rarity!/en-us/games/avatars/rarity/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000014 Spike!/en-us/games/avatars/spike/cid=UT5011-NPUB31635_00-UAMEEMONON000015 Now when you shrek some scrubs or go on jolly co-op adventures with your fellow ponyfriends and strangers alike, you can do it while showcasing your pony pride! I was so excited when I found out cause I wanted this for a loong time and thought i'd share with everypony.
  7. Obviously with the new renovations to the forums a lot of things have changed, and of course there are a few things to dislike, however I personally find that the size of the avatars on forum posts are a bit too small, and they make the images appear a bit blurred because of it. simply upping the dimensions by 20-30 pixels can help fix this issue, for comparison 90px x 90px 120px x 120px The image itself is much more clearer and helps consume white space without taking up much space.
  8. The rules are simple! If the above three avatars were trapped in a dungeon, who would you save? Feel free to even say why! To make things more interesting you can even say how you save them! As the OP, there are of course no avatars above me! So to start, I'll give you two avatars to go along with mine! 1. (My current avatar) 2. 3. (Counting this post, when the third person posts, they get to choose between my avatar, the below users avatar, and avatar number 3 in my post) Remember that this is just the OP post. The rest of the game will be played normally meaning you'll look at the above three users avatars and see which of them you'd save. You don't need to post images like I did.
  9. Hello! The name's DJ. DJ Shy. So, what do you, my wonderful fans, want to know about me? ((WARNING: This is an ask thread for my avatar, who is his own person. His opinions and actions may be my own, or maybe not. It is best just to not make assumptions and to ask me, his creator, questions, go to MY ask thread here:
  10. I wanted to take the time to say that this photo was when i got my very first mlp avi on second life. I really enjoy taking photos so I will be trying to add more shots in the future on. I have people I know as well as friend on there in the MLP community that would like to set up photo shoots with me so I can bring it up on here ( with permission) to some people OC's, and characters in the form of art. This photo right here is actually a photo of a friend (Sunset Shimmer) at the point I had virtual professional photo equipment layers done by myself, but i dont not own the rights to the wonder bolts logo and photo.
  11. Simple little game. Choose which avatar of the above two would win in a fight, and why. Rules: - Please try to leave an explanation as to why your choice won - No explanation is too stupid - Wait for two other posters before you post again (In other words, don't participate when one of the above avatars is yours) There isn't an avatar above this post, so Shining Armor vs. Feld0. Go!
  12. I made a request shop! It would be awesome if anyone would like to place an order! Orders are usually completed in 1-2 days!! :) Source: <Wolves' Wares (sigs, avis, more coming soon!)>
  13. I make my own sigs and avatars (as I'm sure most anyone with a Paint-type program and / or animation software can), and I thought I'd make any I no longer use available for use by other members. Sigs: Avas:
  14. Do as it says. And since im he first one there's nothing I can do.
  15. EDIT : Seems a lot of ponies come in here and only read the first post, so I'm going to be doing attachments for avatars so I can add all of them to my first post :3 That way, whether you're a regular who visits this topic whenever it gets updated for each new avatar, or somepony whose stumbled upon the thread for the first time, all the avatars are going to be in this first post, in addition to being scattered throughout all the pages.EDIT : THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU MAY REQUEST AVATARS FROM ME. This is where I post my own avatars, that are (usually) all free to use. I used to do requests, found here, but I've found that I no longer have the drive or time to keep up with the demand. I've been making sigs for a while now but lately I've been coming up with quite a bit of avatars both for myself and in general for free use :3 So here is a topic for displaying them, and future ones I will make. Didn't want to crowd my other topic by making it avatars and sigs, because things would get disorganized.Normal Avatars (150X150): Special Avatars (200X150):
  16. I chose Mok Swagger from "Rock & Rule" because I find him a very interesting character and have always wanted an avatar with him in it. He's also got a lot of swag! How about you's? Why did you pick your current one day avatar? (For those who did it, of course)
  17. This is a shameless promo to hopefully send more commissions my way. Before I get up on a stadium and strap an advertisement to my chest, let me introduce myself. I'm Knight of Bacon, and you can call me anything you want, really. I'm on Deviantart by the same name, if you want further examples of my artwork, so here's a link to make it easy: To the first five people who want them, I'm willing to make free avatars of your OCs, and I have some examples made already. So! Whoever puts in the first five requests will get a 300x300 avatar of their OC or the pony of their choice, drawn by me. I would like a reference picture of your OC, a ponycreator pic is fine, just so long as I can tell what it looks like. When it's done I'll give you a shout and post it on this thread. WAITING LIST: RainbowDash7432 Retro*Derpy Carbon Maestro Starlight Lunamoon DJ Spacer COMPLETED:
  18. Dear Avatar/Signature requesters of any kind, You might notice somedays that you've waited for weeks just for a person to reply to your request, no matter who you ask. Sometimes, it feels like we never get around to doing your signatures anyway. You might just assume that we've died, or you think we quit because we just hate you and don't want to be your friend. Let me be the one to tell you... Of course you guys aren't rude about it, and actually pretty nice considering how long some of us have been 'dead'. But if we've been on the forums within the past week and haven't replied to your needs, it probably means we're trying our hardest. I say this in representation of many artists because I believe they suffer the same inconsistent problems. Pink Mist was out just recently, and Azura, Dsanders, even Ticking Timebomb along with others are all hard-workin folks who might take a while because they are really giving your signature/avatar all the time necessary to make it look good. Even if we aren't working YOUR particular project we have lives of our own. And very important projects to work on (ie ) So please forgive us for bein' a bit late. I've seen this happen to most sig/avi shop owners so that's why I post on all of their behalfs. (except for ChampRD92 cuz he's just a god apparently :okiedokielokie: ) Sincerely, IstillhavethatonesignaturefromtwoweeksagothatIhavetoworkonsobye.
  19. Don't touch her hooves. Don't stare at her underbelly. Ponies don't have visible navels in the show. Ponies aren't -usually- drawn with navels in the fandom, less it's clop-material that is NSFW for our innocent forum :3 But, SFW artwork certainly does exist, and it is out there waiting to be found. For those select individuals that stumble upon them, cast thine images upon thy avatar box and join arms with your brotherhood. I'm fully capable of navel-ifying any images you find as well, as long as their belly is in view of course xP OC images are fine. Ponies have a right to have navels too :U Join the revolution and have a pony with a belly button as your avatar! Member list (both active and retired): ~56 Participators to Date~ -- Archive of participators & their pony belly button avatar(s): ~83 Belly Buttons to Date~ -- Archive of pony belly button signatures:
  20. Even though I am fairly mediocre at most of what I do, I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I have made. I have a banner thread and a sig thread so, I am unsure if I will replace those with this or just keep those for banners and sigs specifically. Not sure yet. I do not have many other things besides banners made yet, but I will post them here when I do. Even though I am horrible at handling criticism (yay no self esteem), if you want to give me advice, go ahead...I am fairly new to vectoring and technically wallpapers as well. I use Photoshop CS5. Wallpapers ^(My first wallpaper, made in about 5 minutes)^ ^(I may add more to this over time)^ ^(Done this one fairly quick, will do more edits over time)^ Vectors Project 'Wing it' IThis is a random idea that I did. I am taking random vectors of Twilight Sparkle that I have gathered over the past year and I am picking ones that are pre-MMC and I am adding wings to them. I take no credit for the original vectors themselves, I only added the wings for these. It was just a fun and random idea I had, fueled by my Twilicorn obsession. I know that some of them will look odd, I will try to fix those eventually I also know that they may not look completely accurate but they don't always have to be I guess.) (More to be added eventually) Other Stuff (^One of my first edits, done a long while ago^) More will be added over time.
  21. Ok everypony, I had someone asked me how I do my avatar artwork. So I thought I'd post a quick tutorial on my process. I hope this helps anyone who's thinking of working on one themselves. I use Photoshop CS5 and a Bamboo tablet on my laptop. I start out by doing a base sketch to get proportions correct, and get a general idea of how I want the character positioned. In my case, I've made about 4 different ones to work with. Each is on it's own layer so I can lock them and make them invisible once I'm finished with them. Next, I draw out the outlines of the character and add in all the expressions and mane styles, etc. Note, I have this on it's own separate layer from the base sketch, so i can reuse the bases. On another layer, set below the outline, I set a colour layer, so all colour will be applied behind the outlines without disturbing them. I fill in the background on yet another separate layer, in case I want to add effects or other colours later. Lastly, the detail layer. Set on top of all three of the other layers (base not included). I use this layer for the shimmer in the eye, and the glint on glasses, or other minute details which I want to add. Lastly, when all is said and done, I can copy all the layers and merge them into one and save as a jpeg. This is also the stage when I add lens flair to the unicorn pics, as the render only works properly on a single layer at a time. For a more detailed drawing guide, I'd like to direct you to This gives a full set of stages for drawing ponies, and techniques for getting the proportions right. Hope you found this helpful!
  22. So, when I created my profile on this forum, I chose to use the pony creator to design an avatar. I liked it, but I felt I could do better with my tablet, so I made this instead. It only took me about 30 minutes with my tablet and photoshop. On that note, if anyone's interested in having one done, feel free to message me on my request guild thread. I wouldn't mind an excuse to make more of these.
  23. is one of my favourite websites. It's a virtual reality site in which all items are user-created, and users can list items they've created in the "shop," where they can be purchased by other users for the site's virtual currency, "coins." As a long-time Whirled user, I have uploaded and listed many shop items, including animated "avatars," which are the characters that walk around on the screen and can have different actions and "states" programmed into them. I'm currently working on an avatar project that I think my fellow bronies will quite enjoy. If I can get the coding figured out, I should soon be releasing my Configurable Brony avatar, a MLP-style character which can be edited by the user after purchase and will include several different colour and style options for mane, tail, wings, horn, eye, and cutie mark, as well as different species options and even a "Fluffle Puff" mane. Want to see a preview of some of the different options? Look in the spoiler section below. :b Critiques? Questions? If anypony has any suggestions for additional options or wishes to add me as a friend on Whirled, those comments are welcome here. c:
  24. What can I say. After seeing DF's topic for it, I decided it was a rather interesting thing to try, considering I've had a -lot- of avatars. Well, ones that I've made anyway. I, myself, am rather picky at which ones I'll use for myself :3 So yeah, decide which you like the most and such. Note: There are a shitton of avatars, and the poll descriptions do not match the topic descriptions because I'm too lazy to copy and paste (cop out?). Instead, use the numbers to match up avatars from each era. 150X150 Era (Pre-Mod) ~~ C.Discord received an 'Invitation' stone. C.Discord is evolving. Congratulations! Your C.Discord has evolved into 'Staff Member'! C.Discord has learned 'Larger Avatar'! ~~ 200X150 Era (Post-Mod)
  25. Whats everypony Avatars? Mine is my oc Aurora Bass the pegasus wearing socks in a cutee pose ;3 ;3 ;3 Post yours below ~ Aurora Bass