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Found 4 results

  1. Link! Dubuc's credentials have no bounds, and her award is more than earned. Congratulations!
  2. 2016 has been such a good year for movies. Lots of amazing films and new achievements. The nominees for 2016 were recently announced: Are you happy with the films nominated for each category? Which ones have you seen? Did you like them? What are your predictions for the winners? For me, I can't really say much. Since I don't live in USA, I get to see most stuff late. Big names like La La Land and Moonlight haven't even premiered here yet so I can't give my prediction. I will watch them as soon as they come out though. As for the other films I'll have to wait for a blu-ray release. I saw Arrival at the theater and thought it was absolutely stunning. I'm not surprised to see it being nominated for so many categories. I must say that I'm very disappointed at the Academy for not even nominating Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) for best animated feature. It feels like the all voters haven't even watched all films and just vote at stuff from Disney. They're so biased and I'm triggered. I'm glad to see The Red Turtle in there but it only got nominated cause of the Studio Ghibli label. Imo Moana should gtfo and make room for Your Name. Most people say Zootopia but my guess is that Kubo will win the oscar.
  3. rules are simple! listen everypony: post an award -> next user choose their favorite pony in the forums who deserve the award -> same user post another award. Example: best molester award? Princess_Molestia best pony posting nonsense award? see? it's simple! I'll start! ahem!!! best Cloudsdale Colloseum resident award?
  4. So just wanted to share this with everypony out there, please be supportive! Please like for support ❤ http-~~-// PS: is this the right section?