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Found 245 results

  1. Hub Welcome to the Rainbow Dash fan club! Rainbow Dash claims to be the fastest flier in all of Equestria, and she isn't just boasting. She is able to break the sound barrier and once performed the famous stunt, the Sonic Rainboom. She likes living life on the fast lane and enjoys adventures. She may be the fastest flier in Equestria, yet she will slow down to help her friends and Ponyville. She likes sleeping and eating and is the element of Loyalty. Kyronea's analysis on Rainbow Dash Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Rainbow Dash thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen). Fan Art Trophy Case
  2. There's too much negativity going around these days so I made this thread. Just post why you love the member above you/why you think they're awesome, even if you don't know them. For example, the member above me is awesome because he/she doesn't exist!
  3. W have all probably seen the annoying kids show, Dora the Explorer right? But what if Lauren Faust Decided to remake it? What do you think she'll change? What would Dora and her little monkey, Boots be like? Would there be a fandom about it? Regardless on copyright and stuff. I think she'll be some sort of a similar character like Daring Do.
  4. Not only do I think Rainbow Dash is amazingly awesome all the time, but I think she's also awesomely amazing all the time as well. I 100% think she is the best Pegasus pony ever!! Nopony can match her level of coolness
  5. I really want to make one, but I can't figure out how to make one of those awesome, personalized ones with titles over the pictures and everything.
  6. I have met so many people, and I can tell that we are ALL AWESOME on here, Why are you awesome? -Thank You
  7. Basically, this is taking the Who Do You Admire thread a little higher. Think to yourself who on this forum is your absolute favorite user, be it he/she is funny, shares common interests, or is just a good friend in general. This is NOT a "Best user" thread. This is just to share and spotlight who you like the most . I will reveal mah favorite user later, but in the meanwhile, GO !
  8. Not sure if someone started this elsewhere and such, and I understands General Discussion isn't really the right place for this topic but blegh it will be taken down or moved, I don't mind either. Anyhoof, back on Topic, since it's Villain Day on these hear Forums I assume many of you will be changing up your profiles and such for it, if so, what Villain are you using for Villain Day and why are you using them? I have Handsome Jack on my avatar and my name obviously, He is the main Villain in the Borderlands Franchise, I find Jack to be one of if not in my eyes the best Villain I know, he is snarky, hilarious, ridiculously evil, and he is a HUGE annoyance throughout any playthrough on Borderlands 2 since he will call you up just to mock you and tell you how much you suck and are the bad guy, ironically Jack assumes he is the Hero but he is Villain heheh.
  9. Just a topic for all of you DBZ fans out there... and another question I couldn't add to the list of polls up there... As a child, did you ever try to actually try to perform a Kamehameha Wave? I know I did.
  10. Like seriously. I want one of my own. Fedoras are fucking awesome!
  11. For those of you who don't know, I'm an avid writer with not quite enough time on his hands. I've only published one fanfic (the only one that's finished so far), but that was almost a year ago. Last night someone messaged me, desperately wanting to know when I'd be writing again. I thought it a little silly, since I'm nowhere near an expert level, but I told him I was felt very honored that someone appreciated my writing, and that I was planning on publishing something in the next few months. Out of curiosity, I checked the stats for my old fanfic, and I found out that I had 31,000+ views! THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND?!? My natural reaction: I never expected anything like that! So that was my awesome happy moment of the day; what was one of your guy's most awesome feel-good moments?
  12. Just a little survey to see how the community is going. You can also post you memories of MLP here. 3.769% of the MLP Forums Community has voted.
  13. So, after watching the episode "Look Before You Sleep" a second time, I couldn't help but notice how comfortable Rarity looked in bed: Following this 'incident' as we may call it, I decided that I would try making my bed (I'm a college student, so bed = catastrophe) and getting in bed the way Rarity does. I have to admit, I much prefer it now to my traditional "jump into messy bed" Applejack technique. What does everypony else do?
  14. Pudgy Pony Bellies Fan Club It's finally a reality. I love them. You love them. Ponies doubtless love to flaunt them. Bulbous little pony bellies: the stuff of dreams. But you needn't dream any longer! There is finally a place. Where all of us can go. A place to appreciate those convex little beauties. Those endearing round tummies. Those lovely bubbles of abdominal joy. Pudgy. Pony. Bellies. Belly rubs, commence.
  15. I almost didn't post this thread but I feel I've written enough of my epic fantasy series to post a promo about it. "Swords and Roses" is a medieval-napoleonic fantasy series about what would happen if napoleonic soldiers invaded a fantasy world. It's got love, torture, revenge, etc. I posted it on Tapas and Wattpad if you wanna check it out: Updates will be sporadic due to my job situation but there will eventually be 16 books in total. Happy reading! :-)
  16. Have you ever wanted to play a fighting game like Fighting is Magic, a game with a cast of Original Characters, a game that can't get taken down by Hasbro? Do you want to take your skills ONLINE? DO YOU WANT TO SEE LITTLEPIP IN A FIGHTING GAME? Hi, I'm EmeraldStar04, and I'm the Moveset Designer and Project Manager of MLP:Order/Chaos. This game will use Mugen as a base, and its final version will be a Mugen Full Game, packaged with its main characters, custom health bars, custom menu screens, and custom character select screen preinstalled. However, due to using Mugen as a base, modular open-slot editions WILL be compatible with other mugen characters like Twilight Sparkle, Sonic The Hedgehog, Ryu, Jotaro Kujo, anyone you want. Though of course, you'll have to get your opponent's permission to use such characters in online play. Which means if you don't want to fight Sonic or Megaman or Link, you don't have to! (If only For Glory had that option...) Which ties into my next point: THIS GAME WILL HAVE ONLINE PLAY. If you've ever seen a Smash 4 For Glory montage and thought to yourself "Man, I wish I could make vids like that", now you can! The game's art style? Fighting Is Magic-style vector art. Why? High quality sprites>8-bit-looking sprites. The game's plot: Beings beyond time and space have torn holes in dimensions and timelines, gathering those that catch their eye and pitting them against each other in a Grand Equine World Tournament. When a winner is decided, the losers are sent back to their own worlds and the winner will gain one wish. What will that wish be? Fame? Money? Power? Status? The restoration of a ruined world? Alicorn Ascension? True love? Infinite pizzas? Find out, in MLP:Order/Chaos! Current OC Roster: LittlePip(Fallout Equestira) Emerald Star(Emerald Star's Bizarre Adventure) Nyx(Past sins) (Then again, probably not. This space can easily be taken by a more interesting OC.) -Empty slot- -Empty slot- -Empty slot- Stages: Town(Ponyville, with Fluffle Puff in the background on the right side if FP's artist says ok) Wasteland(Fallout Equestria) Nightmare Castle(Past Sins) (Will be replaced if Nyx is replaced) Las Haygas (Las Pegasus) -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- -Empty Slot- Crystal Castle(Literally Twilight's castle). End Of The World (Emerald Star's Crazy Adventure) Average stats: Health: 750-1200 (The average mugen character's health is 1000.) Power: 10,000 (Ten bars max for all characters, unless having a power bar limit of 3/1 is part of the character's playstyle) Attack: 100% Defence: 70-105% (Altering Attack alters the damage your attacks deal and Defence alters the damage you take from attacks.) Questions predicted and answered, "Your next line is..." style... "Can my OC be in this?"/"Can this OC I like be in this?" Is there more to your OC than just a randomly-generated name and a generic face? Would your OC have an interesting and enjoyable playstyle that fits the character? Would your OC be fun to play as AND against? If the answer is yes to all or most of these things, post here to show your interest and then send a PM to me named "OC Application: *insert OC Name here*". Set it out like the Smash Ballot applications, including what the OC features in, why you think the character should be in the game, and what you think his/her/its playstyle would be like. Include as much information as possible to ensure the OC is programmed into the game accurately! "Can you make a template thingy where you can make your own OC by choosing attacks and colours and stuff?" No. Mugen has no system for this. I'd need a budget rivalling Smash 4's to make anything approaching that. Though it isn't exactly hard to modify an existing mugen character and make your own OC with custom attacks and animations... So I wouldn't say no to fighting some of those when the game is finished. You heard me, 1v1 me, no items, final destination. I mean, End Of The World. "Do you have permission from Littlepip's creator to use her in this game?" Not yet, which is why we're going to finish work on the menu art and Emerald Star first, so people will take us seriously when we show off demos of the game and ask to use her. But if LP's creator says no, it's fine, because the ammo system I've developed for her will still work on other Fallout Equestria OCs and we've no shortage of those. "What's the smash ballot?" "Can my OC have a Super Saiyan/Giga Bowser/Forme Change/Wario Man-style transformation?" I hope you realize how much time and resources would go into such a thing. Countless additional sprites and animations for running and jumping and all three taking-damage animations, with check codes on each animation to see if the transformation trigger is enabled, ON EVERY SINGLE STATE AND INPUT. It doubles, no, triples the workload and pushes back the game's release date far too much. I'm not saying ABSOLUTELY NOT to this sort of thing, but keep in mind that if you ask for one, it will greatly reduce your chances that your OC gets in. One-off transformations, on the other hand, are fine. Something like "Goku turns super saiyan, fires a massive Kamehameha, then turns back to normal when the super is over" or "My dragon OC Slash becomes huge, punches the ground to cause a giant earthquake, then shrinks back to normal" or "Death Knell enters his Final Dark Form and unleashes a wave of darkness" is fine. So is "For the intro animation, my changeling OC Fickle Fate jumps into the arena and then turns into the pony form she'll be using to fight". And when it comes to weapons, "He pulls our and uses his sword for some attacks and his gun for others, and his super has him pull out and use a massive sword" is ok, "he switches between Holding His Gun mode and Holding His Sword mode" isn't. Same goes for "He switches between armours to have different attacks and animations". "Can my character's fighting style include spells?" Of course! You'll have to specify what spells/what kind of spells, though, since magic is a really open-ended thing. Fire spells, water spells, earth spells, ice spells, metal spells, plant sprlls, air spells, time spells, space spells, love spells, force spells, soul spells, "Fire a giant laser" spells, there are a lot of spells. "When I apply to enter my OC in this game, should I include what I want his Specials and Supers to be?" Yes. Overpowered ones might be altered to preserve game balance, but in the sense that they'll be given an exploitable weakness, not made uninteresting. "Am I allowed to enter OCs a friend made?" If that friend is ok with it, then sure. "Can my character have a 'Transform the enemy' move like the Candy Beam from DBZ or Alessi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" Only if it's the kind of transformation where the opponent can't move until you attack them, knocking him/her out of the transformation, or you wait a certain number of seconds until it wears off. NOT something like "My OC uses a magic spell to turn the opponent into a cute filly version of themselves" or "My OC uses magic to turn the opponent into a batpony version of themselves". Making separate transformed sprites for each character would be a MASSIVE undertaking, the kind of undertaking that can only be pulled off when you have a team of professional well-paid animators working around the clock that won't mind spending multiple years working on this game because it's their job and they're paid by the hour. Plus, that kind of move wouldn't even work on characters that don't have "Can be transformed into a young version or a mare version or whatever" programmed into them, making it useless in Any-Character Online Play. "Turn the opponent into candy or a block of ice or a tree or stone or whatever this specific state is coded to be", on the other hand, holds the transformation code and sprite in its own character using custom states, meaning you could even use that on an OC not programmed to be compatible with the move and it'd work perfectly. "Can my OC have Helper Moves? You know, the thing where a character summons another character, who does a move and then runs off, but if you hit that helper character before the move is used, the character can't use the move and has to run off?" Sure! That'd be an awesome Super/Hyper move. But no more than one per character. "Can my OC's Hyper Move summon a friend to help him/her, like the Pokemon Trainer's Triple Finish Final Smash?" Ok. "Can my OC use guns?" If he/she comes from a world with guns, then sure. No broken stuff, though. As funny as it'd be for Twilight's Daughter or someone to just use a human gun on the final boss and kill it, that won't happen. Guns will keep track of ammo and require reloading, and you'll be open during this reload state. "You know the move Poisonpowder from Pokémon? Can my OC have a move like that?" If it's a lv1 Super, then sure. This poison effect code can also work on "Magic curse" spells. "Can my OC be a group of two characters, Ice Climber style?" No. "Can I make a new OC specifically for this game?" That isn't really what this game is about, so this new OC isn't likely to get in... but go ahead if you want to make one anyway, or you don't have any OCs yet, or something. "Can this character have an Instant Kill move?" Only if it's so punishable and impractical at high levels of play that using it is a stylish awesome thing and not a cheap thing. Something like landing a jumping reversing offstage Ganondorf Punch will be ok, a "Input up left down right down A to instakill the helpless opponent" move won't be ok. "Will the game have stages that suck?" No. "Will the game's fanbase decide like half the stages in the game can't be used, so you have to only use the stages they like?" No. "Will there be an Undertale level?" This is a MLP fangame, so probably not. "Can my Undertale OC get in this game?" Probably not, but if it's a really good one, message away. "Will there be a Story Mode?" I have plans for one, but you won't be seeing any massive Metroidvania Brawl-style levels. Think more along the lines of a normal fighting game's story mode, like Tekken or Street Fighter. Personally, I always liked them more. WHAT WE NEED: Stage themes, an opening theme, and a Choose Your Character theme. If you want to be hired as our musician, PM me your tracks and audition. Or, if you only want one of your tracks in this game, PM it to me. If you're a fan of a musician, PM me something you like and where you'd want it to be. The best tracks will be used in the game. Vector Artists. The game's art style will be vector art, in a similar pseudo-3/4 view to Fighting Is Magic. See: If you're a vector artist and you want your work featured in this game, comment in this topic and then send me a PM with four of your best show-accurate vectors, and artwork of Littlepip in the Fighting Is Magic style, to show how well you can draw in that style. To our Vector Artists, we will offer: A cameo role in the background of a stage of your choice, besides End Of The World or Wasteland. (It wouldn't make sense for ponies to be there drinking tea or whatever). And if you have a particularly interesting OC that would be fun to play as and against, they can join the roster! One OC per person. --- Note on controls: Despite the OCs from different fics likely using different mechanics, the game will mainly be a Street Fighter-style system with three attack buttons, a Taunt button, and a Special button. What this move does varies depends on the character. The three attack buttons will be Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks, and combos will depend on the character.
  17. On a scale from 1 to 10..... Rules: You must Judge something about the pony above you. No mean things. Low rating is allowed, but don't make fun of them in anyway possible. You must put 4 things about you for them to judge you with. Have sprinkles fun!! Also, the judgement can be about anything. Like if they are a 10 because they love Derpy, or 1 because they hate muffins! I can't judge the forums, but I can put 4 things about me! I love chocolate cake I hate insects I love fantasy and sci-fi novels I have no girlfriend at the moment GO!!
  18. I can't really find the words, but I'm infatuated with her. Is she generally regarded as a cliche "edgy" bad guy? I don't care, personally... i love her. She has an edgier (don't hate me for using that word in a positive sense, please) backstory than Luna and Starlight Glimmer combined. The isolation and loneliness that Luna suffered and the losses that Starlight felt, done better, bigger and badder. Her pain just feels more real and convincing than the others. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, so I'll leave it at that.
  19. Greetings minions! It is I, your benevolent trollness, come to grace you with my presence! OK, I lied, I really can't stand any of you ; the truth is, now that the "Twilight Princess hath cometh," I've got even less to do around Canterlot than I did before. Little Ms. Hotshot-Princess thinks she's so special, and is constantly on the lookout for something new to do, but never any trolling! Honestly, how can she pass up the opportunity to screw with anypony you desire to your heart's content when you have unlimited power and can't be prosecuted by the law?!?! Just blows my mind I tell ya! Blows my royal mind! -_- Anyways, things are boring around the castle, and I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with new and unique ways to troll my subjects at the moment, so feel free to ask me any questions you desire, and maybe, just maybe, I will graciously respond! Whatever you do though, don't be like that troll-student of mine; turd always sends me the same bucking picture of her and her friends every week!!! Anypony thinks of pulling any funny business, and some filly's gonna get her flank sent to the moon, ya understand?!?! So ask away my faithful subjects! I won't bite... much.
  21. Ever since Rainbow Rocks, I've been hoping for the Dazzlings to make another appearance. I mean, we saw some of the Crystal Prep students again in "Dance Magic" so its not like Hasbro's above recurring EQ character cameos. I thought they were pretty awesome villains and I'd love to see them again (maybe even reformed, that's kind of always been a thing with FiM). Plus I have a huge crush on Adagio (yes, I'm one of those weird people with a crush on fictional characters, but I don't think that's unusual for these parts). Heh.
  22. Heres an amazing animation that will be sure to make any AOE fan insanely happy The person that makes this also makes a lot of ties to other games aswell like the sims, but this just seemed too perfect for me.
  23. Hey! SOOOO Yass, it's been awhile! So hello! For those who don't know me I am Ninii or Niniibear~ Known artist and full time artist! I am here to show you some recent art! What do you think? :DDD This bab is a Northling which belongs to my species! She is also my OC and the Queen of the Northlings and Southlings This girl also belongs to The Northlings, but she belongs to another generation! Southlings~ Next was a commission of Moon Butt! This girl was a commission as well! Dragons anyone?? :DD Fun with another of my OCs! Also a cute YCH I made~ This girl is a cute adopt I also made!!
  24. I love those gold coins but in terms of U.S Currency how much is one Bit worth? What can you buy with it? It seems 1 Apple is worth 5 Bits. Im guessing. And what symbol does it use like $£€¥ just a thought.