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Found 43 results

  1. My favorite Power Pony is Zapp, not just because she's Rainbow Dash, but also cause her superpower is weather related, with all the awesome lightning and thunder and twisters. But Filli Second comes as a close second because of her superspeed! <3
  2. This is just my opinion: Nightmare Rarity Arc (Revenge of the Sith Vibes) Just saying it cause I kinda get a little vibe of it reading the arc but that's just my opinion
  3. Hellllloooo ladies and gentlemen! Now I know what you're thinking, "wha?! Deadpool?" and "OMG deadpool he's so handsome and awesome, whoo hoo!"... ya about that... There are some technical difficutlies at the moment, such as the fact that I'm a pony! So I guess while I'm here you lonely lowlifes can ask me questions about me and what I should do here in this pony place. Plus if you give me a chimmey changa I will huggle you, cuz ponies seem to like being huggled. K luv ya!
  4. What do you guys think of these sick metal mlp songs?
  5. Hi all! It's highly likely that the rest of the staff are currently asleep, so I'll come on and express a sentiment I know they all share. Thank you for making BronyCAN 2013 awesome! There are so many people we need to thank, but the attendees are top of the list. We budgeted for around 450-500 people, and around 820 walked through the door. For a first year con in Vancouver, that's incredible. The con wouldn't have been successful without your support, so you get first praise. The attendees started the con by invading the stage and dancing, and ended the con by cheering the roof off. Personally, I thought you lot looked like you were on the world's biggest sugar high. A big thank-you also to our special guests, who were fantastic. They were enthusiastic, a ton of fun, and patient when things were sometimes late or didn't go quite to plan (that's live events for you!). A personal shout-out from me to Lee Tockar, who was everywhere helping us out, whether on the main stage, hanging out in con ops, or stepping up to do media interviews for us. Thanks also to the various show staff who slid into the con incognito. (I think everyone knows Sibsy was around, but did you happen to spot any others? I can think of another name you would definitely recognise. ) Huge, huge, unrelenting thank-you to the Vancouver furry community, who stepped up when our at-con reg system was delivered to us non-functioning and helped us out with tech and hardware support. Special thanks to Aphinity (who is on both BronyCAN and Vancoufur staff, and basically engineered the whole thing), Jason (one of the Vancoufur techies) and Poniverse's very own Feld0, who also saved our asses multiple times when the new server started misbehaving at the con. Numerous other staff members were from the local furry community, and they did a great job helping us get started. Special mention to Trapa Civet, the unsung background hero of many a con, for all his advice and support. Trapa's been founding, running or otherwise supporting conventions for a long time, and his involvement was invaluable. The radio kit we were using is his, the reg system software we use is his, some of the hardware our reg team used is his, so big thanks to him also. He unfortunately came back from a trip to Europe the day after the con, so we couldn't drag him on stage and thank him in person. And everyone should thank our small army of volunteers for their dedication and hard work. The local (and less local) bronies that came to the con as redshirts were essential in keeping the con running. They were professional, cheerful, and worked their butts off. I'll see if I can get something nice for you guys for the Saturday meetup. Finally, a thank-you to our community artists for all their really great work, as well as an apology to those few whose contributions never made the charity auction. There was a small mix-up and a few pieces got left behind. We're hoping to do something with those after the con. That said, the auction was still a success, and with the help of our contributors, we made over $7000 for the local children's hospital, which is something to be proud of. And on a personal note, thank you to everyone who turned up for my panel. I was a bit worried about how it would go, given the complete failure of my embedded video content, but the turnout was better than I could have expected, and we all had a ton of fun. The feedback we've had from attendees has blown us away. We're really glad that you all enjoyed the con, and we were amazed by its popularity. We had both pony and non-pony news networks attend the con, and I think we're up to 4 TV stations that have featured us as an item. It's really encouraging to see just how enthusiastic people were for the convention, and we promise to put all our effort into making our next endeavour bigger, better and brighter. I hope I haven't missed anyone. We really do appreciate everything you guys did for us, and we hope you all had a blast at BronyCAN '13. We'll be back very soon, hopefully with info on BronyCAN '14, but for now I'm sure you'll understand if we all take a little time off. I'm behind on my writing, and that backlog of video games aren't going to play themselves. We love you guys. See you soon! Silvershock
  6. I know my absolute favorite toy(s) growing up were bionicles. I remember having a 40 lbs tub of bionicle pieces. It was absolute bliss!!!
  7. Hey there friends! It's Petrus again.. I just drew this like 5 minuets ago. Tell me how you like it. It is a reference to something so I'm not gonna say that it's an original drawing by me. If you can guess what it's from then brohoofs all around, I'm mainly curious to see who can guess it right first! Hope you like it
  8. Hey Guys, I have officially finished my first and most-likely final pony oc. Her name is Myristica and she is a pony with a black coat along with a black and purple mane. Her cutie mark is an iron ingot resembling her love for mining, adventure, and iron weapons. Again she loves a good adventure and loves company when going on her trips. Here she is: My friend helped me out with this by me giving him the originally pony from pony creator v3 then he did an awesome job finalizing it. Hope you guys like the new version of it! Leave comments and suggestions, and if you like it, go ahead and hit that brohoof button! Thanks - Darkestblo
  9. I saw these amazing Plushies by EpicRainbowCraft on DevianArt and I was wondering if anypony made plushies themselves! If you do make sure to tell below! I'm sure everypony would love to have one themselves!
  10. so i decided a while back to do ponies with their cutiemarks as the focus of the image and decided to call it The Cutie mark Project so below you will see some of that in progress- figured i'd go ahead and share it and get an idea of what could be next in the series! Wait for me fluttershy! Rainbowdash (i had permission to recreate this image by the original artist) Among the stars- Derpy Whooves Rarity, The Jewel Amina Starweaver
  11. LEGO. Chima. Yup. I like this series, it has humor and battle scenes galore. If you haven't seen it yet, Season 1 is on netflix. So go watch it now.
  12. Ok, this is how it goes. Each user posts an achievement they achieved. Something they are proud of or someone else is proud of. They also say if they believe that achievement beats the achievement of the user above. For example: User 1: " I ate a poisonous mushroom and lived." User 2: "I can top that, I ran faster than my dog." Or: User 1: "I ate a poisonous mushroom and lived." User 2: "I saw a dolphin. Didn't top your achievement." Anyway, try to top achievements. Here goes: The very FIRST day I spearfished with a bow and arrow, I caught a nice-sized cuttlefish. Top that!
  13. If you've played Battleblock Theater then you know what i'm talking about when I say Will Stamper has a godly voice! Through-out the cut-scenes and general gameplay when playing Battleblock Theater you will hear the narrator talk, and my goodness is it hilarious. Well that narration was done by Will Stamper (obviousness) and i'm not quite sure if this is the only thing he will ever do when it comes to voice acting. (Oh please, oh please tell me he'll do more games and stuff). Anyways time waits for no ones and I have what might be the greatest idea since slice anchovies. What I want you to do is narrate everything you see on this forum into Stampy Stampington's beautiful voice it will make this forum like a bagillion times more interesting. (not that the forum is not interesting) And you're going to do it all with your mind! That's right, with your awesome MIND! Now it might proved to be difficulty when trying to translate normal people speak into Stampy's master language. It's pretty much impossible. Lucky for you, you can't spell "impossible" without saying "possible". What you can do is watch video's like these to really get a feel for wondrous speaking of Stamper-ness. Also if you're not afraid of spoilers you should watch this video too! Tell me what you guys think! Oh And don't forget, Buckle your pants!
  14. has anypony seen this? its a brony power tail its for bullying awareness specifically for bronys i can't site it because of the administrator but what do you guys think?
  15. Bon_Bon

    Anypony going?

    OMG!!! So I have cometed on all of the topics!! I am wondering who is going! Also how much money should I bring? I just am SO excited!! I was not allowed to go to Brony Con, but this is closer so I am allowed to go!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  16. back story!!!! ok, my name is Tiny Hooves! im a 19 year old pegasus from foaledo, im a musician from the streets of foaledo, and i mean that more literally than i wish i did. you see, i was actually found on the street by this girl named winter, (shes kinda like my big sister.) she said she had to hide me from her parents until she could move out, which didnt take that long. ((things im trying to say in character that are hard to: Tiny is a smart-ass, hes got some serious musical talent and that gives him a super ego, his sister wont be able to answer questions unless people really seem to want to, in which case, ill have my friend who made that OC come on and answer questions, the picture below with winter (the green one) was made during a time that Tiny was supposed to be younger, the other pic is Tiny now))
  17. Well, what is it/are they?! Here's mine as an example. Dear lord, this show was awesome. And of course.. the holy grail of animation.
  18. Hello everyone reading this My name is tom I'm kinda a animator and i can draw some stuff. Sometimes im really bored and then i just wanna make something random BUT im going to give YOU a change to say what i should make. it can be ANYTHING. it doesn't even have to be pony related. you can leave just a idea or describe exactly what you want me to animate/draw/photoshop I will link to your account if I use your idea! THANKS FOR HELPING ME example of something random:
  19. Hey, I just created the OC that I will most likely just use as a pony version of me, either way as for profession he is a programmer, he resides in hoofington, but makes frequent visits to ponyville, he has somewhat of a short temper, and loves parties. As for the OC it is my profile pic, his name right now is Semi Colon but that is only because it is a REALLY bad programming joke. If you have a name, preferably that has something to do with programming that would be nice. oh yeah, and his cutie mark is the Java logo.
  20. Hey, everypony! So I was just watching S2E9: "Sweet and Elite" of the show, in which Rarity bumps into Fancy Pants while staying at Canterlot for a short time. After listening to Fancy Pants' awesome accent, I found it hard to place. Does anypony know what you would call his accent? Thanks!
  21. Anybody here into tanks or other armored fighting vehicles I am kind of curious I am very partial to the M1 Abrams tanks But I also like the Russian T-72. I also have a love for the Mi-48 Russian hind and the huey helicopters anybody partial to other vehicles.
  22. You have maybe heard about phoneblocks. (google it if not) I like the idea but think. It will get very exspensive to produce parts to, and be very big becouse normal phones have the parts pushed as tight as possible. :okiedokielokie: (probably a bit ugly as well) What is your opinion, do you think this idea will evolve into the future?
  23. I usually don't right reviews for creators, but the new pony creator is absolutely awesome! You can turn your pony's face, have a bigger variety of mane styles, new accessories, and poses! I really like it xD General Zoi really done it this time, I take back what I said about his pony creator....I even went to the extreme of making a pony version of me :3
  24. Is princess twilight sparkle Awesome? I belive she is for good and brony reasons you put in your thoughts all count as good