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Found 14 results

  1. Just curious to know how everyone's summer is going? Travelled anywhere, gone to any concerts etc...? If so post here on what your summer has been like !!!
  2. I for one am a huge supporter & frenetic fan of dragons. In fact, if I don't see something vaguely dragon related at least twice a week I'll reliably & spontaneously burst into flame. So I do ask thee, what happens when you combine the pure incarnation of majestic power with the pure incarnation of majestic cuteness? A Dragonpony! Now while they don't appear in the show directly they are a major factor in MLP OCs and I do so love seeing everyone's renditions of the theme! Basically, as the name implies a Dragonpony shares qualities of both dragon & pony. Varying degrees of fur or scale and so forth, but almost always having the general pony shape. Kirins however are an entirely different breed though I'm not fully certain by how much, they're more like unicorn dragons and tend to have a certain pattern of fur to scale. Dragonponies can vary from: Fully Dragon: By Theguynooneremembers on Deviantart Or to only cosmetic changes: By Zapdosrocks Chiara by Zafara1222 (also on deviantart) Oh, and just one more for good measure...
  3. This is the thread where we post, rate and discuss Nightcore. I'll start with a remix I made a while back, it's a remix of Eurobeat Brony's Luna (Nightmare Mode) He even commented on it!
  4. LEGO. Chima. Yup. I like this series, it has humor and battle scenes galore. If you haven't seen it yet, Season 1 is on netflix. So go watch it now.
  5. I havent met many huge Harry Potter fans, so I was wondering if there are any. I'm OBBSESSED with Harry Potter XD. I have been to the exhibition in NYC the same day James and Oliver Phelps were there *eep*, but I didn't get to meet them because the line was too long. I am in love with George Weasley XD. So, are there any other people who share the same obsession?
  6. : A.K. Yearling here, I finally came around to making one of these because I found some free time in my schedule. I don't know how much I'll be able to be on here as I'm usually out saving the world or writing the new Daring Do book. Let's just hope no creepy cyan pegasus fan girl finds this... So, ask away!
  7. So I've been on this site for about a day. But I've been a Brony for a while now, and now I've found a place where I can talk about it without being ridiculed! So I not only want to talk myself about my thoughts and feelings about being a brony, and Bronydom itself, but rather, discuss OUR thoughts and feelings about it. So, I'd like to start by saying Hi, I'm Thomas (AKA Storm Crasher). Im 15 and in high school and last year, I became a Brony. It started when I was watching ASDF and I liked the short little music at the end of movie 5 and found out that the person who made the song was known as "The Living Tombstone". I checked out his vids but found that he made songs, about ponies. I liked his music but I didn't quite understand it because I knew next to NOTHING about My Little Pony. So that's when it started, I then went on Netflix and watched the first few episodes, then another few, then another few, and so on and so forth. I soon reached the final episode of Season 3, and decided to do a ton of research, finding the Bronies, their art, their music, the fanfiction, parodies, pics, gifs, memes, quotes, clips, song lyrics... just about everything. I even got into pairing! (i.e. AppleDash, SoarinDash, PinkieShy etc.) So I fell in love with everything about My Little Pony... but then... I discovered... clopping... at first I was extremely upset about how the idea even came up that people could possibly make a picture of one of the ponies pleasuring themselves to another pony, or even objects and other creatures. Now over the many months of being on Tumblr and seing this nonsense, I actually don't mind it and think of it nothing more than good art skills... EXCEPT WHEN I SEE APPLEJACK AND HER FAMILY COMITTING INCEST!!! ahem... sorry bout that, applejack's just my fav pony... anyway, my thoughts on everything.... Yes, us Bronies will be ridiculed, hated, and bullied by mainstream society, but as a group... or more even as I like to think... a family, we will eventually all pull through together. Being a Brony really changed how I saw life, and brightened up my mood. I feel this show can do a lot for people if they just gave it a chance... And in all... Honesty... (Applejack joke ;D) I really do think of all of you as my family (even though Ive never met a lot of you) I really love you guys... the moderates, hipsters, musicians, artists, writers and authors, and yes, even the cloppers, you're all awesome. keep calm and brony on my friends. Id really love to get to know you bros! and don't be flutter-shy to respond to this if you have any thoughts or feelings *brohoof*
  8. What if discord become a pony on this season 4 when celestia tryed to stop him and made him one? Tell me your thoughs or ideas how For my random theroy.
  9. So I wanted to make a DnB song with Audiosauna and well... I did, and here's the result! The feeling i'm trying to convey is the feeling of, uh.... Recklessness! Which is why I added the explosion sound effects and the fast pace of it. Or something. Feedback would be very appreciated.
  10. So baisicly what you do is you say a word or sentance and the user after you says a word or sentance that rymes with it, so pretty staight forward. Example: First user; Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Second user; Fair. Third user; But I don't want to share! See how Bear, Fair, and Share all ryme? Now you try. Beans.
  11. I frequent many forums across the internet, only this one and another being pony-related. This is probably my favourite forum out of all of them, because the people are lovely, the site is aesthetically pleasing, and there's always something to do. There is, one thing, that I kind of feel is lacking, and that is the amount of emotes available to the users. The other pony forum that I (hardly) go on has a very long list of emotes for use. There's about 8 for each mane 6 character, 3 for all the popular background ponies, and tons of randoms. I'm not asking for another hundred emotes that won't go to use at all, because that would be a waste; I am asking only for, say, 10 more or so, that are all unique in their own way. I would be happy to draw them, myself. Now that I have Adobe Illustrator CS6, I could easily draw the emotes that I think would be a nice addition to the list that's available now. I would stick with the circular shape for the most part, because the ones we have now are already very cute. Here are some examples of some images I would personally change into suitable, circle-shaped emotes for this site. Also, it could be useful for an "official emote suggestion" or something of the sort (I could make it!), if this would go through, though I don't really know if that would be all that necessary. So yes, I am pretty much asking to have some of the responsibility of adding more emotes to the site. I don't really see anyone doing anything on this topic (though, maybe I'm wrong?), so I would be happy to step up to the plate (I mean, I totally have enough free time). With that said, I would greatly appreciate any kind of response, whether being horribly turned down or given an a-okay, and would be more than happy to answer any questions needed or send any demo/examples of my work!
  12. There you go. Test yourself. Pics or it didn't happen. But really, screenshots are a plus. If you don't know how to take a screenshot on Windows 7 and Vista (sorry XP users), just hit Start > Search "Snipping Tool" and open the program > Click "new" on the window, if it is not enabled already > Drag box in area in which you would like to take a screenshot. This isn't a very fair score for me, as it is my best in a 5-time trial to get the best score. Average, I'd say I'd drop 6 words per minute, but here we go, screenshot. Bam boom bing bop, right down there in the spoiler.
  13. ​I was interested to know when this show got really popular I just got into it and it is awesome. Some really cool people like this show
  14. So here are the first two ponies I've ever customized in my life. ^^ Discord here was made out of a G1 Honeysuckle flutterpony. That poor toy was in bad shape. The mane was chopped off, and there were bite marks in its legs. HUMAN BITE MARKS. So I bought it and turned it into Discord. I have an excuse for why the wings look so shoddy. For the most part, you don't notice his wings in the show anyway. And when you do see them, they look like ovals plastered against his back. Also, I only had cheap-o modelling clay to make the tail and wings, soooo.... Pinkamina was an off-brand pony toy I found at a thrift store. As soon as I saw those creepy eyes of hers, I though "I gotta turn her into Pinkamina." So I did. The blood-effect on her hooves and chest and muzzle were an afterthought. I was like, "Wonder what it would look like if I put blood on her hooves?" Loved the effect so much that I went a tad bit crazy with it. ^^; Anyway, that's all I've got right now...if you want to see more, add it to your favs, whatevs, you can check out the link to my devART. It's under my avatar over there. *points* It's also right here: