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Found 24 results

  1. I've been to plenty of conventions in my life only to find that I didn't enjoy my time at a single one. Why, you ask? It's simple - the people. And when I talk about conventions, I'm not insinuating anything political; I actually enjoy those since I'm into looking after my community's well being. I'm talking about conventions based around media and pop culture. Anime conventions, Anthrocon, Bronycon are all worthy mentions when talking about gatherings which I cannot stand. Every single one has attracted the worst of the worst; and the most intolerable of all are the ones who CANNOT like the show/game/movie without making sure they know more than everyone else. Two years ago at Tekkoshocon I was attacked by a girl who thought I looked like her favorite anime character. She was a solid 1/10 and completely lacking in common sense or decency, while throwing her arms around me and screaming "I LOVE YOU ONY-CHAN" (or however you spell it). I contacted security and they dragged her away kicking and screaming, only to have her do it again to A GUY WHO WASN'T EVEN IN THE CONVENTION CENTER. But it doesn't stop there, either, there were levels of pathetic which were reached that I didn't even know existed on this plane. There were creepy-ass pedophiles hitting on teenage girls, creepy-ass, forty-year-old nerds hitting on teenage girls (yes, there is a difference), and antisemitism towards me when I declined ham from a vendor. Oh and I should throw in that Uncle Yo is by far the least funny "comedian" on the face of the earth. Now, Bronycon wasn't nearly as bad but it still had a couple of REALLY bad apples. Luckily, I didn't have anything happen to me personally but I could see that there were plenty of others who would have rather saved their money than potentially see the community's ugly face. Tara Strong was cool, even though I only got to shake her hand. Anthrocon... I'd rather not go too deep into this since there's so much I can say. Here it is: Gay guys hitting on me and not understanding what "no" means. Creepy girls hitting on me and not understanding what "no" means. Artists not getting the fact that I didn't want to purchase their art. THE CONVENTION CENTER ISN'T ENOUGH, LET'S GO ANNOY ALL OF PITTSBURGH! The whole "be a furry or get out" attitude. Pittsburgh's hotels are overrun with the sound of sex at all times of the day. People actually brag about their fursona. Interrupting sporting events seems acceptable to furries. And much, much more. Needless to say my experiences were horrible and I haven't been back since.
  2. Hi! so you know what's awkward? That short time when you're waiting for a text reply and you're left with nothing to do... But more than that, when you're wearing an awesome piece of brony merchandise like this wristband http://img.hottopic....,0,0&iccEmbed=0 and then someone asks. "hey, what's a bra-ny?" I was about to reply but then he sees Rainbow Dash's mane and asks "IS THAT GAY PRIDE?!" now what I wanted to say was "NO! it just means that I'm 20% cooler than YOU!" But alll that came out was "Um... no... it' little pony" he then decides to reply "And you like that?" and usually I'd reply "HELL YEAH, It's awesome!!" but I was taking a summer course with this kid and I didn't want to be seen as even more of a loser so I replied "no..." after that he asked if it was some kind of joke, I told him it was and that was the end of it. So let me know, all my bronies out there if there's any way you deal with these things and how you get around them cuz honestly at school I get the assertiveness of this pony ---> so yeah, let me know cause I really want to be able to stand my ground and show that ponies can be manly. Thanks for reading!
  3. So, I just realized something- I've only been on here as of now about three months, but already I feel closer to the lot of you. This forum has really put a positive spin on my views and has made me actually care about people more. I really do care about you all. But enough of my sob story, who here would you like to hug or brohoof irl? I prefer hugs, but some people here don't like hugs, so brohoofs will do. My hug list: • Artemis • Bladed & Verses • Champion RD92 • Dannedanker • DaReaper • Endgame (Gone Airborn) • Erio Touwa (Soundgarden) • Flipturn Costava • Friendship_Cannon • Kyoshi • Lowline Thrash • Miss Earl Grey • Nature of Fluttershy • Pink Mist • ProjectRKA • Red & Moon • Repsol rave • Sakurako Ohmuro (Dawn) • Sanderspie • SCS • Sir Lunashy • Sir. Flutter Hooves • Sonicrules831 • SmartyPants • The Paris Swing Cake • TheInsaneShane • Vinyl~ • WheatlyCore • Zygen I know there's more, but this is all I can think of right now. Sorry for making this weird and awkward. I'll go hide in the corner now.
  4. So, this story took place back in high school of my Sophmore year. I did my daily morning routine as usual. I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, watch a youtube video, get my clothes on ( even though I already took a shower at night time ), go to the bus and get on, and just enjoy the ride to school! When I got off the school bus. My very first class in the morning is P.E ( aka Physical Education ), It's a gym class actually. I went through the doors. I then took a right turn leading into the gym hallways, took another right turn when I got down to the Basketball court area and then went up the 2 flights of stairs to the upper gym to get into the gym. Now, how the layout of the gym was set up is that their is wooden benches from the bottom of the gym to the top of the gym. Their is also steps that are made of some kind of smooth stone in each middle row of the benches from top to bottom. In the middle, is a basket ball court. Which is pretty cool to have! In the middle their is a corridor leading to the gym hallways at the bottom. Now, I know I should've taken the easier way to the gym, but the thing is that they have a gate that closes the way to the gym. Their is also 4 door ways leading to different areas in each upper corner of the gym. 2 of them lead to the cafeteria on one side of the wall. the other side of the gym is another one that leads to the pool area of the gym, but in the hallways. The one I came out of is from the basketball court hallway area. So, when I first entered the gym. I saw a freshmen female walk up to a group of guy's that were walking a few feet ahead of me and asked them "Do you guys have any change?". The group of guys then said "No, we don't" and after they answered her question. She then went towards me to ask the same question. After, she asked me the question. I then asked her myself saying "Why are you asking me if I have change?". She then said "Because I want to buy a soda". I then told her "I don't have any money with me right now, sorry" ( Now, I did have money with me at the time, but it was not enough to buy a soda drink. I know it sounded like I lied to her, but it was because I didn't know what to say to her at the and I was also tired as well and i'm still waking up. I'm a very honest person and I never lie, but only very rarely ). After, our little awkward conversation. I then went down the steps to put my stuff down and went to go hangout with my friends in the school's halls. As I was walking up the steps, I saw that she went around the gym asking people the same question as well. AS soon as I walked out of the gym doors to the cafeteria. I told myself that ( I don't think that's a good idea to go around asking random strangers for money to buy a soda and it's also the first week of school that started as well ). The second week of school started and at the time. 1st period was being let out for passing period before 2nd period starts. Now, for passing period. We get only 10 minutes to go to our lockers and go to our next class. At the time. I was in the freshmen center, because one of my homeroom classes I have next is Basic Math. I was getting a soda at the time. when I was waiting in line to be next for the soda machine and when it was my turn to get one. I got out my wallet and as soon as I did that. The same girl from last week, came around the corner and asked me the same question. Now I was tired at the moment and didn't care about anything for a sec. Also, their were 4-7 freshmen behind me waiting and they saw how awkward the situation was. So, I gave a $1 bill and told myself ( Here is $1 to get off my tail ). After, I gave her the $1 bill. She went back around the corner where she came from and after I saw that. I told myself ( The soda machine is right here and not around the corner ). So, I bought my soda and went to my next period class. I did see her in the halls sometimes around the school, but the good thing is she never asked me again. Now, im wondering if she got into trouble for asking random strangers who she doesn't know and are not her friends. I also think the reason why I gave her a $1 bill is, because I didn't want to be mean or rude to her about it. So, I was nice to her at least. Moral of the story: Do not give people you don't know or who are not your friend money, because you don't know what they will do with it instead. I hope you Ladies and Gentlecolts enjoyed this story! Have a good day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!
  5. What have been some of the most unusual or hilarious clothing combinations you have had to wear in your life? One day, me and my dad went to the zoo for a trip. However, before we could go on, my mom got worried because it was cold. And indeed, it was. While it was fine for me to go with a hoody jacket, she got carried away and I ended up wearing a weird mix between a sweater, a jacket, a cap, a scarf and really thick pants. While it seemed normal, none of the clothes were of the same color scheme and thus created a strange effect.
  6. So, what are some awkward moments that you hate when they happen? 1. When there is a random silence and I pick up my phone and pretend to text someone. 2. When someone says something to me but I can't understand them. So, I just nod and laugh hoping whatever they said wasn't a question. 3. When I thought I saw someone waving to me, but they weren't. So I just pretend I was fixing my hair or checking my phone. 4. Holding the door open for someone far away and you're not sure if you should keep holding it or not. 5. When someone says "thank you" to me and I mess up my response by also saying "thank you". 6. Realizing mid-argument that I'm wrong, but I keep arguing anyway. 7. When I run into someone on the sidewalk and side-step them, but then they go the same way as me. Then we do it 7 more times until the requisite of awkward laughter.
  7. Well? Here are some of mine; which are quite embarrassing, I'm only 15, so give me a break. I still sleep near all of my stuffed animals, so that they don't feel left out....don't judge. I still sleep with stuffed animals. I think being under a blanket will actually protect me from monsters...that's a lie. I still don't trust my closet. >.> I overreact over silly things. I still play with toys.... I sleep with a Pinkie Pie nightlight...forgot about that. >.> That's all I can think of as of right now; how about you all?
  8. Hello My Brony Fellows! i wanna make a compilation of phrases of that awkward moment when... and see those awkward moments we feel sometimes, ill start That awkward moment when you see a nude scene in a movie you are watching with your parents That awkward moment when you see your ex talking with your girlfriend that awkward moment when you eat in your friends home and wanna seconds lets brohoof the most funny awkward moment!
  9. I don't care how careful you are, every brony has had this moment.
  10. I had the idea for this one when I saw the following picture Cloudchaser? I didn't know you were an Apple... I'm actually just here for the apple pie... It's admittedly sub-par, but I hope you like it. Criticisms appreciated (don't hold back, I want to know where I screwed up).
  11. Hi guys, Did anyone of you see any localized version of Friendship is magic? Originally i saw the original version, in it's original language, and i liked it. Both the voices and the script were to my liking. The thing is, I'm from Argentina, and the language spoken here is Spanish, so I got curious. I wondered if there was a version made in Spanish. Apparently, I missed the whole thing, because i discovered that "Discovery Kids" had been airing the first three seasons for a while now in neutral spanish. So, as I started writing a fanfic, I had a good reason to rewatch the series, so I got the first episodes and watched them. I know there is always an awkward period while adjusting to languages, but there was something wronger than usual, something I could not put my finger on. Did anyone get that sensation?
  12. Do you have any embarrasing moments? I have one, i was chillin on deviant art (kitsunefireball) and my brother (my parent technically) asked me what a brony was, i froze and said "uh...a fan of a show?" luckily he bought it and i didnt have to explain any further, thank god because he would think we all did bad crap, you know what im talking about
  13. (( Not in order from wierdest to least or vise versa.)) 1. So I walked into German class, and keep in mind this is probably the wierdest part of my day, and I look over to see gun powder all over my teacher's grading book and Mr Baker is sitting there rolling up gun powder packets on his desk. He says nothing but tells another student to close the door then continues rolling. 2. There is a tiny christmas tree with a Jack's ornament, an owl with arms coming out of it's chest, and a massive golden orgnament that's half the size of the tree itself. 3. There are these two incredibly dumb ass guys in there. So dumb that Mr Baker put labels on their desk reading 'pot' and 'kettle' because they were always arguing about who is dumber. 4. We never really do much work except for about five minutes, the rest is just talking about food, sports, and what ever else happens to come to mind. For example we spent 45 minutes quoting Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. 5. There is a stuffed bob cat in the corner of the room named Bobby. 6. He rode a horse onto the football field.... 'nuf said. 7. One time he showed up to class with swords in a full body Civil War uniform, that had nothing to do with anything as he teaches German. 8. During our test today he devoted at least 5 minutes to listing different names for bras, only one was actually german. 9. When a strange whistling noise came from a hole in the heater venlation he claimed it was his pet baby elephant reginold trying to regoin him after they got in a fight over a bag of ramen. 10. He hung paper stockings on his desk for Christmas and labeld his own sock "Sir Shawn".
  14. Hello everypony. Let's make everypony feel weird by giving them awkward compliments! To the user who posts above you, give them a compliment that creates a really awkward situation. Examples: your nose hairs are gorgeous or your armpits smell like a candle And so on and so forth. You get the idea, right? That was rhetorical.. :3 kthx
  15. Try to pick up the user above you with a pick up line. I don't care how cheesy or awful it is. Just do it. They can be serious to incredibly cheesy to downright weird/terrible. Follow the rules. Keep the thread clean and appropriate, please.
  16. 8:48 PM - {{PA}} Tyc oon: Hey man, add me on CoD. 8:48 PM - {{PA}} Tyc oon: Nickname is «xXx1337QuìkzTr1k420Sm0k3W3ê3ë3dxZx€oÐx§wÅgGuah#¥0‡Ôßrðx9001x[X[xRedunÐUŠH3YxX#GåñGÑam`4`ßë1ßuhxX[x]XxN0Zk03p1zx[M][L [G]xH0tSh4wtX[x]X[x]XxPrøBl4z31t[X]x[¤]x[X]x69™ 8:49 PM - {{PA}} Netzky: Wow **** you 8:49 PM - {{PA}} Netzky: that's not even funny you ***hole 8:49 PM - {{PA}} Tyc oon: LOLOL wtffffffffffffffffffff 8:49 PM - {{PA}} Netzky: don't mock amazng games youve never played 8:49 PM - {{PA}} Netzky: Whatever **** yurself then 8:50 PM - {{PA}} Tyc oon: Dude I'm just messin with you XD.. 8:50 PM - {{PA}} Netzky is now Offline. Title says it all. Shoot. I recommend censoring the swearing if there is any. Just explain the situation and what you said or copy & paste or screenshot a chat or put it into dialogue yourself if you like. Please try to recall a moment with comedic values. The sharing of this is all in good-natured fun. I don't really want to read about how your Dog died and you asked your mother if he went to heaven and she happened to be an atheist but you didn't realize and you felt like you asked a stupid question thinking back on it. (Sorry if that example offends anyone, lol) EDIT; PLEASE DON'T POST ABOUT HOW YOU REGRET RAGING AT SOMEONE. I love seeing things identical to what TheSteampunkNinja posted.
  17. Ever have that awkward moment while listening to pony music (without headphones) , watching, an episode (again without headphones), making a reference, or even accidentally bursting into spontaneous song in front of a bunch of none bronies or some of your friends who just happen to hate us? Or something more simple like humming a tune loudly during a presentation and not realizing everybody is staring at you?A few days back, my principal came into class to give a presentation about school expectations (it was the 2nd day back). About halfway through when he started talking about drug and alcohol abuse associated deaths, I quickly grew bored and my train of thought left for ponyville. I started thinking about Pinkie and it brought a very obvious smile to my face but when I looked at my principal he gave me the"Seriously Bro?" look and I stared back at him and said "Eeyup"! Also, right after class he pulled me outside to ask me what was so funny. Just as I was about to explain I drop my backpack but they way i dropped it activated my ipod and SOMEHOW my music was on shuffle or on the "brony made: playlist because Luna (the Eurobeat Brony song) started playing REALLY loud. I did need to explain it to him after that since he saw I was really embarrassed.
  18. Best friend BUSTS me on being a brony (I apoligize for the length of my post x_x I talk about interesting things though) Alright, so I've been hiding my love for MLP in my personal closet of self-shame. Right now, I'm a junior in High School. If I say so myself, I'm pretty average. Got average grades, I play one sport (track), I have a good circle of friends. I've had my fair share of secret-swaps in my time, but my assocation in the brony fandom is something I'd like to remain hidden. Even until death. For all you high school bronies that can actually say "Yea, I'm a brony. Fluttershy is best pony" in public, then I congradulate you. Not too many bronies do come out of the pony closet in high school (in my opinion) because one of the major aspects of High School is fitting in... and what kind of male teenager could fit in with other people knowing that he enjoys a show meant for little girls? Girls, no offense, but you got it WAY easier. You won't believe how many times I cringed my teeth when some of you walk around school with that goddamn "20% Cooler" T-shirt with Rainbow Dash on it. Now, I'm sure some of you pegasisters are worried about your self-image, and thats all good- but you'd be lying if you said that bronies and pegasisters are looked at by society equally. BUT BACK TO THE TOPIC! So, my best friend was sleeping over the other night. We pulled an all-nighter on COD, and when we woke up, he asked if he could take my laptop with him to the shower (to listen to music as he washes). The only reason why I let him take the laptop was because of the system I devised for hiding my MLP stuff. I use Google Chrome to look at anything MLP related, and I use Internet Explorer as my general browser. I hid the Chrome shortcut in this file in my documents. SOMEHOW, THE MOTHER(!*U#@ FOUND IT!! AND CHECKED THE SEARCH HISTORY!!! My friend literally got out of the shower, took the laptop downstairs, and started blasting that goddamn MLP theme song as I was playing Dead Space. He didn't even take the time to clothe himself- he was fully naked... Worst of all, he even took the liberty to READ THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THIS MLP FANFIC I HAD BEEN READING!!! (That's WAY worse than watching MLP, reading a fanfic means your way too interested in ponies) (Oh btw he put his clothes back on after he blasted the theme song... reading a fanfic in the nude would be considered creepy) He was laughing A LOT, and I was REALLY REALLY REALLYx5000 embarrased. I tried to play it off, but he laughed some more because "My cheeks were red as hell". AFTERWARDS!!! I made him promise not to tell anyone, and he swore that he wouldn't. I mean, I do have some pretty good dirt on him- but THIS DOES NOT COMPARE. I gotta be careful not to piss him off... *BTW, no one but us was in the house at the time* THE REASON FOR POSTING THIS The purpose of me posting this was to share my own "Brony-Bust" with people who will never know my true identity (No one else needs to know about this). Comments on my own situation would be nice Also, the other reason was to start a discussion on other brony's opinion on the whole "Open-Brony" policy for our teenage society. If your in high school, I'd like to hear reasons on why you do or don't tell people about your love for MLP. If your out of school, mabye you could tell us why you would or wouldn't share your love for MLP back in school. And most importantly, if your friend(s) "Brony-Busted" you, feel free to share the experience here ^o^
  19. Cough, cough. Awkward xD Trick-C Trick-C Trick-C Did you people know this already? How long did you guys know. I feel sort of dumb. xD
  20. Dang it Pinkie... I just know you're behind all this... Be sure to click on the one on the far right. Pretty sure Fluttershy is in on this too.
  21. lol, I wanted to try an experiment to see how a stallion may look in fitting socks haha, since PonyEcho doesn't mind what I can do to his OC Whirlwind, he would be the perfect target for all of my evil ways >:} this was also an opportunity to practice my painting skills enjoy it
  22. Post all your "that awkward moment" jokes here. But it can be more than just that, it can be any moment - like scary: That scary moment when the spider on the wall, isn't there anymore Ready? Begin!
  24. I'll start. I'm 15 by the way, and I was bored when I took this screenshot.