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Found 9 results

  1. Hay everypony! So right at the end of 2017 years BABS, I've already made reservations at the Hyatt for 2018 BABSCon. I have at least one person that will be returning with me. I am still looking for one more spot with someone that would be interested staying for four nights. The reservation is for check-in on the day before the event (March 29th) and check-out on the day after the event (April 2nd), by noon. This will be my third year and so far the room share situation has worked out well. Ideally I add 2 extra guests, which seems to work best and not over crowded. The maximum is 3 guests, making 4 total. So I will take who ever is interested and sounds like a good fit for what I'm looking for. So with a full room, it's really important for me to find people that are clean, quiet and respectful of other people's property and would be looking for the same as well. I wouldn't want any drinking, parties, smoking, or things of the sort. I'd prefer just to keep the room for the people on the reservation. If there are some other needs, let me know. Sleep is also important to me, I like to get to bed early, ideally 11-12 and get up around 7-8am and would be ideal to have roomies that like sleeping around the same hours. I should also mention when I first check in the room, though the rooms have been cleaned, I still wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer, to keep from catching bugs and has worked out pretty good so far from preventing con crud. So sharing with persons that could appreciate that and also wouldn't mind helping do their part would also be appreciated. Thanks everypony.
  2. The road to BABSCon has been quite an adventure thus far. Looking back at how I made my decision to travel clear across the United States to attend this convention I realize that my participation in this event can be traced to one person: Simon. In a move that would make Flim and Flam proud, Simon needled me relentlessly about going. As early as our second Skype conversation the man was pitching the Con as the second coming of Celestia. I heard of nothing else for a time, and finally I relented. I don't know if it was excitement or fatigue that finally got to me. Relentless Simon is relentless. Eventually, I closed my eyes ... and took the leap. As the months drew on, the anticipation climbed. The guests were being announced steadily one after another. Smooth sailing and a quiet con vacation. Then somepony suggested that we offer up cosplaying as a stretch goal for the 2014 Making Christmas Merrier fundraiser. I still haven't made up my mind if my winning have the song polls wasn't some grand Machiavellian scheme by Simon to humiliate me, but that is what I am going with. So yeah, I was bestowed the privilege to give my best effort of pulling off Rarity (or rather Elusive) for our Poniverse panel. All pieces are assembled and I will be posting a sneak in my next Con Thoughts blog. Since then, my travel arrangements have changed dramatically. Originally this was meant to be a huge family vacation. The wife and the kids were coming. The best laid plans of mice and men, right? I am now flying to San Francisco solo and will be sharing a room with three other staffers. While I was initially saddened by the absence of the two people who were responsible for me becoming a fan to begin with, this change does afford me the opportunity to get to spend more time with the people I have come to consider friends, and actually meet some of you. <3 Stay tuned to this blog for daily thoughts on the con activities and events, my thoughts on cons in general, cosplay goofery, and what have you. I would also follow the Poniverse and MLP Forums on Twitter. @Poniverse and @MLPForums for any staff shenanigans.
  3. Which antagonist do you think is the most intimidating? And they don't have to be villains, just antagonists - so Trixie and King Sombra would both be antagonists. I'll add more questions for you to think about to this post as they come along, so everyone can see them. Here's a few to ask yourself: General: Who is the most intimidating in each season? In the show all together? What makes them so intimidating? Are they only intimidating to a certain group of characters, or to everyone? What makes character x more intimidating than character y? Who would you not want to have a run-in with? What is it about what the characters are trying to do that makes them so intimidating? And, does their appearance reflect how intimidating they are? Does it say anything about their personality? (Example: Queen Chrysalis, eating love, but she is full of holes. . .) Bullies: In terms of lower levels of antagonism, in this case, bullying; who would be the worst bully? Babs, Gilda, Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon. What do you think of them? Why do you think that they do what they do (aside from the obvious reasons why Babs did what she did)? Who do you think is the most intimidating? Why? Do you think Trixie should be counted as a bully, or something else? Discord vs King Sombra: So Discord instantly messes with your head, to turn you against one another, and he happily watches as the world crumbles from disharmony. This will result in physical pain, the longer it lasts. Spreads all over Equestria. Sombra enslaves ponies, causing physical issues from the beginning, which then cause emotional and mental issues. It then spreads across all of Equestria as well. So, some more stuff to think about . . . Which is worse? The physical or emotional/mental troubles? Are they equal? Is it situational? Which one would cause a more rapid deterioration of a land/country/area/etc.? Or is that situational, too? How about for Equestria, then? Related: Here's a somewhat off-topic thought: Queen Chrysalis and her people feed off of love. King Sombra took away all of the Crystal Ponies' feelings of love/happiness by enslaving them. Do you think that these two have any connection, or is it just coincidence? Is it something the creators put in the show for us to think about, or is it just some good fanfic fodder?
  4. Hey Everyone, I make custom etched glassware and I am wondering if anyone has any special requests. I have a table at BABSCon and I currently have cutie mark pint glasses and shot glasses of Apple Jack, Flutter Shy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Derpy, Celestia, and Luna made. I also have some custom designs that I've put on some glasses as well. I don't want to give away everything that I am making and bringing so that's all you get for now but feel free to post anything that you would like to see made and If there is something that you want to make sure you get please let me know and I will set it aside or custom make it for you. All of my glasses are hand etched by me and I will do my best to accommodate any requests that are made. See you all at BABSCon!!!!
  5. Bon_Bon

    Anypony going?

    OMG!!! So I have cometed on all of the topics!! I am wondering who is going! Also how much money should I bring? I just am SO excited!! I was not allowed to go to Brony Con, but this is closer so I am allowed to go!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  6. So I have been thinking of going to a convention this year but have never attended any type of convention. I guess I'm looking for some input on what it is like to go to one and what I should expect. I was looking at BronyCon or Everfree Northwest ( Maybe both ), also it would be helpful knowing what to plan for. On a side note if you did go, were there groups you joined that you met up with or did you just meet up with friends from the forum/IRL?
  7. The past week I recently moved into a new house and have been unpacking loads and loads of stuff throughout the week. I found this sunday news article in one of the boxes I was cleaning out. When I found this I was both shocked and confused?! Check out the date on the newspaper! Dec. 25-31 1994 o.O!! I have never seen this before ever *the newspaper*. But I loved watching the re-runs of tiny toons as a kid :3. That show was just so awesome! Buster & Babs "No relation" Here is something for Valentines day too
  8. I was going to make this a forum topic, but I decided to just make this a blog post. I held off for a while, but I just had to get it off my chest. Okay, so you all watched the episode One Bad Apple, right? Where Babs Seed comes from Manehatten to visit the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Cutting to the chase, when I was in a livestream, there were several people who commented after the episode that Babs had no reason to be mean at all. It was brought up several times basically saying "I was bullied as a child. That's why I'm not a complete douchebag." I tried explaining it there, but nobody listened to me, as per usual. I want to get this out of the way. I know what it's like to be bullied, both verbally and physically. Every day, I would be bullied about how I'm fat or a teacher's pet (they used much stronger words than this). They would punch, kick, spit, mock, tease, beat and cut me, while they tamper with or break my stuff. I'm not even exaggerating. Anyways, this is how Babs felt. She was being bullied for something she can't control, namely her lack of a Cutie Mark. Have you actually seen what teachers do to bullies? Go ahead, take a wild guess. If you guessed "punish," you're dead wrong. Sure, some schools WILL punish bullies, but I have yet to find one. All they do is lecture them for 20 minutes. Once they're finished, they go right back to harrassing everyone. Tell me that you would be able to stand that for over eight years, or however long you have to stay at the one school. I don't know about you, but after a week, I start to feel emotionally worn out. I get so sick and tired of the feeling of anger or sadness. Every day, I feel like I had run a mile just to end up in the same spot. Now, you might say "Oh, well if you just pretend not to care, they'll stop." This is also a dead wrong fact about bullying. Before, it might have worked. But now, they seem to know that they're doing. It's impossible to keep a neutral face while someone is kicking you or jabbing a plastic fork into your leg. Your eye will at least give off a few drops of tears. They know that you hate them. That's why they keep on doing it. They think it's funny for people to cry or get angry. They think that you're a helpless little being who can't stand up for themself. The only way you can deal with the bully is not to ignore them, or to tell a grown up, but it's to throw it right back, to bully THEM. I'll admit, it's not the way you're taught at home or at school, but there really is no other option, unless you can somehow convince your parents to pull you out if school. Even if they did, you would still have to go to another one, where even more bullies will be, who could be potentially worse. So now, we have Babs. She was put on a train to Ponyville to meet her cousin, Applebloom. This is a real immediate change, from a school full of bullies to a friendly town like Ponyville. Just at the exact moment when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon came in, she went to join them, trying to completely resist being bullied. Also, going back to the "I was bullied as a child" remark, let me tell you all this: Some of you may be adults, and were bullied as a kid, but Babs is still a child. You don't really start to think about it until you're older. I thank you for bearing with me. As I said, I really couldn't hold it in anymore.
  9. This is a Babs Seed image, it is also my first attempt at vectoring, so any help you could give me would be much appreciated. The original is from the clip that was pre-released. (I had my doubts on weather I was doing what I thought I was sorry... apparently not a vector.)