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Found 1 result

  1. Hay ponies, I'm back again, for my 4th year and starting my search early again! Thank you to every pony that made 2018 BABSCon great! I'm looking for ponies to join me for next year and the same as usual. Looking for two other ponies to fill a room. it's important for me to find people that are clean, quiet and respectful of other people's property and roomies that would want the same in return. I wouldn't want any drinking, parties, smoking, or things of the sort. I'd prefer just to keep the room for the people on the reservation. If there are some other needs, let me know. Sleep is important to me, I like to get to bed early, ideally 11-12 and get up around 7-8am and would be ideal to have roomies that would want to sleep around the same time. I should also mention when I first check in the room, though the rooms have been cleaned, I still wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer, to keep from catching bugs and so far, it's worked out pretty well. So I would do what I could to keep me and my roomies from catching con crud. So sharing with persons that could appreciate that and help do their part would also be appreciated. I also stock medicine for immune support, enough for the room and any pony else that needs some. I already have a reservation at the Hyatt, for 4 nights. The room will be a high floor, for a quieter space. Check-in being the day before the event (April 18th) and check-out on the day after the event (April 22nd), by noon. I would like to make spots open for those that would like to stay all 4 nights, to divide costs evenly. I will also be doing payments differently, to make it easier. That the total reservation is already paid in full ahead of time, by myself and anyone taking a spot can pay their share early, before the check-in date. Making checking-in, obtaining keys and checking-out as simple and smooth as possible. The rooms have a maximum of 4 guests, including myself, but I will keep it to 3 total and keep one spot open, up until the day of check-in, in case some pony needs a spot in a pinch, be it for just a night, or possibly longer. Thank you everypony!