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Found 44 results

  1. Steve Piranha

    Princess Flurry Heart fan club

    Now whit the brony fandom being like ":SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: WE WOT AN ADOWABLE NEW WUTIE FILLY AND ME WANNA BELLYRUB HER FOREVER ". I figure we should start the fanclub at once, don't you think?
  2. Hey y'all, heres a Mind Blower for you! If a pregnant woman gave birth to a Human Baby on a different planet than Earth, would that make the Baby a Alien, since he/she did not come from Earth?
  3. PuddingPonyPal

    Craft WIP Bunny Baby Blanket

    This is a project I am planning to start soon. I was inspired by my mom's stories about me as a baby. Maybe one day, I can make one for my own kids... but that won't be until years from now. lol I drew the picture myself! Its on my DA too.
  4. pinkiefan1287

    Turned into a baby?

    So I was just wondering what people thought of an episode where 1 or all the mane 6 were turned into babes? Now I know a lot of people don't like baby ponies, but with the age spell being in the show, I could see this happening. The episode could be, Twilight is practicing all new kinds of magic, now that she is and alicorn and is some how convinced into doing an age spell. Twilight is going to do it on an inanimate object, but the spell deflects some how and hits one of her friends. After that Twilight can't turn them back to normal and now Twilight has to find away to turn them back to normal or they well be stuck like a baby forever. If I had to pick who it would be I would choose Rainbow Dash. This episode could bring up a lot of different thing and bring back old characters. Like Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Maybe even Trixie could come back to tell Twilight how the spell worked for her under the amulets control. Maybe even bring in one of the other mane 6 parents. Maybe even show that Celestia and Luna don't use the aging spell to stay young. So what would your thought on this? What would your story be about and who would you want tuned into a baby.
  5. Does anyone know how pregnancy works in Equestria? I'm rather curious if it's different from humans or about the same?
  6. Ginger Whooves

    My first official fan art!

    My first fan art!!! You can also see it on diviantart
  7. ranul

    pony baby sitter

    If you are a child which pony would you want to baby sit you they can be human like if you feel uncomfortable with being looked after by a pony For Adults who would you want to look after your kids . Pick 1 main character and 1 non main character
  8. The Second Opinion

    MLP Season 6 Spoiler - My Little Reaction What will we find in these 30 seconds? To subscribe:
  9. Steve Piranha

    Baby foals looks

    So, here I am, dying because of a severe case of diabeetus caused by a certain alicorn just revealed yesterday. But it made me think of something: While ponies are different to each other, most of them have a standard body shape in their respective groups, like mares, stallions, fillies and colts, save few exceptions. But baby foals, while their appearances are quite rare, the few times they show up, their looks usually differs from one another. These are the looks we got so far: -Cream Puff look: noticeable snout, not 100% round face -Baby Cakes: Short snout like older ponies, and rounder faces, but eye shape similar to Cream Puff First baby AJ: noticeable snout like Cream Puff, but rounder. But keeps the eyes of the two above, and the Cake's rounder face Second baby AJ, and Flurry Heart: Similar to the above, but with the drastic difference that they have the eyes of a school-age foal, like the CMCs So, I dunno why the inconsistency of the looks of baby ponies, but I guess we can pick our favorite looks now that we have a baby shower to prepare, right? Mine used to be the Cake Twins, I always loved those big eyes fillies have, so, I'll pick the latest baby pony look
  10. The official German MLP webpage seeimgly revealed the name of the future royal baby. Do they wanna troll us? Are they missinformed? Are they right? We'll see it soon hopefuly PD: Making threads on phone sucks Source link:
  11. Let's be real, we all know this is coming eventually. So instead of fighting it, let's have fun and talk about what their name should be! Oh and do you want it to be a boy, girl, or twins!? I know people use this name for their relationship, but I think the name Flashlight would be pretty cool if it's a guy

    Good night discord~

    something something something, star swirl made discord
  13. Aqua Moon

    Ask Pound Cake and Pumkin Cake

    Ask the adorable Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake, Foals of Mrs. And Mr. Cake! (How many cakes was that?) Have fun with your fellow pegasisters and bronys and get a good laugh out of these two little ponies! Watch Pound Cake fly around and dont miss his easter flying show! And ya'll should head on over to Pumpkin Cake, who tells your fortune! =^.^= {Rules} - No bullying - No making fun of blankflanks - No spamming And most importantly, Have fun!
  14. RainbowDashiscool

    Post a picture of you when you were a baby

    My forums of pictures of you'res and mine as a kid to adult to teen: (This is you're age process pictures to show people how you use to look like in the past to now.) Post the pictures of you as a kid too teen(If your adult... ............................................................................................................... Forums of pictures of you: Post a Picture of Yourself! .............................................................................................................. Me as a baby: (This is Felicia as a baby not you and Yes I was a chubby baby).
  15. iceestarz

    Ah am a big pony!

    I am cursed with a baby face. Everyone always thinks I'm a freshman. Dang flabbit, I'm a senior for Celestia's sake. to the moon with the neigh-sayers. This is basically me when they call me a liar. Also, spoiler/sneak peek/whatever of my newest drawing. Its almost finished, just waiting for my birthday next week when I get my new colored pencils.
  16. Ziggy + Angel + Rain

    My Freakish Spike Fan Art

    Edit: If you check the later posts, I added the shaded version of my Spike line art. Edit #2: Added zoomed look at Spike's fire: post #15. Almost done. xD Edit #3: Added COMPLETED version; see post #17. Drawn in Art Academy: Sketchpad for Wii U. Kept it fairly simple (really had to resist the urge to draw lots of scales), as I will likely be coloring it. I'd planned on doing a really strange, loose fan art piece of Spike, but what I ended up with is... Frightening lol. He'll be belching green fire off to the left by the time I'm finished.
  17. True Rarity

    Babysitting Experiences/Tips?

    Hello fellow baby/foalsitters! So, my brother and I will be babysitting two young boys throughout the rest of this month and some of the next. They're not bad little boys, just... A handful. But, then again, aren't all children? In fact, we're watching them as I type this. They got here about three hours ago and we've still got to watch them for about five more hours. So, since I'm not exactly a big fan of babysitting (I was only doing it so I could get enough money to pay off the rest of my debt to my parents, but it turns out we're not getting paid...), I figured we foalsitters could all come together and share experiences and tips. My biggest tip yet is that, if you are female, always, ALWAYS remove all iewelry and tie your hair back. Infants love to pull on long hair and earrings.
  18. Whenever Spike encounters an adult dragon, the dragon tries to kill or scorch him. Do dragons attack their own offspring, or do they not raise their offspring. Do they just lay their eggs somewhere and leave forever like lizards do? Or maybe they don't attack their own offspring, just baby dragons that are not their own. What do you guys think? I think that they protect their own young, but they don't care about any other young dragons.
  19. ~ChibiPie~

    Rate this baby!

    Hey guys! I decided to put a pic of my baby brother and rate below how cute he is! Enjoy this game!
  20. I friggin' adore this cartoon. Seriously, every time I watch it, I'm eight years old again. So here's my little drawing of Baby Wander... Hope you like it!! And here's a link to me DeviantArt Page:
  21. I'm sure that most of us here don't have children of our own yet, but hypothetically, if you did have children, and the mane 6 actually existed in the real world: Would you trust a member of the mane 6 to take care of your children (or child) for one evening? Are there certain ponies you would trust more than others to handle the task?
  22. pinkiefan1287

    Why can't they have a baby?

    So I was just wondering why people are so against the idea of Cadence and Shining Armor having a baby? I mean that the next step after getting married. Is having a kid and starting a family. Not to mention I feel like Cadence is the type of pony who would want a baby. Seeing as she babysat Twilight and who know's who else when she was young. It just seem like something she would want. Now I can think of one reason why people are against the idea and that just because the toy does not look right to anyone. First off, you do all know that if they have a kid it won't be the same age as the CMC, right? NO, it well be a baby. They aren't just going to put in a 7 or 8 year old. It well be a baby. So it well look like Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake. Also as my own personal reason for liking it, the idea of someone saying the first Alicorn baby born in a thousand years, just sounds really cool to me. So if some people can tell me why you don't like the idea of them having a baby, tell me?
  23. I sure don't. I hate to be that person to make a topic about this, but I believe we have greater things to worry about than some baby. -_- (This thread was not meant to insult those who actually care about the baby, or live in Commonwealth countries. )
  24. 123123123123123


    its baby vinyl scratch AWWWH :3 also yeh i put some modifications on this the glasses ofc and it took me 1 hour to draw this want more? why not visit our Facebook page :
  25. 123123123123123

    its Baby Vinyl Scratch Awwwh :3

    its baby vinyl scratch AWWWH :3 also yeh i put some modifications on this the glasses ofc and it took me 1 hour to draw this want more? why not visit our Facebook page : https://www.facebook...688380781188810 (this is a late post because i posted this earlier before so if you're wondering why the loop ==> link