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Found 9 results

  1. With Thanksgiving being tommorrow, I would like to ask...what are your favorite kinds of pie? Apple, pumpkin, pecan, etc? And what kind of pies do you have during the holidays, if any? We always bake an apple and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and every couple of years we might make a cherry or pecan pie along with it as well. And my favorite pie? Apple, of course! Now for Christmas, we sometimes might have a key lime pie. Which is always sooo good!
  2. Post your reaction in the comments below of what would you do if the avatar above you wants to bake you to a cupcake
  3. I've made this beautiful cake in cooking class today! Does anypony know what it is?
  4. Hello everypony, Batbrony here with some exciting news! Well, after a productive day as it was, in which I sent out some reference letter forms to some past professors, made headway on some grad school appliactions, helped stack 70 bales of hay in a barn's attic for some good church friends, and had a lovely dinner at Wendy's with my mom followed by new episodes of "The Middle" and "Modern Family", I decided what better way to end the day than by finally baking some muffins! So, in the spirit of the season, I dug up a pumpkin-and-chocolate chip muffin recipe I'd found online and got to it! About an hour and a half later and, wallah, my first batch of muffins, or any baked goods for that matter, ever baked entirely by myself was all done! And boy oh boy did they turn out swell!!! Teehee, they're quite yummy if I do say so myself! It was really a lot of fun baking 'em as well; had my Ipod playing while I was mixing everything in, just singing along, real blast really. Well, anyways, there you have it; the circle in my always growing love for Derpy and muffins is now complete! I done baked me some muffins of my own, and they are delicious!!! Not to mention festive! Yes Derpy, that's right, I done you proud. Oh wait... do you want one? Well sure, here you go!!! Enjoy!!!
  5. Hey guys... I got some polymer clay for birthday. So I made this Pinkie. Before I added the stand from cheap clay and old ballpoint pen... The baloons don't have the right color, but I couldn't mix two clays right...
  6. Hey guys! I made this sculpture of Princess Celestia because I fell like doing something megalomanic, totally over the top and huge. :3 It took me about 3 days to finish, which is ginormous amount of time compared to my regular sculpts that take several hours at most. What do you ponies think? :3
  7. Hey there, fellow bronies and pegasisters! I made this Rarity statue out of polymer clay! :3 I hope you like her! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! :3 (That tin foil is... because she doesn't stand xD) I managed to make her unbalanced. Easy to do-ponies can't stand until they are baked since the material is too soft. I also got a clay that was hay to work with-very icky and didn't hold shape.
  8. Ok i honest to god think my science teacher and the universe hate me cause i have a project for biology due next Monday and it has to be edible and i can't bake let alone cook. I need to make it so its a animal cell or plant i chose animal and i have to have every part of the cell labeled and colored and i can't use food coloring i have to use different types of candy or food or what ever. and i realy don't now whta to put on it here or the parts off the cell that have to be on it Cell membrane Nucleus Nucleolus Chromosomes Cytoplasm Rough Er Smooth Er Golgi Apparatus Ribosomes Mitochondria lysosomes And i need to find candy that looks like those parts heres a picture and here is what i was like after i learned it had to be edible And this is me now so how was your day ?
  9. Hi there, I realised I have some polymer clay left, so I decided to make an Applejack out of it. It's my first model I have painted completely. I also forgot about cutie mark, but this is slowly becoming a standard among my stuff... The hat doesn't sit on her head very well, because I made her hair too large. The colors are bit too dark, but overall, I could say I am happy with how it turned out. What do you ponies say? Comments are warmly welcome!