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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone else play tennis here? I know Arcanel does. It's been my favorite sport for a long time and I've been playing for about five years. There are so many different ways that you can play it, so many different styles that you have to learn and learn to play against, it's amazing . My favorite players are Federer, Del Potro, and Dolgopolov
  2. Dragon Ball: Universe Z ~ Thread Hello, Today I need some lovely people to help me with my fan-game for Dragonball Z. I know there are a lot of people here with many talents, and I could really use some.. I need Musicians for Stages. I need Sprite Artists for Character sheets. For Musicians I need somethig like Battle Music for the fighting game to feel hype! For Sprite Artists I need sprite sheets using this base sheet.. If you would like to enter follow these steps..if you don't mind :comeatus: For Musicians Submit a battle theme sample (Like 10-20 sec) If you have other samples link me to it, I would love to hear the work. For Sprite Artists Submit a small sample sprite sheet of the idle stance, walk cycle and attacks from the base above. The character that I need a sample of is her.. you need more info or need something else please PM me or quote this post, bye bye! ~
  3. I recently had a thought: Could Ponies play Kick-Ball? Many of you likely remember playing Kick Ball in elementary school: It's basically the same as baseball, instead the ball is a larger kickable ball that is rolled to you (instead of pitched), and you kick it while running toward it (instead hitting it with a bat). While I can imagine Ponies kicking a ball while standing in place, I can also imagine a Pony tripping and falling while trying to kick a ball while running toward it. Perhaps they'd have their own Pony version of the sport, "Buck-Ball". I could see Applejack bucking a ball so hard that it would fly over cloudsdale. What do you think?
  4. Now I know there is already a thread for the my little pony world cup tournament but since it is based on football(soccer) and soccer is a team sport why not put the ponies on teams of 3 for a tournament any suggestions on what teams they would form no more than 1 of the main 6 on a team
  5. My first animation in Adobe Flash x) Please tell me what you think about it Yeah I know, it's very simple hahah
  6. Just a topic for all of you DBZ fans out there... and another question I couldn't add to the list of polls up there... As a child, did you ever try to actually try to perform a Kamehameha Wave? I know I did.