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Found 15 results

  1. Before I say anything, I'd just like to clear up that rather than making this topic to promote my music, I'd really rather feedback So that aside, hiya, I wrote a ballad for Scootaloo...Yeh, I know, Scoots song...oh well have another If anypony has any feedback, comments, criticisms...feel free to share Download, Lyrics and stuff like that in vid description. My YouTube channel's in the sig if you are interested in finding the vid description. - Strigidae
  2. Hi everypony! ^^ This song is special to me. It's my favorite song #1 of all series of My Little Pony. I like to play this song when someone asks me to play a song on clarinet. Because this song is special, I decided to put my logo white background. On the other recordings I used the black background. I hope you enjoy it. I gave my best to you in this song YouTube:
  3. (Jezz I really need to learn to make decent titles ;p.) Ahem, so, I did this a couple weeks ago now I believe(i forget exactly how long, but it was the same day I did the "Bats" cover if I remember.) and I finally decided to upload it here, since I had it lying around. Since this was done on the same day as the "Bats" cover I didn't spend as much time with it as I probably could have, and thus I honestly think it isn't that impressive, and I could have done better, but it wasn't necessarily terrible, so I figured I'd upload it, because afterall, this is a blog just for my cover attempts, both good and bad really. If you've known me long enough here, you'll actually know that I've done a cover of "Celestia's Ballad" before, and it's on my other Blog somewheres, and on my Soundcloud I believe, but I decided to do another cover, because it's been over a year since that cover, and I'd like to think I'm a much better vocalist then I was then. Plus my mic quality issues are less abundant, and overall things are much cleaner for multiple reasons. Like I said, not the best I probably could've done, I got a bit lazy on some of the ennuciations, and I still think the last note is kinda dirty, and there are other things scattered around, but it was atleast in my opinion an improvement over the last time I covered this, which is good enough atleast. Who knows, maybe i'll re-re-cover this sometime, and do it better, I could realistically re-do any of the covers i've done multiple times considering that this is a blog for cover attempts realistically ;p. Anyways, I'll let you guys listen and analyze and critique, and finish with my rambling. The recording was done the same as always, in Audacity, using my Blue Snowball mic(which I still think is a bit disappointing as a mic.) and I only edited it by removing the noise. (Well as much as I could without messing things up to much.) So hopefully you all enjoy! Oh, and after you listen to that, or before if you dare, you can listen to the first time I did this over a year ago, the instrumental isn't in this, and there's a bunch of noise because I didn't know how to audacity back then, but if you'd like to listen for comparative or referential purposes, or just to make fun of me or something, feel free! Have a great day you guys!
  4. Happy Wednesday again! Here a sadder song this time so don't cry
  5. Up the path not trodden strode me Over the hills and far to see, The last resting place of McGee Fixed between the roots of a tree. No map, no guide, and no compass To point my gait through the tall grass; in which I wanted to bypass the house of a dangerous lass. Her voice called many a strong man to death in her arms, though they ran. Like the Helen whom was Trojan, flames of love she often would fan. But for nought were my efforts long, as my ears caught wind of her song. Which grasped my heart in its sweet tongs, despite my thoughts that it was wrong. Then came to my eyes a strange sight which was wrapped in ghostly soft light. My attention it soon gripped tight, as it stood stark against the night. With face all a-grin with great mirth that I'd not seen since my own birth, "A deal I'll strike with you," he cried. "For from afar your plight I spied!" "For ten some years, a gift I'll grant, which will make the lass a servant. During which her sense will be scant, by which she will become pregnant." "This child I'll come to take away, to my home where he'll always play such tunes to make tall trees to sway and turn sombre men and wives gay. "Nay!" said I with hand o'er my heart. "Of this deal I will take no part. For though such a trade would be smart by my pride I will stand stalwart. At this his mirth became greater until my ears rang with laughter. "Of will," said he. "You are master. And thus I'll give what you're after." So given to me was the band worn by my father, my kin, and myself in that forgotten land, which had been buried with McGee.
  6. Hey y'all! Its been a bit since i've posted in here, i apologize, i haven't had alot of time, and really haven't been as active with thinking of stuff to post here. Of course, i had parent teacher conferences today, so i got out of school early, like mid day, and my parents where both working outside, my brother has parent teacher conferences a different day, so he is actually still at school even when i'm posting this, but anyways. I decided i'd record some MLP covers while i'm alone and so i did so! I choose to do Celestia's ballad, just because it seemed like a nice song to do, and i dunno i just felt like it xD. I recorded a bunch of drafts of it, and listened to each one, narrowing down which ones were best till i got to one that was the least terrible best. So yeah, I don't have much else to say, Enjoy the song, and i'd like to hear what you think overall, be honest, because i know i am far far from being perfect. Especially seeing as i've never technically had official vocal lessons ;p. I thought about putting instrumentals to this, and maybe even my Smile smile smile cover, or a new Smile Smile Smile cover, and Cover of this, and posting it on the forums and, but I think i may need to practice and Iron out things before i feel its good enough to be there. So i guess for now its confined to my blog ;p. Anyways without further delayed rambling, here is my cover of Celestia's Ballad! Enjoy! if you enjoy hearing the sound of ruptured eardrums that is I have a few ideas for blog entries, but i'm not entirely sure if i'll do them, I'll see though. I guess thats all for now, see y'all later! And thanks for atleast checking the blog out!(Even if you don't read this . Or listen to the recording, or well um anything... xD.) I'm gonna go play my newly obtained Luigi's mansion, on my (Mostly) newly obtained 3DS! Hm.. maybe i should post thoughts or reviews on random stuff here... Decisions decisions decisions... Then again i'm not really sure i'm a reviewy type person... What? Oh i'm just thinking out loud... Wait your in my mind, which means i'm just thinking to myself... Jezz, give me some privacy will ya? Show yourself to the door ya stalkers! Hehe, kidding, later! Edit: Sorry swick forgot about the alternate link, hopefully this works! If it doesn't i'll fix it when i get back, i'm about to leave for my dads for a few hours. Fileize link
  7. Hey guys ive started making music over the last 2 weeks and i would like to share 2 of my mixes with you guys. I am new to making music so its not perfect but i hope you like it :3
  8. Hello To start, think this style is more euro than dream (not sure). Its inspired on my old favourites eurodance songs (speacially dj jurgen from alice deejay), and the piano melody is like a "customized" from the melody of another song which in turn, is also one of my best favorite songs, Lovely on my hand. How did the idea came about: One afternoon, I remembered the song Lovely on My hand, and then, I don't know why, I also remembered Celestia's song... Then I thought "wait just a minute".... So, I started to make only the "custom" piano melody that I had in mind for Celestia's voice... Just did this, and that was it, I loved the result. But then I also thought "I need a style for this song"... my favorite style of music was since kid, the old dream and euro dance, but, specially the songs from Dj Jurgen (my ocusin had one CD from Alice Deejay, and I loved to listen to that Iconic songs that somehow marked my childhood). So, I was inspired from all these songs, and there's the result. I know... it's not a 100% MLP inspired song, but I think its one of most beautiful songs that I done until today, and, Celestia's voice gave the "spark" to that song. I had serious troubles to rendering the voice were was cutting a bit too earlier as shown on the music editor (I have to report it for troubleshoot), but I think its ok, and impossible to do better with free softwares (at my standpoint of course). I hope you enjoy.
  9. So I've been trying to make more pony related music and as of right now I'm working on this demo and I'm looking for some singers out there to participate in making this song a reality. I need a male singer and a female singer for this song. There's also another song I want to work on but it also is in need of a female singer. Please spread word of this! I want to make these songs happen cause i'm sure you guys will love them!
  10. This is a little demo of what I plan on making a full song! Let me know if you're a male or female singer who wishes to help me write this song! It would be much appreciated!!!
  11. Here's an awesome remix of Celestia's Ballad has Behold Princess Twilight Sparkle and Life in Equestria But! Despite those two pieces being in the remix itself, you can still hear Celestia's Ballad as the piece progresses. At one point, all three pieces are going at once! Sounds crazy and chaotic but...I found a way to make it so that you can recognize all three pieces and still have that musical quality to it, instead of regarding it as munbo-jumbo noise and all that stuff. Critique is wanted.
  12. This was a wonderful collaboration that Freewave invited me to sing on! (He was such a great musician to work with. He did the music, and I did the vocals, (writing the spoken word parts and the harmonies to Princess Celestia's original melody too). It's very much how I feel about Twilight's growing-up. <3 (I tried to match Celestia's speaking voice from "Magical Mystery Cure," hope I did okay! : ) ------------ [Celestia - spoken] I'm so very proud of you, Twilight Sparkle, You are a princess now! You may not understand, But this is the path to which you were born. It was always within you, And your choices have earned you the right To live into this next part of your life's destiny. Can you remember back to the day your cutie-mark appeared? I accepted you as my personal student Not only for the potential your power displayed, But for what your cutie-mark showed to be your destiny. One star, representing you, Twilight, Who embodies the key element of magic and leadership; Surrounded by five sparkles, Representing the remaining Elements of Harmony – Elements that would be embodied By the friends you were destined to find, And to whom you would be inextricably bound. Together, you six have earned sole control Over the most powerful magic in all Equestria; Just as my sister and I did, More than a thousand years ago. [Celestia & Dreamsong - sung] You've come such a long, long way. And I've watched you from that very first day. To see how you might grow, To see what you might do, To see what you've been through And all the ways you've made me proud of you. It's time now for a new change to come, You've grown up and your new life has begun To go where you will go, To see what you will see, To find what you will find For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny! [Celestia - spoken] Destiny is not easy, It is not a foregone conclusion. Every step along your path will be yours and your friends' To choose to live up to, or to turn away from. You have grown up, Twilight Sparkle, But your learning has only just begun. Whether through the many years and trials that await you, You gain the wisdom and compassion That will make you worthy of ruling, has yet to be seen. But it will be my honor, Princess Twilight, To walk by your side as your friend.
  13. Hello there, everypony Well, here I come with yet another of my instrumental tracks. This time, I bring you a... kind of-power ballad symphonic rock-something thingy. Anyway... this track is inspired in Celestia, and her sorrow after banishing her sister to the moon. I don't think this needs any further explanation... just listen to it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed composing it. Thanks for your time
  14. The eyes of evil we once feared A song of triumph to our ears through flames together in the night Fighting forever for what's right In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight A cry escapes the soundless fate This twisted game brings only hate We run into the clash of blades To find our purpose in this shade In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight throughout the grips of sorrow's hands A shining glimmer ignites the lands The evil forces we faced for all Retreat for now their master calls The battle has ended The hope of faithfulness The lives we defended From the powers of darkness In the final strike our hearts prevail A silent wind will pierce the veil As the dawning theme of hope in light Draws back the strings in times delight (This is my first publically released poem. Its a lyrical poem writen to follow a tune, so things may not entirely match up.)