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Found 62 results

  1. Well, it seems to be official now, OTM Girls is now seemingly a real thing. You know, that one Pop-Idol Band from the Netflix show Aggretsuko, consisting of Manaka, Miggy and Hidalin? These ones: There were introduced in the Series Aggretsuko as a fictional Idol Band for Season 3, however they not only have their own Youtube Channel now with one original animation video released 6 days ago but also have a funtional webside, with schedules for upcoming events. And not just that, Festival appearances are planned as well as upcoming CDs, you can find all Information on their Webside.It seems like the Company Sanrio is now actually marketing them as a real fictional band, like Gorillaz. ( i mean i dont know for sure, but i sure hope thats the plan! ) In case you have never heard about them, since you dont have Netflix or never had an interest in Aggretsuko, here are the their first 2 songs as listed on their official Youtubechannel: And here is their first Video uploaded on their Youtube Channel: I actually hope they are really making them an actual music project, because not only are the designs cute but their music mixed with Metal actually sounds very nice to me. Now here is to hope they find success, because i think the Idea of turning a fictional pop band into an actual real life fictional pop band is pretty dope. What do you all say? In case you are interested, here is their official Youtubechannel: And the link to their Webside with all information for single and album releases and online festival events:
  2. Let's talk about our favorite old band music. Me personally i would like and i know maybe it is strictly from Romania , I would like Cargo to be returned, i mean i don't know if they still makes new rock romanian music but i didn't heard any of new songs from Cargo, my favorite rock band from Romania. Also the old songs from this band is sooo awesome and i really wish to make some new songs! So, what old band or bands would you like to be back? (It can be anywhere from the world as well )
  3. Her jam is "Another One Bites The Dust". Her favorite work-out song is "Don't Stop Me Now". Her pre-competition song is "We Will Rock You". Her victory song is "We Are The Champions". Her favorite friendship anthem is "You're My Best Friend". Her favorite "shower" song is "Bohemian Rhapsody". Her favorite karaoke song is "Somebody To Love" or "Killer Queen". and her favorite song to dance with her firends is "Radio Gaga". Agree with this? What other bands would RD listen to?
  4. Hey, I looked around and didn't see a thread that is your favorite band, while there is one for someone's favorite song this one is the band because i have a favorite song but it's not made by my favorite band
  5. I'm looking for somebody that can help me out with a project I started working on. I'm wanting to make a music project based off of themes from the show and fanfictions (primarily mine, but others, such as Fallout: Equestria) are welcome. The genre I'm thinking of is drone metal, but other genres, like post metal or doom metal are welcome. (Link to Wikipedia's page on drone metal for those unaware of what it is) In case the "drone metal" thing didn't turn you off, here's what this would entail: We'd be focusing on atmosphere rather than rhythms and technicality. The atmospheres will generally be dark and scary, given the genres. This would, obviously, require you to have some sort of instrument. Electric guitar will be the primary instrument for at least the drone metal part. A vocalist is optional (I use vocalist rather than singer because it's drone metal.) The songs can just be improvisations. If you're interested in helping out, or need something cleared up, reply to this or send me a PM. More than one person can help out with this. We might even be able to cycle people out.
  6. So uhm... I'm absolutely obsessed with the band called "Helloween" at the moment. (Hell, I'm listening to "Keeper of the Seven Keys" right now.) I was just wondering if anyone here on the forums likes them as well. They used to be frickin' huge back in the 80s, but sadly, it seems as if they've been a little forgotten in recent years. (For those of you who don't know...) Helloween is a German power-metal band from the 80s. Their first album was called The Walls of Jericho, but they didn't get that much attention 'til the release of Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. I. My personal favourite song of theirs is probably "Keeper of the Seven Keys" from the album Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt. II. If you're into metal, especially power-metal, I highly recommend checking them out. While they're still pretty okay today, I think their magnum opus was around 1986-1988 with the two Keeper albums. It took a while for me to adjust to their style, but god damn, am I glad I did! Such a great band.
  7. Here's a challenge. Name one band or musical artist for every letter of the alphabet. The catch is, each band has to be from a different country. Can't use the same one twice. Say you use ABBA. Sweden's off the list. Black Sabbath? There goes the U.K. Cavelera Conspiracy? Well their half American, half Brazilian, so they'll count for either. Let's see if we can nail every country. or at least name 26 bands from 26 different nations in alphabetical order. Ready? Go.
  8. I noticed there was no thread for your favourite musicians (Yes musician includes, producers, bands, ect), so I thought why not make one. So post your favourite I guess. Posting one album art, a snippet from Wikipedia and a YouTube video for one of their songs would an optimal post.
  9. Which band do you prefer, Foo Fighters or Nickelback? I think both of them are a bit generic/formulaic in their songwriting, though FF is less so. I haven't listened to as many Nickelback songs as Foo Fighters songs, so I may be a bit off. I also hate Chad Kroeger's raspy singing voice. It seems very fake and forced, like he's trying way too hard to imitate a grunge singer. On the other hand, Dave Grohl's singing voice is very dynamic and pleasant to listen to. The Foo Fighters aren't the best band in the world, but I like them much more than Nickelback. So what's your opinion?
  10. Hi! I've had this idea in my head for quite sometime and I'm looking to execute my plans of starting a brony band. So, if any of you are musicians, please leave samples of your performance in the comments below! I'm either thinking of being singer or drummer, but I don't want to hog the spot light if someone else wants it. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  11. Hello! Time for an exciting new Forum game! The game goes like this: You decide to start a band, and you're searching for people to make up your band. You may only pick up to 8 People for your band! You can choose anyone from the forum to join your band, but you have to tell us what instrument they'll be playing! You will have to name your band aswell. You must be part of the band aswell. Example: Band name: TinCan Gone Airbourne - Vocals (I can imagine his Rock 'N Roll vide vocal range) Concord - Guitar (No way, am I giving this job to anyone else) ProjectRKA - Bass Guitar. ( Don't drop the bass... ) Crispy - Drums (As I Believe he would love to smash things) Kenniks - Keyboards ( He's good at it. ) DashForever - Mannager _____________________________________________________________________________ Let the battle of the bands, begin!
  12. Yo, guys! OwO As the topic name states, I am currently in the process of creating a super duper awesome musical collaborative duo with Scribblegroove! Only, one problem... WE NEED A NAME! If you have any catchy potential band names, please help us out! If you need a basis to make a suggestion, Scribblegroove and I are hoping to make an Electronic music duo, with heavy Jazz influence. Thanks for the help! Otty~
  13. Here is a little taste of a project I have been working during Christmas break and it is finally well almost finally done just need to add a few defining points with crescendos, staccatos, and volume markings. So enjoy this little taste magic as the song will be released on my channel in a day or so. Oh and please leave your responses on how it sounds. Thanks and Enjoy Video is in the link. Trumpet French Horn/Mellophone Trombone Tuba
  14. Hi i have been playing bass for 4 years and would love to find people to be in a mlp related band with. I can play any kind of music with a bass and im happy to try new things!
  15. I am a bit of beginner when it comes to making music so I would love to know if I am asking a lot from my French horn/mello player and please Note that this is meant for Intermediate to advanced players so her is the link to an excerpt of my upcoming project A True True Friend for mixed Septet. I will also take any and all Ideas Instrumentation Twilight: Clarinet Fluttershy: Piccolo Rainbow: Trumpet Rarity: French Horn Applejack: Baritone Pinkie: Tube/Trombone
  16. This just crossed my mind. A lot of bands name themselves after something in a book, movie, song, etc. Sometimes, they go full-on obvious or for subtle references (e.g.: Duran Duran, My Chemical Romance). So, I've always wondered: what are some good MLP-inspired names for a band? EDIT: You can also make references to fanon if you'd like to.
  17. Who's your favorite musical group or artist that hails from your home town/current residence? And if none exist there, than who's your favorite from the closest town/city over? For me, it's gotta be Milwaukee's finest metal act
  18. Hi, everypony! The Equestria Big Band is forming! We are a small group of musicians who are looking to translate our favorite tunes from Equestria into a style that we love. We aim to produce high-quality recordings from well-written arrangements, and eventually build the project up to promote and be promoted by many other great MLP projects around the globe. For myself, I love creating something that I can gift to the community to enjoy, and I'm a big fan of the fanbase taking command and ownership of something like this. (For those who need to see some of my work, click the linked words!) Below is a list of positions in the band that are open to apply for. We will most likely find more role in the future that we'll need filled. Open Positions - 1 drummer - 1 jazz guitar player - 1+ trumpet player - 1 alto saxophonist - 1 tenor saxophonist - 1 baritone saxophonist - Additional roles (visual/graphics artists, etc...) - Other musicians who would like to be featured or feature our project - YouTubers, Artists, People who want to help promote - [We'll probably find more positions as we move forward] Completed/Working Arrangements This is a reference so that no one wastes any time working on arrangements of song that are already done! Equestria Big Band - Current Members This just takes up a lot of space! ALL joining performers MUST have decent recording equipment. I hold my personal production to a pretty high standard and while I want to be as inclusive as possible, I definitely want to keep a high level of quality. Admission IS on a try-out basis, so we can't guarantee that you'll be in if you apply/try out. For those who join: You'll likely be playing multiple parts and might take some improv solos. Note: If you wish or choose to join, you have to be willing to practice to get good, put up with having to perform multiple takes/retakes, take criticism, play possibly difficult charts and parts by perhaps good arrangers, and maybe not receive a lick of payback beyond lots of compliments and your own feelings of self-accomplishment! The way I see it, Twilight is definitely a tenor sax. Rainbow probably is first trumpet, and Rarity is on bari sax. Applejack is a trombone. Fluttershy would probably be keys/piano. Pinkie is on drums. Luna is most likely on bass. Join the band!
  19. Hi, I am Alex. I am looking to start a band that is brony related. Only one problem I have found on that path, don't know many brony musicians oops. Anyway, I only have recording equipment capable of recording vocals (and possibly bass) well. I can play guitar and bass so I can help with writing that. Whatever part you're interested in you can send me a link to you playing either as a reply or on Skype (shygotu) Here is a link to my vocals, along with me on bass and acoustic guitar
  20. I'm a big fan of irish music and this is one of my favorite bands.
  21. Hi everyone! I'm working a big recording project with some others from around here - we are forming a big band! We'll be writing and performing various jazz arrangements of your favorite songs from Equestria. We are looking for at least one of each of the following saxophone players; alto, tenor; and ONE bari. If you're interested in being part of a fun, cool project (and learning experience!), click the link below for more details, and reply there or send me a message and we'll get you set up! JOIN HERE! Thanks so much for looking!
  22. I'm sure there's someone else out there. Anyone else obsess over gorillaz? They're pretty much all I listen to right now.
  23. How quickly time flies. Man. To feels like just yesterday when one of my favorite bands, Vidoll disbanded. Now it's been a little over 4 years now. I'm still saddened by this. So many of their songs fill up my playlist, and to think that they'll very likely never get back together with the more recent members, since one of them retired from the music scene, and the others are all in different bands of their own, now. Real sad. ;_; Was anyone else a fan of Vidoll?
  24. The Dazzlings vs. The Rainbooms! Hello everybody! I'm curious which band you're actually for. Are you Pro-Dazzlings or Pro-Rainbooms? Let me know why! i'm very sorry if there already is one i'm very sorry if this is put in the wrong topic i was really confused Let the battle begin!