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Found 16 results

  1. This video explains why all fans who are bandwagon fans are hated. From football, to soccer, to basketball, you name it. Not one true fan likes these kinds of fans.
  2. I might as well make this since I've got nothing better to do. I live in northern Illinois. No I am not specifying which town due to privacy reasons. I am 15 years old and turning 16 this coming April. I am a sophomore in high school I'm down the middle when it comes to political opinions. I see both sides have good arguments and crap arguments on their political views I'm actually protestant christian but don't talk about religion that much. I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD since I was a toddler I have played video games since I was a toddler I own a Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, N64, game boy Advance SP, 3ds, orginal Xbox, and most recently a PS2. Favorite game series is Pokemon as you can tell from my username. I like cartoons but I actually don't watch a lot of tv outside of FIM. When I became a brony, I found the cmc annoying but they grew on me over time. Also when I first became a brony, Spike was my favorite, and then I realized how super fun, awesome, and relateable Pinkie Pie was to me. I always feel the need to be fidgeting with something like the strings on my pants or the strings on my backpack. I am currently writing this blog well sitting on a yoga ball that I like to bounce on whenever I hear catchy music. I have fallen asleep well surfing the web before, I was just in such a comfortable position that I just fell asleep. Pinkie Pie is still the best super duper ultra awesome totally terrific party pony.
  3. So there are some characteristics that standout from her character to me. Those would definitely be caring, passionate, self sacrificing, patient, and smart. We don't get to know much about her from the show's standpoint asides the fact that she is the elementary teacher. They never really have shed light upon her past too much either. So here's hoping they give her the spotlight in a upcoming episode and not like hearts and hooves day that was a funny episode but it seemed kind of forced. I began liking her character a lot from reading several fanfics on her character and *not Cheerilee's Garden*... Artwork by philo5 Gorgeous picture btw Well its artworks like this and from one of the fanfics I read. It almost seems like Cheerilee is one of those characters who is really under-appreciated. Going back to the episode where the CMC remarked to her and was surprised she did not have a special somepony her facial expression idk felt like it gave a bit more depth to her character then. Like she wears a happy front at times but inside she may not be happy with herself. *Quoted from philo5* " Cheerilee never gets invited to parties. She wasn't at the Gala or the wedding and I can't recall any other party in which she was present. And she stayed home on Nightmare Night. Anyway, this (in my mind) would be her dress she'd wear if she ever got an invite to a party. It took a long time to get this design right, or at least to a point at which I could say, "Yep, that's a dress Cheerilee would wear." Obviously it's based heavily on her colors and her cutie mark. It's OK, Cheerilee. For now you'll just have to go back to a world of making lesson plans, grading homework, bratty students, snobby parents, and intrusive crusaders. And not having a special somepony. Just keep up that brave and cheery facade and things will turn around for you eventually." So yeah those are a lot of reasons I like her character a lot :3. Some ways I see myself kind of like her maybe so... All in all I did not expect to make this long at all but I let myself get the best of me xD! Have one last awesome drawing! Artwork by TwilightFlopple
  4. How could there be all these master race threads, and not have one for the true pink master race of them all? FOR THE HAPPY PINK PONY IS THE TRUE MASTER RACE OF THEM ALL!
  5. And that should do it oh and add in green text too.
  6. Pinkie Pie is my pony wife I'm so totally in love with Pink Mist or Misty pie or something Oh and I don't follow trends Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go change my profile pic to another Pinkie Pie picture
  7. You guys didn't think you could have a proper bandwagon without me, could you XD Well, let's see. What did I do with my life... 1. Bought and beat Mega Man 3 on the Wii U Virtual Console. 2. Set up a Twitter account. 3. Threw it away after only a few hours in. 4. Bought parts for my new PC. 5. Wrote a few lores about Sonic and MLP (Separate, not crossover.) 6. Chatted on Skype with Princess Shy, Dsanders, Sterling Crimson, and a few others 7. After everything else was finished, I pressed this button a reasonably large amount of times.
  8. So, I guess this is where other ponies can ask me questions. I don't...well, I don't normally do things like this so, I don't really wanna answer anything that's too personal. Well, maybe. It depends on what it is, really. My name is Repulse, and I'm a unicorn from the Hollow Shades. For those who uh, don't know where that is, here's a map that'll help you out a little bit. To a lot of ponies it's kinda creepy and reclusive, but I really enjoy it there. It's quiet, secluded and protected, and the community is really close-knit and friendly. I used to live in the big city, so, I can definitely say which I prefer. Asides from that, well, I like physics...and, to that end, I have magic that alters gravity around me and on objects, so, there's that too. But I don't wanna go too into detail about that, as it's sorta already talked about a lot on my info page thing. If you wanna read more about me ahead of time, you can read this, here. Otherwise, that's about it. You can start with the questions now, if you want.
  9. Because this is a thing, here are my zero-word thoughts for each episode. Friendship is Magic Part 1: Friendship is Magic Part 2: The Ticket Master: Applebuck Season: Griffon the Brush Off: Boast Busters: Dragonshy: Look Before You Sleep: Bridle Gossip: Swarm of the Century: Winter Wrap-Up: Call of the Cutie: Fallweather Friends: Suited for Success: Feeling Pinkie Keen: Sonic Rainboom: The Stare Master: The Show Stoppers: A Dog & Pony Show: Green Isn't Your Color: Over A Barrel: A Bird in the Hoof: The Cutie Mark Chronicles: Owl's Well That Ends Well: Party of One: The Best Night Ever: Recap: The Return of Harmony Part 1: The Return of Harmony Part 2: Lesson Zero: Luna Eclipsed: Sisterhooves Social: The Cutie Pox: May The Best Pet Win: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: Sweet & Elite: Secret of My Excess: Hearth Warming's Eve: Family Appreciation Day: Baby Cakes: The Last Roundup: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: Read It and Weep Hearts & Hooves Day: A Friend in Deed: Putting Your Hoof Down: It's About Time: Dragon Quest: Hurricane Fluttershy: Ponyville Confidential: MMMystery on the Friendship Express: A Canterlot Wedding Part 1: A Canterlot Wedding Part 2: Recap: The Crystal Empire Part 1: The Crystal Empire Part 2: Too Many Pinkie Pies: One Bad Apple: Magic Duel: Sleepless in Ponyville: Wonderbolt Academy: Apple Family Reunion: Spike At Your Service: Keep Calm and Flutter On: Just For Sidekicks: Games Ponies Play: Magical Mystery Cure: Recap:
  10. So I made a blog.....Eh-yep. I don't know what it should be about, maybe I could just be random.....Uhh Yeah I think I'll just do that. I don't know how to end this so here's a GIF of Deadpool poll dancing.
  11. RIGHT. So I hath jumped on the bandwagon because apparently I'm not busy enough even though I have adoptables I need to hatch, draw-to-adopts I need to draw and other trades and commissions. I have made myself a Tumblr (which I swore I would never do) and it just so happens to be an Ask my characters blog about Ponies! There's the banner! 3 of the 7 (the green ones) are a fellow Brony's characters who will also be answering questions with me. These are all characters we had before we were into FiM, hence "ask the ponified". Ghost Pony and Tea Pony however, are our ponysonas. So. Care to Ask us something? ;3
  12. ~Click for Radio Tower takeover theme~ "Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." - Team Rocket oath Giovanni here. As you can see I've highjacked Red's profile in order to create this thread. If you don't already know Team Rocket is a ban of Pokemon gangsters who steal Pokemon for profit. As leader I have noticed our numbers or declining. As such I figured the best way to restore our self to glory is to get new members, a new generation of Team Rocket. It's simple really just post saying your give your full allegiance to Team Rocket and that you will do anything to get the job done. Prepare for trouble! - Make it double To protect to world from devastation - To Unite all people within our nation To denounce the evil of truth and love - To extend our reach to the stars above.. *Your name here* *Partner's name here* Team rocket blasts of at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! For those of you in need of convincing here are a few things you should know. 1. We created one of the most powerful Pokemon alive, Mewtwo. 2. We have cool outfits. [i mean look at Team Galactic with their blue hair or Team Plasma with their whole knight thing.] 3. We have full health and dental insurance. 4. You can do basically anything you want. You like that Charizard that trainer has over there? Steal it. And that's just the start. When you join you get your choice of Rattata, Koffing, or Ekans as a starter. Special members can even have Meowth as a starter. Oh and as for those other "armies" They pose no threat to us. Soon the Trixes, XFizzle Army, and CMC Army will be no more. [We have good relations with The Legion of Anarchy] So what are you waiting for? Join Team Rocket and show those pesky trainers who's boss.
  13. It's simple! 1.Change you username to Original (insert your username or part of your username here) or go to step 2 2.Change your siggy to match mine. 3.???? 4. PROFIT! No? Okay.