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Found 17 results

  1. Have you ever had an experience with the banhammer? I got banned on this other forum a year ago and I'm still trying to send apology letters. :/ very irritating. Whelp, back then I was younger than 13 and broke a bunch of rules on accident... I've learned a lot and am trying to do better on this forum
  2. (Unless you positively nail it) Skaters Misunderstood edgy characters Bleeding heart overly sad characters Retconning “It was only a dream.” Perfect fighters Everything must end in romance Dark and stormy nights Villainous parents The Chosen One Gods who cannot defeat non-God related villains Plot armor (parenthetical rants) Misunderstood fighters/heroes/musicians who instantly have a huge fan base Immediate love, platonic or otherwise Immediately good at everything characters Overly large rarely words used in a narrative (when there’s a common, smaller alternative) Blood fucking everywhere Deus ex machina Mary Sues in general Characters in horror stories lack common sense Gasoline explodes if you so much as think of fire The good guy can do no wrong The bad guy can do no good Censoring curse words Amnesia Too much TLC Characters who have suffered over the top abuse from friends, family, guardians, etc. *using asterisks to denote an action like we're role playing* Amnesia A character is dead and gone permanently as decided by the story, only to come back through some unforseen loop hole three episodes later (I'm looking at you, Dragonball) The bad guy is bad because he's bad. The good guy is good because we're supposed to root for him. Amnesia The Happy Ending Override (see 90% of sequels) Alarm clock wake-ups “Screw our orders! Those are our men out there!” Self sacrifice, doubly so when it is the thing that destroys plot armor Good guy and bad guy team up to stop a mutual threat cliché Rehashing Fourth wall breaking Opposites attract cliché Bad guy too powerful. Time for weakness ex machina. Anything shiny You make an original character for a fan fiction who is a rare breed of animal/warrior/marsupial because reasons ”So my friends and I were...” Kiss of Death cliché (characters kiss, at least one perishes shortly thereafter) Romance ex machina If I can figure out how to quickly find my blog then I will add more to this with time. Do you have anything I can add?
  3. Say something that would get you banned if you insulted the mods. Don't go overboard doe
  4. Hey i can't log into my account on the poni server and was wondering if i had gotten banished to the moon cuz i was on it earlier and everything was fine and then i couldn't log in later on.
  5. Xbox 360 might get banned in the us.
  6. Okay, I think I'm partially banned or whatever. Made a post- awaiting mod approval even though I don't have any warning points, or I think. Am I banned or under the mod queue? Now I want to delete my VERY STUPID post. Meh :/ I remember that before that I clicked on a random button next to the post. ? I don't think its really necessary to waste the time of the moderators on two ridiculously stupid posts.
  7. In this game, you must make a sentence with a minimum of 6 words, select a letter used within your sentence.. The chosen letter is "banned" and cannot be used in the next user's sentence Rules: - Minimum of 6 words in your sentence (emoticons don't count as words ) - Choose 1 letter used within at least 1 word of your sentence, the next user cannot have the chosen letter in their sentence.. Exception: Emoticons do not count, therefor if the previous user banned "P" can still use it to make this emote: in addition to your 6+ words.. - Vowels (A, E, I, O or U) cannot be picked twice on a row.. But consonants (Non-vowel letters) can be used multiple times.. Example: If the previous user banned "A", you cannot choose any vowel for your chosen banned letter) - The same banned letter (regardless of vowel or consonant) cannot be chosen twice in a row.. Example: User 1: Ok, here is the first sentence I've made Banned: H User 2: Well this isn't too.. difficult.. Banned: N User 3: At least.. umm.. other users.. uhh.. this is tricky with that letter xD Banned: A User 2: Ouch, there's the first vowel.. good you didn't choose "E" Banned: L User 3: Hehe, this seems fun my turn to make it super hard Banned: E User 1: OOOOoooo.. you just had to didn't you.. xD Banned: T And so on.. :grin2: Hope you's have fun with this one ⁿ-ⁿ I'll start off ---------- Lol, first sentence of this game, have fun Banned: S
  8. Alot of people probably know the Banned From Equestria game by Pokehidden, well i'd thought it be fun to remake it and thats what im doing, im going to make sure its going to be interactive, its going to be a while before it done so im taking suggestions to see what you guys want to see in it and add to it. i started it about 2 day ago and im just about done with pinkie pe. im planning to work hard on it to make it look good. oJWOWo PS. i made sure the picture wasnt NSFW or R34
  9. Jeric is so going to ban me...
  10. This is easily the best user on the history of users. He changes his name to everything we want. He called me Best User <3 Also,he loves Simon <3 A little achievement of mine :v Still,best user ever since Senpai <3 ALSO I WANNA MAKE A PETITION UNBAN HIM HE CALLED ME "BEST USER" <3333
  11. Vox

    Banned Users

    Recently I've noticed more and more banned users. Whether this is some kind of coincidence or just a result of increasing troublesome behavior is besides me. The presence of recently banned members doesn't necessarily concern me as much as the reason they were banned. I am not critiquing the better judgement of the moderation team/admins, rather, I am presenting an idea that may perhaps clear up some confusion regarding banned members. Instead of removing access to the banned users page, or redirecting you to a page stating the user is "no longer active",I believe acknowledging the ban, or giving a blunt and vague description of the terms of the ban instead of the rather vague "no longer active" page.
  12. As most already know when someone is banned you never notice until there inactive for so long that you try to get on there profile. (unless your staff of course) So I was thinking that maybe we could have something in peoples settings where they can type something that would be send as a pm to there friends after the ban or maybe an automated message from mailmare to tell people that a friend has been banned. And before people ask no I don't have anywhere near 900 points
  13. So lately a few friends of mine have been banned...I feel generally sad about the whole thing. I support the staff on the reasons, but I don't support the punishments. What I hate is that friends of mine don't take a breath and talk it out...It's immediately "they are evil and corrupt" Friends. Let's just sit together and talk it out. No use starting a riot. It just seals it... )': Been really sick because of a lot of drama...whether it being from friends being manipulated, or just bad news in general. I stay awake all night...I want everyone to be happy, and it kills me every time something bad happens to them... I pray that we listen to reason, and get reason in return. This is more of a my emotional state update I guess (typical blog stuff) But at this time. I can't draw, I can't eat very much, I wanna sleep all day, and I cry every night... Sorry for making a depressing post...Just thought it was too long ago since the last one, and I didn't get into a better mood, so I just decided to make it public that I feel kinda bad... Though, I will say I'm still absolutely up for chatting. I can't just leave you like that *hugs* Don't hesitate to send a PM if you feel down. I can give advice and vent )':
  14. Hello, forumgoers! I came back here for forum-related help, because this is the only Forum site I've ever been a part of other than the one in question, and also because you people are notoriously kind. So, I've banned for having alternate accounts. Just one is against the rules, but apparently a check on my IP address says I have six. The thing is, I don't recall ever creating such an account. What could be the problem?
  15. To many people on Skype, and some from the forums, I am known for talking to members who had been banned in the past, mainly because I think everyone deserves to get their voice out. Sometimes I think they deserve the ban, but sometimes there is a piece of information that no one but the moderators knows about, if even them. I'm not trying to get anyone unbanned, but I've heard from quite a few banned members that they are bothered by the fact that people are talking about them on the forums. This is almost never in a positive way. A good example of this is here. I'm very much against restraint of free speech, but that might be better than allowing people to publicly humiliate others without a means of defense. Another possible solution would be allowing a banned member to comment on something that relates to them, but I find that extremely unlikely to happen. Again, whether or not a banned member deserved it is unimportant; The fact that they can't give all the details simply bothers me. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see your input on the subject. Thanks
  16. Here's what I found today (translation mine): ------------------------------- Hello Kitty and My Little Pony banned from school for promoting occultism At one of schools in Poznań, Poland, wearing schoolbags & pencil-cases with some cartoon characters has been forbidden because of supposedly promoting occult practices -- reports MM Poznań. "Regarding the grim scenery and occult practices carried on by the cartoons such as "Monster Hight" [sic!], "Hello Kitty" and the "My Little Pony" series, I appeal to the educators to schedule in their class register in bold red ink to prepare a talk with students on the above-mentioned subject (satanism, occultism, vampirism, magic). At the same time I inform, that at the area of KSW school complex, kids should be absolutely forbidden to bring any gadgets related to the above-mentioned cartoons (schoolbags, pencil-cases, notebook covers, shoe bags etc.)." Although "Monster High" really can bring some dark associations to mind, since its characters are related to werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein's monsters etc., then suspecting white & pink kitties from "Hello Kitty" or colorful ponies from "My Little Pony" of praising Satan -- the most famous cartoons from the childhood of many little girls -- could be very surprising. - I read about the dark face of these cartoons in the "Exorcist" newspaper. In fact, one of the parents also brought my attention to that article, since many children were coming to our school with gadgets from these cartoons, especially the children from the first grades of primary school – explains Monika Więckowska, the principal of that school interviewed by MM Poznań. – We will talk more about this case at the meeting with parents, but I've already made a statement to warn parents not to buy any more such gadgets to their kids. The principal assures that the ban will not enter into force overnight, because parents need to have time to buy new shoolbags and pencil cases. - Of course it's not obligatory. I can understand that not every parent can afford to buy a new equipment to their kid just like that, so we won't punish our pupils in any way if they continue to bring such gadgets to our school – assures the Principal. But what if some parent will not agree with the opinion that "Hello Kitty" or "My Little Pony" have anything to do with occultism and will insist that his child has the right to bring such merchandise to school? - When applying to our school, parents sign an agreement to obey the rules of the school's authorities – says Monika Więckowska. – To this day there were no problems with it, and I don't think there would be any problems regarding this particular case too. There's a priest, rev. Sławomir Kostrzewa, which deals with tracking occultism and satanism in cartoons and toys. In one of his online presentations we can read, for example, that the characters of "Hello Kitty" has been created by Ikaha Shimizu as a thanksgiving to Satan for the supposed help in healing his 14-years-old daughter from cancer. In "My Little Pony", in turn, there's a motif of transforming into a unicorn – a symbol of the New Age movement and the Antichrist. As especially harmful he also mentions book about Harry Potter and the "Twilight" saga. The MM Poznań has checked if at the other Catholic schools in Poznań "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty" are also banned. - We've been receiving informations about destructive influence of those cartoons too, but we've solved it in a different way – explains Anna Piątek, vice-principal of Public Salesian Primary School – We invited rev. Kostrze­wa to our school, who showed his presentations on the meeting with parents. Parents has been informed about the dangers, but the decision of whether they want to allow their kids to have such gadgets or not, is all up to them. Our school doesn't enforce any prohibitions in this case. There's no such prohibition also in the Public Primary School of the Order of Piarists, but the school authorities refused any comments in this case. Author: Jarosława Szmarowska Original source [in Polish]: ------------------------------- I just have no words for the level of stupidity and devious manipulation techniques they use to ban these cartoons and their message from kids in a way they parents will be convinced that this is their own idea ;-/ Looks like they want they kids so much to be mindless zombies washed out of any empathy and positive emotions. I wonder why don't they have anything against the brutal cartoons full of evil and stupidity. Edit: I sent this link to Twilight Sparkle. Take a look at what she replied
  17. The failure of leadership is always a big fear, and unfortunately a realistic possibility. What if something happened (Hypothetically) that got Feld0 or Scootacool, the top mods on this website, banned? Would the site simply fail to update on a regular basis? Would it be completely taken down? Or would it stay the same? I honestly wonder what would happen........'cuz y'know, I'm crazy like that!