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Found 43 results

  1. the banner ever going to change? Because ep 9 was good but i tought by now ep 10 banner or ep 11 banner would be up. And I sent in a banner to be used as well. Banner I made: Thanks
  2. Sometimes mods get a little angry. Sometimes people get angry. Many people are banned from many places. I, myself was banned from r/russia, r/ukraine and 4chan for posting ponies. What were you banned from and why?
  3. (I hope this is the right place to submit) Hi, so below is my submission for the MLP Forums banner which I just made about an hour ago... Please tell me if it's the wrong place to post it or I am not an eligible submitter.... All three CMCs are credited to ahumeniy from DeviantArt...
  4. hey everyone! I made this forum banner that I'm really proud of. I don't know where or how to submit it so I thought I'd post it here and hope that's okay XD hope you guys like it
  5. I know the banners aren't up for to long but you should keep in mind that part of the brony community also dosen't celebrate christmas. I know the banner will be changed sooner or later so it dosen't bother me. but it may bother other ponies. So with all respects I am suggesting to have just a winter banner not one that is religion. But its alright leave it up.... so what. It wont kill me if you leave it up. This is just feedback Thanks for taking the time to read this. Neon Bubblez
  6. New banner for the blog (which I’m finally staring up again after like a year:p)!
  7. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me? Ever since the new Alicorn Rarity banner came up, the forums have been glitching a bit for me. The banner is only half-visible for me, and a bit of it is glitched. I've taken a screenshot here. Secondly, the text box for general posts and PMs don't appear properly, so I can't access text options or enter new paragraphs. Thirdly, my alerts are messed up; they either don't appear, or clicking them takes me to a new page instead of opening the dropdown menu. Would anyone have any idea what's going on? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I made a request shop! It would be awesome if anyone would like to place an order! Orders are usually completed in 1-2 days!! :) Source: <Wolves' Wares (sigs, avis, more coming soon!)>
  9. I figured, since the July 2015 Banner Contest winners have been announced, I thought I'd upload this. Also, thanks for everyone's support. Congrats on everyone who has taken part. :grin2: I may recreate a version 4x bigger in the future, but I'm not too sure yet.
  10. So I have just seen the new banner and noticed how it has Vinyl Scratch with red eyes... how long has it been since this character's eye color was officially shown to be magenta? I mean yes, for quite some time and even now for some red was popular color among the fans but with A Canterlot Wedding, comics, and Equestria Girls we have all seen what the mare's actual eye color is... what's up with the red eyes?
  11. I am unable to change my signature. Whenver I try to, I get a message saying: Unable to read signature dimensions This doesn't make sense because I made sure that the dimensions were 600x200 and I followed to proper steps uploading it to Note: I have tried 3 different images
  12. I made a banner for myself. but I will link a .psd file so feel free to edit it.
  13. So yeah, the voting thread's up a bit late. Sorry about that! This month, we have 10 candidate banners! Voting will (tentatively) end at Wednesday, 11:59 PM PDT. However, if we don't receive enough votes by then, we can extend the voting period as needed.
  14. It’s that time to launch yet a new banner contest, and this month we are going to change up a few things. To say that the staff has been impressed with the quality of the banners that you guys have been making is an understatement. We wrestled with a way to showcase more of the banners which is why we have decided to rotate them weekly. Keep it up. There will be no voting for this round of banners. All entries will be reviewed by staff and selected for overall quality and adherence to the theme. Submit your entry via PM to Aquila by the deadline listed below. The four winning banners will be displayed for all to see and rotated weekly. If you're new to the banner-making scene, check out this thread and this FAQ. In short, banners should be around 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. Starting Date: Right Now! Due Date: Sunday, November 30th 11:59 PM (EDT) General Rules -One entry per member -All entries must adhere to the current theme -Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may due so, so long as the revised version is submitted before the due date. -All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the show in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! -All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted. -Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announce. While I can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, it is important that your banner remains wrapped under the tree. This month's theme - Hearth's Warming Eve with the CMC -Must showcase an aspect of Hearth's Warming Eve or Winter -Must highlight at least one member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle) If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below. And so, without further ado, let us begin. Good luck and have fun!
  15. No offense to the guy that designed it, but seeing Trixie's butt all day with that weird seductive/evil glint is just weird. Okay Trixie, we get it, you think you're hot go back to your wagon. :okiedokielokie: Oh wait...
  16. The second banner contest has ended. It sure was a close competition, a thrill ride of it knowing what was going to happen and...wait, it wasn't. From day one of the voting the winner became painfully obvious as it got a flood of votes early on. Only on the last day did it kinda seem like that would change. See, when the votes for that entry started flooding in, the main and honestly only reason I seen was 'Trixie'. That's it. I seen other things for other entries saying 'We have had too much mane 6' or 'The theme doesn't fit with the forums', so it kinda felt like entry 10 was the winner from the start as it seems everyone was just wanting a Trixie banner and not much else. This zapped the fun for me, I know the contests are supposed to be fun but seeing as how the rest of the entries almost had no chance, it made it feel like a blowout. Apparently the first contest suffered the same fate. I am probably alone on this though. How can this be fixed? Here is my suggestion: Pre-contest vote Before the actual contest is hosted, we ask the community what they want to see, what character they feel deserves the spotlight, was theme do they think would be interesting to see for that character, things like that. How would that help? For starters, character bias could be thrown out the window entirely for the actual contest. Second, it would give everyone a more clear idea on what to make. Now, some have said that this could 'limit creativity' but at least 3 of the entries were about the mane 6 and I distinctly remember others saying 'we have had too much mane 6'. There is no way the ones submitting those could have known that was the opinion of the community. Third reason, we could potentially see characters or themes we have never seen before. In that way it could open up the possibilities. Again, I am not saying anything about any entries here, I just feel like this could be a better way to do the contests. Then at other times we could have random free for alls where the goal is to make whatever. Also, as a side note, I also feel like that the losers of the contests need a little more acknowledgement too but that is just my opinion entirely. So that is my suggestion, not sure if it matters.
  17. Before we get started I want to send a quick word out to all participants: Though I never had the opportunity to say this to all of you personally, I do want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this event as well as wish everyone the best of luck. I know that you all worked hard on your entries and though I'd love to seem all displayed up there for everyone to see, only one can rise to the occasion. Now that that's out of the way, let's get this party started! Just like in our previous banner contest, this is a public poll and voting begins right now. As mentioned in the Announcement Thread, polls close on Saturday, Sept. 27th at 11;59 pm (EST), so be sure to take a gander and show your support for your favorite banner! Once the voting has ended, the winner will be announced in the Announcement Thread as well as the forums being treated to a beautiful new banner. And without further delay, here are the entries (made anonymously). Happy voting to all and best of luck to our participants! Please be sure to click each image for full quality. Thank you!
  18. In the banner I see Skycoaster, Fhaolan, Kay Dreamer and Troblems... Who is the one next to Troblems I wonder...
  19. FINAL UPDATE: @Azura is the winner! UPDATE: All future submissions should be sent to SkyBound. If you've submitted already, don't worry! UPDATE II: Voting is now live! Click this link to pick your favorite entry! Woo! Welcome fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, to the first of many contests from the MLP Forums Event Coordinators! As the title states, this event will be a Banner Contest. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well be excited, it's going to be fun! If you would like to enter this contest, all are welcome! No need for verification at all. Just be sure to have read this thread about how to make a Banner, it's useful! You'll just need to send your entries to SkyBound. Your contest entries will not be accepted if you post them or send them elsewhere. Keep that in mind! Now for the details! Because, who doesn't like those? ==================================] Starting Date: Today Due Date: 7/12/14 @ 11:59 PM (EST) Voting Starts: 7/12/14 @ 11:59 PM (EST) Voting Ends: 7/19/14 @ 11:59 PM (EST) ==================================] Now, keep this in mind. Those dates are important, so don't just tl;dr them, they're not there just to take up character space. Members who wish to participate in this contest need to have their entries finished and submitted via PM to either SkyBound or I, by the due date given. After the due date has been reached, a poll will made in Octavia's Hall for members of the community to vote on which is their favorite. A week will be given to finalize results. Afterwards, the poll will be locked, this post will be edited, and the winner will be announced, along with his/her prize. Speaking of prizes, for this contest, the prize will obviously be having your banner as the forum's banner for an entire month. We actually plan on having this contest every month to give all who wish to participate a chance to show their stuff! How exciting! Anyways, that's all for now, bros. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to either ask in this thread, or shoot a PM to SkyBound. We'll be tickled Pinkie Pie to answer your question with a smile! Thanks, guys. Happy banner making! ^^; Notice: Only 1 entry per member.
  20. ENJOY SKYBOUND this is for another banner contest someday hope you like it !
  21. I...made a new signature...yeah.... With this awesome editing program, Pixlr And this thing Oh and then this old one meh
  22. Confusion has abounded since the implementation of the new theme. Enough confusion that we've seen a substantial decrease in banner submissions, and an appreciable increase in "how do i banner?" and "whaaaaa?" Even from those who have regularly contributed in the past. Let's try to clear up any confusion that may linger with our regulars and any newbies who may be interested in trying their hand at making one for the first time. I tried to keep this as short and simple as I could because it's really not a complicated process. If you find yourself still confused about something by the end, just post whatever's on your mind. Let's take our banner as of this post, for example: Its dimensions are 999 x 254 (recommended is 1000 x 255). They don't have to be exactly that size, but one can see that it fits up there quite nicely. Use this as a starting point and play around with it a bit. It also has a transparent background. This is desirable when possible as it'll help keep the banner from appearing too obtrusive, as a rectangle hanging there in space can look a little awkward. Your individual style or the nature of the banner you're cobbling together may not be suitable for a transparency, and that's fine. Again, this is just a best practice that fits the bill more often than not. Your discretion ultimately prevails. We don't have rigid requirements for the banner, so use your imagination. Once you've finished placing the finishing touches on your masterpiece, fire it to at least one of the administrators, preferably all of them, as they're the only ones capable of making the change. After they've had a look at all submissions and had a chance to select one, it'll get tossed up there shortly. And that's it. Not much to it aside from the actual work of making a banner.
  23. So I made this banner after seing the newest episode, Filli Vanille (I think LOL), and I would like feedback.
  24. Well decided to update a banner for Radio Is Magic youtube page. Basically used photoshop and used stock images we had for the podcast. The background is a segment of a drawing I did with some gradient effects.
  25. I was looking at the How Do I Submit a Banner? section, and i noticed how it was only for older MLP Forums theme, and there was nothing for the MLP Forums (New) theme. Could you possibly add the dimensions (and other things needed for it), so the users who don't know, but want to make a banner, can do so.