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Found 6 results

  1. What this basically is, is that you need to find some kind of Bar that the MLP characters remind you off. To make this a bit more interesting and easier i will expand this a bit further and just include cans, packages, or anything that has to do with food or drinks. Let me start with Twilight Sparkle, as an Example Twilight Sparkle, reminds me of a can, of Coca Cola Cherry. Now it's your turn.
  2. I remember that before the new look came out I used to be able to click on the name besides the search bar and change it to other categories, such as "Forums", "Members", etc. The thing is, I can't do that anymore. If I try clicking on the name the search bar just closes itself. Help pl0x?
  3. I was trying to play regular Wii on my Wii U with the sensor bar on top, but it was slightly (SLIGHTLY) jerky. The only thing that made a difference was the placement on the bottom. So tell me, how do YOU place it, and does it work for you?
  4. Not everypony likes black chocolate and not everypony likes the same cacao content. Personally, I like it around 80-85%, especially the flavoured ones.What about you?
  5. As usual, I got the inspiration for this interesting drawing from a country song. This time, the song was Toby Kieth's "Hope on the rocks". Basically we got Rainbow Dash sitting at a 1970's bar past closing time as Applejack cleans up the glasses. Pictures are worth 1,000 words, I'm sure anyone could stare at this and wonder many things about it. Anyways, yeah I just drew it up in Microsoft Paint, it'd probably look much better drawn on paper or something but it was late & If i turned on some lights in my room to draw it, it'd disrupt the household. Comments, questions & concerns are always looked highly upon. Feel free to share a opinion if you fee like it If you stare at this and listen to the song, this picture tells a story. http-~~-//
  6. For a Klondike Bar?