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Found 15 results

  1. EDIT: please see the latest post to see the latest versions of these animations. Once I get some more feedback on the tail wireframe-animations and get a finalized version of the animations, I'll be updating this OP with the revised bases. I noticed that there weren't any base animations of Celestia walking---at least, none proportionate to the animations of the mane six (see my signature for an example of what I'm talking about). So when someone on deviantart requested an animation of Celestia, I took it upon myself to create such a base. It's a work in progress; I can tell that I need to fix the animation of her left front leg (the animation kind of jumps). I could use some pointers on what else I should do with it; for instance, should I have a frame or two where her flank is a pixel lower, to make it look more like she's walking? I used the frames of Celestia pacing back and forth, worrying whether Twilight would run into a manticore, from the Celestial Advice episode to make this. It's not an exact match, but I figured it didn't quite need to be. Please let me know what you think. (older EDIT): based on feedback I've received (thank you very much ShadOBabe!), I've created a wireframe base of Celestia walking, made to be to-scale with the existing pony pixelart animations. Feel free to use it!
  2. do you like my base? do you know how to make a base? if so what art program do you use to make bases in or do you use you hands? have you ever made a base?
  3. First and foremost, I should say that I apologize if this is in the wrong section; I don't really use the forums much. Anyway, a couple of days ago a friend asked me to draw him a picture involving his OC and someone else's. I managed to get half of it down, however for the other half I need a reference picture for. I remember seeing one that was just what I was looking for a day prior to that, however I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I've been searching for a while. The picture is one of those base pictures. There were two ponies in it; one was sleeping on the ground on their back, and the other was laying over their back, sleeping as well. If you know of a picture like this, let me know please, I'd really appreciate it! Again, I do apologize if this in the wrong section, I'm not very keen on this side of the forums.
  4. So I've got access to a 3d printer and I want to get started printing some ponies!!! If anybody can walk me through how they build ponies on either blender, tinkercad, or some other free software, i will gladly send you a small print of your oc!
  5. I have had a crack at making a base this morning and decided to do a Pegasus for myself. I am an inexperienced digital artist but next term of school, I might improve by just a bit. It's not done, I just need to adjust is a bit before it's finally done!
  6. This is a base I made a while back. Not very good. But my first ever digital art! Feel free to use it, touch up whatever. But the eyes are kind of bad. I'll fix that when I get the time around it. But you know, people have own style of creation.
  7. Made some bases for pony artwork, have fun with using it . -- Deviantart link - -- -- --
  8. first try at a pony base, I hope ya'll enjoy and please critique and comment!
  9. This topic is going be gallery of the bases i made. That am giving out for people to use. My way doing something nice for the community. Any one my use them for there OC. Be sure seek back one in a while Cause will be adding bases here as make them. Sexy Stallion Base Handsome Stallion Base Fablous Mare Base Sea Pony Base More coming soon...
  10. So yeah, x Dashie is OTP.... "Oh,I love you Dashie...." *she smiles at you* "I love you too,Risy..." *she kisses you,and then gives you a hug,just to fall over you after that* "I feel like in heaven,Dashie...I don't want this to end..." *she suddenly kisses your forehead,and smiles* "And me neither...I always felt that the goal of my life was to being the faster pegasus, made me think that maybe there's another goal on my life,Rising..." *and as the two lovebirds enjoyed those treasured moments on their lifes,their lifes were going to change drastically,due for the appearing of certain pony* "What the fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Or...Maybe not? Because there was another pony there,who also loved Rising,and this pony was...! "Rising!!!Why is Dashie on our house!?!?!?!?" *Rising then got up,and buttslapped Base,just to scream at him again* "Don't you get it?!?I love Dashie,and I want to be with her!" *suddenly,Base blushed and buttslapped Rising back* "But...But what about our stuff?!?We were so happy!!!" *Rising then blushed,and whispered at Base something* "Base,that happened a long time ago...." "But I've been unable to forget you, seems that you didn't forgot me neither..." *Rising was touching Base's hoof* "Uhhh....." Aaaand this is the moment where the public chooses! Do you want Base x Rising to be the final pairing, you feel daring,and want to see the Rising x Dashie ending? Or...Do you feel even more daring,and wanna see a different ending? Open the spoiler whose ending was the one that you choose up! Base x Rising Rising x Dashie "Daring" Ending
  11. If I am writing fanfics about the Equestrian Civil War (an amusing topic it seems), I would need your help in describing daily life in an average base affiliated with: * The Solar Empire (under Princess/Queen Celestia) or * The New Lunar Republic (under Princess/Queen Luna/Selena/Nightmare Moon). Here's an example: Example Excerpt from the Solar Empire: "The average base of the Solar Empire is, contrary to popular gossip, not so much of a wretched hive of oppression. All the ponies there are recruited either by their own will, or bullied into joining by glory-crazy kin and friends (seriously, no mind-control involved here, sorry!). Every morning, the average soldier wakes up when the Sun rises. He or she cleans him/herself up, and assembles at the field with his/her comrades. They do physical exercise for around an hour (more for the more advanced ranks, e.g. Royal Guard, Assault Vanguard/Elite Champion), and then they have their breakfast in the Mess Hall, which is a wide selection of foods: grass, broth, tarts, sandwiches, fried eggs, bacon (from pigs), bread, etc. in a simple way (1 meal per soldier). His/her average "work" usually involves military training, and strategists learn their craft. After that is the lunch break, and then work/training for the afternoon/evening/night (depending on your station/work) Lunch and dinner meals get a bit more bigger, with each respective meal before the day ends. For example, a soldier has grass-and-rose-petals for b'fast, pork broth for lunch, and veggies w. eggs for the din. His/her work day ends at 5 pm, depending on his/her station. For those with this timing, they can relax. On the evening meal, some troops can come out as bards, jesters, and troubadours, singing deeds of valour and lore. Others, after their meal, may have their kind of recreation, which involves ball games, swimming, and mock fighting (for example). There is a curfew at Deep Night (11pm), when all the ponies need to wash up, say their prayers (if any), and "hit the hay". As for the bases, they are usually rectangular, walled by palisades, and rowed with differing arrangements of wooden cabins, huts, and tents. Some bases have a swimming pool here and there, some have basketball courts, some even have beauty salons for female recruits, etc. Towers are here and there on the walls, manned by guards. There's usually a square for meetings and warm-ups. Finally, some bases may be round or oval-shaped, or even irregular, if the terrain suits it. That's a Solar Imperial Base for you. Would 'ya like to join?" Now, for SE/NLR members, please do create your own descriptions on average military life and conditions. Equestria needs your help!
  12. So I did a vector today. And I wanted a critique. I also have some bases that I want critiques for. I have about 11, but I won't show all of them. Vector I Did: Some of My Bases: 1. 2. 3. 4.
  13. I've just can't help but notice the lack of earth pony OC's out there lately. I mean, it's always either unicorn or pegasi, and pegasi happen to take the cake out of all. I guess I can see why. I mean we all want our characters to be extrodinary, right? But should that mean we should turn our backs on the earth ponies all of a sudden? Here is my logic... Unicorns have magic, and Pegasi have wings, right? Earth ponies have no magic, or wings, therefore can't do anything special but craftmanship, or possibly something to do with baking, and other everyday earth pony stuff. Obviously, I guess there is alot of background story to tell when it comes down to Unicorns and Pegasi. That is why I think there is a non generous amount of Earth ponies. Opinions?
  14. So uhm, I recently bought a drawing tablet, faffed around, and now I've decided to try my hand at drawing. I've made some awful things, here's them in order. These are in order of drawing them, I sketch over the base and draw the hair and stuff a little. Then do the lineart.
  15. You may use this base, you don't have to ask me, but you DO have to give me credit, just put "Base Made By Party_Cannon", or something.