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Found 18 results

  1. Inspired to make this thread from @Baby Dashie's here. Every offseason, the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) votes for former players into the Hall of Fame. Starting in mid-November, the writers fill out a ballot presented to them by the Hall and can fill up to ten. Anyone who doesn't eclipse the 5% threshold falls off, but anyone who crosses 75% will get The Call and be elected into Cooperstown, where the celebration occurs every July. The writers have until December 31 to submit, and the announcement of inductees will be on January 22. Earlier this month, the Veterans Committee elected two former players: Harold Baines and Lee Smith. Now out of a possible 35 players on this year's ballot, only a select few will be elected. Here's the sample blank ballot, from this link: To make the ballot, the player must play at least ten seasons, not play five consecutive seasons following their last game, and be chosen by a committee to be approved. Like in Baby Dashie's thread, who do you think will make it? Also, if you had a ballot, who would you select (remember, only up to ten)? Two first-ballot shoo-ins: Halladay and Rivera. The former for being a major workhorse for about a decade (the last to pitch 260 regular-season innings) and one of th best pitchers in the game at the time. The ladder for being the all-time best reliever, period. At 70.4%, Edgar Martinez missed it by 20 votes, but with this being his tenth and final year on the ballot, he has an outside shot. Mussina was second-closest at 49. Follow Ryan Thibodaux's HoF Tracker for up-to-date public ballots. My hypothetical ballot ain't complete yet, but if I had one, it'd be as follows: Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Roy Halladay Andruw Jones (+1) Edgar Martinez Mike Mussina Mariano Rivera Scott Rolen Billy Wagner The tenth spot will be either Walker or McGriff, but because this year's McGriff's last, I'll likely pick him. Walker has one more year after this.
  2. Before I start I want it to be known that while there were a few others threads like this one, I decided to make a new as those were quite old and lacked the "why" factor that I am gunning for here. To start I never really considered myself a hardcore sports fan, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some sports AND that I had some teams that I followed. Over the years I mainly considered myself a racing fan, but grew to like the more traditional team and individual sports out there. That said, what I want to know is this: Over the entire spectrum of sports from team sports like football, individual sports like archery, and even teams from various auto-racing series; which teams do you consider your favorite, and WHY do you consider them your favorite? Are they your hometown team? If not was there something that attracted them to you like a specific performance, a specific athlete, or something deeper? To start off I'll give my main favorite teams, as well as a few runner-ups. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) - The funny thing here is that the Penguins were not the first team that I followed in the NHL. When I decided to look into the sport it was the Montreal Canadiens that got me in, and the Anaheim Ducks that allowed me to experience what it was like for a team to win the Stanley Cup. However, being in the eastern US is was difficult to attempt to follow the Ducks' regular season so I was beginning to tune out. However, due to the region I live in I was able to catch a few Pittsburgh Penguins games, and they eventually caught my heart. I followed them to the Stanley Cup finals; which they lost to the Detroit Red Wings. However the team won me over enough that I followed their regular season and celebrated when they exacted revenge on the Red Wings to win the Cup. As such, you could say it was a dash of geography and genuine love for a team that I watched fall into despair, only to climb the mountain and reach the proverbial peak. Amazing stuff. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) - This one is a tad tricky to explain. It hasn't even been a year ago that I followed baseball, and even though logic told me to follow the Pirates due to my love for the Penguins, I was actually more interested in following another team, and it was that team that taught me to appreciate and enjoy the game of baseball. While the Orioles aren't the most successful of teams, nor the most popular, they have a lot of heart to them, and when it comes to cities, Baltimore is one that I can say my heart resides in. It was the very first BIG city I ever set foot in back in 1997, it hosted my favorite sport of IndyCar (and American Le Mans) on the streets of the Inner Harbor, and, of course, the first ever convention I ever attended was there last year. As such I have a certain connection to that city and as much as I enjoy the Ravens, it was the Orioles that really won me over, and I just want to support them as much as possible. McLaren Honda (Formula 1) - This one was a little tricky for a few reasons; amongst them being a lack of interest in F1 until mid-last year, Mclaren's ongoing struggles since 2014, and the fact that the American Haas F1 competes with some limited success. That said McLaren was a team I started paying serious attention to as a favorite team back when the driver lineup consisted of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen; of which the former was my favorite driver at the time. They were fun to follow, though they were inconsistent due to either crashes or mechanical failures. In the end my interest in F1 faded, but returned last year. I still looked for a team and while McLaren was still my de-facto fav, it wasn't until the VERY recent announcement of Fernando Alonso attempting this year's Indy 500 with McLaren backing, as well as rumors of McLaren's possible participation in IndyCar full time in the future. Just the sheer thought of McLaren in both F1 and IndyCar has me giddy, and brings a new found respect and passion for them, and I hope they overcome their current troubles to climb the top of the podium once again. Oh yeah; they also have a basketball team. x3 FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, UEFA) - Just because I cheer for the most successful team in German football makes me a glory-hunter; eh? Well, no, that's not why I chose this team over all others; including any from the English league, as well as the Spanish giants in Madrid and Barcelona. No; Bayern attracted for a few reason. For starters, I caught the 2010 UEFA Champions League between Inter Milan and Bayern on broadcast TV, and even though Bayern lost, their style of play caught me, and I wanted to see more of them. While my access to German football is a tad lacking, I followed the best I could and found a team that not only had success, they also had a smart business sense. Whereas many other European teams spent themselves into debt, I appreciated Bayern's attempts to stay strong financially as such. Yeah, it's a silly reason, but it's an approach I appreciate. That said, I would be lying if I didn't enjoy that success; the highest of which came in 2013 at the UEFA Champion's League final against Dortmund in Wembley, and BOY was it a dramatic game, and one that I will NEVER forget. Like with the Penguins, Bayern's ability to come back from a stinging Finals loss against Chelsea the previous year to ascend new heights was amazing. Of course they have struggled in Europe recently, but I still love to follow them. Andretti Autosport (IndyCar, GRC, Formula E) - This one will be the most difficult to explain as I can't really pin down any one reason why I follow them with passion. They are owned and ran by IndyCar legend Michael Andretti, have some great drivers like Hunter-Reay in their stable, and have expanded to Global Rallycross and Formula E in recent years, but it's hard for me to really say what attracted me to them. However, that said, even if I can't explain it I can still say they have been a fun team to follow. They won the Indianapolis 500 last year, and will have Alonso in one of their cars this year with McLaren, so that is a plus. In the end maybe it's a combination of all of these factors. Whatever the case I can say that out of all IndyCar teams, this is only one that holds my heart to this day. Honorable Mentions: Baltimore Ravens, New York City FC, Flying Lizard Motorsports, Corvette Racing Favorite Sports with no favorite team: MotoGP, World Rally, Cricket So; anyone else?
  3. There's seriously no post season baseball thread? Sad! Guess I'll make it then. So far: NLCS: Dodgers vs Brewers ALCS: Red Sox vs Astros
  4. It's Fall Classic time again. Who are you going for in the World Series? The LA Dodgers to end their near 30 year drought. Or the Houston Astros to win their first in franchise history?
  5. As a Met fan, I fully approve of this.
  6. Hey everypony. I'm still not fully recovered from the Dodgers NLCS loss, but I still thought I'd ask, who is everypony rooting for in the World Series. This year its the Chicago Cubs VS the Cleveland Indians. The series starts at 7 PM Central time on Tuesday October 25th on FOX.
  7. I made a similar thread about the NL Wildcard game yesterday, but now the final detail does of the AL game have finally been confirmed. The Baltimore Orioles are squaring off against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre in Toronto Tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern time on TBS and SNET. Starting pitcher for the Orioles is Chris Tilman. This season, Tilman has been pretty decent, but had a few trips to the Disabled list. Tilman has accumulated a 16-6 win-loss record, and a 3.77 ERA. Starting for the Blue Jays is Marcus Stroman. Stroman is coming off a losing streak of at least five games. He's accumulated a 9-10 Win-Loss record, and a 4.37 ERA. It's win or go home. Whoever wins this game moves on to the ALDS to face the AL Top seed holding Texas Rangers at Globe Life Stadium in Arlington. Who are you rooting for? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  8. Hi there, everypony! Little Flyer here. I don't know how many other ponies follow Baseball, but the 2016 season is almost over. First part of the postseason, the Wild Card games, are coming just around the corner. But here's what we do know about the NLWC matchup. The San Francisco Giants will face off against the New York Mets at Citi Field in Queens, New York. Game will be broadcast on ESPN at 8:00 PM New York time, and 5:00 PM California time. Starting pitcher for the Giants will be 2014 World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner, a three time World Series champion. This season, Bumgarner has accumulated a 15-9 Win/Loss record, a 2.74 ERA, 226.2 innings, pitched, 251 Strikeouts, and is just coming off of his 100th career win. Starting pitcher for the Mets will be Noah Syndergaard. This is only Syndergaard's second season in Major League Baseball, but he's accumulated a 14-9 Win/Loss record, a 2.60 ERA, 183.2 innings pitched, and 218 strikeouts. It's win or go home. The winner of this game moves into the NLDS to face the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Who is everypony rooting for? Who does everypony think will win. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  9. Today, we mourn a most terrible loss. Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez has recently passed away in a boating accident at age 24. He received the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2013, and was a two time All Star. He finishes his career with a 38-17 Win-Loss record, and hopefully he ends up in the Hall of Fame.
  10. To change things up a bit this month, I've decided to look at other buildings who's days are numbered. One very much worth a look is Atlanta's Turner Field which was home to Major League Baseball's Braves since 1997. But this facility was first born as Centennial Park for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Give credit where credit is due...most new purpose built arenas for the Olympics are left to rot once the games end. But this was one case where they managed to give the stadium an immediate new life by tearing down part of the stands and building a new section to baseball specifications. It looked like the Braves were set for decades to come. I had the pleasure of visiting Turner Field last year for both a game and a tour. The place was filled with tributes to Braves greats from both the recent and distant past. Included was a museum that had artifacts dating back to their days in Boston, Milwaukee, and Fulton County Stadium. Two things that also stood out about Turner Field were the giant Chick fil A cow overhead and all the Coca-Cola banners. Both brands are based in Atlanta so that also meant my preferred cola flavor, Pepsi, was not easy to find. The Braves had much success during their tenure at the Ted including a World Series championship and what seemed like 322 consecutive division titles. But the Braves it turned out weren't totally happy with their location then Cobb County came calling with an offer they couldn't refuse. Thus the Braves will be bucking the recent trend where most baseball teams have been moving closer to their regions' downtown. Why? Despite a great view of Atlanta's skyline, Turner Field is not really that convenient to downtown. It's separated from the central business district by a large freeway interchange and even the closest MARTA stop is about a mile on foot. And even with a great deal of surface parking, the Braves claim to be short on parking. A season ticket sales heat map of the greater Atlanta area shows most fans live north of the city and the new stadium site near Cumberland Mall would be more convenient for most of them. Finally, the community around the Ted continues to suffer from crime and poverty. The presence of major league sports there for almost 50 years and a number of efforts have not adequately mitigated these problems. First, here's the pregame program for the first game ever played at Turner, a preseason game between the Braves and the New York Yankees. It has some interesting shots which show the now closed Fulton County stadium still standing nearby and a time lapse of changing the arena from an Olympic venue to a baseball one. And here's a retrospective of Turner Field as it heads into its final year. With the Braves in last place, the October 2, 2016 contest against the Detroit Tigers will be the final game at the Ted and mark the end of a rich era in baseball history.
  11. Anyone else find the Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry annoying? That is to say, Red Sox fans constantly complaining about the Yankees winning nearly every game? I wonder how many people lost interest in baseball because of it.
  12. what cities do you think would be in a equestria baseball league . here is what I am looking for Real city name - ponified city name -team name inspired by my little pony
  13. Well, I did the entire NHL and NFL so now it's time to ponify Major League Baseball! Not every team will be represented yet as I'm still working out ideas for SF, SD, NYM, CIN All logos will be in this OP AL East New York Crankees Boston Red Saddles Baltimare Mayorioles TOR TB AL Central Detroit Piegers Minnesota Cake Twins Chicago White Saddles Kansas City Royals CLE AL West Seaddle Mareiners TEX Los Pegasus Angels of Anaheim OAK NL East NYM Atlanta Bravehearts WAS MIA Fillydelphia Fillies NL Central Chicago Ursa Cubs Pipsburgh Pirates HOU STL Milwaukee Cider Brewers CIN NL West Arizona Shymondbacks SF SD Los Pegasus Dashgers Colorado Rockys
  14. So, I'm a baseball fan. In particular, I'm a fan of the Texas Rangers! Woooo! <( I'm not quite sure what you're saying, stranger, but...ok!) *High fives AJ* Anyway, their manager Ron Washington is an interesting character. Known for running in place, getting really hyper when his team scores runs, crack scandal sunflower seeds, and for being quotable. (Credits to @DShep25, maker of some AWESOME sports gifs) So, I was talking with my brother one day and I jokingly said, "hey! I wonder what Wash (Ron Washington) would look like as a pony." It was a joke but I was genuinely intrigued by it and I gave it a shot. Here is kind of a "beta" of the creation. I'll probably get back to finishing an actual piece of work with him in it when I have the time, but as for now I give you...Ron Washington pony! BTW, his cutie mark is a bunch of sunflower seeds in case you couldn't tell by my awful work. Manager of the...Ponyville...Phoenixes Crusaders Dragons <(DIAMOND DOGS!) YES! They're the Poniville Diamond Dogs! Yaaay...ok, I'm done.
  15. Do you like baseball , and what team do you support I personally am a big fan of the Boston Red Sox ( and well all the other Boston teams ) I can still remember my first time to the Fanway park with my dad , ahhh memories
  16. Note: This is not a discussion thread and is quite random, therefore it belongs in the Forum Lounge Recently, I found out about the greatest thing ever made by a human being: Ninja Baseball Batman. What is Ninja Baseball Batman? A beat em up game from the 80's. This is something I wanted to share with you guys! The point of the game is pretty straightforward: You are a ninja with a baseball bat, beating the crap out of everything you see. That includes Volcanos, Lightning worms that comes out from the ground, Lightning Jack-o-Lantern Scarecrow Grim Reapers, Machines with a tortoise back with spikes and the head of a bull, airplanes, Spikewheels pushed by Cats on skateboards and flying baseball fields. Here is AVGN talking about it:
  17. In the back of my mind, I've always wanted to start a Detroit sports blog but I was lazy. My laziness upgraded to thoughtful procrastination the past week, and now it recovered to reach minimal action status. This blog will be used to share my thoughts and opinions (and venting and whining most likely) on Detroit sports as well as some University of Michigan and the occasional hot topic from other areas of sports. I'm being thoughtful to my Facebook friends so they will no longer be inundated by my rapid-fire statuses on game day. I say that now but when it's Saturday, October 6th and there's Michigan @ Purdue and Tigers @ Yankees in Game 2 of the ALDS, I'll run right back to Facebook to spout my mouth off. But at least I'm trying. Admittance is the first step to recovery even though the Detroit Lions are being enablers to my mental self-destructive madness, but I digress. First up on the docket are those aforementioned Detroit Lions. As you may be aware, they lost again for the third week in a row, this time to the Minnesota Vikings. The offense had the imagination of a gumball machine. I'm talking old-fashioned pop a nickel in the slot, twist, and there's your boring, tasteless gumball that's better served as drywall spackle. Not like modern machines with blinking lights and a long twisty tube that delivers your gumball, or even better, one of those clear capsules with a $5 bill folded to the size of a dime only God knows how they fit it in there. The Lions offense was chewing spackle today. Running to set up the pass is a great strategy given the Lions' personnel. Yeah, and using your ear to eat ice cream is delicious and less messy too. The Lions are a passing team. Embrace it. Be it. You have arguably the BEST receiver in the game. It should not take a 17-point deficit or the second quarter, whichever comes first, to find Megatron. I could go on but then this will turn into a diatribe with a length that would make Dostoevsky blush. I'll save both my fingers and my readers' attention spans for this first entry. Ah Lions special teams. Your performance is the equivalent of The Situation's attempt at "comedy" at the Donald Trump roast back in 2011. Everyone knew you were going to be a train wreck going into it, and you did not disappoint, but for the love of God just stand in the background and be irrelevant. Irrelevant as in we don't have to whisper your name because you're doing your job and we don't have your coach's name (Danny Crossman) trending on Twitter. Pro-tip, when a coach's name is trending on Twitter, 9 times out of 10 it is because a meltdown of some sort or an overly aggressive post-game handshake. Crossman's attempt at "special teams coaching" makes Stan Kwan look like Mike Ditka, if, you know, Mike Ditka coached special teams. If Crossman isn't sitting on the curb of the practice facility in Allen Park by week six, we might just have to onside kick every time. Can't do any worse. The defense was not that bad. Sure Adrian Peterson a.k.a. AP shredded through the defensive line, but he did not bust out a huge run nor did he score a touchdown. No Viking scored a touchdown. The defense did what they had to do to keep the Lions in the game. Bill Bentley was victimized on a couple of pass interference calls, but it wasn't because of physical inadequacy, it was because of correctable, experience deficiency. He turns his neck three degrees to get a glimpse of the ball on those plays and there would be no penalty. I won't blame the defense this week but their mettle will be tested in week six in Philadelphia for sure. I was going to talk Tigers, but this first post has gone long enough. Dammit Lions. Why do you have to be so infuriating and exhausting? I'll touch on the Tigers eventually. Maybe when they're popping champagne celebrating their OMG-It-Can't-Be-This-Bad-Can-It?-AL Comedy Central championship. Like a replacement referee after week three, I'm out.
  18. Today's one of the best days in America, MLB Opening Day!! Who's your team, what are your expectations, and how excited for the season are you? For Detroit Tigers its World Series or bust. With a deadly lineup anchored by Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder and then AL MVP/Cy Young Justin Verlander at the front of the starting rotation, anything less than the ALCS will be a disappointment.