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Found 18 results

  1. Link to OOC @Maple Bat As Will Guide the Disney-loving Unicorn awaited for Maple Bat and Woodland Orchestra to arrive, he once again mentally spoke to the Changeling soul within him. Are you sure you want to do this? You know that not everypony has accepted that most of the Changelings race has turned good. Yes. You've been my sleeping spell coffin for too long! It's time I stop hiding! Okay, but it won't be easy! Let's do this!
  2. So my first post is gonna be on my mlp ocs. Two of the my ocs I have, have been with me for a while and have had many changes done to them. If you want to know more about my ocs go ahead and ask me. Most of them are still in the process of being developed. My Little Pony Ocs Mains Ocean Whiplash; Pegasus; Mare; Young Adult; Straight CrystalBreak; Earth Pony; Non Binary; Late Adolescent; Asexual [WIP] Minors SpectrumBlast; Pegasus; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay Prince Comet Shower; Unicorn; Stallion; Young Adult; Gay FeatherTurner; Earth Pony; Mare; Late Adolescent; Straight OnyxShine; Bat Pony; Stallion; Adult; Pansexual
  3. Well, not actually bat “pony” but, it still counts right? behold, we have emerged from winter. National Bat Appreciation Day occurs annually on April 17th. April is the best time of the year to observe bats, as they are now beginning to emerge from hibernation. National Bat Appreciation Day is also an excellent time to learn about the role bats play in nature. One important reason to celebrate bats is that they are considered to be an “insectivorous” creature because they rid our world of many annoying insects. In one hour, a bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes. Fun Bat Facts: Some species of bats can live up to 40 years. Bats can see in the dark and use their extreme sense of hearing. Bats are the only mammal naturally capable of true and sustained flight. There are over 1,200 known species of bats. The United States is home to an estimated 48 species of bats. Nearly 70% of bats are insectivores. One of the largest bats is the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox bat weighing up to 4 lbs with a wingspan of up to 5 feet, 7 inches. Bats are clean animals, grooming themselves almost constantly. North America’s largest urban bat colony is found on the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. It is home to an estimated 1,500,000 Mexican Free-Tailed bats. This colony of bats eats approximately 10,000 to 30,000 lbs of insects each night. It is estimated 100,000 tourists visit the bridge annually to watch the bats leave the roost at twilight. One colony of 150 Big Brown bats can protect farmers from up to 33 million or more rootworms each summer. Almost 40% of American bat species are in severe decline, with some already listed as endangered or threatened. Three U.S. states have an official state bat. Texas and Oklahoma have named the Mexican Free-Tailed bat their state bat, and Virginia has dubbed the Virginia Big-Eared bat their state bat. HOW TO OBSERVE Use #BatAppreciationDay to post on social media.
  4. Link to RP Okay, @Maple Bat, I'll get us started on this. Although, I'm starting with Unicorn Will Guide already acquainted with your OC's. And he already knows about his inner Changeling side. He begins asking if his Changeling side is ready to come out!
  5. Bat ponies, race of ponies who have bat-like features, often with extra fluff at the end of their ears, have fangs, and slitted-pupil eyes. Most of them have grayish coats and can screech. People are often divided on head-canons, especially when it comes to diet (blood drinkers vs fruit eaters), but most agree that they are affiliated with the night, as well as Princess Luna and her Night Guard. Though, most people agree that the Hollow Shades is one of the only towns populated mostly/solely by bat ponies, if not the only town. Another possible location for the bat ponies is the Equestrian Badlands. However; What if bat ponies were able to infect others, crave blood instead of fruits and willing to bite other ponies? How would Equestria be like?
  6. MELTED BACK Frozen. When a pony gets frozen, in an ice cube, it is like they are dead. They are breathing however, they don't see, they don't hear and most importantly they don't ever feel or remember anything during the time they were in the ice cube. An orange heated light, that is what I indeed saw when we were melted. After my head was free, immediately I inhaled really strong and felt the ache that my lungs were making. How long had it been? The last thing I remember was preventing the dark cast that Nightmare Moon was about to cast to Princess Celestia. I used a magical mirror, appeared in front of me. I wished a miracle from a unique yellow star, falling from the sky. I recall using it to deflect the cast but it was too powerful. I remember falling down, hitting on one of the concrete roads. I remember my cutie mark appearing on my flank afterward. Before beginning anything, let me tell you how bat ponies are treated. We bat ponies are resistible and stronger at nights than normal ponies. You can never see us in roads of Ponyville, talking and socializing with others. I barely have time doing that with my friends. I and other bat ponies really get tired if we don't sleep, and the sun is not a good friend of us. After Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon by Princess Celestia, I and the other Lunar Guards were frozen in the ice cubes. It is because bat ponies are very rare to find and they did not want to lose us during that thousand years of a period without Nightmare Moon. That is why they froze us. Just in case Nightmare Moon can come back, and just in case she can be stronger than ever before. My name is Ginger Ale. I was born in one of the darkest rooms of The Castle of Two Sisters while my parents were working as servants to Nightmare Moon. I was named Ginger Ale because my hair color reminded my father his favorite drink. My only dream was and is still to become a commander of the Lunar Guards and become Princess Luna's favorite. I am nineteen years old and I worked as an apprentice of one of the guards. I was set free. I moved my wings. I looked at my surrounding. Other bat ponies were also trying to get used to the unmelted life. Suddenly my eyes went on to North Star. My dearest friend. I rushed myself and found herself in my arms. We hugged. We missed each other a lot. Where were we? This place was not the Castle of Two Sisters. "Finally, it is all over. We are back to duty." North Star said to me while smiling. Our commander came. He heard us. "I am afraid it is not all over. Ladies and gentle colts, welcome to Canterlot, you are all here after thousand years. We need your help" he interrupted our happy rejoining. "Nightmare Moon got back. She was seen in the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville. We don't know what she is up to but we need to find and protect Princess Celestia." he continued. As bat ponies, it might sound confusing, why do bat ponies include themselves in this fight and why do they protect Princess Celestia instead of Nightmare Moon. First of all, Nightmare Moon is surrounded by evil forces and we know that and we can not support that. Secondly, Nightmare Moon always strikes at night time which means the time where bat ponies are stronger and needed. Celestia's guards protect the day while bat ponies protect the night. So until Nightmare Moon is becoming Princess Luna, we have to protect Princess Celestia for harmony. "Where is Princess Celestia?" I asked. The guards told us that she was missing. Me and North Star looked at each other. I knew she wanted everyone to be safe more than anyone. She was panicking inside and there was nothing to do. As we were trying to understand what was going on two lunar guards came in to tell the recent news. "Nightmare Moon has vanished, she was last seen in the Everfree Forest. All of us are still searching but we need others too." one of them said. Commander turned back and after learning the news he turned to us. "You know what to do? What are you looking at? No apple pies for none of you until you find Nightmare Moon!" he said and with his order North Star and I left the castle and went on the road to Everfree Forest. When we were flying I was trying hard to tolerate my friend but I was the real one who was panicking. "So commander where are we heading?" North Star asked. She knew my dream job and she really wanted me to achieve my goal. Surprisingly, she was more optimistic than me and she was the one tolerating me. While I was leading the way we were softly getting closer to the Everfree Forest. I was about to land when North Star dashed in front of me and stopped me from landing. She pointed six ponies that were walking to the Castle of Two Sisters. "We are not alone," she said. We wanted them to get a little far from us when we heard a gigantic explosion from the castle. We looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. "What is going on in the castle?" North Star asked. "I don't know, but I am sure it is not good," I replied. "We need to go there, those ponies are not safe," I replied. "We can't." North Star said. "You know the rules, until Luna shows the Lunar Guards the ponies, for them bat ponies are legends. They should not see us and they should not know that the legend is true and we exist." she continued. I nodded and had nothing to say. Soon we heard another explosion and we flew up through the castle to see what it was. This explosion was different and it was in rainbow colors. "I recall this explosion," I said. "The elements of harmony! It is back, all the time it was held in the Castle of Two Sisters." I continued and became a little relieved. "If they used it again doesn't that mean..." North Star said and I interrupted her. "Yes, I guess she got banished to the moon again. Our time is now over again. Maybe they will freeze us once more." as I was becoming less optimistic again we heard some cheers and claps from one of the rooms of the Castle of Two Sisters. We achieved to have a peek and come closer to the castle secretly. Nightmare Moon was turned back to Princess Luna instead of being sent to the moon again. She was hugging Princess Celestia while the same six ponies we saw walking to the castle were cheering for them. We looked at each other and hugged. Immediately, we rushed back to the Canterlot Castle to tell the good news to the other ponies. Now it was our time to continue protecting the night, bat ponies were back because Princess Luna was back. This called for a celebration and we all drank our Apple Ciders in one of the rooms of Canterlot. It was decorated with white crescent moon banners with dark blue background. While North Star was eating crescent moon shaped crackers we were tossing our drinks. Commander came in and cleared his throat. We all looked at him. "Attention everypony!" he said. "Let me present you, the princess of the night, Princess Luna." he continued. With her short light blue hair, Princess Luna walked in and we all hailed when we saw her. She levitated a spoon and a cup and hit the spoon to the cup to start a speech. She cleared her throat and stood up on the rostrum of the room. "When I look at all of your faces, I see the passion. My helpers, my friends, my companions. I owe you this victory and harmony. Without you, nothing could end up well. As long as Equestria exists, there will be always a need for ponies to be guarded. That is why we all need bat ponies. I want to toast for all of you! Because this is not only mine but also your success. Let us continue our quests and guarding. It is now time for ponies to know the bat ponies are existing too!" she said. Everyone was surprised and so happy. The room was including nothing but loud cheer and clapping sounds. "Now if you excuse me, I must attend to the celebration party at Ponyville." she continued. North Star and I hugged once more. Now it was time for me to become a commander of the Lunar Guards. Now it was my time to become Princess Luna's favorite bat pony. While she was walking out, Princess Luna and I came eye to eye. She smiled and blinked at me. North Star saw it too. We were so happy. Now it was time for us to continue our adventure in both Ponyville and Canterlot while guarding night. -END OF CHAPTER ONE- Story by @Ginger Ale (PS: The picture for this story is currently being drawn by @SFyr for this story and North Star is the OC of @SFyr and Ginger Ale is the OC of mine drawn by @SFyr) Additional Info: North Star (@SFyr's OC) Ginger Ale (My OC) Both pictures were drawn by @SFyr. Thank you so much @SFyr for letting me include your pretty OC in my story and thank you so much for letting them become best friends. My first written fan work on these forums everyone and also first with my Ginger Ale OC. Hope you all like it and hope it made you have a good time. Thank you so much for sharing from your precious time to read this story. Love you all. <3
  7. I'm unsure about the coat and eye color. But I'd like to keep the hair black and purple. I need a name, talent, and cutie mark...
  8. OC Pony named Midnight Rain...
  9. Good evening everypony, Batbrony here with some minor updates on, well, me. First of all, in some unusual news for me for those of you who know me, I actually have an actual ponysona OC now. Everypony, meet Silver Lining! As you can see, this little cutie is a thestral (more commonly known as a bat pony, but I prefer the former name myself for their species). He's very friendly, outgoing, and well-read, and his special talent is writing stories, particularly ones related to subjects or themes of the night. He's curious about the world and always yearning to learn more about it and using that knowledge to help and benefit others however he can. His name is derived both from his coat and mane but also reflects the optimistic, upbeat nature of his personality. Now, I'm not about to create a super in-depth backstory for him since I'm not about to start RPing with this guy or anything, but it is kind of nice finally having an actual OC of my own to reflect some of my personality. Those of you who know me know that for the longest time I've contended that my semi-OC is Derpy as the Batmare, and while I'll still always consider her to be a semi-OC near and dear to my heart, I figured it was time I got an actual OC since so many folks here, including those on staff, have one, and why not get one that's best pony species while I'm at it? A big thank you to my great friend SFyr for drawing up and designing this little guy for me, and also helping me pick out the name; I couldn't have asked for a better looking OC and it was very kind of you to take the time to draw him for me. Second, in the last week I've also created a Twitter account for myself, or rather, specifically my Poniverse and pony fandom related activities. You can find it here: Batbrony Twitter Account. Feel free to follow me if you so desire, and I'll be sure to follow you back. Well, that's all for today everypony! Until next time this is Batbrony signing off; I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  10. Hi hiii~ Just sharing a commissions I made~ This is Zafina (Oc not mine,it belongs to Meike Fu) I'm open for commissions~ My prices are a lot lower than usual so don't miss it out~ If interested just send me a message Enjoooy~
  11. So somebody requested me to do their pony on my Instagram. Got this little doodle in.
  12. My younger brother KillerBrony, made a request wanting me to change my ponypersona into an Alicorn. So here she is as an Alicorn, I did draw this in a slightly different style than what I usually do, but overall I have to say it isn't bad and I'm pleased with how it turned out. My OC Lucinda Night
  13. EDIT: I'm going to turn this into my own art thread - I think that'd be better than me clogging the forums with a new thread every other day. I figured, since this is my first post in the art section, I might as well make an art dump showing my favorite drawings from December & this year. Also some old stuff at the bottom for giggles. Heads up -- I have an addiction to adopting/purchasing pony designs from deviantart so most of these characters weren't designed by me, though all art is of course my own. I would credit the designers but...I feel like that would be breaking the rules somehow? Dunno. Also most of the names were suggested by my friends or chosen by the person who designed the pony, because I'm terrible at coming up with names. Same drawing as my icon, just without all the light effects. Her name's Crasher. She enjoys surfing, getting involved with protecting marine life, sea turtles, and lazing around with her boyfriend Bright Eyes. Silver Slay, but just goes by Slay. I don't know much about him as a character yet but I imagine he's some sort of villain, or antihero at the least. Permanently scowling and probably doesn't get much sleep. Ivory Wave. Shark-tail bat pony? thing. He's a pretty quiet and unfriendly guy but he's not too bad. He's in a relationship with another one of my shark tail ponies but I'm having trouble deciding which one...the sweet blonde who could bring out the best in him, or the one who's just as strong-willed as he is and would love him to death but still wouldn't put up with his crap. Lovenotes. Unlike the others, she was designed and named by me. She usually wears her hair in a low ponytail and her bangs kind of resemble Ariel's. She doesn't normally wear a giant bow on her back. This was just a fun little doodle. xD Halima. Designed by a friend by named by me. At this point I'd pretty much given up giving ponies names that fit the show and started veering into the human name category. xD Halima means gentle. Copy & pasted from my deviantart description: "She's very self-conscious about her tail and her chest fluff since they make her different from most of the other ponies, but if she's being honest with herself, she likes her fluffy chest. When she's embarrassed she wishes she could just disappear into it, become a giant ball of fluff and stay like that until whoever's bothering her gets bored and goes away." Evaine, named by me but she was designed by the same girl who designed Ivory. I've had this girl for about 2-3 year but this was the first time I've drawn her. Her hair has always reminded me of blue fire. This one was done just the other day c: Her name is Moon Wishes, designed and named by me. I love colored lighting so I really wanted to try that out for a change. I'm really happy with how it came out. I've been doing a lot of headshots/portrait drawings this year, so I've gotten a little incredibly rusty when it comes to drawing bodies, so this was practice; I used a screenshot as reference. And this was another quick practice from reference done last night (technically this morning - 5 am - I sleep weird hours though so it feels more like last night than this morning). More fun with light. No name or anything for this character, I'm not even sure if I'm going to keep her, but her hair was fun to draw. Alright, that's pretty much it for my best recent stuff, but since I make designs pretty much more than I draw even my own characters, I should probably show some of those, too. Here are some designs I sold a while back: [linked out for size, I assume that's allowed] And just for giggles, take a look at my first two attempts at drawing ponies digitally, both done in January of 2012: For some reason I put my signature where her cutie mark is...? Okay then. I hope it's okay, posting this many pictures...I read the global rules but I couldn't find any rules for this particular section of the forum. Hm.
  14. Moonstar Cocoa Dusty Travels
  15. Since she is princess of the night and we saw her chariot being pulled by Thestrals in Luna Eclipsed, would it have made more sense for Luna to have been a bat pony?
  16. Hello everypony please take a look at my OC's here are the images of them ... to read some details about Moonstar Cocoa e.g. backstory go here back of high hopes is still being done, but basics is she is an earth pony who's talent is bird training and she is friends with Moonstar Cocoa also for high hopes I did my own style whereas Moonstar Coca I did in MLP show style more images of them to come; these pics are the 1st drawings of them I hope you all like them, please leave comments if u like.
  17. So I made this drawing for Christmas as a small present for my BF, I did change my coloring style a bit and I had load more fun since I didn't really follow the steps I usually do in a digital drawing. I was wondering if somepony had a few tips to give me really.
  18. Here is some headcanon on bat poniesI created for my new OC, Nephthys Nightshade. I'd like to hear your thoughts: Disclaimer: "Bat ponies" are pegasi with bat wings. Canonically, they are featured briefly pulling Princess Luna's chariot in Luna Eclipsed. The bat pony culture I present in Nightshade's bio, the Caverns of Amun-Ta and the City of Evernight are all my own headcanon, and are not intended to be imposed on anyone else's bat pony characters. The History of Evernight: In ancient times, bat ponies were enemies of the pegasi, and the two sides battled for control of the skies. Though bat ponies were more eusocial, living very close together in almost hive-like Swarms, the pegasi eventually developed superior weapons, armor, and military organization. Allied with unicorns and earth ponies, they had superior resources at their disposal, and relentlessly drove the bat ponies from the skies. A few ragged remnant Swarms found a vast, deep cavern with lakes and bio-luminescent fungi, molluscs, and fish. They carefully concealed the entrance so that pegasus search squadrons could not find it. The Endless Winter that came that year also helped conceal the bat ponies from their enemies. Sheltered in their caverns, the bat ponies built the city of Evernight, lighting it with bio-luminescent fungi and crystals that generate an eerie purple light via piezoelectric effects when caused to vibrate. Thus, the city of Evernight is wrapped in soft, ambient auras of alien, almost mournful music. Bat ponies use the echoes of music to help find their way through the shadowy galleries of their subterranean world. Only rarely did Evernight send scouts out into the world beyond Amun-Ta's gates during the daytime. In nature, bat ponies are supposed to go out and graze at night, bringing nutrients back to the subterranean ecosystem via their manure. But their need for secrecy meant that only small numbers of ponies could be sent out at night, to gather food for others as well as forage. This was decided by a system of turn-taking among ponies who were old enough, so that everybatpony could at least have some opportunity to partake in the Flight, the nightly pilgrimage to the outside world. The Endless Winter itself moved on, and the bat ponies discovered to their surprise, that the lands of their enemies had been abandoned to the snowdrifts. Cautiously, they sent their scouts further afield, only to discover the newly-founded Equestria. With great sadness, the scouts returned with the news that their enemies were not gone, but looked stronger than ever. And so, the Swarms of Evernight resigned themselves to remaining hidden. They would not be able to venture forth en masse into the night to fly free under the stars as their ancestors once had. This decision was reinforced by a sudden chaos that descended upon the land, which only the bat ponies in their hidden city managed to escape. Then this dark time also passed. Perhaps now the power of the day ponies would be broken or departed, and bat ponies could possess the night once again. It was not to be. The day ponies were now ruled by two Alicorn princesses, one to preside over the day, and one to preside over the night. Though devotion to the Night Princess started to spread among the bat ponies, they could not venture out into her night. During the day, the Realm of Equestria was blessed with peace and stability, and went from strength to strength. Evernight had grown into a great city, but the bat ponies knew they would not be able to hold their own against the pegasi and their allies. One day, there was battle between the Alicorn sisters. Their royal city fell, Luna was banished to the Moon, and Celestia took control of both day and night. To the bat ponies this was a great horror, and for those devoted to Luna, a blasphemy. It was as if the day ponies would leave no shadow un-scorched by their harsh light. On the first "false Night" of the new order, a powerful bat pony shaman named Selene Starshroud landed among the day ponies migrating with Celestia to the new capital city she would build, and proclaimed a curse, a prophecy: in a thousand years, the stars would aid Nightmare Moon's escape, and she would bring eternal Night. Using her powers to escape pursuit, Starshroud returned to Evernight. There, the bat ponies awaited Luna's return, and the time when Night would finally be theirs. During the time of their hiding, the day ponies all but forgot the ancient wars. Bat ponies became creatures of legend and tall tales, Equestria's equivalent of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. At last, the appointed time came, and the Sun did not rise. Filled with messianic hope, the ponies of Evernight surged out into the sunless dawn. It was not to last. Far away, in the ruined Palace of the Pony Princesses, the Elements of Harmony were restored, Nightmare Moon was defeated, and the Sun rose. In terror, the bat ponies fled back to their caverns, but it was too late. They had been seen. Day and night, squadrons of Royal Guard pegasi searched the skies, while platoons of unicorns patrolled the land. It was not long before the entrance of Amun-Ta was found. Grimly, the bat ponies of Evernight marshaled their defenses. As night fell, a squadron of Royal Guards approached, and the bat ponies prepared for the opening skirmish of the battle to come. Then the Guards parted to reveal the one they were protecting: Princess Luna. "We...have been looking everywhere for you," she said nervously, "since we first heard that you still existed." Somehow, her powerful, resonant Royal Voice sounded nervous, even shy. "We would like to ask...that you come out...and enjoy our Night." And so it came to pass that there was peace between Evernight and Equestria. Luna formed her own Night Guard, drawn from the eager ranks of Evernight's Night Watch warriors and even some day ponies. At sunset, the bat ponies of Evernight can be seen surging from the gates of Amun-Ta in a great, joyous revelry, the Flight, where they can at last soar freely under the stars, bathed in Luna's silvery light. Funerary Practices, Reverence for Ancestors, and Shamanism: In the bat pony city of Evernight, when a pony dies, their corpse is placed in a crypt in the Necropolis, where scavenger insects and other small creatures from the deep-cave ecosystem are allowed to feed on it while it decomposes. Six months later, the skull is brought to a Skull-Carver, who has spent the intervening time talking with the family and friends of the deceased, helping them through their grieving process and hearing their stories about the deceased. The carver then spends the next six months carving the skull with magical sigils and images or symbols pointing to key moments of the deceased's life. On their first Deathday, the skull is publicly presented in a funeral procession that is at once sad and joyful, a celebration of their life and death. The skull is then placed in a shrine carved from the living rock of the Pillars of Memory, a "forest" of joined stalagtite-stalagmite pillars that is sacred to the bat ponies. Family members are expected to regularly bring offerings of perfume, chocolate, and other sensory treats, as well as stories of how the family is getting along. The Skull-Carver or a specialist medium might also be asked to allow the revered ancestors to speak through them. Skull-Carvers also have a prominent role in dealing with curses, hauntings, and other "issues" between the living and the dead. It is a highly-regarded profession in Evernight. This is based on similar practices that exist here on Earth, and may or may not be as "true" as they are.