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Found 12 results

  1. Hello fellow ponies! Ask me anything you want!
  2. Basically The Mother games are a form of an RPG except its a parody. Plays like Dragon Quest/Warrior in some ways and takes place in a modern America (80s/90s) like setting. Pretty fun and hilarious games. First game in the franchise was Mother 1 for the Famicom (Japanese NES). It plays like Dragon Warrior/Quest and Final Fantasy for NES. Second is Mother 2 (AKA EarthBound) released on SNES and is considered to be one of the best RPGs on the Super Nintendo. Third is Mother 3 released on Gameboy Advance (in Japan). Have you heard of this series? If yes, then what are your thoughts?
  3. Well, not actually bat “pony” but, it still counts right? behold, we have emerged from winter. National Bat Appreciation Day occurs annually on April 17th. April is the best time of the year to observe bats, as they are now beginning to emerge from hibernation. National Bat Appreciation Day is also an excellent time to learn about the role bats play in nature. One important reason to celebrate bats is that they are considered to be an “insectivorous” creature because they rid our world of many annoying insects. In one hour, a bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes. Fun Bat Facts: Some species of bats can live up to 40 years. Bats can see in the dark and use their extreme sense of hearing. Bats are the only mammal naturally capable of true and sustained flight. There are over 1,200 known species of bats. The United States is home to an estimated 48 species of bats. Nearly 70% of bats are insectivores. One of the largest bats is the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox bat weighing up to 4 lbs with a wingspan of up to 5 feet, 7 inches. Bats are clean animals, grooming themselves almost constantly. North America’s largest urban bat colony is found on the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas. It is home to an estimated 1,500,000 Mexican Free-Tailed bats. This colony of bats eats approximately 10,000 to 30,000 lbs of insects each night. It is estimated 100,000 tourists visit the bridge annually to watch the bats leave the roost at twilight. One colony of 150 Big Brown bats can protect farmers from up to 33 million or more rootworms each summer. Almost 40% of American bat species are in severe decline, with some already listed as endangered or threatened. Three U.S. states have an official state bat. Texas and Oklahoma have named the Mexican Free-Tailed bat their state bat, and Virginia has dubbed the Virginia Big-Eared bat their state bat. HOW TO OBSERVE Use #BatAppreciationDay to post on social media.
  4. #Bats from #MLP:FiM on the #Organ
  5. Rebellious

    Star Gazing

    Drawing of My oc Astrid
  6. MELTED BACK Frozen. When a pony gets frozen, in an ice cube, it is like they are dead. They are breathing however, they don't see, they don't hear and most importantly they don't ever feel or remember anything during the time they were in the ice cube. An orange heated light, that is what I indeed saw when we were melted. After my head was free, immediately I inhaled really strong and felt the ache that my lungs were making. How long had it been? The last thing I remember was preventing the dark cast that Nightmare Moon was about to cast to Princess Celestia. I used a magical mirror, appeared in front of me. I wished a miracle from a unique yellow star, falling from the sky. I recall using it to deflect the cast but it was too powerful. I remember falling down, hitting on one of the concrete roads. I remember my cutie mark appearing on my flank afterward. Before beginning anything, let me tell you how bat ponies are treated. We bat ponies are resistible and stronger at nights than normal ponies. You can never see us in roads of Ponyville, talking and socializing with others. I barely have time doing that with my friends. I and other bat ponies really get tired if we don't sleep, and the sun is not a good friend of us. After Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon by Princess Celestia, I and the other Lunar Guards were frozen in the ice cubes. It is because bat ponies are very rare to find and they did not want to lose us during that thousand years of a period without Nightmare Moon. That is why they froze us. Just in case Nightmare Moon can come back, and just in case she can be stronger than ever before. My name is Ginger Ale. I was born in one of the darkest rooms of The Castle of Two Sisters while my parents were working as servants to Nightmare Moon. I was named Ginger Ale because my hair color reminded my father his favorite drink. My only dream was and is still to become a commander of the Lunar Guards and become Princess Luna's favorite. I am nineteen years old and I worked as an apprentice of one of the guards. I was set free. I moved my wings. I looked at my surrounding. Other bat ponies were also trying to get used to the unmelted life. Suddenly my eyes went on to North Star. My dearest friend. I rushed myself and found herself in my arms. We hugged. We missed each other a lot. Where were we? This place was not the Castle of Two Sisters. "Finally, it is all over. We are back to duty." North Star said to me while smiling. Our commander came. He heard us. "I am afraid it is not all over. Ladies and gentle colts, welcome to Canterlot, you are all here after thousand years. We need your help" he interrupted our happy rejoining. "Nightmare Moon got back. She was seen in the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville. We don't know what she is up to but we need to find and protect Princess Celestia." he continued. As bat ponies, it might sound confusing, why do bat ponies include themselves in this fight and why do they protect Princess Celestia instead of Nightmare Moon. First of all, Nightmare Moon is surrounded by evil forces and we know that and we can not support that. Secondly, Nightmare Moon always strikes at night time which means the time where bat ponies are stronger and needed. Celestia's guards protect the day while bat ponies protect the night. So until Nightmare Moon is becoming Princess Luna, we have to protect Princess Celestia for harmony. "Where is Princess Celestia?" I asked. The guards told us that she was missing. Me and North Star looked at each other. I knew she wanted everyone to be safe more than anyone. She was panicking inside and there was nothing to do. As we were trying to understand what was going on two lunar guards came in to tell the recent news. "Nightmare Moon has vanished, she was last seen in the Everfree Forest. All of us are still searching but we need others too." one of them said. Commander turned back and after learning the news he turned to us. "You know what to do? What are you looking at? No apple pies for none of you until you find Nightmare Moon!" he said and with his order North Star and I left the castle and went on the road to Everfree Forest. When we were flying I was trying hard to tolerate my friend but I was the real one who was panicking. "So commander where are we heading?" North Star asked. She knew my dream job and she really wanted me to achieve my goal. Surprisingly, she was more optimistic than me and she was the one tolerating me. While I was leading the way we were softly getting closer to the Everfree Forest. I was about to land when North Star dashed in front of me and stopped me from landing. She pointed six ponies that were walking to the Castle of Two Sisters. "We are not alone," she said. We wanted them to get a little far from us when we heard a gigantic explosion from the castle. We looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. "What is going on in the castle?" North Star asked. "I don't know, but I am sure it is not good," I replied. "We need to go there, those ponies are not safe," I replied. "We can't." North Star said. "You know the rules, until Luna shows the Lunar Guards the ponies, for them bat ponies are legends. They should not see us and they should not know that the legend is true and we exist." she continued. I nodded and had nothing to say. Soon we heard another explosion and we flew up through the castle to see what it was. This explosion was different and it was in rainbow colors. "I recall this explosion," I said. "The elements of harmony! It is back, all the time it was held in the Castle of Two Sisters." I continued and became a little relieved. "If they used it again doesn't that mean..." North Star said and I interrupted her. "Yes, I guess she got banished to the moon again. Our time is now over again. Maybe they will freeze us once more." as I was becoming less optimistic again we heard some cheers and claps from one of the rooms of the Castle of Two Sisters. We achieved to have a peek and come closer to the castle secretly. Nightmare Moon was turned back to Princess Luna instead of being sent to the moon again. She was hugging Princess Celestia while the same six ponies we saw walking to the castle were cheering for them. We looked at each other and hugged. Immediately, we rushed back to the Canterlot Castle to tell the good news to the other ponies. Now it was our time to continue protecting the night, bat ponies were back because Princess Luna was back. This called for a celebration and we all drank our Apple Ciders in one of the rooms of Canterlot. It was decorated with white crescent moon banners with dark blue background. While North Star was eating crescent moon shaped crackers we were tossing our drinks. Commander came in and cleared his throat. We all looked at him. "Attention everypony!" he said. "Let me present you, the princess of the night, Princess Luna." he continued. With her short light blue hair, Princess Luna walked in and we all hailed when we saw her. She levitated a spoon and a cup and hit the spoon to the cup to start a speech. She cleared her throat and stood up on the rostrum of the room. "When I look at all of your faces, I see the passion. My helpers, my friends, my companions. I owe you this victory and harmony. Without you, nothing could end up well. As long as Equestria exists, there will be always a need for ponies to be guarded. That is why we all need bat ponies. I want to toast for all of you! Because this is not only mine but also your success. Let us continue our quests and guarding. It is now time for ponies to know the bat ponies are existing too!" she said. Everyone was surprised and so happy. The room was including nothing but loud cheer and clapping sounds. "Now if you excuse me, I must attend to the celebration party at Ponyville." she continued. North Star and I hugged once more. Now it was time for me to become a commander of the Lunar Guards. Now it was my time to become Princess Luna's favorite bat pony. While she was walking out, Princess Luna and I came eye to eye. She smiled and blinked at me. North Star saw it too. We were so happy. Now it was time for us to continue our adventure in both Ponyville and Canterlot while guarding night. -END OF CHAPTER ONE- Story by @Ginger Ale (PS: The picture for this story is currently being drawn by @SFyr for this story and North Star is the OC of @SFyr and Ginger Ale is the OC of mine drawn by @SFyr) Additional Info: North Star (@SFyr's OC) Ginger Ale (My OC) Both pictures were drawn by @SFyr. Thank you so much @SFyr for letting me include your pretty OC in my story and thank you so much for letting them become best friends. My first written fan work on these forums everyone and also first with my Ginger Ale OC. Hope you all like it and hope it made you have a good time. Thank you so much for sharing from your precious time to read this story. Love you all. <3
  7. I'm unsure about the coat and eye color. But I'd like to keep the hair black and purple. I need a name, talent, and cutie mark...
  8. "I heard there are troubles of one or more kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!" - Dr. Seuss
  9. Sorry folks, I posted this in the wrong area. I feel like an idiot, so please delete this or move it to the correct place. Please?? I selected this to be related to books, because this is a long narration of a story while someone is playing a game. Feel free to change it to gaming if you feel the need to, but I would consider this to just be a long story. It may not make ANY Logical sense, but this is the best "Short" story ever told in the history of mankind. Narrated by the glorious PaperBatVG (PBat for short) during his playthrough of the level "Final Rush" in Sonic Adventure 2. The story begins at about 19:30 in video time. It lasts for about two hours, so get some popcorn and a drink ready. There is a bit of foul language, just saying as a warning. I do not take credit for anything here. Click to begin: Sorry, I'm not sure how to post the actual video... WAIT I MADE A GIANT MISTAKE HOLD ON GET RID OF THIS ALL PLEASE. I NEED TO POST THIS ELSEWHERE -- PLEASE DELETE. I need to post this to the Non-pony related arts section... sorry
  10. i drew these on new years eve when i did a request stream. the first one is my friend fel the batpony in armor, and the second one is just us dorks :3 what do you guys think?
  11. I was thinking about this when I was making my Roleplaying Character, Archon Sule A bit much, I know. If you read the long, over-the-top backstory I made (I was in the ZONE) you will know what I am talking about. The ponies that you see pulling Luna's Chariot are like Pegasi, but they have they have Bat wings instead. I seriously doubt that they fit in with the Pegasi, so I think they should be declared a new type of pony in the show. I gave it a name: a Maluma (Malumai for plural). What do you guys think?