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Found 1 result

  1. (I originally posted this on @Dreambiscuit wall but I forgot that she currently away so I decided to share this with all of you) Are you familiar with DC Comics? (a better question is do you "like" it enough to read it every now and then) If so do you know that DC got done with a huge story arc focusing on Batman, Called Dark knights metal? To make a long story short Dark Knights Metal introduced something called the Dark Multiverse, The Dark Multiverse are pocket dimensions that are unstable and dying. These Pocket Dimensions are dying because they were created from Batman's Fears, nightmares and anxieties. and in the end regardless of what batman does he could not save them... Dare I say it, imagine if Twilight Sparkles greatest fears branched off and created unstable worlds say, 6 of them. in each one these worlds she fails to live up to her friendship title in some major way and as a a last ditch effort is offered safe passage to Equestria Prime. MLP FIM has toyed with the idea of clones before, the Mean 6, Too many Pinkie pies and I think an IDW comic also introduced the clones based on the mane 6. however, it's important to realize that these versions of twilight aren't clones they are Twilight, each one of them failing to live up to their role in a major way. How do you reason with 6 corrupted twilights? I'm not mentioning any specific scenarios here mainly because I'm still working them out in my head