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Found 12 results

  1. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  2. Figured I'd publish a blog about this because why not. This past weekend I uploaded three new chapters for my ongoing fanfic, Batmare Begins. If you like fanfiction, or Batman, or Derpy Hooves, or a combination of all of them, and haven't looked at this yet, I'm always happy to get new readers. Hope everyone has a nice Monday! Batmare Begins
  3. Morning everyone. Sorry I didn't get a thread posted about this yesterday, but the third chapter update I promised this weekend has been up since yesterday. Hope you all enjoy, and if you haven't checked out Batmare Begins yet, I'm always happy to have new readers! Have a nice day everyone! Batmare Begins
  4. Hey everyone, guess what? That's right! After a Batmare Begins drought that's lasted since I last update (to my shame) in August, Batmare Begins is finally getting an update! And it's not just any update. It's... a Triple-Bat-Decker-Sized Update!!! Next week, in celebration of both Holy Week, Season 6 of MLP, and the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I will be releasing on Fimfiction on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday three new chapters for Batmare Begins totaling over 20,000 words!!! I'm just wrapping up some last minute edits to them right now, but I promise you all, they are coming on those dates, and you won't be disappointed. I want to thank any long time readers of mine for your patience and support as I struggled to get these chapters out, and I hope you enjoy them very much when they finally release. Thank you again, everypony, and have a wonderful day!
  5. Hello one and all! Just posting this blog post to celebrate the publishing of the last of four recently completed chapters for "Batmare Begins" and give ya'll some news about what comes next. As it now stands, the fic is 6 chapters and +55,000 words long. This'll be the last chapter released for a little while. I'm busy getting underway writing Chapter 7, and even though I'm also getting started with a new part time job, with the holidays coming to a close things should be a little less crazy from now on, so hopefully I'll be able to devote a consistent and fair amount of time to writing on a regular basis. To my old readers, I want to again thank you for all of your patience during this 8 month hiatus; to my new readers, I want to thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope as my story develops that it does not disappoint, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you one and all for your support! To anyone who has yet to check my story out and would like to, you'll find the link to the story itself below. As I've said before, I started writing this fic as a way to give back to both MLP Forums and the brony community as a whole for bringing the show, so many new friends, and thousands of pieces of amazing artwork, fanfiction, music, and videos into my life. I promise you, it's not as goofy, predictable, or ridiculous a story as the premise sounds like; I've tried to put together a serious, dramatic, and original story here, and to anyone who decides to check it out, I hope you enjoy the read! Merry Belated Christmas everypony, and Happy-Late-By-A-Few-Days-New-Year!!!
  6. Greetings ya'll!!! Well, with the forums back up and running, it's time for me to post the link to the sixth chapter of "Batmare Begins". I actually did still publish the chapter on Friday, but for obvious reasons was unable to share the good news with ya'll until today. Give it a read, and if you want, like it, fave it, or even provide some feedback and critiques in the comments section. As noted in the Author's Notes for this chapter as well, this chapter is dedicated to the 19 members of the Prescott Fire Department's Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished this summer while fighting the Yarnell Hill fire in central Arizona. I sincerely hope this doesn't come across as disrespectful or ostentatious on my part; believe me, I mean this with all sincerity when I say it. I know this is just some onine fanfiction of my own, and probably won't be seen or read by that many people, but back in the middle of summer when that terrible tragedy happened, I resolved then and there to dedicate this particular chapter to those men. I hold nothing but the highest respect and gratitude for their service and sacrifice, along with the service of every other man and woman across the country who serve in the United States' police and fire departments and paramedic squads. These men and women put their lives on the line every day in their work, and too often many end up making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of others, and to each and every one of them I say thank you. I truly hope that I was able to convey my respect for these professions in my writing this chapter. If anything at all came across as disrespectful or disingenuous, I deeply apologize. This'll be the last chapter released for a little while. I'm busy getting underway writing Chapter 7, and even though I'm also getting started with a new part time job, with the holidays coming to a close things should be a little less crazy from now on, so hopefully I'll be able to devote a consistent and fair amount of time to writing on a regular basis. To my old readers, I want to again thank you for all of your patience during this 8 month hiatus; to my new readers, I want to thank you for giving my story a chance. I hope as my story develops that it does not disappoint, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you one and all for your support!
  7. Happy New Year everypony!!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve with your friends or family. To ring in the New Year, I've just published the fifth chapter of "Batmare Begins" over at FIMFiction! If you'd like, kindly check it out, rate it, and let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below the chapter, or even on this thread if you'd like (along with any questions you might have as well, either concerning the story or my own writing process). Not too much else to say besides that, so without further ado, here's the link to "Batmare Begins: Chapter 5 - Ascent"!
  8. Alrighty, the fourth chapter of "Batmare Begins" is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Things take a turn for the serious this chapter as Derpy begins to near the end of the first stages of her training. Will she manage to succeed and overcome the hurdles in her way? Find out in the latest installment of my fic! Once again, a big thank you to DashForever for helping me edit this chapter and providing some invaluable advice. Couldn't do it without ya buddy! Well, that's it for this topic; if you want to read the new chapter, just click on the link below, and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to leave them here or in the comments section of the fic itself. Have a good night everypony!!!
  9. It's here, it's here, it's finally here everypony!!! After a MASSIVE writing period that took me all summer and fall, the first of four new chapters for "Batmare Begins" is finished and has been published ya'll!!! Chapter 3 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure. The next three chapters will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday (at least, that's the plan). Special thanks to my BFF DashForever for helping me edit Chapter 3 as well as for all his support and helpful advice and creative input during the writing process. He also introduced me to the Winningverse during this writing period, which should in the long run have a BIG impact on the direction that my own writing takes, so thank you for that as well DF. You're the best, buddy! Also, big shout out to Midnight Scribbler (deviantART ID: Soultrip69), who's graciously volunteered to put together some new cover art for the story, which, Lord willing, may even be up this week. If you haven't yet, check out some of his awesome art here (; dude's seriously a fantastic artist and a great friend! Thanks for your help Midnight!!! Finally, a big, big thank you to Chengar Qordath, creator of the Winningverse. While my story does not take place in the Winningverse, Chengar Qordath has been kind enough to allow me to utilize Clan Kicker, and the major family members of said clan, such as Cloud Kicker and her immediate family, in my own story. He also has graciously provided me with lots and lots of useful tips and invaluable advice in my writing any segments that have involved Clan Kicker so far, and has always answered any questions I've had whenever I've come to him with them. Thank you so much Chengar for your permission and all your help and support, and seriously everypony, if you haven't checked out Chengar Qordath's Winningverse yet, do so ASAP! It's seriously one of the greatest fanon universes in all of MLP fanfiction, and contains some outstanding gems such as "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony" and "The Lunar Rebellion". Here's a link to his massive body of works: Well, that's all I got to say, so without further ado, here's "Batmare Begins - Chapter 3: The Order of Extraordinary Ponies". Just click on the link below and you'll get there. Enjoy everypony!!! Let me know what you think of the latest chapter in the comments below, and if you haven't started "Batmare Begins" yet and decide to do so, let me know what you think of the story as a whole.
  10. I finally got around to reading the MLP Comics. On the first issue so far. Saw this panel. Shared it with DashForever, and boom. 'Bookcave'. This happened. In the dead of night, when all early birds are asleep, one night owl pony diligently watches over Ponyville. From her towering tree library, she sees all evildoers and their petty crimes. So watch out, because if you have an overdue book in your possession, she will be coming... Literary Lass and Dragon Boy. With her bookmark boomerangs, she smites down all tardy book borrowers in their tracks. With her bookmobile, she pursues even the slipperiest of lazy ponies who lose track of time. And with 'READ' christened across the Bookmobile's license plate, all will know who it is that hunts them.
  11. Hello ya'll!!! Well, after a long, long, LONG writing period, the second chapter of "Batmare Begins" is finally completed, edited, and up on FIM Fiction. Special thanks to my great friend DashForever for taking the time to help me edit the story throughout the writing process and after the first draft was completed. Also, special shout-out to Adelind, who is currently working on a number of sketches for both the cover art and individual chapters of my fic. I really appreciate the favor and can't wait to see what she comes up with! If you haven't checked out her work yet, everypony, do so, do so right now! Adelind is an amazing artist, hands down one of the best I've ever seen on the forums, or in the fandom in general. Here's a link to one of her pieces: Well, that's all I got to say, so without further ado, here's "Batmare Begins - Chapter 2: Why Am I Here?". Just click on the link below and you'll get there. Enjoy everypony!!! Let me know what you think of the latest chapter in the comments below.
  12. Well, here it is ya'll, my first ever fan fiction for any fandom whatsoever! Sorry it took me a little while to complete the first chapter of what will hopefully turn into a rather long series; just seemed to never be able to make time over Christmas break. Anyways, to get down to business, before I begin, I'll explain a few things for those of you unfamiliar with my concept here. As you can probably tell from the title, this fan fiction is an MLP/Batman crossover, specifically MLP and Christopher Nolan's Batman films, at least in plot structure. While initially this may sound a bit uninspired and generic, I assure you, despite the fact that in some regards I am drawing rather heavily from the Nolan source material, I intend to stay true to any characters who appear from the show itself, and to have plenty of original elements and material as the story progresses, which I hope will be at least somewhat evident in this first chapter. This has been something that I've been coming up with for quite some time now, and I'm quite passionate about it, so I hope that that comes across as well and translates to some quality writing, but I'll leave you all to be the judges of that. Overall, this story is intended to be two things: (1) A gift to the brony community; this community has been a wonderful place for me since I joined almost a year ago, and I've always felt bad that I've had no creative content of my own to contribute to the fandom for fellow bronies and pegasisters to enjoy as so many other bronies have done through their art, music, videos, or fan fics. So everypony, allow me to humbly bestow this small gift to ya'll as a token of my appreciation for all the good that this show, fandom, and all the friends I've met and laughs I've had since joining have done for me!!!! I love you guys, each and every one of you!!! (2) A shout-out to Derpy Hooves, hands down my favorite background pony. Almost since as long as I've been a part of the fandom, Derpy Hooves has held a special place in my heart, which is somewhat ironic considering "The Last Round Up" controversy was just dying down when I joined last year. It's hard to concretely express in only a few words why I love her so much, but there's both an innocence about her and great potential to do great things with her character that I believe it's our responsibility as bronies to take up, considering we all very well know that the show never will, not after that controversy. Another reason this is a shout-out to Derpy is because, well, I don't want bronies to forget just how important she's been to the fandom. I get that someponies don't really care for her cameos that much, and that's totally fine, but I think it'd be a dang shame if too many ponies forget just what she has meant for bronydom throughout the show's production. She was, in all actuality, one of the first, if not the first, major reason that Studio B and the first bronies came into contact with one another; when adult men started pointing out this cute little derpy-eyed animation error, and expressed their love for it, Studio B suddenly became aware that somewhere out there, there were quite a few fans of the show whom they never expected, so what did they do? They ran with it, and in retaining the derpy eyes and bringing her back for cameos, Studio B sent out one of its first messages to the rapidly developing fandom that nopony ever expected that they knew we were out there, they were listening to what we had to say, and they liked both our excitement and feedback! Sadly, due to the controversies of last season, it's quite apparent that there's been significant pressure from Hasbro this season not to include Derpy in too many episodes or evident cameos for that matter, and while love for her remains strong in the fandom, my primary concern is that some newer bronies won't be able to appreciate the major place she has had in the history of bronydom as we older bronies can, and so, if I can at least lead a few bronies to have a greater love and appreciation of Derpy, then I'll have achieved what I set out to do in the first place. Well, that was a little bit longer of an introduction than I anticipated! Seeing as this is my first fan fiction ever, if any of ya'll who decide to read this have any further questions, comments, or suggestions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I think that's about it, so without further ado, I present to you "Batmare Begins - Chapter 1: Aucune Licorne Magique". Enjoy everypony!!!!!!! TL;DR - I love bronies, I love Derpy, here ya'll go, leave comments below. Enjoy!!!!!!! Edit: Seeing as I just got the story up on FIM Fiction, I decided to replace the spoiler covered story with just a link to the story on FIM Fiction, which has a much nicer format for that sort of thing. Just click on the link to get to the story. Enjoy everypony!!!