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Found 18 results

  1. This thread is dedicated to bat ponies, as well as The Vampony Army of MLPforums. Group of vampire bats slowly taking over the forums. With bats and cute stuff, like bats. Here you can discuss everything bat pony related and of course plans for overtaking the forums. The Vampony Army marshes on, either you're with us or you're against us. Here you can post bat ponies and pretty much everything bat related. The Vampony Army strives for a better forum, a more bat orientated forum. So yeah, we're cool we do bite but what do you expect. So what are you waiting for, get bitten today. Become the night.
  2. #Bats from #MLP:FiM on the #Organ
  3. I decided to post this as a topic for the heck of it. You weren't expecting this to exist, did you?I hope you enjoy it.
  4. I decided to post this as a topic for the heck of it. You weren't expecting this to exist, did you? I hope you enjoy it.
  5. For all you hip hop fans out there, I remixed Bats! and set it to Hypnotize. Hope y'all enjoy!
  6. Hey there, hell-bat ponies. So, my whole reason for making this niche (or is it?) little thread is to see if there's anypony out on these forums that loves Meat Loaf. That, and to see if I can learn of any particular gems that must've been evading me all this time! I've known about the Band for several years now, and am all over the albums Bat out of Hell, Bat out of Hell III and recently Welcome to the Neighborhood. So far I haven't really gotten around to trying most their other stuff, so, let's jump right in. My personal top 6 ML songs are these, in no particular order: Seize The Night If God Could Talk The Monster Is Loose Paradise by the Dashboard Light Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through Where The Rubber Meets The Road And here's a seventh close tie-in. Still AliveOh, and for those that are new to Meat Loaf, the link below is for the BoH III album, which is from 2006. Bat Out of Hell III Fire away!
  7. I drew a flutterbat really really quickly with textas. It's more of a doodle than an actual "work of art" so yea. Critiques still appreciated! <---- Link for those who can't see image!
  8. Hey guys! What's up! I finally decided to post this cover, I've been avoiding it partially due to being busy, and partially due to site troubles, but I finally got around to deciding to do it. I recorded this last Wednesday, because I had like almost 2 hours or so to sing home alone due to my family being out. And I knew essentially when they were returning, making me even more comfortable again. So I enjoyed my time and sang some stuff, there are some thing I tried to sing and they turned out bleh, mostly because I didn't spend a bunch of time on them, and some I just sung for fun during that time, but during that time I decided I wanted to try and do some kind of cover that I knew I could post, and I also decided to try one of the songs that might normally take a bit more time than others. So, after some exploring of stuff(Just so you know I tried "This Day Aria" and yeah, that song is difficult, i need a lot of practice to get that one ;p.) and I finally decided on "Bats". I also realized that Bat's has the exchange throughout between Fluttershy and Applejack, and the way that it transitions I wasn't going to be able to do it quite the same as I normally do songs, where I sing the whole thing through as one recording. So I actually had to record each part in the song separate, well I could've probably done Rainbow dash and Rarity's together or something, but it was easier not to. So I had separate recordings for Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbowdash, And the Chanting part. This is the first time I've ever done any multi track song, usually I just have the instrumental on one track, and my vocals on another, but I had like 5 different vocal tracks this time. I had a few issues with it at first, but in the end I think it worked out ok. The most major issue I had was with the chanting, because I kinda messed up the harmonies, and they turned out bad, I tried some artificial harmonies with audacity or something, but that was just bleh. So I gave up on the collective chanting(Partially because I couldn't figure out the different parts, although I suppose I didn't spend a bunch of time on that) so anyways, that's not in there unfortunately, Hopefully you enjoy regardless, maybe I can do this sometime again when I understand how to do that better. Anyways, I'm going to stop rambling and let you all have what you came here for. Actually one more thing! This recording was done with a different mic setting on my microphone, (Blue snowball) It has less sensitivity I find, so I wanted to see if it would make things sound any better. Tell me your opinion on that if you have the chance. I thought it was nice because the mic didn't get this loud noise when i got really loud as easy. Alright, everything else is basically the same, so hopefully you enjoy! Idk if i'd say it's the best I could've done, even with the almost 2 hours I spent recording attempts for this, (I only got like 5 saved recordings for AJ and Flutters, and only like 2-3 for the rest of the parts.) it could've been better, but I'll let others give their opinions. Enjoy!(Hopefully)
  9. I'm back with some art after some soul-searching/knee-slapping/regret. And have some DeviantArt while you're at it. What Citrus was listening to while making this.
  10. sorry I couldn't get some footage of the actual song, but yeah. Anyway, I got a new Snowball mic and I learned how to properly edit, and my voice got a lot better, so here you go! Tell me what you think guys!
  11. Remember in "Bats!" how the mane 6 have to sacrifice the Apple family’s big apple to save Fluttershy? Well, we never see what happens when Granny Smith and company come home to see their contest entry compromised. So picture this: after the events of “Bats!”, Granny Smith and company come home and find that Applejack cut their big apple they were entering in the contest. What do you think happens next? How do you think Granny Smith reacts to the big apple being cut and compromised?
  12. All right this theory might seem a little weird and not make since but this is just something I noticed. I think Pinkie Pie might be afraid of bats. Okay here's my reasoning for that thought. In Ticket Master, when the tickets fell on Pinkie's face she said, "BATS, BATS IN MY FACE!" It could be a one off joke though Later in the episode Bats Pinkie is super afraid of Flutterbat, willing to burrow out of the way from it. So could this mean that Pinkie has some sort of phobia to bats? So discuss away.
  13. So I covered the latest pony song! I was trying for electro swing, but it came out too slow. Oh well, there's always next time.
  14. I wasn't planning on making this topic, but I've notices some backlash against Applejack recently on this board, to the point of mud slinging and even a topic made expressing out right hatred for the farm pony. So I made this to try to balance all that. These are the reasons why I think Applejack had to act with a sense of urgency to round up all the bats and get them away from the farm. - The vampire bats weren't responding to Fluttershy's attempt to communicate with them, and she didn't seem to have much confidence in stating the issue to Applejack. Fluttershy failing to communicate with creatures is not an oddity in the show, and has happened twice already (Best Night Ever, Return to Harmony part 1), four if you count the Hydra from ep. 15 and Greed dragon Spike from S2 ep 10. - The rate the vampire fruit bats were taking in the apples was quite startling. It was stated that vampire bat Fluttershy, alone, would take down AJ's entire crop. - The vampire bats had come before and had greatly affected the apples pulled that year. - Applejack has had to deal with several creatures that have done damage to her orchard in the past: the Parasprites (ep.10), bunnies (ep.23), caterpillars, (S2 ep.13), and beavers (S3 ep.10). Each time she was forced to act with a sense of urgency to save her crops. Many of these are creatures Fluttershy is also fond off. - The west orchard was already given to the fruit bats and they haven't left yet. Granny Smith stated that they haven't been able to "tend to" those fields since they got "filled up" with the fruit bats (Apple Family Reunion). So if these vampire fruit bats decided to stay at the only source of apples in Ponyvile, then another part of the orchard is permanently lost. - It's been stated that the Apple family heavily rely on popularity of Cider sales to put them through the winter. The Zap apples only come around every few years and can't be relied on as a source (S2 ep.13). If their profit margins are significantly affected then their ability to maintain Sweet Apples Acres falls to the wayside. There are signs too that the Apple family doesn't have a lot of backup money to relay on, otherwise tools would be replaced and Granny could get that needed surgery (Ticket Master). - Applejack is alone during this bucking season, so she can only get to so many of the good trees (Applebuck Season) and would need to pull out all the stops to deal with any crisis that arises since her family isn't with her. - The Vampire Fruit Bats have never been stated to eat just apples. Wouldn't AJ's farm have long since been swarmed by them as the only apple farm around if they did? There are other factors too, like keeping the bats to one part, the way the seeds need to be planned, spreading diseases to the other animals, and the growth rate of trees, but since I'm not a farmer, I can't speak to these. Overall, I'm not saying Fluttershy's view is wrong, just that Applejack had good reasons to act the way she did, even if that included sing a song with a dark backdrop. -
  15. First of all, happy new year everybody! The meta-idea of the episode "Bats!" is as simple as an orange: if you have any problems with nature, don't use unnatural solutions. Or it will always backfire. That's unfortunate, but very expectable. Nowadays the totalitarian green ideology seems to dominate our civilization. Funny thing, that MLP:FiM, trying to propagate this ideology, shows how essentially weak and emotionally-based it is. At the beginning of argument, we are shown, that Fluttershy's view of creatures in question is highly idealized: she depicts them as cute as possible. Her standpoint is simple: live them be, because they are living beings. Which is highly normal for a person like Fluttershy, but has nothing to do with the current problem. And thus she tries to score points for them on emotional level. After the radical attempt to exterminate this specific population of vampire-bats goes south Fluttershy suggests giving them a part of orchard as a reserve. But when we think about it, her so called "solution" isn't a solution at all, so, it won't work. When you settle a population into an ideal environment with plenty of food and no mutual foes, it will multiply through procreation until there not enough food for everyone. In a normal situation, be it a national park or Petri dish, individuals will compete for the food and losers will starve to death or get too weak to procreate. In our case, however, they will just expand, means, take over the rest of the orchard. Applejack will have the same problem only in a much larger scale. Because then there will be much more of them. Too bad, the little girls, who watch this show won't see it. And the argument of "more seeds for more productive trees" is just ridiculous. I refuse to believe, that Applejack could buy it. The problem of seeds in the orchard plantation is pretty much non-existent for many reasons. The most important ones are that you need several years to grow a tree and you can plant only as many trees as much acres you have. Generally, the idea "don't use unnatural solutions, or they will always backfire" is a shameless exaggeration. Which is not unexpected for a totalitarian ideology. First of all, agriculture is unnatural on itself. But it is that unnatural practice that allows 300 million people to live on the territory, where only 2 million people use to live 500 years ago. Also, we have to admit, sometimes, those radical solutions backfire. But we must look at both sides of the equation. When we use insecticides, like DDT, they collect in the liver of Antarctic penguins. Which is unfortunate: penguins are cute. But when we ban them, we get 2 million deaths from malaria annually on our hands. But no, green activists don't want to hear it: penguins are cute and those suckers dying from malaria can go to hell. Another thing is that "sometimes" doesn't mean "always". But it is what green activists believe: it's unnatural, so, it must be bad. We don't know how exactly, but it must. So, they try to ban golden rice that can save lives of more then a half million children dying each year from vitamin A deficiency. Because, you know, it's genetically modified, so, it must be bad somehow. And to hell with all those children. It looks like all that fighters for animal rights just hate humanity. Which reminds me, that Hitler was a veggie, too. And what we see in "Bats" episode? Fluttershy, the known caretaker of animals, becomes a creature she wanted to protect: an ugly monster. She doesn't act like, sapient being, doesn't recognize her friends anymore and has only one drive in her life: thirst. If that's not a picture that speaks for itself, then I don't know what is.
  16. This probably isn't necessary yet since the latest remixes are mostly of "Hearts Strong as Horses" (which was added).
  17. After watching this weeks episode and going through a moderate Dracula marathon, I think this picture was a logical conclusion:
  18. Last week's movie night didn't go as planned so we're going to try again tonight. Pocahontas Showtimes 4:00 PM EDT 10:00 PM GMT +1 Batman Begins Showtimes 5:30 PM EDT 11:30 PM GMT +1 So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and prepare to fill your head with native Americans and bats! Rules Don't spam. That means no <3 <3 <3 <3, johnmaddenjohnmaddenjohnmadden, as;dlfkja;ldkfj, eeyup eeyup eeyup, or anything of the sort. Keep discussion on topic. This event is for watching movies together, not random chat. Try to keep all discussion at least somewhat related to the movie. Don't Roleplay. This is not Roleplay World so do not RP in the chat. Follow the global forum rules. This is an official MLP Forums event, so all forum rules apply, no exceptions.If you break a rule once, you get a verbal warning. If you continue to break the rules, you get kicked. If you still continue to break the rules after being kicked, you get banned from the Synchtube Room. In the event that a movie can't be shown for whatever reason, we'll just watch ponies instead. Feel free to contact me if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. If not... Join in on the party!