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Found 10 results

  1. Ever since I was a kid, my parents would watch British shows on PBS. More often than not they would be shown on Saturday nights. Ever since then I've grown accustomed to watching these British Comedies myself. I've always liked such ones as: -Monty Python -Fawlty Towers -Keeping Up Appearances -Chef! -Vicar of Dibley -Mr. Bean -Black Adder -The Young Ones -Are You Being Served? etc. What are your favorite Britcoms?
  2. Mare of Night

    Movies/TV Doctor Who General

    Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show in T.V. history. It is quite possibly up there with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as one of the greatest shows of all time. Please post your Who speculations on the next episode or just whatever you want to say.To get us started, I've decided to make a poll of: Who is the best Doctor?This is a debate which has been raging for years between the Who fans. Who is the best Doctor?Did David Tennant's playful yet serious personality strike it lucky with you? Is there a special place in your heart for Tom Baker? Or is Matt Smith the right one for the part?I am very eager to hear about all your reasons why each doctor is the best.Please do not just say: "DAVID TENNANT COS HES KEWL" If you are going to make a contribution, make sure your reason is legitimate and not stupid.Okay, let's begin...My Favourite is David Tennant, as he manages to be a playful and happy Doctor, as well as being serious. I also feel that the Time War was explored into a little more detail with him, and he told us about the gruesome details. He is also the most social Doctor. A lot of the other Doctors were very quiet or enigmatic. David Tennant excellently portrayed a Doctor who knows how to walk the talk.I look forward to your contributions.
  3. So Yeah,Title says it all Even Though Clarkson Has been sacked,I Still watch Old Topgear episodes every now and then.
  4. natemonster321

    Movies/TV Robin Hood BBC

    Is there anypony who even knows about this show? It's on Netflix. It ended in 2009, and is my most recent fandom (at time of this post)
  5. ~Chaotic Eddie~

    Would I Lie to You?

    Based off the popular BBC gameshow Would I Lie to You, and the rules are somewhat similar. Basically, You state either a fact or a falsehood about yourself, and the next player along has to guess if it's a truth or a lie, then give their own fact or falsehood. The original poster may or may not elaborate as to whether or not it was true or not later. Example: Poster 1: I used to eat crayons. Poster 2: Lie. I have never eaten baked beans. Poster 1: (quotes his last post, plus poster 2's answer) Actually, that was true. Poster 3: (quoting Poster 2's fact) True. I like to dress tarantulas in suits. Poster 2: Yep, that one was true. (quotes Poster 3's fact) I'm gonna guess a lie. ...and so on. I'll start: When I was a child, I used to eat such things as pencil graphite, pencils, tar and gravel.
  6. So, Whovians, how do you rate all eleven Doctors? Here's my list: 11.The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)-Yeah. I do like his Doctor due to Big Finish, but his seasons...ugh. I didn't want to rate him this low, honestly. 10.The First Doctor (William Hartnell)-I didn't want to put the original Doctor this low on the list, but he just seemed too grumpy and boring to me ;_; . I love his character in certain episodes, however (The Dalek Invasion of Earth comes to mind) 9.The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)-I haven't watched much of him yet, but from what I've seen, I do like him. I really need to watch more of his episodes... 8.The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)-I really like this one, I really do. If only he had gotten more episodes he would have been higher up this list. But alas, he only got one season. 7.The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)-I know that many of you are probably screaming 'WHAT?' . Let me get this straight:I love Tennant. But The End of Time just ruined him. Then again, so did most of S4. I'm not trying to say his last episodes were bad ones-on the contrary, they were fantastic (no pun intended). But they didn't do good for his character. 6.The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)-I haven't seen much of this one yet as well. But from the few episodes I watched, I definitely like him. Heck, I love him. Only he could walk into the middle of two soldiers fighting while tipping of his hat! Plus, I do like dark, mysterious characters... 5.The Second Doctor (Patrick Thoroughton)-Now here's where I begin to REALLY love the Doctors. Pat's Doctor was great. "When I say run, run!" Too bad he has so many missing episodes...if all of them were still viewable to the public, he would have been my favorite! But of course, the BBC had to dump his episodes. Jerks. Oh well, I still love Pat. 4.The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)-Not much to say about this one except that I love him. So old, yet so young. Easily the best Doctor of the revival. 3.The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)-This Doctor is very, very underrated. The TV Movie sucked, yes, but The Eighth Doctor didn't. I've checked out some Expanded Universe novels and I love his character. 2.The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)-Wow! What an 'alien' Doctor. I generally love characters like him and Tom's fantastic acting skills help him even more. Also, jelly babies. 1.The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)-I freaking love the Fifth Doctor! Some say his kindness was what you call 'vanilla', but I disagree. His kindness is what made him the best Doctor. He was gentle, yet that was his one weakness. He was perfect, yet he wasn't. And say whatever you like about his companions (who I actually like-yes, even Adric). That doesn't change the fact that he's a great Doctor. Yep. I like them all to some extent, but I like some more than others . How do you rank the Doctors?
  7. Hansel

    Movies/TV Sherlock

    The first episode of Series 3 aired last night and I still can't see a thread for it. For shame, MLPForums... for shame... EDIT: Unless there is, in fact, a thread for it and I'm being blind. In which case, this would be very awkward.
  8. I finished watching Series 1 and 2, and I am happy to know this exists, and also happy to finally watch it! I love his (the Doctor) attitude, he always seems to know what to do no matter what the situation. I love the way he talks and acts towards others. One minute he is mad, the next he is as calm as ever. It's hilarious. As for the companion(s), they are awesome. They get to travel with the Doctor and have some fun adventures through space and time. ...I am jealous. The TARDIS on the other hand as cool looking! I love the blue box look. This is what makes it different from other spaceships: it actually looks like something human-made! The episodes are of quality and seem to follow everything accurately (according to my past classes in high school)! Everything about this is awesome! Plus, good writing! I really don't know what else to say, others could probably explain it better than I can!
  9. See, I can draw humans/timelords! Sorta. Maybe. Not really. This looked a lot better when I was not drawing it. That's when things went downhill.
  10. Umbral Noir

    Movies/TV The Red Dwarf Thread

    Hey guys! Here's a thread devoted to the one of the greatest sci-fi comedies ever... Red Dwarf! So come on Dwarfers! Who's your favourite character? What is your favourite episode? Which series is the best? Personally, my favourite character is the Cat, my favourite episode is Backwards and my favourite series is series X. What about you guys?