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Found 4 results

  1. Very important topic, do you have a beard or if you don't have a beard do you like beards? I have a beard, reddish viking beard that I'm growing towards infinity.
  2. EDIT (Aug 21): The production of these covers is absolutely terrible. Don't listen to them. Instrumental solo-less Amon Amarth covers. I did a cover of Twilight of the Thunder God some amount of time ago and posted it. Here is a redone version: And some new ones. The Pursuit of Vikings (fun to headbang to*): Death In Fire: * Unless headbanging is dangerous... Edit: Death In Fire is uploaded now. One of my favorite songs because of the brutal guitar sound.
  3. I made this and I have no clue why I did. Might as well let strangers view it and judge me.... I put no time into it and I really have no idea why I drew it. I must have been tired. Well I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with all the computer parts...I have no idea what happened.
  4. I just re-watched the most recent episode (Dragon Quest) and as spike left on his journey, he had with him a knapsack and as time went on, a beard. As i looked at this, i shot back in disgust! How could they do this!? This is un-acceptable. How could they do this? This is a blatent disregard for the rights of those people, thos unfortunate people. I cant believe they would just go right out and insult....homeless people! I mean...look at him! He has a beard...and a knapsack....clearly taking a shot at the homeless. If that isn't, i don't know what is. I hope i have voice my concerns appropriately. See how stupid this is?