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Found 35 results

  1. The word 'beautiful' is not something people would normally use to describe a confident tomboy like Rainbow Dash. But, in my opinion, I think she's just as gorgeous as Rarity or Fluttershy are often seen as. I mean, I can't take my eyes off that amazing rainbow mane and tail and her purpley eyes, and that scratchy voice of hers is SO ADORABLE. Just because she is more boyish than a lot of other mares doesn't mean she has no right to look absolutely drop-dead stunning. <3 Who agrees?
  2. HOWDY Y'ALL Yeahh. I noticed that there's not any popular stars by posts with 10+ brohoofs. I demand an explanation I just wanted to see what's up with that, because I rather liked the idea behind it. It often made people want to read what you had to say, but you had to put some thought into it and make a quality post in most occasions. Also, given how anyone on the site can get a brohoof, it wasn't really encouraging elitism or anything like that; hell, from what I saw, it provided incentive to try and make gnarly posts, brah. So yeahh; just wanting to see what's up with that
  3. Since @Royce made a “Who is the most handsome forum user?” @SparkliciousSwirls suggested this because that thread was supposedly for males, then this one would be for females. Basically, you just say who you think is the most beautiful or prettiest user in the forums. Have a great day!
  4. I want your guys' honest opinion. Do you think my oc is pretty? Beautiful? You can tell me on a scale of 1-10 if you wish as well. I can't wait to hear what everypony thinks! ????
  5. Like Yvaine, Coriakin, and Ramandu (from Stardust and Narnia) being people who are actually stars (like the ones in the night sky), sometimes I consider some ponies to be "stars in pony bodies", such as Sunset, STARlight, Twilight, and Trixie (for their names or apperances), and Double Diamond (for him being a very cute WHITE pony -- he might be bright enough to burn stuff!). May I know, which ponies do you consider to be more like "stars" than ponies, as in having some form of relation with the stars of the night sky, or actually being "fallen stars from the sky"? That is, other than Celestia and her student Twilight, who are overrated choices?
  6. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A NSFW POST. Personally I will admit I am in love with Rarity. Her hairstyle, her bright wide eyes, her charming accent, the ample amounts of generosity her heart possess...I just love everything about her. A thought then crossed my mind - is there a certain aspect of how Rarity's body curves and facial features that make some bronies fall in love with her? Has Rarity been deliberately designed to look visually appealing? So what you guys think? Is Rarity sexy? Or is she just another pony? Give me your thoughts!
  7. Rar-efied! Carousel Boutique being closed for the day is about as common an occurrence in Ponyville as a Parasprite invasion. Yet on February 10, 2015, one is likely to see colored lights flashing behind the shaded windows, Pinkie Pie's confetti flying out of the chimney, and a sign on the door reading "CLOSED FOR FABULOSITY--FRIENDS, GAWKERS, AND WELL-WISHERS ONLY." The proprietor has earned her day off. Being the Element of Generosity, the most popular clothing designer in Ponyville, the most ambitious social climber in Canterlot and Manehattan, and the most eligible bachelorette in Equestria was not enough for Rarity. As usual she desired something more, an accomplishment so great that not even the fourth wall could contain it--and as usual, she got exactly what she wanted. Rarity is now the Most Attractive Pony of 2015. The journey was not an easy one. Her treacherous road was strewn with the doubts of those who had overlooked her since 2010. It echoed with ugly words from those who derided her in 2014. In the past two weeks, a challenge from the seemingly unbeatable Princess Luna herself plunged it into darkness. But through it all, the pearl pony missed not a single graceful step. The Conference Championships It was like a rerun from 2013--veterans Twilight Sparkle in the EFC Championship and Fluttershy in the PFC Championship--until you took a closer look. Instead of upstart Cinderella contender Lyra Heartstrings, this time Twilight found herself muzzle to muzzle with one of the most loved ponies on MLP Forums, the charming and enigmatic Princess Luna. And where elegant earth pony cellist Octavia once stood, Fluttershy saw a pony she had beaten multiple times before: one of her best friends, the vivacious and ever-fashionable Rarity. Once again Twilight came "so close, yet so far" from a Magic Bowl, as she was simply outvoted and outclassed by a pony who turned the entire tournament upside down without really trying, while Fluttershy met a rare defeat at the hooves of an opponent whose determination neutralized her well-known ability to come from behind. When the dust settled, the thousand-year exile and the Little Drama Queen That Could were the last two ponies standing. LUNA, 123-78 RARITY, 114-87 The Magic Bowl No one knew just what was going to happen next. In a game that featured two remarkable competitors with bend-but-don't-break defense and dynamic, high-scoring offense, the result was a thrilling shootout. For two weeks and nearly thirty pages, Luna and Rarity had one of the most closely-contested games in playoff history. As her fans mobilized and a belief that it was her time swept across the board, Rarity had a strong start that set the tempo of the game. But as the denizens of the Lunar Republic promised, her lead did not last; Luna fought back aggressively and took the lead going into halftime. After that, the battle truly began. Pictures flew back and forth like snowflakes in a blizzard. Bets, promises, and proclamations of love reverberated from Canterlot Castle as each pony repeatedly counterattacked and took the lead. But then came the fourth quarter, when champions are made and one pony must step up. That pony was Rarity. The forum-wide awakening of Rarity's fan base catapulted her to a stunning victory. "Oh dear...I don't know what to say! So much success. So much love. So much...I...I can't stand it!" Rarity wailed rapturously after the game, collapsing onto a fainting couch. She promptly stood up two seconds later. "...Well, perhaps I can. But I must admit that for a time, I wondered if even I was fabulous enough to win an honor like this one. My little setbacks in the last few years have been...difficult. But as any fashionista worth her little red glasses will tell you, the rigors of conception and design must eventually lead to a beautiful final product. And I mustn't forget: to everypony who so faithfully supported and appreciated me...thank you." Luna, Woona, Moonbutt, call her what you like--just don't forget to add "strongest runner-up in M.A.P. history." "Attention, loyal subjects!" Princess Luna said after the game in her own special, and very loud, way. "We must address thee in the Royal Canterlot voice! We are, and shall always be, the loveliest pony in Equestria. None must be allowed to decree otherwise! As punishment for this outrage, We declare that the night...SHALL LAST...FOREV--" She paused as her fellow princess Twilight Sparkle stood up and whispered urgently in her ear. "What We mean to say, of course, is congratulations to Rarity. But We shall win next time!" She shared a civil hoofshake with her worthy opponent and departed to raise the moon, while Rarity retired to the Boutique for her beauty sleep. And with that, the second Magic Bowl and Most Attractive Pony Tournament came to another storybook ending. RARITY, 151-144 Look back on the Divisional round games here... ...And the Wild Card games here! Finally, see the 2015 tourney thread here.
  8. Imagine the everyday view from these cabins
  9. Would love to go there in the winter and hike along the snowy ridge. Scotland is beautiful, isn't it? Its beauty's too often overlooked. But if you just take a closer look you can't help but be awed by its fairy tale esque landscape
  10. The Dolomites in Italy. Each photo of the mountain range just takes my breath away. Can't imagine what emotions and what awe I would experience being there in the flesh
  11. I mean, besides be true to her friends and just generally BE awesome. I've never seen anyone mention this moment before. But remember when that uncouth, countrified colt washing the windows recognized her from a "hoedown" ( oh, I HAVE to hear the story on that one) and embarrassed her in front of the upper-class couple she was talking to? ("Rarity, is that you?!" *falls*) She could have just pretended not to know him. In fact, a LOT of ponies might have done that. But instead? "Oh, yes! How are you?" Naturally this ruins any chance of her befriending the snobs. But she takes the disappointment in stride. Didn't even lash out at 'Hayseed' (fanon name?) for embarrassing her. Rewatch that scene and tell me Rarity is shallow or not generous.
  12. Here's a Rarity Picture that I made yesterday for the lovely ooBrony.
  13. Vendi


    I finished this vector of Rarity today.
  14. I discovered this a few days ago: I am very impressed by it. It was animated almost single-handedly by one person with about two background artists. I've looked all around this site with all the searching tools and such and I do not see anyone making a topic specifically about discussing this piece of art in general.
  15. Inax

    Fur Elise - Beethoven I love this song<3 It always seems pretty on a acoustic guitar, but I don't know how to play a guitar X3 Yet, hey! Ocarina I hope you ponies enjoy this one as much as I have<3 . w. Or vice versa because Ahhh!!!<3 Yes!!!! If you haven't heard of this beautifully crafted song, then do hear it<3
  16. (Version 2.0 is the newest and latest revision of my Organ Cover of this song. Please check that one out.) I made this a few months ago. So I would like to share this with you guys. I hope you like it. And no, I did not copy off Music By Octavia! I made this to be extremely close to the original song. And if anypony is interested, here is the link to the sheet music: The post with Version 2.0 is here.
  17. I am not sure if this has been done, hopefully not. Well I am wondering what one of the most beautiful sights you have seen is. It could be anything from Nature to a sight of a Building. Me personally I remember when I came to Blackpool for a Holiday when I was young and I went to the top of Blackpool Tower and because of how normal my life is that view was amazing. Now then what is a sight you saw that had you staring for what felt like an eternity.
  18. Sooo A package came in the mail today. This was inside: Inside view: If you can't tell, on the inside it says: 20 percent cooler. I have no idea why it's so scratched up on the inside, but the rest looks AMAZING! Plus, the shipping took over 2 months so iv'e been waiting very patiently for this ring!
  19. Does the title get the point across? I sure hope so. If not, at least look at the tags. Some fan art can be cute or funny but some are just stunning and/or breathtaking. This is the place for such pony art. Oh and please be so kind as to provide the source. I'm sure the artist would greatly appreciate it, especially when we're dealing with art of a higher caliber. Or at least mention the artist. Give credit somehow. It should go without saying that "artistic nudity" and/or anything too disturbing which may or may not include blood or gore, regardless of how well-done the artwork is, is still forbidden. Just making sure, okay? That's enough for the introduction. Here you go! Artist: Moe Artist: Moe Artist: Moe DeviantArt source DeviantArt source Artist: changeunism DeviantArt source DeviantArt source
  20. The tournament has come to a conclusion -- Lyra Heartstrings is the most attractive pony of 2013! Thanks to everybody who participated by casting their votes as the tourney went on. Congrats to the Lyra fans who fought well and fought hard, and Fluttershy was a worthy adversary. Lyra Heartstrings is the Magic Bowl I champion! She wins it 108 to 83. Until next season, see you all then.
  21. ok so, let's try something, new... using the pony creator, lets see if we can get this pony to look good, but you can only change one thing at a time. step one: copy code into the correct are thingy: 421J273400DD72AEF994B13265168355C2N1837000211000410BB3F4BD48B531016DCCF355637E step two: change one AND ONLY ONE thing, be it a color, height, whatever. step three: post the code back here now here is the catch, there is a limit. every 25 posts, the final product will be posted and we will start with a new pony
  22. (I tried to keep this as non-technical in vocabulary as possible so that non-programmers also have the ability to read it, after all, there are enough "In depth" discussions of this code, plus my only experience with C is C#, not C++ which is what Doom 3's code consists of) So, as some of you are aware, id released id Tech 4's (Also commonly referred to as the Doom 3 Engine) source code a while back. I've been hearing from everybody about how amazingly beautiful it is for source code, easy to parse, sparing use of comments, and all that, so I did finally take a look at it. id Tech 4 is really useful, and has been used in many other newer games, the engine is so versatile you probably can't tell they're based on such an old engine. And I must say, the rumors are true, Doom 3's Source code is perhaps the most beautiful code I've ever seen. For a game about demons, this code seems heaven sent. Seriously, even expert programmers have things to learn from Doom 3's code, it's that great. It's so neat and easy to read for coders and easy to parse that it makes Unreal Engine cry itself to sleep. Let's go in more detail, even though many people have already done so before me. One of the first thing many will notice is that Doom 3 never skips the brace brackets, even when they could. This is a very good thing because if you do skip Brace brackets where possible your code looks ugly, to be frank. It's much easier to read if you use the brackets, trust me. Another great thing many have pointed out is it's unique/uncommon use of horizontal space. This is good because it allows more chunks of code to fit onto the same screen than if they used the most common method of spacing. But I kid you, I mean, it doesn't really matter if you use the conventional method and thus people can't read your code. Comments are used rarely, which is good because coders usually use a whole ton of them where unnecessary, what angers me most is perhaps the common method where coders put a comment even when the name of the line of code tells you what you need to know. If you can't tell what code does by it's name, then you've named in incorrectly. This is especially troublesome when you have a programmer working on a project who incorrectly names lines and then quits before the project is finished, this exponentially increases the amount of time it will take for any replacement coder to decipher what the hell each line of code is supposed to do. Another good thing is that in Doom 3, each function does just that, a single function, this makes it much easier to go back and change things. Companies who don't do this sometimes end up releasing games/ports of games that are broken beyond repair. Like, say, making the game so that it freezes instantly if it tries to use more than a set amount of RAM and making it so common and horrible that the community had to fix it, which is quite frankly the developers' job, and building this nifty little feature into the game engine itself, even if your previous great games didn't have such a bug. Games on id Tech 4 don't have this issue because all files are the same type, and all the functions perform only one action. This in combination means that parsing is easy and adjusting the code if a problem arises is an easy task. Something that isn't possible if the functions all perform complicated tasks with different types of files, if they are so clustered, it makes it almost impossible to correct any errors without creating new ones. Doom 3's Engine does not have this problem. I love it, it has so much to teach about how to format code professionally and easily. It is incredibly easy to build upon this engine and get a game licensed with it and it's well worth it because the engine has features that can compete with today's games. The only reason Unreal Engine 2 really took the glory away from id Tech 4 is that id did not want to release the engine's source code before they released Doom 3 itself. And that's when Unreal 2 Engine stole the spotlight, directly before Doom 3's release. An engine like this is built with great code and can be used to create greatly games. Even for those who don't work with programming games (Such as myself) it taught me a lot about easier methods to code. If you want to see this glorious code for yourself, as it does have a lot to teach about proper programming formatting, and once more, it's the most beautiful code that has ever existed, plus it's free, then Click Here to download it in it's entirety. It's well worth it whether you're a beginner in programming, just curious about code and not looking to program, or an expert programmer.
  23. Here's a picture of meh beautiful burrito posing for the camera ;3 And Here's a picture of meh beautiful burrito...WITH A MUSTACHE! You're welcome. :3
  24. Okay, well I decided to draw Discord because he seemed like a fun and easy character to draw. I think I did a good job. I tried out my shading skills as well. Did I do a good job?
  25. with an unexpected growing success on deviantART, I want to show you all my latest Rarity's painting. I made the sketch of this one back in february for valentine's day but at the time I lacked some skills and I was lazy as hell. haha. I would say the hardest part was Rarity's mane, her many is difficult no matter what style you pick lol