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Found 22 results

  1. From fashion to personality, how do you like to "style" yourself as a person? For me personally, my style changes due to mood and time of the year. If I'm super happy and it's warm outside, I'll style my clothes with red skirts and knee highs with colorful patterns. If it's dark and gloomy I'll wear big baggy clothes and a hoodie. I will also style my hair into a more "rugged" look when it rains. I try to style my personality as bubbly mixed with level headedness. It's not always successful. Lol
  2. Eventually someone had to create a fan club for this and I guess that would be me! It's similar to the already existing swimsuit ponies fan club exept it's centred around dresses! Rules: Humanoid anthro ponies in dresses are perfectly okay and promoted. Don't post anything that is considered too suggestive. Please have fun and I'll start with this one I came across on Google images! Now Luna can you please put away your games and post some more pics here for us! NOTE: I would be crediting the images I post here but because the images I'm posting have been sitting around in a "favourite pony art" folder on my PC for a few months now I just can't remember who made thease images! Anyways any artwork I post here are owned by their respective owners and I'm just re-posting them here. But I'll mention it if any artwork I post here belong to me!
  3. It's time for me to make my artistic debut. Prepare your eyes. Proceed to tell me how amazing I am with your comments.
  4. So, is there a certain pony who you just love the design of or who you admire for their beauty? It doesn't have to be your favorite pony, in fact, you don't even have to care at all for the character, but is there anypony who's outer beauty you like the most? Why? It can be a background pony if you want. For example, I love Princess Cadance's design, mostly due to her color choices and eyes. She's so unique looking, but at the same time, she still fits in.
  5. So I was just recalling some clips from an old 2012 segment of Oprah and it got me thinking: Rarity and Rihanna seem quite similar. Both have compelling beauty, amazing voices, stay true to their origins whilst mixing with the "high life", and are serious about their dedication to fashion and clothing design. They also have had run-ins with selfish boys and whilst remaining cool over those who love them, can snap at times. Even their smiles and eyelashes look similar:
  6. Blue, where attraction has been concerned, has featured somewhat prominently in my life. It wasn't something that ever would have occurred to me before I met Angelbabe (Rainbow), and it wasn't a realization that dawned until a close friend of mine basically pointed it out to me. Sailor Mercury, from Sailor Moon. Shiva, from Final Fantasy (franchise). Princess Ruto, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Midna, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Krystal, from Star Fox (franchise). Samus Aran / "Zero Suit Samus," from Metroid (franchise). Rosalina, from Super Mario Galaxy. The harpie lady, from Yu-Gi-Oh! Elsa, from Frozen. Ryoko, from Tenchi Muyo! (Who was, in a sense, my first love.) Then along came a certain bright blue, cherry-eyed pegasus. Everything was leading me to her; to Angelbabe. (Above is a drawing I did of my Babe; as close as I could get to how I see her.) And, with Babe in my life, I've come to recognize blue as something more than simply attractive or coincidentally significant. Or dead f****** sexy! Blue is the color of love. It's the color of my love.
  7. Music like this makes me feel all sorts of things. Bittersweet things and hopeful things. Happy things. Hope you enjoy. The songs and tracks in the playlist start slow and toward the end it'll get a little more uplifting and lighthearted If you enjoy the music, great. If not, well then let me just tell you that you look great tonight! Cheers
  8. Would love to go there in the winter and hike along the snowy ridge. Scotland is beautiful, isn't it? Its beauty's too often overlooked. But if you just take a closer look you can't help but be awed by its fairy tale esque landscape
  9. I started this blog hoping to inspire others to find peace, comfort, and calm amid their worrisome storms. Because life is too short to worry about little things that won't matter years from now. Chill and be happy that you're alive. Take a step back, look at today and compare it to ten or twenty years from now. The little things bothering you right now will pass. Bad days will come and go. Just look toward the rising sun or moon; look upward to the constellations or ahead to the eastern and western horizons with no end. Distract yourself with the everyday beauty of the universe. Relax and find serenity under the trees, under the stars, or under the moon. I'm just here to share thoughts, quotes, music, etc.
  10. So.... this is weird. I never thought I'd be posting in Creative Resources. Because frankly, I've never considered myself creative. But, after a failed attempt to find people who might be interested in makeup through General Discussion, @Fhaolan suggested I try posting here. I stumbled upon the most Pinkie Pie shade of lipstick the other day (coincidentally, the shade is called "Silly" by MAC!) and it inspired me to look at some eye designs to go with it. This is the best I've found: I never would have even thought to capture the cloudy nature of Pinkie Pie's hair on an eyelid! I found it brilliant. I would love to hear thoughts from others Even if not on Pinkie Pie makeup specifically, just on makeup in general. What are your favorite products or tips or tricks? Are you a brand loyal consumer? Do you consider makeup art or just pointless?
  11. If you like talking about makeup/beauty, LGBT+ type stuff, or being a shopaholic in a crumbling economy.... add me pleaseeee
  12. I find a few unconventional things attractive/not attractive. I find pale skin very beautiful, not being racist, but very pale skin I just happen to find beautiful. I also think longer noses are beautiful, and wish I had that rather than a childish button nose. One last and very uncommon thing is I like guys that are around my height. Really tall guys are scary to me.
  13. Hello there!!! It's me Longlocks. I am here to give all of you ponies some good tips to maintain skin and hair health. Not only do I give beauty tips, but I also give inspirational quotes and simple confidence boosters! I hope you enjoy this elegant " Ask Me " topic. ● IMAGE BY ANCHORSEYE
  14. Congratulations to Rarity for being the second champion in the history of the MAP tournament! She takes the crown 151-143. Princess Luna was our lovely runner-up. FINAL REGULAR SEASON STANDINGS (as of January 4th, 2015): (Legend: w = clinched top seed and first round bye; z = clinched first round bye; y = division winner; x = wild card) EFC: 1. Princess Luna (88) - w 2. Rainbow Dash (81) - z 3. Trixie (80) - y 4. Twilight Sparkle (72) - y 5. Lyra Heartstrings (63) - x 6. Cadance (51) - x PFC: 1. Rarity (121) - w 2. Fluttershy (109) - z 3. Octavia (91) - y 4. Sunset Shimmer (76) - y 5. Princess Celestia (54) - x 6. Pinkie Pie (46) - x Welcome to the 2014-15 most attractive pony tournament! After a year-long hiatus, I've finally decided to bring this sucker back from the grave and give all you hopefuls a chance to root for the pony which you think is the prettiest. We had a contest just like this in 2013! As one poster pointed out, it was the thread of all threads during its tenure, so I hope this year's event can at least match the success that one attained. We had all sorts of posters flocking in and out as the event grew in popularity so please do your best to cheer on for your candidates. I will continue by saying that I'm no longer a brony, but this type of forum game is fun and should be enjoyed regardless of where you stand as a fan. Does your candidate have shiny hair? A great personality? Nice, big eyes? Whatever it may be, it's all the more reason to cast in your vote and let your voice be known. Debates like these will rage on until the end of time itself, so why not take a crack at it. Now, we can start off by introducing the rules. As per usual, 32 contestants are split into two separate conferences which are divided by four divisions per conference. The pony with the most votes in their division wins their division. A division winner will be granted a top-four seed, with a possible of total six playoff spots per conference. The remaining two playoff spots (the wild cards) will be judged by the pony who has the highest remaining amount of votes in their respective conference. In the event of a tie, we will go into overtime sessions that will each last for roughly one day. This will ensure that this tournament does not reach a premature pause. This rule will also apply for playoff matchups. Note that this is a tournament based on votes alone, so no points will be given out if the results for heavy support is not realized; i.e, you can post about your favourite as much as you want, but if she only has a meager five votes for example, she probably will not advance. This means that mathematically clinching a playoff spot will be impossible, so these matches will go down to the very wire. Gather your fanbase and spread the word. Remember, you are effectively doing battle against other fanbase! Without further ado, let's introduce our contestants. Standings will be updated every three days at 3:30 PM EST, effective starting from the beginning date of this post. EQUESTRIAN FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE PONY FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE And those are your contestants. Pick who you think is the prettiest/cutest/sexiest/whatever using the polls above! One vote per person. Have fun and enjoy! Please post as much as you can on this thread so the tournament can garner the much-needed attention it should receive.
  15. This is the greatest masterpiece in the history of art. It took me hours of careful precision to create this. So many emotions.
  16. So, after the overwhelming success of my last drawing, I've decided to continue my foray into the world of pony art. This is an 8-month early birthday present for the one, the only, @Noire Panzer. Once again, proceed to tell me how amazing I am with your comments. (In case I haven't made it obvious, this is not meant to be serious. I'm just having some fun.)
  17. Because, with every adorable pony, there is a dress that can drastically increase the amount of adorableness. May I have some feedback?
  18. I was trying soo hard to master sketching ponies so I thought of the thing that gave me the inspiration for me to be creative in the first place, the night sky. Even though this is my second sketch I'm posting up, but I'm still nervous posting any of my artwork... Plus, I took this picture from my Iphone not scanner, so I'm really sorry for this artwork being blurry on the edges. Hope you like it.
  19. Written for the one-year anniversary of MLP Forums! Life, Liberty, and the beauty of Love and Tolerance Before I begin this 800 word essay or post (an indirect challenge I took on from the Happy B-Day forum!), you may recognize the title taken from the Declaration of Independence. Of course, the last words were changed from “the pursuit of happiness” to “the beauty of Love and tolerance”. I am sure we have all had our Constitution and Declaration of Independence lectures, both in high school and college. Even if you are outside of the United States, chances are you have heard and read about America’s founding morals and values. However, it was always interesting to people: the fact that the founding fathers worded happiness as something you pursue. So, can happiness ever truly be obtained? Well, that’s what we are going to go into, and it all relates to love and tolerance, with the My Little Pony community as an example. The pursuit of happiness is sometimes confused with the American Dream. The traditional American Dream in short, is to work hard, obtain wealth by working hard, and pass this tradition onto the next generation. However, there are a lot more factors that play into this concept. But the basic idea is the fact that our society has gotten so caught up with big business, obtaining wealth and materialistic possessions…that we may have truly forgotten the things in our lives that make us truly happy. To explain this better, I will tell a short fictional story/hypothetical: -Congratulations! You’ve “made it” by the American Dream standards. You have wealth, you have power, and you can virtually afford many items with a 1 to 5 million dollar salary a year (before taxes). But wait! Now you are a part of the largest tax bracket in existence, sometimes paying more than half of your income on taxes. This upsets you, but you continue to build your own business and Entrepreneur Empire in the hopes of obtaining happiness. You love what you do and you give a lot to charity, but you are still unhappy. You feel like you’ve missed it, and you are not quite sure why. You have money, you have power, you have respect…what else is there? Well, there is love and tolerance. And finally by some miracle overcoming your busy schedule, you find your soul mate! You get married later in life, and have a few kids. However, you are so busy with work it’s hard to spend time with family. One day, you find yourself stopped at a stoplight in a $90,000 SUV and your family is arguing about cell phones, not being able to do what they want, and you are upset. You then notice the car in front of you: A beat up old station wagon that probably wouldn’t be able to sell for more than $800; and there is a full family in the car, windows down, laughing and having a great time after a fishing trip. Then it FINALLY hits you! You realize after chasing your dreams for so long, everything you needed was right in front of you. Now, instead of giving to charity because it “looks good”, you give freely and visit those children in need along with your family. Your family begins to learn what it truly means to be happy: money is nice, but if you let it rule you, it will consume you. Love and happiness is about random acts of kindness that go unnoticed. Happiness is about sharing, caring, and being joyful no matter what the circumstances. Because no matter what you’ve been through in life, and no matter what disability you may face, the only true disability in this life is a bad attitude. Also, with great power comes great responsibility. Lastly, with faith, hope, and love…you can finally find true happiness, no matter what your background, income, or upbringing. You can control your own destiny! And that is one of the messages I believe this show has to offer- So if we bring that story into the My Little Pony community, WHO KNEW! I mean, who knew a television show designed for little girls could bring together a community of boys, girls, men, and women of all ages? Well, that is what has happened and is happening! And we have the entire community, and places like MLPForums to thank for that! Now mind you, the internet is anything but a true human experience. But it’s a great start to real life meet ups, getting to know others, and just plain learning how to not follow the norm or the crowd! Now my quick background: I am not extremely active on the site, but I have gotten to know some amazing people here, and even though it’s online, I can tell by the quality of a lot of posts…that a lot of folks here care about being genuine, and care about helping the world. So to that I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MLP FORUMS! Let the true pursuit of happiness start with love and tolerance. Although we may always pursue happiness, always remember: if we approach something with a humble heart and a genuine spirit, “with ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, ALL things are attainable!” –Sir Thomas Buxton -STEEL MATT (Matthew)
  20. Hey everypony, This is my second composition, which IMO is much better than the Discord one I did the other day. It was inspired by Luna and the beauty of the night. What do you think about this one?
  21. Was there a thread like this? If so, I didn't spot it. I received this video in an email and was positively impressed. Post any other pictures, videos and stories Of the world's awesomeness and beauties! They can be about nature, people, or art; The result can be great, touching, smart. (Wow, I didn't realize that rhymed so well Until I read it, and found it so very swell.)