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Found 22 results

  1. I cosplay. I know others cosplay as well. I am a very skilled seamstress, while others who want to cosplay have varying levels of sewing skills, or even none at all. I have my preferred pony, but I always see things that could work for this cosplay or that cosplay. I figured, why not just post it up on a thread. If I find a sewing pattern, piece of clothing, online tutorial, I will post it here. I invite anyone and everyone else to do the same. I will start with a very simple, but pretty dress that with a little bit of frills added would make a lovely Fluttershy Grand Galloping Gala dress. It can be bought at
  2. Hey everyone. I decided to try my hand in making animations but I have no idea on how to start making them. Does anypony know how and what good programs to use to start with.
  3. This fandom is renowned for it's amazing fan made animations. Ever since I joined this community way back in 2012, I vowed to make something worth while to share with the internet... And... Well, aside from a couple shoddy PMV's and Gmod animations, my creative touch has eluded me I've always been fascinated with animation, YouTube has taught me that all you need is a copy of Flash and some talent and you'll have something to work with, but every time I've attempted to get into animation, I've either lost motivation due to abysmal results or simply a lack of creativity. I guess what I'm asking for is anyone with even minor experience with animation could perhaps offer some tips or guidance on how to get into animation as a hobby. I'm currently thinking about working with Source Filmmaker as a starting point, but in the future I would love to get into Flash animation... As long as my drawing skills do not let me down Thanks!
  4. So, recently, I have been enrolled in a creative writing class. Its been a dream come true for me, I've always wanted to take one but never been able to until now. In class, we have gotten to the poetry section. We've gone through certain poemn types like villanelle and others, which I had a difficult time with. But now, we've gotten to the ballad poem, which I'm enjoying immensely. I've written one, which I'm to turn in, and I would like opinions on it. It is due tomorrow evenine, so I may not be able to make too many changes based on observations here before then, but I would love your feedback. Now, as a warning, there are a couple words here that people might not like, so I'll just throw that out there now and get it out of the way. And I know the third stanza doesn't exactly rhyme, but I couldn't think of anything better to put there. So, without further ado, here we go. So, id love to hear what you guys think, and I apologize about the word choice in the sixth stanza there, I just wanted to get a point across.
  5. Erm, so i've been wondering about how do bronies or people do digital art thing, like oc's, comics and stuff. But i don't actually know how did they actually 'DID' that, i know they might have known they used photoshop and that sorts of programs, but i still don't know how they do it, and how can i DO it. So, how do they actually make it so good? (P.S, not sure i've made this post before)
  6. I really want to start drawing ponies. I need help with creating a ponysona. Are there any tips you can give me for creating a ponysona? Also, have any easy tips for drawing ponies?
  7. Probably gonna get into doing some pony art, so first things first got to learn how to draw the damn things : Armed only with a rough model sheet from EQD I set about exploring the forms This first image is my very first exploration into pony anatomy. It's very rough and I got the proportions very wrong.. Awwoogga, abandon pony and move on to the second attempt (taking with me the lessons learned) Time for attempt two. PONY2 Better. Proportions are better but some things are still a little off. The ear is a little odd and it's very flat ( like the poor filly has been pinned and pressed No point going any further I think this one has taught me all it's going to.. NEXT!!! Time for the next attempt. Pony three: There you go !. That's more like it ! Btw did I tell you I'm a quick study On and just for giggles here is a random image from else where in my sketch book
  8. This is my first time trying to draw Anime. Though I'm not sure it ended up as it though .... anyways, any contructive criticism would be great!
  9. Hello everyone, I've recently bought a graphics tablet and I find it much more difficult to draw on than pencil and paper. Anyone have any useful tips? Here are a few tips/suggestions I learned about, some from my head as well, I'd like your feedback on if they're a good idea and how I should implement them: 1. - Draw from your elbow (Wrist does not rest on surface). 2. - Improve drawing from imagination by drawing things from memory. 3. - Learn the anatomy of a real horse (To draw ponies better). 4. - It takes six months to become proficient with your work. 5. - Draw confident lines (No to and fro motions). 6. - Copy, whilst not tracing, other's artwork. 7. - Repetitively drawing basic shapes goes a long way. 8. - Draw towards yourself instead of away. 9. - You should practice with your opposite hand. 10. - Listening to music helps your creativity flow through your work. 11. - More than one rough sketch is best. 12. - No matter how frustrated you are with your current skill level, it will only get better as you go. 13. - Showing people your work is always a good idea. If you guys could review these and help me add to it I'd much appreciate it. Again, leave me your tips and motivational words below please! Thanks!
  10. We've all started somewhere, when we watched the show and wanted to draw a character with no rhyme or reason. What is your first pony picture you've ever drawn? And if you started drawing very recently it's ok! This first picture will become a stable in your art career Rainbow Dash drawn 2 years ago. Oh god
  11. I have recently began drawing. This is about my 6-7th drawing and I am getting better. I just wanted to draw my OC the best I could. Any criticism is helpful and I thank you for checking it out! (^.^) /)
  12. Here is my second try at drawing a pony (Pinkie pie again ) I didn't rush so much because I don't need to do my chores at the moment. Don't know why I did this pose, probably because it is a little bit more challenging, or maybe I'm just crazy First try link: Just incase you want to see the other Pinkie Pie I drew lol Still trying to figure the eyes and arms or hooves? It was a bit challenging doing the ears too, usually when you sketch the head and the + for the nose and eyes; the ears become a little easier, but for a pony, it was a little bit more challenging for me :okiedokielokie: Criticism is welcome, I like hearing your opinions, and tips on somethings I messed up on Sorry if it's a bit blurry, I had the tablet camera close up for some reason.
  13. Extremely bored, did all the chores so why not sketch/draw another pony Enough of the Pinkie Pie, time to draw Fluttershy! I think I did better with this than the ones I drew with Pinkie Pie Link to first and second drawings: 1 - 2 - So anyway, Criticism is welcome! The hardest part? The eyes, and the wings because they need to be the right size or they look weird, and the eyes are really dark, so sorry about that, my pencil tip wasn't really pointy enough to do the job. Currently coloring it with color pencils, only missing pink now :okiedokielokie: So anyway here it is, I hope you like it
  14. This is my second proper drawing as I'm very new to the whole digital art thing, as I stated in my first post. K wanted to draw Fluttershy whilst also adding my own spin on things to make it a little unique. The effect I did on the hair, many people won't like... probably but I'm trying to make it a little different. I hope you like it, comments are appreciated and.. no, it's not quite finished yet But I wanted to post it. Thanks to anyone who looks.
  15. Okay, first off, I expect this post to be unnecessarily longwinded and awkward. Just a warning. Basically, I had been thinking about doing a roleplay designed specifically to introduce newcomers to the roleplay world, and to help them get the hang of it. Then I thought maybe I should do a whole series like that, for two reasons: A) The original roleplay might not be one that appeals to all newcomers, and this shouldn't prevent them from having an easy way to get into roleplaying. So I thought it might be best to have roleplays designed to introduce players to different genres and styles of roleplaying. So I began to wonder how a series of these roleplays would work out. Except then I realized that they would eventually have to end, either from reaching a conclusion, or simply dying out from loss of interest. That would severely limit the number of people who could benefit from them to those who happened to start roleplaying during the time when the RPs were going on. And there's also the fact that an RP can only get so big before I can't DM it effectively- I've learned that the hard way. Thus I came up with the idea of making an entire section for beginner- or perhaps a better word would be introductory- roleplays. Given that there's a section dedicated to advanced roleplays already, it seems fairly reasonable.
  16. this is my very simple pixel art OC, not my best work but anyway hope you guys like it and if it's any good in your eyes, pls leave a comment *brohoof*
  17. Just made account, made(hopefully Ok)sketch of Rainbow Dash doin' one of them badass poses shes known for.Rainbow is best pony.2nd favorite in the entire show is Luna, third is that random ass Pinkie Pie!
  18. this is my first hand drawling and coloring of my oc and the digital design of her but i would like your thoughts on my first drawling and some tips on how to make it better because id love to get good enough to draw ocs for others because i kinda enjoy drawling
  19. Okay so I got really bored today and decided to brush up on my long forgotten drawing/doodling hobby. I decided to draw some ponies and well, I guess the end results didn't turn out so bad for a novice like me. In fact, although I really slaughtered and angrily threw away several failed attempts of my pony drawings, I soon found that the more you do it, the more you practice, the better and slightly more easier it becomes. So yeah I picked some of my best drawings here. It turned out to be pretty good for me. Nonetheless, I had fun in the process. Here's some of my attempted drawings of colorless Rainbow Dash(sucks that I don't have enough color for her at the moment lol. And finally here's two drawings requested by one of my forum friends, for her OC, Emerald Wave. Thankfully I had just the right colors! @, I hope you like it! Sorry if the cutie mark looks a bit funny. I tried my best! :1 And it was fun drawing her! Thank you for letting me take the challenge!
  20. this is my first hand drawling and coloring of my oc and the digital design of her but i would like your thoughts on my first drawling and some tips on how to make it better because id love to get good enough to draw ocs for others because i kinda enjoy drawling
  21. allright so i'm starting to start a bit of drawing and I was hoping i could post some stuff here to get some tips from you guys. for now i've been drawing neko, furries and ponies. specially a lot of ponies. i want to learn drawing for my school but i've only just started. i made a tumblr for the ones that would want to follow me as i go trough my prosses of learning to draw. this is my first picture of a pony that i drew. it was for my friend dayton who is part of my rp group. the character named draco is not the same as he imagines it because i had a bit of my personal touch to it. the second one was a character of myself. she's a blind pony with archery as her special talent, she has a bit of a tragic background story witch i'm not going into detail with here. after that i made a small comic about her with me as her dad creating her. drawing some ponies out of myself without something to base it off is hard. so i started going trough tumblr to find some pictures that i wanted to draw from artists i admire. first up, after that of course i wanted to draw my favorite character of the show, luna! and gamer luna just updated when i drew this so there we go. going trough the molestia and gamer luna tumblr i found a picture of twilight that was kinda interesting because of her look. and some more luna in the same tumblr. thinking that i got a bit of the hang of this luna i wanted to draw her with her old hairstyle. then i drew a picture that i found on the naughty luna tumblr. when i was all done with this i whent back to the first tumblr of motherly scootaloo and drew scootaloo's mother. it was really easy and fast done but i like how it all ended. now my latest creation was from zelum, the docter with discord as his master. allright this were all my pictures so far, what do you think? give me your worst.
  22. I'll get right to the point. I absolutely love music, especially a lot of the work being produced by bronies. Music is one of the most important parts of my life, but I can't create it. I dream of being able to make music and share it with my friends and the community, I just don't know where to begin. I've started a bit by learning how to read music(still not quite there, though I'm getting the hang of it), but I don't really have a lot of money for software and I can't play an instrument(planning on taking piano soon). I need a kick in the right direction to show me what I must do first. I don't want to do this to be popular or anything, I merely wish to be a part of the thing I love so much; music is too important to me to just sit on the sidelines and listen. Thanks in advance for any help, you guys really are some of the coolest in the world. /)