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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, so I was drawing my MLP OC in class, a classmate looked at it, and then this happened. Me:...What? Him:This is ugly! I know you can draw better then this, but this is crap! Me:...Its a certain style. Him:I don't care, I can draw way better then this style! He then tried to draw dog eyes, but to be honest, they were not that good xD Thoughts? *And he has no idea what MLP or bronies is XD*
  2. Life is one of the oldest games on the market. It's the best free game IMO, but it's still received much critique over the years, and people are conflicted about the backtory. Today I shall be reviewing what is perhaps my favorite game. The genre of real life is unique, most people guess it's either an RPG or MMO, but nothing conclusive has been decided. _________________ Graphics This is one of the strong points of real life. It literally has microscopic detail. I can't even see the pixelation, it's amazing. And yet, it doesn't sacrifice frame rate because of it's superb graphics like some games (I'm looking at you, Crysis). The graphics have aged well, so much so that it still has better graphics than all games on the market. However, the Xbox One or PS4 might change that, we'll have to wait and see. I love the variety of colors in the game, in addition, all of the characters have unique models and textures, it's really amazing and innovative for the time the game was released. The render distance is absolutely fantastic. Distant land actually renders quite clearly. New models, textures, and characters are being added all the time. Although I do have a problem with rendering, it's implied that this is an intentional part of gameplay and not a glitch. 10/10 _________________ Gameplay The gameplay is one of the most heavily critiqued aspects of real life. It's a mixed bag, really. Some people say that the levels are fun and intuitive, some say it's boring and repetitive, and some say it's horrible. Despite this, life maintains a steady and huge player base. Player controlled characters are abundant, with some choosing good morale and some choosing bad. Life has many things to do, playing sports, playing video games, writing, reading, listening to music, it's really amazing. However, you have to look out for some actions that grant temporary stat boosts but lead to a game over later on (Smoking, being a hit man, etc..). In addition, sometimes Moderators have to step in and stop players from breaking the rules, by giving them a temporary or permanent ban.. Bans are unique in this game in that you still have the ability to interact with other banned players (Sometimes). That leads me to the next biggest problem with life. Once you reach the game over screen, you cannot replay. So far, nobody has found a way to get around this by glitching or hacking but people have been trying to find a way to do just that for the longest time. Nobody has been successful yet (As far as we know). The gameplay is really a swing and miss, tons of memorable and unique moments will occur. I think a great thing about life is that it's unique on each playthrough (Although you can only playthrough once).However, there are years of possible gameplay which makes up for the lack of a replay option. It does lack a save feature, which is kind of disappointing, as that's a huge dissappointment in and of itself. Especially since sometimes unfavorable events occur and it would be easier if we could revert our save data back to an earlier state. Some have claimed that most players are actually just in the loading screen for the real thing, I'm not too sure about that. I've tried to ask the developers but they have thus far been unresponsive. If this theory is true, than it is only reasonable to assume that life has the worst lag issue of any game ever created. However, since we cannot confirm this as of yet, I'm not going to hold it against the game. My character has high charisma, intelligence, and strength stats but also has a few negative traits here and there. This adds a good balance to the game. 8.5/10 __________________________ Sound Effects The sound effects are varied, crisp, and clear. I only really take issue with two sounds, Nailsonachalkboard.OGG and CryingBaby.OGG, these two have been shown to agitate a large portion of the player base. 7.5/10 ____________________ Controls Some players report completely (Such as myself) clear and easy to use controls, with a wide variety of features. However, some players have reported unresponsive controls for certain actions and some have reported that no controls work for anything, this either happens during or at the start of gameplay. I however have experienced some problems where the player controlled character fails to perform certain tasks even when instructed to complete them, this does however add a good bit of challenge to the game. 8.5/10 _______________ Story The exact backstory of the game as a whole remains known, but many fan theories about the matter have arisen over the time the game has been released. The developers have not personally stepped in to confirm or deny any of these theories, so the truth is still unknown. As for personal story lines, some players report heartwarming stories while others report heart breaking stories, it varies from person to person. Negative experiences are made up for the fact that each storyline is unique (Although they are all intertwined). Generally play-throughs last up to eighty or so years (It varies depending on the location you spend the most time at). Certain actions affect the length of your play-through but it is not known exactly what causes expanded play time. Players who have chosen the medical perk have long been trying to figure out exactly how to cheat and obtain infinite playtime, but so far nobody has succeeded. Each play-through is packed with emotional moments, and there is no exact balance, each player's play-through is guaranteed to be different. Personally my play-through had tons of bad experiences earlier on with a more balanced experience later on. I joined a very pleasant faction that increased my social stats considerably. 9/10 ________________ Summary The game is a true classic. In a way, it is really a precursor to the Sims. It's not right for everybody, yet it maintains a huge player base with many things to do and many places to explore. New things to do and see are often being added. It's so much fun, life will make you laugh, life will make you cry. Life is by far my favorite game of all time. Overall Rating:10/10
  3. It was four days of driving school. It was to be torture for me because it felt like high school again. I was almost done university, and the instructor treated us all like high school students, especially since almost everyone in said class were either finished Grade 11 or Grade 12. It was very... degrading to say the least. But that wasn't the main feeling I had at driving school. No it wasn't all the bland regulations and rules of the road I was thinking most about. I was thinking about all the other high school students there. How I was in their position once... I interacted with them for a bit when we were waiting for the other students to finish their work (took 1.5 hours). Most of the guys and girls there were very... carefree and... happy for the most part, even if the class was really boring. I mean, who wouldn't be bored at some very poorly made driving instruction videos? I mean, the graphics looked like something from the early 1990s. Who wouldn't sleep to that?! But that's beside the point. The kids I talked with were very amiable. They were also very hyper. Both traits I remembered having when I was younger... When I grew up, I was surrounded by a lot of discrimination and was the target of much bullying. When I first arrived in Canada from Indonesia, I could barely speak English. I was taught English since I was a child, but I was poked fun of because I was so smart in anything involving Geography and Math, but not so with English and Art. That happened throughout my whole elementary and middle school years. It was a terrible experience. The only chance I had of being a carefree kid was when I went out with family. I had almost no friends, and even then, they just didn't fit my style; after all I was autistic. That would also explain my delayed ability to communicate with language well to other people. I was eventually forced to move back to Indonesia after I was done middle school. My dad had work to do there for a few years and he needed to take the whole family along. When I moved to a local school in Indonesia, I was hoping that people would be more accepting there. Turns out that I was completely wrong. They were just as bad as the students I endured all my life, except worse. This time, I didn't even fit with my birthplace. Everyone saw me as a Canadian boy, something to take a lot of shame in. It was a terrible year to say the least. I didn't know what to make of it. I wasn't depressed, but I certainly felt very... oppressed and strained. 'When could I ever be myself as a kid? As a teenager? As a person?!' I thought with a lot of stress and frustration as I pushed on... After Grade 11, I moved back to Canada once more. This time, Canada was much more welcoming. When the high school students in Grade 12 noticed I spoke fluent English, they all became good friends of mine. They didn't care who I was before. I was a clean slate. I could show myself in its entirety and not worry about any repercussions! It was great! I could finally show my enthusiasm and eccentricity without being considered a weirdo in public! It was a great feeling that I have as I moved into university! Plus, they all shared my convictions, so we were much better eye to eye than in most other schools that shared a different mindset! Still, when I looked at those high school students in the driving sessions these past few days, I still felt like I missed something. I missed a whole childhood. A whole 18 years of opportunities to be myself without responsibilities! Just to be carefree and joyful even in the face of suffering many adults faced! But you know what? We all can still have that same positive attitude free of fear and worry! Why not try volunteering for a summer camp and have fun with those high school kids?! Help them set themselves in the right direction and inspire them to do good! Or even just open a chat with them! Don't worry about making yourself vulnerable! Everyone is vulnerable when they're making new friends! Kids often make new friends by just chatting with them without realizing how vulnerable they are when they first converse with a stranger! Even in suffering, just realize that things will get better, even if you can't see it! That's called hope! Kids have bundles of hope in their hearts that should NEVER be distinguished (well make sure it's not a false hope...)! Even as an adult, you can still be a kid at heart! Filled with joy and amiability towards others. Make each day count in your life! A kid does that when they have fun with family and friends at parks. I bet you can do that too when you make new friends in a new workplace, school, or even in a library! Just try! It doesn't hurt! That's what it means to be childlike, You're taking the positive of being a child and incorporating it in your life. This is different from childishness, when you take the bad aspects of childhood, especially complaining. You hate it when a kid complains to you about anything right? Or complete naivety. That's also bad. Don't take those aspects of being a child. To end, be smart like a serpent, but humble as a dove. Be curious for the wonderful things in this world. Don't overindulge in anything, even the internet. Be joyful and smiling even in the face of suffering like Pinkie Pie. Then you will go far.
  4. I am not sure if this has been discussed, I couldn't find anything about it. So lets talk breaking the social norms! Have any of you bronies break the social norm for an assignment, pure fun, or any reason really? If so, what did you do? If you haven't done this before, what would you want to do? ​I had the idea to get a few friends and go to a really terrible bar, a dive, a biker gang bar or something dressed in our finest apparel. Suits, and fancy dresses kind of thing. I think that would be a fun night. So, lets hear from you!