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Found 8 results

  1. Tell us some stupid things you believed when you were younger. One thing I believed when I was younger was: that if I swallowed a watermelon seed that a watermelon would grow inside me. EDIT: I've changed the title to "Stupid things you believed when you were younger" Rather than "What are some stupid things you believed as a 5 year old?" I think you'll find it more applicable.
  2. Plenty of people have compared Starlight Glimmer's 'equality village' ideology to Communism, Marxism, and assorted other notable cultic belief systems, but is there an actual combination of ideologies equating (pun not intended) to those propagated by Starlight? Is there an official philosophical classification that her village cult and its values fit into? Or, at very least, are there aspects of her beliefs that can be described in analogy to real-life ideological tenets and principles?
  3. Hey, so I've kinda been looking for something to believe in. I've thought about believing in ponies, Princess Luna, I hate Celestia :diamondtiara: I mean this as in believing in ponies, instead of a real religion. Do you guys believe in ponies, is that your "religion?" 1. Sorry if this offends anyone 2. Sorry if I shouldn't put this up. 3. Sorry if it's in the wrong place (I make a lot of mistakes)
  4. The ponies are aware of at least one concept of an afterlife. In Look Before You Sleep, Twilight suggests they tell ghost stories. Rarity doesn't believe, though. "It is a ghost story. They're all made up." Are there any other mentions of ideas concerning any kind of afterlife, whether considered fanciful or plausible by the characters? Here's the clip from Look Before You Sleep
  5. During my time on the internet it has come to my attention that it seems there is more controversy in the US than here in Britain, especially in regards to sexuality, race and scientific theories. I don't mean to judge anywhere I've never been so I thought I'd put together a little survey and I thought it would be interesting to find out where people are from and what is usually perceived as being controversial or even taboo in their area. It would also be intriguing to see what individuals find personally to be taboo I'll start us off: I'm from Leeds, West Yorkshire (a county in the north of England but not anywhere near Scotland) and because of a fairly multicultural population, many of which are students, there is very little which is controversial and even less which is taboo there. Being gay doesn't raise any eyebrows and religious people are in the minority (a creationist is almost impossible to find). It is all very liberal and aside from the occasional skin-head there aren't many cases of racism, homophobia etc. Because of this lack of taboo, I'm intrigued by what is controversial in other places so how about you guys?
  6. Just wanted to know because I met one Pagan Brony/Pegasister on a site and I wanted to know are there any other Bronies and Pegasisters who studies Paganism and/or Wicca.
  7. Do you believe what a horoscope reading actually tells you about yourself and the future that lies ahead? Like, for example: My sun sign is Pisces, my ruling planets are Neptune and the Moon, and my gemstones are Aquamarine and the Moonstone. Thoughts? Opinions to be shared?
  8. In my last entry, I received a few thought-provoking comments, which was good; that's what I was going for. I also received a comment asking me to format my blog posts. After reading up on the best way to do so, that's what I'll be doing with this post today. Humans are Oxymoronic. One of the definitions I thought of was that we, Humans, are simply oxymoronic. To understand this, we must first define: What is an Oxymoron? An oxymoron, at its simplest definition, is an object or figure of speech that combines two contradictory terms. For example, Jumbo Shrimp, Deafening Silence, etc. After we have defined Oxymoron, we can begin to describe how Humans are Oxymoronic. Now, we all know that Humans are natural beings, like Rabbits or Bears, Sharks or Scallops. What is a natural being? Allow me to give you the true definition, from dictionaries and the internet alike: "existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind." Let's take a look at the first part of that definition: "Existing in or caused by nature" To me, Humans do not exist in nature. We exist in man-made buildings; eating man-made, genetically altered foods; drinking clean, unnatural water/processed, carbonated soft drinks; learning human knowledge that in no way will help us to survive; etc. We don't exist in Nature. But are we caused by it? To me, being caused by nature means one has had a natural birth. In my own personal interpretation of the term, a Natural Birth has three main components: 1) The birth occurs because of an inherent need to continue a species. 2) The birth occurs in a natural setting, free from unnatural obstructions/noises. 3) The birth occurs without unnatural assistance. Now lets compare these three components with how Humans reproduce: 1) Humans tend to have sex for pleasure, not for need. When humans decide they want a baby, it's for exactly that reason: They WANT a baby. They are pleasuring their desires, not helping the human race survive. 2) Most Humans birth their children in man-made buildings, surrounded by man-made objects. 3) Most Humans birth their children with the assistance of a man-made, unnatural painkiller, as well as several doctors/nurses in the room. Therefore, to me, humans do not exist in nature, nor are they caused by it. "But if Humans aren't caused by Nature, what are they caused by?" In order to answer that, let us look at the second half of the definition of Natural: "not made or caused by humankind." Not being made or caused by humankind. This means the object in question must not be man-made. Man-made objects, objects that are made by humans rather than occurring in nature, are generally seen as inanimate things created by Humans in order to provide extra convenience. As such, most man-made objects are easy to spot and define. However, as I said above, Humans are not caused naturally. Since something cannot just poof into existence, Humans must have been caused by something. What were they caused by? The answer is actually quite simple. Humans are their own creators. Humans create other humans. Now think back to the definition of man-made: "objects that are made by Humans". Humans are made by Humans, therefore Humans are man-made objects themselves. Yet we are still classified as "Natural Beings". In conclusion, Humans are man-made natural beings, and that is what makes us Oxymoronic.