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Found 3 results

  1. as the title says, what do you think?, do we go to heaven, or do we get reincarnated?, or what the buck happens?, i personally believe we get Reincarnated, but i wanna know what you think!
  2. As someone who likes to see both sides of every argument and learn each side's valid points and flaws, it's kinda demoralizing to me when I see people either aggressively label an understandable opinion and those who hold it as 'brainless' all in all, or who see their side as the only option and beyond criticism when there are actually many respectable reasons one may challenge or reject them. Obviously with some issues in the world, there will be sides that really don't hold up whatsoever even under a fair examination, but lately, it feels like a 'black and white' perspective is somewhat popular in places it really shouldn't be, and that really isn't of much benefit to anybody if we're to learn and improve. So, I thought it might be nice to have a topic steering away from the kind of aggressive 'discussion' black and white perspectives can sometimes cause, where we can instead talk about sides we aren't aligned with but still respect or understand (or even just respect for a few points it makes), be it political sides or even just sides in far smaller concerns like fandoms, console wars and such; as long as it's respect for people who share different opinions than yours, it's welcome in this topic. In my case, I guess I can think of two things for the time being: ~While I'm a vegetarian (previously a vegan), I have absolutely nothing against people who decide not to go with that kind of lifestyle; not only because it can be a hard change to make long-term, but it's also a lifestyle that has done more harm than good for some people who've tried it, so it's definitely not something I think people should feel forced to do. ~While I'm an atheist that left Christianity, I still get and respect why Christians (and followers of other religions too, but I'll focus on Christianity since I've had much more of an experience with it) see an omnipotent being in the universe's creation and in the way nature works- heck, sometimes I feel I sorta see it myself-; and despite having strong objections with certain stuff in the Bible as well as the way some followers use it to attack homosexuals and such, I don't hope for the religion to die out or think lowly of the many, many good people who follow it either. I feel like I have improved as a person after turning atheist, but I think Christianity can be a very good thing, and I'm glad it has helped a lot of people. How about with you guys? What sides/beliefs etc. do you have some respect for despite not aligning with them?
  3. Starting off, I understand that not everyone will have the same beliefs, and I respect that, I hope you'll respect my beliefs, views and opinions. I decided to put this blog together to 1.) Share my faith in a way that is relatable, and 2.) To combine scriptures and MLP together in harmony ( like elements of harmony ). I ask that if you are going to comment, to comment in a way that won't start any unnecessary drama or hate, but to comment nice things ( channel Fluttershy).