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Found 8 results

  1. And now that I have your attention, continue reading onwards! As an artwork commissioner, collector and community runner all balled into one, one of the ongoing things I do is work with artists to create artworks. As a non-artist, this means I provide artists with the means by which they gain extra exposure and feedback in return for their help in bringing artworks to life. For those that know me, that means MyLittleBButtons! I'm looking for artists who'd be interested in doing promotional collaboration work with me for the trend that this community promotes. These collaborations would be casual, non-obligatory, for-fun artwork projects consisting of one or more (artist preference) artworks over a period of time. I will broach ideas to the artist, we will bounce back and forth with the ideas, and the artist will create the artwork(s) once we agree on a concept that'd be cool. Through MLBB, these custom-made group artworks will be shown off in the group's high-traffic custom artwork folder. Additionally, collab projects that consist of more than two artworks will recieve their own dedicated subfolder. * To clarify, there are no DeviantART Points or real money involved. These are not commissions, they're collabs for fun. Artists who are on board with this should be looking for an excuse to practice their drawing skills, while having fun and getting free, guaranteed exposure for the work they're creating, in the process. * I'd prefer any artist that considers working on some fun collab artwork with me, have a DeviantART account. * Please note that there are limited staff on MLBB, and we do not have the luxury of forming and executing collab projects with every artist that's interested. Regrettably, there will be elements of picking and choosing based on quality and other factors. You can read the original article blog of this over on my DA, which includes extra info. If you're an artist who's looking for opportunities to gain extra exposure while practicing your drawing, leave a comment or send me a private message!
  2. Don't just look at this OP, go check out the latest posts, which have recent announcements! -- "Oh lawd, CD's at it again." "I thought this trend died some time back in '13." "CD, did you even get permission to advertise your crazy group?" I am indeed, not on your life, and yes, yes I did :3 For those of you who know me, whether long-term or simply from spying my signature and avatars prior to my current set, I am a stickler for ponies with belly buttons :3 Having a thing for belly buttons in general, adding them onto ponies and taking note of the incredible power level increase in the cuteness and sometimes sexiness factors, was something worth obsessing about, indeed. However, due to their natural subtlety, they've hardly been recognized as an actual fandom trend, unlike the notoriously known 'ponies in socks, ponies with fluffy chests, ponies with juice boxes', what have you. And so, Spock, I thus went ahead and created a haven, a central tower of command, acting as the epicenter for this new rising fandom trend, and acting as a catalyst for its growth. I won't go into the details here, as quite literally, all the details can be found in plain sight in the center left column inside the group's info boxes. I will however make note of the group's rapid activity growth in just under six months, and its' continued plans for inviting members, adding artworks, running consistent journals, buying promotional commissioned artwork and encouraging artists to depict ponies with belly buttons more often, among many other things. Advertising on largely known fan sites as well as at some conventions here and there by way of vendor table info promotion and advertisement card handouts are in the works as we speak, as well. Because this trend is unique from many others, in that it's a simple, inclusionary add-on that many people add to their artworks already, as opposed to something like socks where the things are added specifically for the purpose of them being in the artwork, one will find that there's something for most bronies out there, in this trend. It's more of a general FIM fanclub with an overarching theme, than it is an exclusionary fandom trend with a limited scope of artwork potential. Should anyone be interested in checking it out, be it simply looking around, or going as far as throwing a watch or even a membership at the group, all is vastly appreciated :3 After Notes: --> Ten days from now, the group will be hosting an art contest where many points and other goodies will be thrown out to a vast placement of participants. Contest will last two or so weeks. --> If you have any interests in helping out past giving us a watch or membership, please PM me here, or note me there, privately. --> If you don't have a DeviantART, I'd greatly consider it :3 DA is for people who enjoy artwork, not just those who make it. Join up, and make collecting, critiquing, commenting and even commissioning part of your fandom experience, I say. MLPF Relevant Links: --> -->
  3. Hey, remember that one thread in the forum lounge, the one with all the ponies with belly buttons, the one that got shut down? Well... the revolution has returned. And this time, no one can stop it. If you like ponies with belly buttons, then this is the place to be.
  4. Would somepony please care to explain to me the new "Navel Trend" for ponies? I personally don't understand the reference and I don't think it adds to the cuteness factor to the character. My apologies for being so ignorant but my curiosity has gotten the better of me
  5. For that one guy who's always hanging around here. DeviantArt and Tumblr link, if you are so inclined.
  6. Don't touch her hooves. Don't stare at her underbelly. Ponies don't have visible navels in the show. Ponies aren't -usually- drawn with navels in the fandom, less it's clop-material that is NSFW for our innocent forum :3 But, SFW artwork certainly does exist, and it is out there waiting to be found. For those select individuals that stumble upon them, cast thine images upon thy avatar box and join arms with your brotherhood. I'm fully capable of navel-ifying any images you find as well, as long as their belly is in view of course xP OC images are fine. Ponies have a right to have navels too :U Join the revolution and have a pony with a belly button as your avatar! Member list (both active and retired): ~56 Participators to Date~ -- Archive of participators & their pony belly button avatar(s): ~83 Belly Buttons to Date~ -- Archive of pony belly button signatures:
  7. I thought that id have a go at drawing Luna in sort of a graphic stile with more wafty wings and gnarly mane and tail (not to mention belly button!) and I hope you guys like it. constructive criticism and all feedback is appreciated
  8. Very specific, random poll, yes? Well, after having a brief discussion with Motion Spark about navel piercings on guys after bringing it up in another blog about piercings in general, I decided I was curious about other people's thoughts. I've stated once or twice in specific locations around the board now that I plan on getting my navel pierced sometime in the next year or so, (or at least that's the hope...procrastination ) and yes, I'm a relatively skinny guy who is a bi. But I personally could care less what society and it's usually retarded stereotypes think; I'd think about getting mine pierced even if I were straight. As society has it, only guys who are skinny or of average body types could even pull it off, because chubby or overweight does not work at all in visual appeal. Society would also have it that bi or gay males are the majority of males who would or should even consider this. But then, what are your thoughts regarding males and navel rings? Should they only be done on specific body types, or should anyone feel comfortable with getting one? Should only bisexual or gay males consider them, or does it not matter what orientation someone is? Does the type of navel ring have a significant impact, with something simple as opposed to something flashy? I already have my own beliefs, of which are set in stone, but still, I'm curious to what the rest of you all think