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Found 134 results

  1. WELCOME TO THE STARLIGHT GLIMMER FANCLUB! She was equal and wanted to share True Friendship with everypony. And then she was reformed, and is the one and only student of the Princess of Friendship. She has amazing magical abilities that match those of the Princesses themselves. She is the first true friend of the Great and Powerful Trixie. It's the one and only Starlight Glimmer! Club Rules: - No hate on this or any other character. - No spam. - Don't claim that you're the biggest fan. - No overly inappropriate material. - Please focus on this character only: all posts must include her as the main topic. - Forum global rules still apply!
  2. Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific explanation to everything.
  3. Whos your favorite in the cmc? in season 1 and season 9 did it change or stay the same? Why?
  4. Be honest to your opinion and why are they your favorite or least?
  5. I always want to ask this question to many bronies about their favorite character. But Since the show ended, i want to know if it change through out the 9 years of this shows. So please be honest on your choice
  6. Same as the mane 6 who is your favorite princess out of the four. did it change or did it stay the same
  7. ‘Sup guys! It’s your favorite Pegasus and best Wonderbolt ever, the one and only Rainbow Dash! Hit me with your best shot of questions!
  8. This is a club for honoring the best character known to man, Diamond Tiara. She is just so likable. The way she bullies the cmc for not having their cutie marks and the way she makes fun of the disabled. Screw those unlikable idiots called the mane six, this character is where it's at! So honor away!
  9. From what we have seen in the show which of the mane 6 is the most badass. Rarity! Fluttershy! Applejack! Twilight Sparkle! Pinkie Pie! Rainbow Dash!
  10. Are there any moments in the show or episodes involving your favorite pony that dissapointed you or just made you go seriously WTF? For me it is Somepony To Watch Over Me because of how insanely out of character Applejack was in that episode. We know Applejack can in some circumstances be overprotective but that side was exaggerated way more than was justified without even the slightest semblance of a proper buildup to make any of it believable. I haven't had an episode piss me off this much since Magical Mystery Cure though to be fair this episode thankfully isn't as craptastic as that one.
  11. So my favorite character in the Mane Six of Equestria is Rainbow Dash... but my favorite of the Mane Six in the Equestria Girls setting is Applejack. Is that weird?
  12. Today, I am going to worship the best of all the ponies. the most likable and complex character even matching the complexities of G3 3.5 ponies. Yeah, that complex. Here is our queen of ponies, Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is the most lovable, relatable, and deep character in all of Friendship Is Magic next to Angel Bunny, Twist, Snips and Snails and Flash Sentry. Her intentions are good. Her goal in life is to constantly pick on the cutie mark crusaders for doing the scum of all of Equestria, not having their cutie marks. She does heroic things such as calling them blank flanks, making Apple Bloom's cousin bully her, and of coarse, making fun of Scootaloo for potentially being disabled. She sure knows how to deal with those less fortunate than her. I sure wish she had more episodes instead of those idiotic mane six. Especially that one annoying one Pinkie Pie. I mean really, all she does is annoy every pony and sing stupid songs. Her Lament in Pinkie Pride I just laughed at seeing her feel sad and left out because that's what the queen of brats diamond Tiara would do. Besides, the best part of Pinkie Pride was that one part where she got a song. She sure sang better than Pinkie's annoying voice. So this is why you should all think Diamond Tiara is best pony. She is the only best pony and any pony who thinks otherwise shall (suddenly, Chikorita gets hit in the head by a present from the party cannon and gets knocked out.) Huh, what happened. What, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS BLOG? WHY AM I WORSHIPING DIAMOND TIARA AND MAKING FUN OF PINKIE PIE? I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT THE STUFF SHE SAYS ARE WORTH DESERVING OF THE HIGHEST HONOR? WHAT IS THIS? I'M SORRY PINKIE! I HAVE FAILED YOU! Anyway after freak out let me just say, happy April Fools day.
  13. This started (and ended) as a post in the "Would You Have Closure if EQG Ended as a Trilogy Thread", and I realized I wrote QUITE a lot, so I decided it'd make a pretty decent blog post too. So let's talk about it. Oh yeah, and SPOILERS. Honestly, I'd probably be pretty OK if we were done with EQG. I'd be sad if we never saw Sunny again, but let's think about it a second. The EQG series is 100% about Sunset Shimmer as a character. It's about Wrong-Doing, Repentance and Redemption. In the first movie, you have Sunset Shimmer as the villain. Now I have a ton of nitpicks about why the story in EQG1 is contrived, convoluted and catastrophic at best, but let's ignore that for a minute. ~Equestria Girls~ EQG1 introduces Sunset Shimmer as a former apprentice of Celestia (similar to Twilight's position, pre-Alicornication, though you can debate that she's still an apprentice). Sunny, like many good-turned-evil apprentices, got frustrated when the magic required patience and practice instead of immediate gratification. She left Celestia's side and all of Equestria of her own accord, found a new world where she could manipulate people into doing what she wanted. She decided that coupling this with Equestrian magic would allow her to invade Equestria take over, and most importantly, upstage Celestia and prove that you can get what you want with cruelty and cunning. Then Twilight shows up, blah blah, Magic of Friendship, big rainbow laser, villain KO'd, gg no re. The important thing to take away from EQG1 was that, Sunset Shimmer was offered a chance to repent for her sins. She'd done horrible, nasty, awful things and the HuMane 5 took her in as one of their own. This becomes more relevant when we get to... ~Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks~ In EQG2 we're quickly shown two things: 1) Sunset Shimmer and the HuMane 5 are getting along swimmingly, and 2) Sunset Shimmer and the students of Caterlot High School are NOT getting along swimmingly. At the beginning of Rainbow Rocks, it's very clear that not a whole lot of time has passed since the Fall Formal, and most of the school still outwardly blames Sunset Shimmer for being a heinous bitch. This is in spite of all the work that was done in the first move to show CHS that coming together as a school benefits everyone and the school as a whole. She's an outcast amongst an entire student body that banded together in a crisis situation. Even among friends, things seem a little off. Beginning with the first in-character song, Sunset is seen sitting off to the sidelines while the HuMane 5 (and Twilight) rock out. While they may have accepted her into their circle, it's Sunset that seems a little shy about getting close to them. She still feels like she has a lot to repent for after the Fall Formal (see her reaction to the multiple uses of "no offense") and that the whole school is doing a great job at reminding her of that, including her friends. Regardless of this fact, and the constant taunting by the Sirens, Sunny busts her flank to maintain that she's changed and all she wants to do is help, even going so far as to jump Rainbow Dash mid-solo to keep their magic hidden (let's be honest, if anyone was gonna screw it up for the group, it was gonna be Dash). This is seen as an affront to the group dynamic and the friends that she'd been working to hard to keep. It's only near the movie's climax that Sunset Shimmer, the outlier of this group of tight-knit friends notices that there's something incredibly wrong. She's been shown friendship and is beginning to understand it, enough so that she knows that disagreements happen, but bickering to the point of breaking up the band is NOT friendship. It's conflict, something that a former villain understands all to well. Something that Sunset Shimmer originally placed between these friends in the first place. This is her repentance. She was the one to originally break apart this group of friends. Now she has her chance to reunite them and remind them all what friendship, a concept they taught her, is really about. Then we enter the climax. Even when Sunny saves the band, and Vinyl saves the show, Sunset Shimmer is still backstage, behind the curtain, wishing all her friends luck. She still doesn't consider herself good enough to be a part of the band. She's reminded them about their friendship and that's good enough for her. Except it wasn't good enough to save the day... But when the going gets tough, the tough take off their leather jackets and belt out a few bars! When Sunny steps up to the mic, it's the first time she's really participated in a group activity with the HuMane 5 (+ Twilight). She's completed her rite of passage to truly be one of the girls, signified by her Pony-ing Up for the first time. The Rainbow Laser of Friendship also solidifies this by adding Sunny's color (Red, because Orange was already taken by AJ) to the spectrum, turning into a giant Rainbow Alicorn and saving the day. Immediately following their victory, the HuMane 5 ask Sunny to join the band. In this scene we can finally see that she's forgiven herself, since instead of humbly turning down their request, or even accepting it, she picks up a nearby guitar and shreds a quick riff, leaving everyone's mouth agape. Sunny saved her friends, saved the day, and most importantly, saved herself (from, well... herself). ~Equestria Girls: Friendship Games~ (aka the best pony movie ever) This was everything I ever could have hoped for. Even in the opening credits, we see minimal Twilight and the insertion of Sunset Shimmer in all of the HuMane 6 (yes, 6, as Sunny is now an OFFICIAL MEMBER) art work. The movie makes it very clear that Sunset Shimmer is kind of like the new Twilight for these girls. She's their expert on magic and the team member who clearly doesn't get what all this high school BS is about (funny, given that she's been going there for 3 years). She's also the one being tasked with a difficult and complex problem. Her situation very closely mirror's Twilight's from EQG2. She's being relied on heavily to solve a problem that she doesn't fully understand. The only difference really being that Sunny reaches out for help, it just isn't available from the person she's asking. Multiple times over the course of the movie, Sunset Shimmer is rallied around by her friends and peers. Notably first, at the end of the Acadeca, when she loses to Other Twilight. Despite her failure, which sends her reeling, the HuMane 6 see it as a victory. Sunset Shimmer is the reason they actually almost BEAT Crystal Prep. For the first time. Ever. A similar event happens at the end of the relay event, when Other Twilight's stolen magic breaks loose, Rainbow Dash Pony's Up, and Sunny blames this all on herself for not figuring out how to keep the magic in check. Principal Celestia forgives Sunset Shimmer for not understanding the magic that she has no control over, but Sunny seems determined to blame herself. One of the most interesting, grounding, and humanizing (for a pony movie) scenes in the movie is when Other Twilight absorbs Rainbow Dash's magic after the Relay. Sunset Shimmer, clearly very frustrated with Other Twi for interfering and stealing her friends magic, UNLEASHES this torrent of rage on Other Twi, who runs away crying. Now, some have said this is a slip for Sunset Shimmer back to the days of being a villain, but I disagree. Sunny is under and INSANE amount of stress, and is not only upset with Other Twilight for stealing magic and messing with forces she doesn't understand. We have to also consider how frustrated she was at NOT receiving an answer from Princess Twilight, in addition to the fact that Other Twilight's lack of understanding mirrors her own. She's not being "evil". Sunset Shimmer is very clearly upset with HERSELF in this instance, and is taking it out on the person who LOOKS like the friend that isn't answering her. Immediately following this outburst, she knows that she's done wrong, and in the final event, looks to make up for it. Speaking of the final event: BEST. SCENE. EVER. Other Twilight gets conned into unleashing the magic for extremely selfish reasons, both on behalf of her school and herself. This concentrated magic converts Other Twi into something I can only describe as a "raging she-demon". Sound familiar? Having been in her position, Sunset tries to reason with Other Twi, telling her that power, magic and megalomania are NOT the answers. Other Twi refuses to listen and begins to go on a rampage of wanton destruction. This is her moment. This is Sunset Shimmer's redemption. Like a phoenix burning bright in the sky, Sunset Shimmer calls upon the EQG Elements of Harmony, unifying all five of them to unlock the sixth element and ascend to becoming the Alicorn Princess of Friendship (of EQG). In the final moments after their beam battle, Sunset Shimmer makes the most important gesture of her character arc. "Take my hand Twilight. Let me show you there's another way, like someone once did for me." Sunset Shimmer has now come full-circle. She has defeated a powerful evil with the magic of friendship, and offered the villain an olive branch, a chance to join them and show them the way and the healing power of friendship. Which, for me, firmly solidifies her as the Princess of Friendship. In the end, we get a little blurb about Other Twi joining CHS, and later, Princess Twilight pops in to say hi, and mention something about a time loop. ~In Closing~ Sunset Shimmer has come full-circle. Starting as a villain and being battled as a demon, she was being offered an olive branch by the Princess of Friendship. Though friendship, she learns how to deal with her own personal demons, and how to be a better friend. Then, with the help of her friends, she accomplishes the same feat: defeating a demon and offering to help them learn about the magic of friendship. With this, Sunny's character arc completed, I could be fulfilled in knowing that there aren't any more EQG movies on the horizon Not that I don't want more of them...
  14. Well, Applejack Month is just about over with and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation for my favorite pony, so I decided to put together a whopping 101 reasons why I love her so much! No, that's not a typo. I have 101 reasons! (Some are similar to one another, but that can't be helped!) I've broken down everything into categories and I tried to give a little bit of depth to each reasoning without going overboard scratch that, if you know me at all, you'll know I can write all day about Applejack, so expect this to be pretty huge! I've provided plenty of links to some fun screencaps from the show so you get precise examples as to what in the hay I'm talkin' about. I also posted a few videos for your enjoyment as well. I don't expect anyone to read every word, (free apple cider if you do) but next time someone asks me why I like AJ, I'm gonna point them straight to this. Applejack's personality traits and virtues that I admire: 1. She's honest. This is a no-brainer. Applejack represents the element of honesty, and she lives up to it very well. While she has lied occasionally, it is seldom for any reason other than to spare another pony's feelings. 2. She's dependable. Her friends can count on her to do her best whenever they need her, regrdless of the situation. 3. She's supportive. Whether it's her family or her closest friends, Applejack is always quick to encourage others into being the best that they can be. 4. She's mature. Applejack is very much a grownup. After all, she had to grow up quickly and take on a lot of responsibility once her parents moved on. 5. She's intelligent. Forget the "dumb farmer" stereotypes, Applejack is very intelligent. She's an expert at her craft and has plenty of worldly wisdom. 6. She's a workhorse. She nearly single-hoofedly does all of the hard labor involved in running her farm, after all Granny's too old an Apple Bloom has school. Big Mac is her only major assistance, but Applejack pulls her weight. 7. She's family-oriented. The other Mane characters hardly ever interact with family, but Applejack lives with and dedicates herself to her kin. 8. She's content. There's not one ounce of bitterness in her heart for any tragedy or hardship she has had to face in her life. She doesn't take anything for granted and she makes the most of what she has. 9. She's stable. She's the only pony of the M6 to never have a major meltdown. (Sleep deprivation doesn't count). It would take a lot to make a tough nut like Applejack crack. As AJ would say, don't sweat the small stuff! 10. She's down to earth. Applejack is very practical, realistic, and logical in her thoughts and feelings making her the go-to pony for almost any kind of advice. 11. She's loyal. Loyalty may not be her element, but when she says she's the "loyalest of friends and most dependable of ponies," you better believe that she means it. Applejack knows that the best way to overcome an obstacle is to face it as a team. 12. She's self-confident. Applejack is very comfortable in her own skin and she believes in herself. 13. She's courageous. Whenever faced with danger, Applejack conquers her fears. Saving Spike from a pack of Timberwolves is one of many examples. 14. She's playful/sporty. Whether she's bobbing for apples with friends, going on a camping trip, or participating in the Sisterhooves Social, rodeo, or Iron Pony Competition, Applejack loves to have fun with others. 15. She's outgoing. Applejack was quick to give Twilight a very warm welcome and even consider her as being part of her family. She's very charming and charismatic, and she has most of Ponyville smitten with her. 16. She's sentimental. Despite her tomboyish tendencies and somewhat rougher exterior, AJ is not shy about initiating hugs or other means of affection. She even called out Spike for being "just like a boy" when it appeared as if he was sickened by the ponies' group hug. (Oh AJ, don't stereotype!) 17. She's empathetic. Whenever somepony is down and out, Applejack is always the first to notice and express concern. ie: Twilight worrying about her brother, and Scootaloo's nervous behavior. 18. She's bold. She wrote a letter to Princess Celestia saying she learned nothing. Celestia specifically asked her humble subjects to write only when they learn a new lesson - what Applejack did took some serious gall! 19. She's selfless. AJ believes in putting the interests of others above her own. She didn't want to go to the Gala just for her own gain - she wanted to help fix her family's farm and replace her Granny's bad hip. 20. She's modest. As confident as she is in herself, it's rare that AJ brags or boasts. She said she wasn't much for giving speeches in The Last Roundup. 21. She's traditional. Applejack does things the old-fashioned way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 22. She's a good sport. When Dashie and Pinkie pulled a prank on her, Applejack laughed and smiled. And while she's competitive at times, she's never upset about losing (unless ya cheated!) 23. She's protective. If her friends are in any danger, AJ's quick to take action. When Pinkie Pie's Pinkie sense revealed that Fluttershy might be in danger at Froggy Bottom Bog, Applejack immediately went to go look for her. 24. She's not afraid to get dirty. After working on a farm for years, mud and dirt is second nature for this apple. She's perfectly fine with getting doused with grape juice just for fun. 25. She's kind. Applejack is docile, personable, warm, compassionate, and understanding. She's the get along'st pony yer ever gonna meet! After all, she's the apple of Ponyville's eye. 26. She's a problem solver. AJ has a can-do resolve and enough horse sense that can fix almost anything. She's a handy pony in a pinch. 27. She's a leader. She's the second pony in command after Twilight, as she has often called out orders to the others when Twilight is not around. 28. She's genuine. Applejack is 100% real. What you see is what you get. There's nothing fake or phony about her. She knows who she is, and she's sincere. 29. She's generous. Letting Rarity keep two apple fritters for free when she needed the money? Stuffing Twilight's belly with some of her signature baked goods? Wanting to use her prize money from the rodeo to fix Ponyville's Town Hall? AJ is very thoughtful and considerate of the wants and needs of others. 30. She's full of integrity. All in all, Applejack has great adherence to moral and ethical principles. Character is something that she takes pride in. Her interactions with other characters that I enjoy: 31. Rainbow Dash. Applejack and Rainbow Dash have always been a very dynamic friendship to watch. Applejack is the one who can best keep RD in line when she's acting up. The two butt heads every now and then, but they respect each other and care deeply for one another. I love the competitive spirit these two share. 32. Rarity. Rarity is perhaps the polar opposite to Applejack. These two have almost nothing in common, but they are still able to embrace their many differences, and the two play off of each other so well. It's adorable when they do get along. 33. Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie and Applejack make for a great comedic duo, with AJ being the straight mare, and Pinkie of course being the whack job. 34. Twilight. Twily and AJ are quick to confide in each other, and they usually seek out each others help first, making for a very powerful and deep friendship. 35. Fluttershy. Although these two have not interacted one-on-one a whole lot, they've still had their fair share of endearing moments. AJ volunteered to take Fluttershy around the mountain another way, and Fluttershy helped Applejack with the flood at Sweet Apple Acres, proving that the two lean on each other for help when needed. 36. Apple Bloom. Applejack is not only a wonderful older sister to Apple Bloom, but she's almost like a mother figure as well. These two have an extremely tight bond. While they enjoy playing and working together, they do have moments of friction as well. 37. The CMC. Even Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have had their fair share of interesting encounters with Applejack. AJ expressed a lot of care and concern when Scootaloo was acting strange during the camping trip. Sweetie Belle learned about the joys of having a big sister and was able to make amends with Rarity through AJ's help. AJ is usually the one to keep a watchful eye on the CMC like any good responsible adult. 38. Spike. Applejack understood Spike's delicate situation of having to honor his Dragon Code. Everypony else wanted to come up with schemes and ideas that would make Spike feel as though he had repaid his debt, but in the end, Applejack knew she had to be straight-shooting with Spike and tell him how she felt about the situation. AJ and Spike have had a number of other amusing interactions: (Spike's birthday blanket that AJ gave him, his reaction to being given a Gala ticket, and his nearly kissing Applejack!) 39. Big MacIntosh. Big Mac's quiet wisdom and gentle nature makes for a nice contrast to Applejack's headstrong and outgoing personality. 40. Granny Smith. Applejack is a helpful, responsible, and reliable member of the family, but there are still moments when Granny's pearls of wisdom and comfort do justice in guiding her, as seen in Apple Family Reunion. Applejack's character flaws and weaknesses that I find realistic, relate-able, and endearing: 41. Her stubborn pride. Applejack's pride is probably her greatest weakness, as it not only cripples her better judgment at times, but it's the root of her next great weakness - her stubbornness. Applejack is very headstrong and she does not like to be wrong. She will work really hard to prove she can do something so as to not feel like she is bringing shame upon herself or those she cares for. 42. Her blunt honesty: While Applejack has told fibs in order to avoid hurting another pony's feelings, she's also been known to be pretty frank, such as when she scolded Twilight for using magic on Winter Wrap Up Day, which left the purple pony running away in tears, or whenever she has called out Apple Bloom for disobeying her. 43. Her impatience. Applejack has been known to lose her patience, namely when the Cutie Mark Crusaders drive her crazy, or whenever Rainbow Dash toots her horn "louder than the brass section of a marching band." 44. Her rudeness. Applejack has no qualms about chewing on s'mores with her mouth open and then burping. You'd probably have to force a "pardon me" out of her. 45. Her messiness. Applejack is so used to getting herself dirty that she's bound to walk into someone's home with mud on her hooves. 46. Her perfectionism. Applejack detests the prospect of disappointing others. She tried too hard to make her family reunion the best one ever. Sometimes AJ needs to settle down and stop working herself to the bone when she can make a big impact without overdoing things. 47. Her over-protection. Applejack can be downright bossy to Apple Bloom if she thinks her little sis is setting herself up for trouble. And when Spike's life was threatened by Timberwolves, AJ was willing to do anything to protect him, even though her life was at risk once she got stuck under a boulder. 48. Her dislike of fashion. Applejack refuses to wear anything that's too "froufrou-y" and she has zero interest in mud masks or keeping her hair nice. Fashion is not one of her top priorities, to say the least. Despite that, she has worn some pretty neat outfits. 49. She doesn't pay attention to detail. Applejack thinks she can get anything done, and often times she resorts to doing something without thinking about the consequences. THIS comes to mind. 50. She's rough and tumble. A little aggressive at times, Applejack is easily provoked if her pride is challenged in any way. Applejack is known to instigate others as well - she was the first to try to show up Trixie, and she was quick to challenge Rainbow to a "hoof wrassle" for the right to keep the ticket to the Gala. Applejack's quirks and charms that I love: 51. Her association with all things apples. Apples are a wonderful fruit, as they're both delicious and healthy! Not to mention you can make so many different things with them. 52. Her Southern accent. Having an accent gives her some uniqueness, and makes it easier to identify her upbringing and culture. 53. Her figures of speech. Applejack's Southern jargon has always been a popular subject of MLP related memes and fan fictions. Her colloquialisms stick like caramel on a candy apple! 54. Her terms of endearment. Does my username ring a bell? 55. Her hearty appetite. She has the appetite of a full-grown stallion and after a hard day of work, she's certainly not picky about what she eats, but it's usually something hoof-lickin' good! 56. Holding wheat in her mouth. It's a minor detail, but it adds just a touch more coolness to an already cool mare. 57. Her winking. It's another trademark of hers that she does quite frequently, and it's adorable. 58. Crossing her legs. From as early the very first scene of her in the first episode, we see her "cross her legs," and she's been doing it ever since. 59. Her hat gestures. It's adorable whenever Applejack covers her face with her hat in times of distress, worry, and shame. She has also been known to take it off and hold it over her chest when sharing her thoughts and experiences, and she's also thrown it on the ground a time or two, proving that her hat is truly an important part of her. 60. Her association with all things country. I'm not the type of person who sits around blaring depressing country songs on my radio or music device, (I do like some country music) but I have always had a fascination with the cowboys/girls of the Wild West and all of the stories and attributes that go along with them, and AJ has always alluded to those kinds of themes. The music that plays whenever Applejack shows up on-screen, her rodeo participation, the Western theme present in a few episodes, and all of her country gal quirks in general are just really enjoyable and intriguing. Things I love about Applejack's design: 61. Her hat. AJ's signature stetson cowgirl hat that is notoriously missing from all of her main merchandise is just another feature that helps her stand out. (Hasbro, what do you have against making any toys with an accurate hat? *Rage*) 62. Her freckles. Another feature that she doesn't share with too many other characters is her freckles, which is a definite cuteness booster. 63. Her mane. AJ is a pony who wears her mane like a ponytail! Plus it's yellow, which makes her easy to envision as a blonde female human. (The fanart of Applejack as a human is always my favorite). 64. She's an Earth Pony (and proud!) The contents of a pony's character are more important than their race. It's AJ's philosophy, and it's a good one! 65. Her green eyes. Those beautiful emerald eyes. Okay, so they're a moderate sap green, but they're lovely all the same and deserve my appreciation. xP 66. Her orange coat. This apple loving pony probably doesn't care much for oranges, especially since her Aunt and Uncle Orange left a bad impression, but the color of her coat is as orange as Big Mac's mane, and I love it. Seeing as some horses actually do sport coats that look somewhat orange, I appreciate AJ's more realistic colors, for whatever it's worth. 67. Filly Applejack. Dem freckles. She's just adorable. Enough said. 68. Foal Applejack. Her little apple hair clips, that messy face, those button eyes, that itty bitty diaper, and above all, that sweet little voice that's enough to make Pikachu blush! *Insulin shots are recommended. Applejack's abilities, hobbies, and interests that I find appealing: 69. She's athletic. She's a ten time rodeo "champeen" with more blue ribbons than anypony in Ponyville! Even Rainbow Dash thinks her athleticism is "So. Awesome!" 70. She's excellent at cooking/baking. She can bake anything from fritters to pies in the blink of an eye. Pinkie Pie has called Applejack the "best baker ever!" 71. She's skilled with musical instruments. Applejack loaned Pinkie Pie her harmonica once. She's also skilled with the fiddle and banjo. 72. Her herding and animal skills. Cows stampeding towards Ponyville? Got a problem with Parasprites? Pinkie Pie cloned herself again? Just give Applejack a holler and she'll round up these critters before you can say "lickety split!" 73. She's amazing with her lasso. Applejack's lasso can certainly come in handy at times. After all, how else would the ponies have ever caught Rainbow Dash when she was discorded? Plus, she can do some seriously flashy stuff with that rope. 74. She's a farmer. In a way, it's Applejack and her hard work and effort that feeds Ponyville. Apples are important to any pony's diet, and the citizens of Ponyville can't get enough of the iconic fruit. Applejack's job is not fun, glamorous, or even totally healthy. It's back-breaking work. And it deserves recognition and appreciation. 75. She's physically strong. Well, all of that hard work does have its benefits. Applejack is the powerhouse of the Mane Six. Years of applebucking have given this mare a pair of hind legs that hit harder than a train. 76. She loves dogs. Winona is one adorable little border collie. Not only that, but she's a helpful and loving member of the Apple Family. Now if only she had some breath mints! 77. She enjoys reading. A very minor point, but Applejack enjoys a "bang-up tale" from time to time. 78. She's artistic. In addition to her many musical, athletic, and physical talents, AJ even has a bit of a knack for art. Namely, she can ice sculpt really well. She's even a budding writer if Rainbow Dash's comments about an "unfinished novel" are accurate. 79. She's simplistic. Straightforward and easy to figure out, Applejack is not one for complications and she is definitely a bit more on the unsophisticated side. Other random things I enjoy about Applejack's character: 80. Her name. Applejack. It doesn't sound very feminine, but it fits the cowpony all too well. Consider the hard alcoholic beverage of the same name. Both the pony and the drink are very strong. However, most kids won't think of the alcoholic beverage, they'll think of a certain cereal they ate for breakfast that for whatever reason never tasted a thing like apples. Applejack is also the name of a few other things, including a kind of cheese and a making for a fun name in general. Shortening it to AJ only adds to Applejack's adorability (is that word yet?)81. She can silly. When she's not rolling around in a barrel of grapes with her little sis, she might be found reading bedtime stories to her prized apple trees. I think an is surprisingly fitting at times.82. She can be witty/sarcastic. Applejack has a dry sense of humor and she is known to be very sarcastic and witty, even towards her friends. Recall one classic quote: Rarity: How in Equestria can she think that tiny patch of clouds is Cloudsdale? Applejack: The same way he got you to think that cheap rock was a bona fide diamond. Rarity: I thought we agreed never to speak of that again. 83. She's a business pony. Applejack, being a farmer, is constantly in pursuit of making some good sales. Applejack is very smart about her business. She knows how important cider sales are during the winter. She even used Fluttershy's popularity as a model to help boost apple sales. 84. She has no use for math. Fancy mathematics are always muddying up issues. I share the same weakness (and hatred) for math as my partner AJ. Did you know AJ actually had to do a mental head count of her friends in Suited For Success? :/ 85. Her barn is constantly getting destroyed. The major running gag of the series is that Applejack's barn is almost constantly getting destroyed or taken down in some way. This is a minor thing, but I enjoy a good because Applejack has had some very different reactions to seeing her beloved barn getting totaled, ranging from grief, to anger, to sheer disbelief.86. Her speaking/singing voice. Her accent is one thing, but her actual voice is another thing altogether. Ashleigh Ball gives so much life to Applejack's character. I've never found AJ to sound forced, but rather very natural. And anytime she sings I am one happy pony. is one of my favorite songs for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of AJ's singing.87. Her poor fashion sense. Applejack wanted to wear galoshes and a pair of overalls at a fashion show. How cute! 88. Her home. I've always had a fascination with the country life, and Sweet Apple Acres has always been one of my favorite settings in the show due to the color and detail of it. Anytime an episode takes place on the farm for any period of time, it's always a lot of fun. 89. Her deadpan acting skills. Oh no! I seem to have got my hoof caught in between two rocks! I cannot run away! I am a damsel in distress! Her inability to act is due to the fact that she's too genuine and honest to be able to to put on a convincing act which is unsurprising, because we know Applejack is a bad liar as well! 90. Her facial expressions. This show is full of lively character expressions, and even Applejack has had her fair share of funny and adorable facial gestures. 91. Her parents are deceased. The confirmation of her parents being dead adds a lot of intrigue to Applejack's backstory, and opens up a lot of potential for her character. And it makes sense that Applejack is so mature, responsible, and motherly. She had an awful lot of growing up to do in order to hold her family together. From a character critiquing point of view, I love Applejack because: 92. She's well-rounded. Applejack is probably the most balanced character in the show. She doesn't suffer from a lot of extremities in her character, but she is as multifaceted as you can hope for in a character. 93. She's a great supporting character. Being that Applejack is the most grownup and experienced of the Mane Six, she is in a comfortable position of being able to shed some wisdom on her friends. She brings out the best in others and is more than capable of conveying important messages to the audience in her informal but warm way. 94. Her episodes make for quality entertainment. I find her episodes of focus to be excellent entertainment. 20 years from now I can imagine myself looking back at episodes like Applebuck Season, The Last Roundup, and Apple Family Reunion as timeless classics. 95. Her journey of self-discovery. Applejack wasn't always the content cowgirl who never complained about her routine life. There was a time where she wanted to be a sophisticated pony, which was something she just wasn't meant to be. When she realized that the demanding lifestyle of a high-class pony wasn't for her, she made a stunning realization about the life she had and was quick to resort back to the life she took for granted, learning an important lesson about herself along the way. AJ's cutie mark story is by far my favorite. Applejack basically wanted to be Rarity when she was little. How crazy is that? 96. She's best background pony. Applejack packs quite a bit of depth as far as her upbringing, culture, and family are concerned. Best background pony? Darn tootin'! 97. She challenges gender norms/stereotypes. Applejack is a woman who is strong, self-confident, sporty, loud, and she does hard, dirty work as opposed to being the traditional homemaker. Unlike the stereotypical female, Applejack does not care about physical appearance and looking pretty. She has a lot of technical skill and is capable of fixing things. On top of that, she's no damsel in distress. She can handle herself in almost any situation and she knows how to take charge. 98. She is a more realistic and lifelike character. Despite the fact that AJ is often censured as being the boring character of the main cast, she is perhaps the most authentic. While the other five all have well-pronounced character quirks that can seem over-the-top and cartoonish at times, Applejack stands out as being a character with a consistent and vivid sense of realness. I've met enough people who remind me of Applejack in one way or another (as you'll see). The others, not as much. 99. She challenges conventional storytelling structures. Applejack isn't a pony who follows a path of destiny, nor does she have any major ambitions or dreams. She doesn't need these things to be an interesting and entertaining character. Applejack presents both the joys and blunders of an everyday life which is why she is perfectly fit for this slice of life show. And finally, two personal reasons: 100. She reminds me of my father. This sounds silly, and perhaps it is, but Applejack somehow makes me think of my father who passed away when I was 14. My dad wasn't perfect, but he believed that people should be people and live honestly. He was the type who'd give the shirt off of his back to someone in need. He grew up on a farm in the Midwest and had a bit of an accent in his voice. He dressed like your typical "redneck" and he enjoyed watching shows like bull riding and old Western movies (usually to my chagrin) and listening to the same 10 country songs that the radio would play everyday. I used to watch cartoons with my father, and while he detested most of the stuff I grew up with back in the 90's and early 2000's, I can safely say that if he were with me to view an episode of MLP, he would appreciate the show for its retro humor and enjoyable stories and characters. Heck, I'm sure he'd love 'old Applejack, just not as much as me. :3 And the #1 reason I love AJ: 101. She inspires me. I probably identify with Fluttershy's personality the most, but Applejack is the pony who I look at as someone I would want to be like. She's always putting others above herself and she has such a confident and healthy personality. She's a a hard worker, a wonderful sister, and simply the best friend anyone could hope to ask for. Since I started watching MLP, I've taken a lot of Applejack's virtues to heart. Sometimes, it's not about what character you can connect with on a personal level, it's about which one leaves an impact on you. Simply put, Applejack is a role model to me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whew! I think I just earned my cutie mark in Applejack obsession! *Looks at flank* Heh... that's totally not a picture of Applejack on my flank right there.... Nope, nothing to see here! ^-^; Well, I think I just about covered everything! If I forgot anything, consider it listed, because I would feel bad if I forgot something about AJ. I hope everyone had a great Applejacktober! Have a safe and fun Nightmare Night y'all! As always, thanks for reading!
  15. First give a reason for why who the person above you said was best pony isn't best (or agree), Don't be rude, then state your favorite pony and why. Mine is RAINBOW DASH she is awesome and I find it very easy to relate to her with a bit of a large ego and all... but I love her enthusiasm and her unwillingness to be pushed down.
  16. Edit: I have restarted the game on page 14! See rules below, and jump to the last page to add your voice to this fun tournament! Who is the best pony on these forums? Let's have a little tournament and see who wins! The rules are pretty simple: Add one (1) point to a pony you want to win. Subtract two (2) points from your least favorite pony from the list. Example: Pony 1: 5 Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 5 Pony 4: 5 ------------- Pony 1: 6 (+1) Pony 2: 5 Pony 3: 3 (-2) Pony 4: 5 If a pony reaches zero (0) points, they are out, and cannot be brought back. No double-posting, and watch out for simul-posts (or ninjas)! Here's our starting list! Applejack: 50 Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 50 Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 I'll start things off! Have fun, everypony! Applejack: 51 (+1) Fluttershy: 50 Pinkie Pie: 50 Rainbow Dash: 48 (-2) Rarity: 50 Twilight Sparkle: 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 1 - September, 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Applejack is the winner, by a final score of 32-0 over Fluttershy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Round 2 - IN PROGRESS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to page 14 to play!
  17. Who is best pony? That gets asked a lot, and while there are a lot of other popular ponies, Rarity and Rainbow Dash always overwhelmingly top out the charts. So let's try and end this debate once and for all. Between the two of them, who is best pony? I suppose I'll vote for Rarity because I like her a smidge more than Rainbow Dash. Though I'd say they are about even in terms of quality, I do have to make a clear choice.
  18. So, all you have to do is, guess the favourite pony of the user above you. Example User : Celestia User : Fluttershy And so on so, let's start. You can use the user's avatar and name to help you, and if you have visited that users profile, you can probably easily answer it, but if you haven't, no visiting it till you have guessed!
  19. To all who have come to the realization that I am the one true savior of the fandom, you may speak the words of truth here. Blessed by the alpaca gods, daughter of Cthulhu, I am here to assure the fandom's everlasting existence. I am mostly sane. I give you an unrelated cute kitten:
  20. Like the title says. Did your opinions of who's your favorite ponies change over seasons 1 through 4, or over time in general? I actually liked Rainbow Dash's energy and tomboyish nature (mostly her arrogance and pride) when i first started watching the show, making her my favorite pony. Around the second half of the first season i started liking rarity more because of her clever dialogues and delivery and, of course, her song (that's one of my top favorites). I eventually gravitated to Pinkie in season 2, in which her character was a whole lot more developed (in my opinion anyway). Did something similar happen to you? Doesn't have to be with the mane 6, could also be any background pony / princess you have in mind?
  21. So, is there a certain pony who you just love the design of or who you admire for their beauty? It doesn't have to be your favorite pony, in fact, you don't even have to care at all for the character, but is there anypony who's outer beauty you like the most? Why? It can be a background pony if you want. For example, I love Princess Cadance's design, mostly due to her color choices and eyes. She's so unique looking, but at the same time, she still fits in.
  22. You wake up with [insert best pony here]. Who is it and how do you react? GO! Me: *looks at mint green pony* Lyra: *looks at me* Me: So.... Lyra: HUMAN!!! Me: Uh oh
  23. A forum for bronies who want to share what they like to see in the superior pony. Is it race? Likability? Character development? Sex appeal?
  24. So, here's a question: The saddle and row review was more of an ensemble episode than a Rarity episode, and I've seen more than a few "XXX was the best part of this episode!" comments on Derpibooru and other FIM sites. So, lets see what everyone's opinion is: Obviously they were ALL good, but someone is ALWAYS the best in an episode: which of the mane six do you think was the best part of the episode?
  25. I know a lot of people tend to make favorite characters out of the ones they relate to best in the show. Do you relate to your favorite character or is your favorite character someone you don't relate to at all? I love Fluttershy because I'm shy and introverted and just have the most common with her.