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Found 11 results

  1. I made this thread so we can see if there will be a Fallout 5,and what we can expect Bethesda to do with it,and what should be changed,and what should removed/added. I hope that Bethesda does make a Fallout 5 and have it based around New York,Texas,even Russia so we can see the other side of it! Another thing is the weapons. I don’t like how some of the weapons look in F4.(Assault rifle,pipe rifles,etc) And I hope they add they add ACTUAL sniper rifles and real world weapons with advanced weapons as well. And maybe have the 1950s vibe. So feel free to share your thoughts and remember what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L!
  2. So, I missed the conference, gonna say that first, I could watch it, but I am doing reading up on all the info and apparently, I don't need to watch it. The conference was apparently very short and uninspired, with little in terms of new announcements. Apparently paid mods are back though! That went totally well the last time they tried it and from what I hear, it soured the mood of the conference to the end, which is sad. There of course were some new announcements like Evil Within 2 and a new Wolfenstein, but that was it really. Everything else was kinda 'Look at all the cool stuff we did before!' which is a bit of a shame that Bethesda is still putting that at the forefront. There is nothing wrong with showing your achievements in the industry but when you open a show with that, to me, that isn't a good sign. So, discuss. What did you all think of Bethesda's 'sorta' E3 conference? I like the sound of a new Wolfenstein because I really enjoyed the Old Blood, haven't played New Order yet, which I should. That wasn't enough though to make me think that they did a good job, seems they did far from that.
  3. Hey guys, how is everyone? this is my first blog. I've been on the forums for almost 2 years, but i just found out about this feature today kek. Today, I will be talking about a game that has wide acclaim, and my 2nd Play-through on it:The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim so, I started playing a week or two ago, and i decided i wanted to do something out of the usual this time, an unarmed character. I found this awesome forum post about it that inspired me to want to crush some skulls with my FUCKING BARE HANDS. heres the link:(, i created my character(a khajiit) and I did the intro crap, and then i headed to whiterun, to the hall of the dead, and grinded a bit by getting hit by skeletons and using a healing spell over and over again. After doing that for about 20 to 30 minutes, i decided to go to riften and get the unarmed enchantment by getting a piece of equipment with the enchantment from gian the fist. he was easier my 2nd playthrough, since i had heavy armor on, instead of the light armor of my archer. i punched that cunt into the ground and got the enchantments. I went to disenchant them. I did some quests, got the black star, joined the dark brotherhood, thieves guild, and the companions, and I became a nightingale and became the listener, and a werewolf. I did some of the main quest, and i have the following shouts unlocked so far: Unrelenting force, Marked for death, fire breath, whirlwind sprint, disarm. My insight about it so far: I like this style of play better than my first playthrough. It gives me a challenge(Playing on adept difficulty) and allows me to pummel my opponents into submission and send them to the void hardcore style. I was unsatisfied when i beat the main quest because, well, its lame. Skyrim is an awesome game though, and i will be playing it for a while, because i have quite a lot of skulls to bash. A few questions to get the comments going: Whats your opinion about the special Edition of skyrim, and if you have played skyrim, what was your experience of the game and did you enjoy it? For now though, I'll be disarming people and beating them like beowulf. Cya next time.
  4. Yep. Seems what most of us feared right from the moment Bethesda announced issues with bringing mods to PS4 has come to pass. Bethesda have recently released a statement saying that, as a result of Sony "Not approving user mods the way they should work", that mod support will no longer be coming to either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Remastered for the foreseeable future, at least until they can come to some kind of agreement. At this point though, that doesn't seem likely. If you ask me, Sony have really dropped the ball with this one. I know they're not particularly fond of users installing third party files to their system (just look at the great Linux debacle for the PS3), but could they seriously not find a way to make these simple things work if Microsoft could? Way to hand the momentum over to your competitors. Source link:
  5. So on top of the recently released Nuka World DLC for Bethesda's Fallout 4, it would seem that GPU manufacturer Nvidia have decided to release their own custom mod for the game titled "Vault 1080", and are basically using it to showcase some new volumetric lighting effects that could be utilized by their '1000' series of graphics cards and implemented into future Fallout games or similar titles (Elder Scrolls with that lighting, anyone?). Now I know this is something that will probably only interest players with top of the line PC systems right now, I know for sure mine couldn't run this without a significant frame rate loss, but my real question here is; What do you think of these companies using mods like this to test new graphical capabilities? Do you think it could be more than just a glorified tech demo? Does it show that you could potentially go back and get much more out of games like this, even after they have started to age in a few years? I personally think it's a nifty feature to take advantage of, to let players themselves experience the effects in a properly finished title rather than just pre-generated imagery or a 'built for display' game that will never actually be released. Here's a couple of more images from the mod itself. I must say that it definitely lends itself to making the environment much more atmospheric:
  6. More rumors are spreading about a new Elder Scrolls, like a direct sequel to Skyrim and Valenwood scenario. What do you like to see? New enemies, places or dungeons, etc...?
  7. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  8. Bethesda recently put a timer on their Fallout section of their website ( which probably means that something big regarding Fallout is coming. Maybe 4, or maybe a remaster of the earlier two games? Or New Vegas 2? Here's a (now irrelevant) leak
  9. They really are going over the top now. Lately I've been following Bethesda on Facebook and YouTube and I have to say I've been really impressed with what they've been showcasing recently. But it seems that everything they post gets shat on by the over-abundance of the Fallout fan base. Every trailer on YouTube appears do get a huge wave of comments saying "WHERES MY FALLOUT 4?". What they really don't seem to realise is that some of these games like DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Order (which I really enjoyed), The Evil Within are not being MADE by Bethesda but are being PUBLISHED by them. But screaming "WHERES MAH FALLOUT 4!!!!!!11!1!" on every comment section related to Bethesda isn't going to make them spill the beans. I find it selfish and arrogant because the other people who just want the other games being PUBLISHED by Bethesda have to put up with these morons who don't know seem to understand the difference between what is being DEVELOPED and what is being PUBLISHED by Bethesda. Can't these people just be considerate and patient for others to enjoy something else, can't they just understand. And it's not "YOUR FALLOUT 4" it's "EVERYBODY'S FALLOUT 4".
  10. Bethesda. STAHPP!! Please. Your game is bad (imo). I played the beta, I got a beta tester grant! And it SUCKED! It felt like the took skyrim and forced it into MMO form. To be honest, its doesnt feel like an MMO AT ALL! Its just like a multiplayer game. The 20 hours I played were some of the worst gaming experiences of my life. Apart from Spore when it first came out (anyone remember that?) But seriously, i know it was just the Beta, but this was the final beta weekend, so it would like a week until launch. What could they of changed in 7 days? I LOVE skyrim! Seriously, one of the best games I ever played! (below GTA V and Minecraft). I think they should of just made an ESO:VI. But now, because of DLC, I bet there will not be an singleplayer ESO for YEARS! And I mean about 7-10 years? And then it will probably be like in VR (which is also pretty suckish, but thats tommorows rant) which will just spoil it. Why Bethesda! Why couldnt you have released a good ol' RPG? Im sorry for being annoying. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Breath it in. Dont. Germs *shudders*. Be sure to follow for more blogs! Rants every day!
  11. Just thought I'd attempt to round up some speculation regarding this Bethesda teaser: It's not a long article, but it is interesting. What do you all think? I'm personally hoping for Fallout 4, but there really isn't that much to go on.