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Found 21 results

  1. Is it me or does RB seems less cocky now? im saying this after the way she took care of scoots where they went camping. feel free to support or prove wrong
  2. We all know who Discord is. The reformed Spirit of Chaos with a cunning demenor and has became an ally to the mane 6 and Fluttershy's sidekick of sorts. He has dialogue so vague that you can't tell if he's for real, or is just screwing with you. But there maybe an entity more powerful than him. One that can only be seen inside your mind. Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls is an omnipresent Dream demon who first appears in episode 19 "Dreamscapers". Whereas Discord is mischievous, Bill is sadistic. He won't hesitate to get inside someone's mind and tear it appart to the point of death if he wanted to. He can rip people's souls out and possesses their bodies, the only way he can interact with the real world. And he can make you question whether everything is real, or just a creepy illusion. So this begs the question, who is superior, Bill or Discord?
  3. It's indeed something some people here on the forum and also outside of the forum wished. They want one large story arc for one entire season, with one villain making reapperances, because it would make the show more interesting for them and would probably bring in a bigger audience. Now, it would probably cause one thing that i really wished for awhile and that is a bit more continuity. While i don't think that the continuity is bad in this show, it certainly can't hurt to add a bit more into it. However, there is a problem with turning the show into a one season adventure arc and i think that it could hurt the appeal of the show. 95% of the shows episodes are episodic slice of life stories, with a bit of adventure here and there mixed inbetween and you don't need much explanation from earlier episodes, to really get what is going on. If you want to recommend pinkie pride to a newcomer? Go ahead and do it. Want to show him Power Ponies after that? No problem. This is where the problem with the season long arc comes. If you are a newcomer and you come in to a season long story arc in the middle of it, you need to first get all the way to the beginning and watch it first and you also can't just recommend certain episodes from it, because it might not make sense if you don't have the context from the previous episodes. We also have to realize that kids between the ages of 3-7 sometimes don't have the attention span to follow such a long arc and that's pretty much the audience, that Hasbro wants to sell their toys too. I don't say that a story arc might be bad, maybe it can actually kinda good. But i am not sure if it will bring in a bigger audience and that's what i think the writers think about. What are your opinions on it?
  4. This is a game where the goal is simple: one-up the post above you. Basically, post something about you or someone you know that is just slightly more impressive than that of the post above you. But be warned: if you post something that is too much better, I may call you a "Show-Off" and start this game back at the mundane. The game is won when outlandish claims become a necessity to keep up, though the game can still continue for as long as nobody becomes a "Show-Off." Now to start: I can whistle.
  5. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite pleased with what plot and worldbuilding and characterization FiM has given us, through the writers. I’m grateful that, originally under Lauren’s thoughts and ideas and direction, a professional team of writers were drawn together, to write and build this beautiful world of Gen 4 Equestria, that wouldn’t exist without concepts and characters incorporated from previous incarnations. But even so, even with these professional writers fleshing out the characters and world that we’ve grown to love over the past 5 years, there still exist poor/sometime sloppy writing, sometimss rushed plot, inconsistencies, contrivances, and lack of character development/portrayal. Namely, with the star of this discussion- Spike, the dragon. At times, I’m convinced that with the army of creative types in the fandom, anyone with enough adoration for the show and characters, time, knowledge of story structure, and creativity can write circles around the professionals. So, if given the chance, how would YOU write future episode sypnoses for Spike? Would he get his own spinoff series, where he coulld be given center spotlight and more, likely better portrayal and development? Would he stick to the series of FiM, making tighter bonds with other ponies beyond Twilight and Rarity, and more episodes in every season? (3 or 4) If he’s given a series of his own, it should focus on Spike being the knight that he dreams of being, in MLP. (A dragon knight going off on adventure and protecting a kingdom seems like an original idea, especially since dragons ae usually the bad guys) He could age a bit, no longer being around ponykind who supress his physical growth. Also, have a noble steed, as any knight should- maybe with a play on words name of one of FiM’s mane 6, even. The spinoff could be “Dragonfire Chronicles”, or “Dragon kight of Crystaia”, or something. As for non spinoff episodes kept within the realm of FiM…there are just so many ideas! 1: As Sunbutt’s birthday approaches, the castle staff are all busy making preparations. However, when the royal baker falls ill at the last minute, Luna calls in Spike to handle making her sister’s complex cake. To his horror, the kitchen isn’t stocked with any of the jewels needed to decorate the cake. A letter is sent to Rarity, asking her to use her gem finding spell to get the jewels on the list, and get them to Canterlot in time. Can Rarity employ the help of the diamond dogs, and her spell, while Spike fights panic and pressures to complete the cake, before the party? 2:(Combining Zecora and Spike’s origin story.) Spike visits Zecora, wanting to know more about her, and while Zecora looks for her family photo album, a book with blank pages falls off her shelf, piquing his curiosity. Unexpectedly, when he accidentally sneezes on it with dragon fire, strange text begins to appear. (Book could detail his dragon clan) 3: the ponies of the Crystal Empire incorporate a national holiday celebrating Spike into their tradition. Spike is the guest of honor, but he soon discovers the ponies want him to take up permanent residence in the Empire, and he has to weigh his options and decide his future. 4: spike, Apple Jack, and Pinkie engage in a cook-off to settle a disagreement. As they fall prey to anger and sabotaging each other, can the magic of friendship bring things to a peaceful end? 5: Spike has insecurities about his purpose in relation to Twilight, now that she’s a princess and doesn’t need him as a voice of reason/ assistant as much as before. Bottling these feeling up, he walks through the castle, remminiscing on how far Twilight has come with her friends. (Maybe he’s given a song. Who is that dragon I see, staring straight back at me….) He wants to tell Twi his concerns, but she’s called away by the cutie map, at that time. After she leaves, Spike looks at the map, wondering if his destiny is mapped out, like the pony’s. Crying himself to sleep on the map, Luna arrives in his dreams, highlighting his fears and concerns as to where he really fits in with Twi and her friends anymore, what he’s needed for. Waking up, he struggles to interpret Luna’s cryptic message, and wanders into the Everfree forest, standing at the Tree of Harmony, looking at Twilight’s cutie mark on it, in envy/sadness. Poison joke imitate Dragon Sneeze plants, causing Spike to sneeze on the ToH, scorching it with his dragon fire, and discovering something odd beneath the charred bark, that gives the answer he seeks. 6: Spike is invited to a rare rock and gem exhibit by Pinkie aand Maude. Shortly after arrival, alarms go off. Museum management accuse Spike of stealing and eating one of the gems on display. In attempt to clear his name, he hunts down the real jewel theif, and comes face to face with a female dragon. There’s just so much untapped potential for episodes with Spike! Especially with him as the main focus, where his positive qualities get go shime. But there’s also a plethora of team episodes for him: spike with Flim and Flam, Spike with CMC, Spike with Fluttershy, or Little Strongheart, or Rainbow Dash, pinke, Maude, Pound and Pumpkin cake, the CMC, Sunbutt or Luna, Shining Armor, Granny Smith, Big Mac. Doughnut Joe, The possibilities are endless. Share a synopsis for a potential episode featuring Spike.
  6. For example(s): I actually prefer Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to, well... Pokemon. I don't wanna catch 'em all. I wanna inexplicably turn into one and then scour a randomly-generated dungeon floor. While I'm quite fond of Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII, I probably appreciate FF: Crystal Chronicles more than the main series as a whole. And, as much as I enjoy Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (never mind Ghosts n' Goblins lol), I'm more a fan of Firebrand and the Gargoyle's Quest and Demon's Crest titles. I know there are plenty of people out there who prefer Donkey Kong Country to Donkey Kong. It's... Not me in this one case; Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong '94 are near and dear to me.
  7. With Nickelodeon doing whatever, Cartoon Network and Disney Television Animation have been pumping out numerous hits in recent years. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Wander Over Yander, Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and more. Which do you personaly think has the best current lineup?
  8. The question of all time. Post reasons below!
  9. Here a better artwork of my pony Rocket Star is born !!!
  10. For Verse 1 They can make you soar They can drag you down They can make you feel like your the best Or make you feel like the worst Verse 2 If you feel like trash 'Cause someone said something And the anger is risin' You wanna yell back at them Prelude To Chorus But just stop and think Words are very powerful They can bring back to life Or kill with a shot Chorus There are better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Verse 3 Sittin' in my bedroom Feeling like I'm worthless 'Cause somebody said something That broke me down Verse 4 They could've said "You did great out there" But they said "You worthless punk" Which broke me down to the core Feel like I wanna end it all Prelude to Chorus Could've just stop and think Words are very powerful They can bring back to life Or kill with a shot Chorus There are better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Bridge 'Cause you're worth more than gold No one can compare They don't have the right To say that trash they say For there are... Final Chorus Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Better ways Better ways to say what you need to say Just stop and think For there are better ways Written on the spot ~Thunder-Dash
  11. Okay, for this thread, you need to post games that you thought you wouldn't really like, but ended up actually liking them. Post a list of these games below, and although not required; explanation behind each entry. My list: The Binding of Isaac I don't tend to like top-down action games, so this game didn't really seem that appealing to me. However, my friend recommend that I played it, and I actually found it to be really good. I love how detailed the environment is, and I love how crazy your character looks as you get each new item. The soundtrack is amazing too. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim I guess this one didn't seem that interesting from what I had saw of it. The combat looked kind of boring to me, and I didn't really see the appeal to it. But when I finally got the chance to actually play it; I was impressed by how detailed and interactive the world was. And the combat was more fun then I had previously thought. Hotline Miami Like with The Binding of Isaac, I was turned away from this game since it was a top-down action game. But, I eventually tried it, and I was pleasantly surprised. The ultra-violent combat was really nice, and I liked how you were just as vulnerable as the enemy, and as such; had to think carefully so you don't die instantly. And like with The Binding of Isaac, the soundtrack is amazing.
  12. Hello! Recently, I have been sending questionnaires to some of the members here to get to know them better. It has been pretty successful, and I've learned a lot of new things about some of the members here. Anyway, one of the members I gave a questionnaire to, Pink Mist, came up with the idea for me to post the results in a thread (thanks for the idea, by the way), so here it is. I'll put the actual questionnaire below first (feel free to fill out the questionnaire yourself, and post yours in this thread), and then I'll leave the results from the other users (don't worry, I asked each of them for their approval before posting.) Also, the members put "N/A" for questions they couldn't or didn't want to answer. Bye! Questionnaire: Favorite Color: Favorite Pony: Favorite TV Show: What country do you live in? Favorite Pokemon: Favorite Musical Artist: Favorite MLP Episode: Favorite Movie: Favorite Fanfiction: Favorite Song: Favorite Superhero: Favorite Animal: Favorite Board Game: Favorite Video Game: Favorite Video Game Console: Favorite Book: Favorite Fictional Character: Favorite Sport: Favorite Instrument: Member Responses: @Batbrony @Chigens and Kay @CITRUS KING46 @Colt @Dsanders @Eureka Rainbow Hash @Sterling Crimson
  13. I can't decide which of the two I like better. I love dubstep, but I'm also a cellist. Which pony does everypony prefer? Also, please include a reason for your choice.
  14. So I decided to draw a pony. And I had this idea in my head so I did it. And that terrible multi-layered mess is supposed to be some houses in Ponyville. This was the first time I've used the blur tool. Please let me know what I can improve on and also which picture you like better, the unblurred or the blurred one.
  15. (I wasn't sure where to put this as it dealt with Celestia, but Celestia's mane remains the same throughtout the show, but it changes in the fandom usually for the age. Move if needed, please.) Ok, so I was wondering which of the mane colors you like more of Princess Celestia. The pink one or the normal one? Vote above and tell reasons below. I personally like the pink mane more. It looks better in my opinion and is really cute looking. I mean, look at this picture.
  16. Between Animaniacs and Tiny toon adventures, which one do you prefer? Although I love both shows, I am kneeling more towards Animaniacs since I like their humour slightly more and I am more likely going to re-watch them over Tiny toon adventures.
  17. So which do you think is a better name for Pinkie pies cherry snack consisting of mashed up cherries wrapped in a tortilla then deep fried Help Pinkie solve this age old question.
  18. What is your opinion on Disney Channel? How much better was it a few years ago, and why hasn't Disney Channel stopped making It's A Laugh Track® Sitcoms?
  19. In the episode Baby Cakes, I noticed that Mr. Cake had some stubble on his face in the hospital, but after the intro he appears clean shaven. To me, this seems to suggest that male ponies need to shave their faces, just like male humans do, which is weird because they're ponies. We've also seen Flam, who had a manestache. Anyway, I thought this was interesting, and I wonder if all male ponies have to shave...
  20. This is why MLP is much better than any other girls cartoon.