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Found 27 results

  1. Hub. Welcome to the Big Macintosh Fan Club!!!! Big Macintosh is the older brother of Apple Jack and Apple Bloom. He is more often than not on Sweet Apple Acres, collecting apples and running the family business. A pony a very few words he answers questions with his trademark Eeeyup or Eeenope. Rules of this Thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply.
  2. Name a big name brand then comment if you have heard of the one above you. (you should avoid repeats) I will start: Apple
  3. Parappa the Rapper tries body building in this hit for the whole family. Just make sure you don't fall for the smooth voiced bloke.
  4. How big is Equestria? It seems like it would be fairly large sized, with the variety of places in it. For reference here is a map
  5. Hey guys! At school we did a big art project and I'm really proud of how it tuned out so I thought I'd share it with you guys. This was what we had to do: we needed to make three different drawings, but they all needed to have the same theme. Then you needed to pick two from those three drawings and do them again but then better m. Then you needed to find pictures that went with your theme and at least you had to make it into one big artwork. The inspiration for all the drawings came from the song imaginary from evanecense. Hope you like it, but tips are always wanted Xox summer
  6. Introduction As promised in my last PRfan93 Reviews Power Rangers, here is one of two blogs that reviews two other shows Saban made to cash in on Power Rangers' success: VR Troopers and Beetleborgs. Now...on with the show! The Episode Part 1 The episode begins at a haunted house, where two kids are running out, screaming their little heads off. These kids are Van and Trip, two rich jerks who act as the Bulk and Skull of this series. Trip (played by Todd Hurst) - Van's smarter brother who enjoys pulling get-rich-quick schemes and flaunting his "superiority". Van (played by Patrick Seaborn) - A less smarter version of Trip. Need I say more? Anyways, the next day, we are introduced to our three main heroes: Drew, Jo, and Roland. Unlike the Power Rangers, however, these three are grade school-middle school age. All three are fans of a comic book series starring the Beetleborgs, three Ranger-like superheroes. Drew McCormick (played by Wesley Barker) - Jo's older brother, and leader of the Beetleborgs. Roland is his best friend, and has a crush on Heather, a girl who works at the comic shop. Jo McCormick (played by Shannon Chandler in Big Bad Beetleborgs, played by Brittney Konarzewski in Beetleborgs Metallix) - Drew's younger sister, and the youngest of the trio. Roland Williams (played by Herbie Baez) - The only minority of our trio, Roland is an African-American kid, whose family owns the local comic shop. When the trio get to the comic shop, we are introduced to Roland's family, mother Abbie, father Aaron, and grandmother Nano. Abbie Williams (played by Channe Nolan) - Roland's mother, who works in real estate, and in Beetleborgs Metallix, runs the comic shop when her husband goes away on business. She doesn't see eye-to-eye with her first. Aaron Williams (played by Kim Delgado) - Roland's father, who owns the comic shop. He does not like his mother's "dangerous" lifestyle. "Nano" Williams (played by Vivian Smallwood) - Roland's grandmother (and quite an awesome one at that) who enjoys ridin' Harleys and messing with her son Aaron. She co-owns the comic shop. Trip and Van arrive, tease the trio, and then make a bet: see who can last the longest at the old Hillhurst mansion, which we had seen earlier. They agree, knowing full well that their opponents have no spines. Soon, after a bit of exploring, our trio encounters the three (later four in this season, and five in the second) house monsters: Mums, Frankenbeans, and Fangula. Mums (played by Blake Torney) - an ancient mummy with 703 siblings, his bandages reveal a Nightmare Fuel-inducing Grim Reaper form underneath. Frankenbeans (played by David Fletcher) - A Frankenstein-like creature with no brain (literally), Frankenbeans is the stupidest of the monsters. Count Fangula (played by Joe Hackett) - A vampire based on Dracula, Trip and Van are actually the first ones to encounter him, and chicken out of the bet because of it. While being chased by Mums and Frankenbeans, Jo accidentally activates the entrance to another room, which is empty, except for a mysterious organ...which begins to play on its own. Shocked by this, the kids try to get away...only to be confronted by Flabber, a ghost who was trapped in the organ. Flabber (played by Billy Forrester) - A phasm (ghost) combining elements of Elvis, Liberace, Jay Leno, Discord, and the Joker. He serves as the Zordon to the kids, albeit a much more comical one. In gratitude for releasing him, Flabber offers the kids a single wish. After a bit of thinking, the kids finally decide what they want: to become the Beetleborgs. Part 2 After a bit of comical misunderstanding (such as turning the kids into rats and trapping them into the comic book), Flabber grants their wish, transforming the kids into the three Beetleborgs: Drew, the Blue Stinger Beetleborg Jo, the Red Striker Beetleborg Roland, the Green Hunter Beetleborg After fending off the three house monsters, the trio demorph, and see three flying flames fly out, and once they leave, the flames become a group of evil aliens. These are the Megnavores, led by the evil Vexor. The Magnavores: Vexor (played by Joey Pal) - The leader of the Magnavores, Vexor seeks to rule the world, and creates his monsters via summoning them out of the comics. Typhus (played by Dave Footman) - Vexor's second-in-command who wields a sword. Noxic (played by David Umansky) - An android who is able to control machines and use them to his advantage. Jara (played by Rajia Baroudi) - Vexor's whip-wielding, Russian-accented third in command, she can't eat or drink anything due to her mouth staying two-dimensional. After summoning Vexor, the Monster of the Week is released, requiring the Beetleborgs to fight it. Rather than use giant robots, however, they use ATVs and tanks. With these new weapons, the trio fight the monster, then head back to Hillhurst. Flabber tells them that until the Magnavores can be put back into the comic book, they'll need to defend their home of Charterville from Vexor. When they get back to the comic shop, Trip and Van brag how they won the bet, but Jo informs them that they lost. Humiliated, Trip and Van leave, swearing revenge. My Opinion While I initially didn't like this show for its comedic tone and younger protagonists, I grew to liking the concept after watching the episode for the second time. Final Score 6/10
  7. Howdy folks, Pone here with some updates that about 94% probably won't give 2 shits about, but I'm here for that possible 6% that acutally read this and thats all that matters. Alright, so a while ago we decided we were trying to find different ways to make the group more interactive and due to the amazing contribution from you the forum user (0 replys) we had to get off our asses and come up with our own ideas which turned out a lot harder than we first thought, especially with the stubborness of some of our chat but this is some of the stuff we came up with: 1. Game nights! We're don't really have a schedual for this yet due to the diversity of the group so its really whenever 2. Art/Music Comps! Fame, Glory, Swag! If these are words that get your blood pumping then why not join the fun today! (This is still just an idea as we dont have enough support for this yet.) 3. FoxHD is gone! The one real reason to to join us has gone! No more will you feel the need to give up on life because of a random 13 year old thinking he's top shit. This is by far the most important update. 4. Other shit! A bunch of stuff that I can't really remember but its definatley there and totally isnit and excuse to make this list seem longer than it is! Thats about it for this update, remember if you want to be a part of our insanely exclusive club then your journey begins... HERE! Thats all for today, hope to see you around. We'll save you a barstool
  8. Hi, everypony! The Equestria Big Band is forming! We are a small group of musicians who are looking to translate our favorite tunes from Equestria into a style that we love. We aim to produce high-quality recordings from well-written arrangements, and eventually build the project up to promote and be promoted by many other great MLP projects around the globe. For myself, I love creating something that I can gift to the community to enjoy, and I'm a big fan of the fanbase taking command and ownership of something like this. (For those who need to see some of my work, click the linked words!) Below is a list of positions in the band that are open to apply for. We will most likely find more role in the future that we'll need filled. Open Positions - 1 drummer - 1 jazz guitar player - 1+ trumpet player - 1 alto saxophonist - 1 tenor saxophonist - 1 baritone saxophonist - Additional roles (visual/graphics artists, etc...) - Other musicians who would like to be featured or feature our project - YouTubers, Artists, People who want to help promote - [We'll probably find more positions as we move forward] Completed/Working Arrangements This is a reference so that no one wastes any time working on arrangements of song that are already done! Equestria Big Band - Current Members This just takes up a lot of space! ALL joining performers MUST have decent recording equipment. I hold my personal production to a pretty high standard and while I want to be as inclusive as possible, I definitely want to keep a high level of quality. Admission IS on a try-out basis, so we can't guarantee that you'll be in if you apply/try out. For those who join: You'll likely be playing multiple parts and might take some improv solos. Note: If you wish or choose to join, you have to be willing to practice to get good, put up with having to perform multiple takes/retakes, take criticism, play possibly difficult charts and parts by perhaps good arrangers, and maybe not receive a lick of payback beyond lots of compliments and your own feelings of self-accomplishment! The way I see it, Twilight is definitely a tenor sax. Rainbow probably is first trumpet, and Rarity is on bari sax. Applejack is a trombone. Fluttershy would probably be keys/piano. Pinkie is on drums. Luna is most likely on bass. Join the band!
  9. Anybody currently watching Big Brother 17 on CBS? Also, please answer only if you're familiar with Big Brother.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm working a big recording project with some others from around here - we are forming a big band! We'll be writing and performing various jazz arrangements of your favorite songs from Equestria. We are looking for at least one of each of the following saxophone players; alto, tenor; and ONE bari. If you're interested in being part of a fun, cool project (and learning experience!), click the link below for more details, and reply there or send me a message and we'll get you set up! JOIN HERE! Thanks so much for looking!
  11. If you are feeling small, just remember!
  12. So I want to expand into pony music but I have 1 slight problem, I have no idea how to implement ponies into my music .-. So I was wondering if anypony with some sort of electronic music experience would like to do a colab to help me move over to pony music, I was hoping to do a big room house track but I'm happy to work with other genre's (Except dubstep, there's already enough pony dubstep around) Reply or PM me if you're interested
  13. So, yeah i just love Bioshock. I bet you do too. BTW Bioshock infinitity is really good too my friend developes it and has a copy of the beta he gave it to me. Post what you think of the Bioshock games.
  14. I come here fresh after the stream and though thoroughly satisfied with Episodes 1+2, part of me is a little disappointed that King Sombra didn't have a more prominent role. All he really did was laugh and i think he had about 1 or 2 small lines. I don't know why, but i had it in my head that he was going to be really hard to beat (physically) but in the end he amounted to a bunch of smoke with his traps doing most of the work, which still wasn't that much. I have mixed feelings about him but the episodes on a whole were brilliant. What did you think of him? Was he the worst villain yet or am i underrating him?
  15. Finally, after putting this one on hiatus, I finished it! Here it latest remix. Critique is wanted.
  16. Remember in "Bats!" how the mane 6 have to sacrifice the Apple family’s big apple to save Fluttershy? Well, we never see what happens when Granny Smith and company come home to see their contest entry compromised. So picture this: after the events of “Bats!”, Granny Smith and company come home and find that Applejack cut their big apple they were entering in the contest. What do you think happens next? How do you think Granny Smith reacts to the big apple being cut and compromised?
  17. who here is a big brony youtuber or just some one that makes videos? I do I make music and other kinds of videos i have no pony stuff yet but to find me just type fastkid235 and when you see my name jonathon moline thats me.
  18. Hey there everypony! My name is Trickster, and I'm an older brony girl who has several pony projects in the works. I am rather nervouscited (sorry, just saw EQG today) about a big big open-source game project I'm working on at present! I'm not quite ready to announce details, apart from the following stuff. First, it's a mod of an existing system, and I'm simplifying it significantly to make it easier for new players. There's a great deal of combat but the storyline makes it virtual (no actual killing real ponies). Also, I'm not the first pony to attempt this--I've seen at least two other groups try the same thing and give up, but I have the know-how and commitment to see it through. So here's where you come in. I need many small, digital art images. I could probably put them together by myself, but this would take me too long since I will need as much time as possible for coding. I'm looking for anyone interested in producing the art I'll need to make this product shine. The game will be playable without any art, but I think it will be worlds better with it. What I need are canonical images of a large range of characters and critters from the show, popular OC's, and a few ponies/gryphons/donkeys etc. that fit a general set of descriptions I will provide. Only a single image is needed per pony, but in some cases (such as the Mane 6) there may be multiple versions of a pony, like: Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie clone, sad Pinkie (straight hair), filly Pinkie, etc. Probably top-down 3/4 view is best. The images will need to be 64x64 png's with transparent background. Large characters can be 64x128. (They have to be in that dimension, so Crackle may need to stand sorta upright...) The characters should be relatively sized appropriately, within reason--some trompe-l'œil may be a useful approach. 3d models may be a better choice than resized flash, but I don't really know--whatever looks most realistic will be used. There are plenty of graphics already, just none which are pony-specific. Would anyone be interested in helping out? Let me know! I don't really know how to reach ponies in the community apart from locals, so feel free to spread the word or let me know if there's a better way to get the word out. My gmail is wolf.trickster, and I will be following this thread as well. Thanks so much everypony! Oh! Attached (shown below if it works) is a sample image that illustrates the quality of some of the art that the pony images will be folded into. (I just cropped this in Paint so I don't know if it kept the alpha channel but you will need that for blending if you have any shadows or soft edges.) But really--any art will do for this, ultimately. I think once it gets off the ground there will be a swell of people interested in contributing.
  19. Who here watches Big Brother 14? If you do, state what you think should be the players next move or just for the purposes of discussion! PLEASE NO SPOILERS. IF IT AIRED ON BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE. KEEP THIS THREAD ONLY FOR WHAT HAS BEEN AIRED ON SUNDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY. I'm all alone Nobody likes me and they're avoiding me and they don't want to be my friends anymore.
  20. Usually I would just discuss this with my own DevTeam only but seeing as this is an issue that concerns all MLP large scale projects like ours is scoping out to be, it's appropriate to post here. Yeah well basically I've always felt uneasy creating this MLP game due to copyright scares and I'm wondering what other game devs are doing about this. In my opinion, getting a lot of publicity during production is the worst thing to do, it'll just mean the Hasbro peepz will be keeping a closer eye on you. Also I'd say don't dream of getting accepted by Hasbro or dream of becoming super famous across the brony fandom because of your game. If you are, you should really revise the reason why you're doing whatever you're doing; just try to finish the damn project. Fame should be an unexpected fortune that arises while you're doing something you're happy and comfortable doing. (That's just my opinion ^-^) And now quickly to the topic So what is the best way to overcome these barriers? I mean it is illegal, and we don't want to get into serious trouble. The ways I was thinking about it was Develop everything in secret then, after completion, in a big rush just release it everywhere P: although that might lead you into some big trouble, but the great thing is you have your completed pony project! Get a rusty knife and stab your project in the butt, wounding it horribly, may even cause disease, but it will not die and can be fixed up. What I mean is do it the fake way. Change all licensed content to something stupid. Like Twinight Spurkl the Party crazy horse. Or heck, even just remove all trace of ponies completely, and replace it with other stuff. Now you're probably thinking :0 wat no, but here's the cool bit. Side this, just release a ponifying mod with the game. Disguise it as a Translation Pack, I dunno. Then comes both of these ways together. So you could just follow the first route and leave the second. Meaning you wont get as much a response from the public.Or you could take the second and leave the first. What this means then is that you could publicise your game (showing off the PonyMod version of course) and then when it comes to legal stuff, be like *quickly hides/deletes Mod*'we ain't got no ponies, just this game with Jonathan the bear shooting his pal Draco the Duck' *shows off poorly drawn sprites with no animation, drawn in half a minute on Paint* - Yeah but seriously, the non-pony version can be as crappy as you want it, no need to put effort into it, unless you want to. (Gah! Forgot my point about using both ) Anyways the safest way would be to completely take out all MLP stuff and forget about a Mod. I'm happy to go any way at all guys (my own [pirate] crew, not you random forumers) I just need some input P: So what are your tips and advice for this overriding issue? How should we tackle the issue? Should we just forget it; struggle our way through to a heroic and tragic end; be secretive and sly about it; be moderate and mediocre about it and hope for the best? wat do? ^That paragraph makes a good TL;DR funnily enough.
  21. Alright this is the biggest Digital Paint I've finished up to date! And probably my best too, or at least in my opinion? Anyways, so without further ado, my painting :/ Spent about 4hrs on this one. Tell me what you think! *I mean... if that's okay with you*
  22. Okay, so everpony knows how everypony loves some pony games, right ponies? Well, I'm terrible at keeping up with what's done, what's out, and what's what, so how about we make a pony game thread compilation? Just imagine the free time we could kill and the lols! Small scale games--like a simple flash game-- to bigger scale games like Mega-Pony, Fighting is Magic (I know, it's not out yet.) are all welcome. The more everypony knows about them all, the better. I'll start with Futzi01 and my favorite flash game by him, Pinkie Jump! It's AWESOME little platformer that's incredulously addictive... Edit: Ah, so Media Discussion is the right area. Got it.
  24. After you moved and went to another area (if you did), what's the Biggest thing you first noticed when you got there? It doesn't have to be instant, but atleast within the first month or so. The biggest thing I noticed when I moved was how warm and humid the air was, the air here is just over all different than it is in England, where the air's more "crispy" and colder. Breathing was.... it was pretty weird for the first few months, even after I got in school. I got used to it though after 3-4 months, but for some reason it feels like you're breathing car fumes with no smell. Not that I would breathe in car fumes on purpose, it's weird, but it's cool I guess.
  25. In real life, colts are castrated at a young age. This decreases their aggressiveness towards mares, and generally breaks their spirits, making them easier to break. MLP doesn't necessarily have an abundance of male characters, (which is fine by me, because, you know, plenty girrrrrrlllsss to go around, amirite fellas? girrrrrrllllssss.) I've also noticed most stallions mostly do physical labor, and many don't take wives. There also isn't much sexual abuse in equestria, so maybe all the colts could be neutered at a young age? Maybe long ago, equestria was ridden with crime and they thought if they castrated the colts there wouldn't be so much. It may have worked, but they also doomed their entire race. Maybe they are simply paying so much attention to friendship between the mares because the entire species is in denial that because of their foolish act, all ponies are doomed to be extinct in the next few years? Or maybe only the most handsome and well 'Endowed' stallions are allowed to mate. (What a life that must be! Fucking mares all day!) well you cant determine how genetically fit a being is to mate a young age, so maybe they just use male chastity belts. Or maybe there are pony abortions. Maybe there is aone-child policy in act, I DONT KNOW! ITS JUST A KIDS SHOW SEXUALITY SHOULD BE A PROBLEM! But anyway, how does the population is equestria get controlled?