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Found 2 results

  1. Equestria isn't real (more on that later) and this wasn't the show creators' intent, but Equestria, or at least pony society, seems segregated and feudalistic. In several episodes we see wealthy ponies flaunting their superiority and belittling others. Also, ponies in general don't seem to think too highly of other in-universe species. Pinkie openly mocks Cranky in his first appearance and all of the ponies are initially suspicious of Zecora. Not to mention that Zecora doesn't live in town and we've seen no other zebras on the show. Also, Iron Will is treated like a villain even though Fluttershy goes above and beyond his shenanigans. Griffons, zebras, ponies, etc. are all apparently segregated and aren't too fond of each other from what little we've seen. Finally, there is a somewhat feudalistic hierarchy between alicorns, unicorns, and earth ponies, with earth ponies doing a lot of manual labor and wealthy ponies trying to win the favor of the princesses. (Viva la revolucion! Kidding, kidding... ) I know I'm reading too much into this, but what are fan theories for? Just for the record, I'm not a Marxist or social justice warrior. I'm actually pretty capitalistic. Please don't take this thread too seriously.
  2. Title and photo taken from the Huffington Post article. Readable HERE. The gist of it: Some guy wouldn't allow a gay man to cut his son's hair. And yes: Because the man was gay. Since, as we all know, having your hair cut by a homosexual transforms you into a homosexual as well; that's how they increase in number.* In response, the salon made the following sign: Though I hope this doesn't hurt their business; there are still plenty of people who fit one or several of those descriptions. * Sarcasm.