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Found 8 results

  1. This pose is really hard that it took me an hour and a half to get it right Just a weekend drawing after a busy week in uni, enjoy Apple Bikini if that's your thing.
  2. Here is some fanart that I made for VannaMelon's Fluttershy videos. I took inspiration of all the fanart of Vanna's persona wearing a watermelon bikini.
  3. Thanks goes out to @CuriUndersXeno for the pointers on this one
  4. Art of this character was a long time coming. In fact, there are a lot of characters I have yet to draw. Also, I gave her a little bit of ab muscle, makes sense.
  5. Experimented with camera angles. Used the same methods I used previously to get anatomy just right. Saw some other people post drawings of bikini-clad characters, so I though it'd be ok. Here you go.
  6. More bikini princesses. This time I manipulated shading to make lights look brighter.
  7. so one of the things that I've watched on youtube are Carl's Jr's and Hardee's commercials, and I have to say that I really like them, at least, enough to buy burgers! And actually the burgers are very good, it's the best fast food place I've tried this far. It's also very expensive too XD. But I noticed that they use sex to sell their products, they use hot girls (almost all of 'em celebrities), hot burgers (they look so yummy!), and slow motion (always welcome!). I dunno, the formula works to me, plus it's kinda cool to watch a fit and slim pretty girl devouring a massive burger like a pig XD. But, as always, there are people who gets offended by this kind of publicity by stating that they are portraying women as sexual objects, IMO I prefer not to think that (even if it is true) and just limit myself to watch the commercial lol. What's your opinion on this? Also, I seriously would like to see actual people to eat their burgers like these girls XD I would post more videos but I don't know if they would be NSFW for these forums, this is the most "innocent" I've watched.
  8. first of all I don't want to look menacing but I asked NewCalamity for persmission to post this, so please mods, don't try to lock or delete my thread if you think it is too much to handle. ok back to topic, I always wanted to do a sexy drawing of Rarity so this is kind of a sketch thing because I'm still learning how to properly paint....made in SAI, like 1:30 hours. I hope you guys like it