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Found 4 results

  1. As part of an introduction activity for one of my classes, I was asked to write a biography for myself using only six words. It was really fun, so I thought you all might like to give it a shot too. Examples that came with the assignment sheet: My Biography: I just barely met the deadline. So true; I tend to get everything done at the last minute, and screech in right before the lock. But ironically, this biography project was done with plenty of time left.
  2. Note: The bio was inspired and referenced from Ink Rose's Headcannons about alicorns and dark magic. Scarred Rhythym’s Family is of the darker time in a great effort of survival. It all started thousands of years ago when Ombra was using dark magic, the first time it has ever been done, and he is also married to a wonderful, trustworthy alicorn of light named Luciamor, meaning, “loving light,” who was unaware of what Ombra was doing. Just before Ombra was going to use his dark magic to turn into a chaos bringer, he had the news that Luciamor was pregnant with a mare and named her Cardicura, which means, “caring heart.” By the time Luciamor had given birth to her, Ombra left for the worse. The news suddenly struck that Ombra turned against his own kind, and when Luciamor heard that, she realized that some of his hatred is already inside her, so she casted a spell on her heart and mind to protect her from the dark magic she inherited from her father. The only last words given to Cardicura from her mother is, “The only way to keep your first child safe from the corruption of the mind and heart is to love your enemy, and do not be afraid to use any magic for your protection, both light and dark, because my magic will always be there to guide you and your child’s heart and mind.” Cardicura then watched her mother fly away as she casts her last spell on the mansion before she left to fight the war against the chaos bringers. Two days after Luciamor was gone, a chaos bringer suddenly broke the force field and gain access to Luciamor’s mansion, where Cardicura took shelter in. When it started attacking on her, she defended herself at the same time doing the unthinkable; she cried and wrapped her arms around it in love with a squeeze so tight. The chaos bringer did not know what to do about it. Then her embrace grew to hours and days more, and the chaos bringer finally gave up and called the other to leave the town alone. Just as it was about to leave, Cardicura brought its face to her and gave it a full kiss of magic. It suddenly fell for her so much that it would stay with her for the rest of its life. Suddenly, rumors and speculation spreads among those who survived the war, and they hated her for loving their worst enemy, misjudging it as a sign of betrayal against Cardicura’s own kind. The couple was picked on, gossiped about, hated on, and anything in the worst way done against that couple for the love shared. On the second wave of every pony’s hatred for the couple, they found out that Cardicura’s pregnant with a stallion. Cardicura gave the unborn child the name Scarred Rythym. She gave him that name to symbolize the future isolation, abuse, and neglect put on the couple and that the child will be at the same fate. When Celestia and Luna ruled over Equestria, they found out about the constant hatred put on the couple, they stopped it right away by visiting the couple’s house and comforting them for the hardships that couple had gone through. Then Celestia and Luna gave a speech about how they should not judge every creature or pony for whatever side of the war they or their family were on. The residents of Equestria felt guilty for what they did to the couple and apologized to them. The speech was actually a reminder for Celestia about a draconacaus named Discord, who was not there at the time because he thought it was a “boring” speech. The couple then was sheltered by Celestia and Luna’s protection when all of the sudden, Discord took over Equestria with his chaotic magic, causing Cardicura’s horn and wings and the chaos bringer’s powers to be gone! After a while of chaos, Celestia and Luna’s Elements of Harmony finally defeated Discord, giving both Cardicura and the chaos bringer’s powers and traits back, but the event also came with a terrible price. As Discord was turned into stone, the Elements of Harmony rippled into the chaos bringer and took a disasterly effect on it, causing it to lose memory, and turning it from good to worse, attacking the shocked and horrified Cardicura who used the newest form of magic known as the yin-yang magic. If finally defeated the chaos bringer, which devastated her dearly as if she lost her only love who was with her all of her entire life. Then after a second of sadness, she goes into giving birth and there is Scarred Rhythym, a pony with a black coat, black mane, and red eyes inherited by Ombra, wings, heart and mind by Luciamor, Dark and Light magic by Ombra, Luciamor, Cardicura, and the chaos bringer, antlers by the chaos bringer as well, and the long coat by his distant, yet unknown ancestors. Cardicura wanted to get out of the mansion because it was bring up too much negative memories for her, so she moved to Canterlot where Celestia and Luna lived peacefully. Everything went well until one day, Cardicura became ill from an emotional, long term depression from recent flashbacks and decides to go into the Everfree Forest where she hid and waited in the night for the timber wolves to come and take her. The next day, the shocked and grieving ponies spread the news to Scarred Rythym and had a funeral where his mother’s body is buried in a grave. When Scarred Rhythym grew to a colt, the Canterlot residents all signed him up to public school where he remained introverted, invective, and often misjudged and mistreated by his fellow fillies and colts. He comes home every day broken, battered, his dark magic building rage but turned to sadness, and his body fatigued from the depression in the grief of his mother, in silence and an isolated mind until one day, the doorbell ranged. Scarred Rythym had nothing more than a mellow apathy, and rather not open the door. Even the knocks on the door and the face of an ordinary pony does not encourage him either. But what caught his ear is a gift. He then took the spirit to stand back up and open the door. No one had ever given him gifts before until that day. His eyes widened with an open mouth of joy when he saw this unusual looking six string thing in front of him. He asked, “What is this?” The pony answered, “Is an electric guitar, and I not through with giving you something yet.” And in front of him also is this black box with nobs, switches, and a cord wrapped around it. The pony taught him how to set the box now called an amplifier. And from that very day, the light magic cleansed him from the hatred, depression, and negativity brought on by the fillies and colts who hated him for who he is. He then felt a will to play and practice to his heart’s content every day, and he began to build better and better skills on each note. Even the ponies who passed by cannot help but stand in front of his house because of the amazing music played there. It even caught the attention of Celestia and Luna to bring Scarred Rhythym and his instrument to play in front of the royal throne. Ever since then, he received his cutie mark, which is the skull and red wings, resembling the suffering he overcame. He is now Canterlot’s Heavy Metal pony and has inspired all the other ponies who felt left out to play too. Since then, he formed a new band called, “Animosity of Life,” and is touring all over Equestria to the end of time.
  3. He was in love, he was in love with the predators of his kind but he was nervous, he was nervous of giving her a gift. and after time he got the courage to give it to her and did and what he got back was horrible. He got called a Monster so he took a piece of her piece of advise but he was heartbroken so he hid away in a cave and mastered the art of chaos from middle chaos to the worst chaos of all so he set out to kill, crumble or destroy. and he did so, even the great elementals so he made a throne looking just like himself viewing all of the chaotic land but then were two alicorns he knew them, they were the sisters, but one he loved was the one who killed his parents. So they sayed "Discord, we have had enough of your mind games you must or we will show brute force." and Discord said back "You are not getting me out of here that quick." and he put a cloud of chocolate milk over their heads and laughingly said "Well aren't you a little rain on my parade." and laughed histericley and they replied with a magic streak. And so the historic fight began, and ended with him using his mind maybe I can courupt her Discord thought. So he set a chaotic blast for Selestia It deflected off of her and hit Luna, parelizing her for a second but they stood together and turned him into stone and his last thoughts were the sadist thoughts were the one I loved was the last I ever saw. the reason Selestia did this is that she could change him because she really, truly, loved him. But she didn't know the blast would hurt equestria in the long run. feel free to edit or leave a comment
  4. From 1982 to 1994, Bob Ross produced thirty-one television series based on alla prima, a method that allows painters to paint wet paint on top of each other, particularly thin paint over thicker oil paint. At the start of each show, the canvas will look blank or dull, mostly a white canvas (a black canvas at times). Less than thirty minutes later, Ross paints a beautiful masterpiece. But for him, there needed to be a start. This is the review for the biography of Bob Ross, called Bob Ross: The Happy Painter. A Brief Background This biography describes Bob Ross's early life in his homeland of Florida. He was born on October 29, 1942, his father named Jack and his mother name Ollie in Daytona Beach, a small city in Florida at the time. But he grew up mostly in the Orlando area, and he eventually had a half-brother, Jim, after Ollie and Jack divorced. Life for Ross during his younger years was very difficult, according to the PBS-sponsored biography; the family wasn't very wealthy at all, and he had a lot of trouble keeping up the schoolwork as a result. When Ross said he spent nearly half of his life in the military, he really did. At the age of eighteen, Ross joined the Air Force. During his first brief marriage, he had a son, Steve, and would eventually gain custody of him. During a day "in January" (Series 8, Episode 13), 20-year-old Ross and Steve were transfered to Alaska where he "worked as a medical base technician" in Fairbanks. While in Alaska, he met what would be his second wife, Jane, who was a civiian worker there. To make ends meet, Ross worked as a bartender. In addition, he started to paint traditionally. Utilizing the atmosphere in Alaska that would eventually become his most used subject in Joy of Painting, Ross would paint traditionally on any material he could find, such as kettles and pots, and sell them in the bar. Then while working there, the bar switched to a public television station, and an episode similar to this came up: The instructor in that clip is Bill Alexander, a former World War II veteran on the German side turned painter. Alexander hosted The Magic of Oil Painting, a television painting series that would go on and win an Emmy Award. The method Alexander taught on his show was the wet-on-wet technique. This was the method Bob Ross was looking for, because it would allow him to put up all of his ideas onto the canvas before they escape. And for several years, Bob Ross would actually be an art instructor for Alexander's Magic Art Company. People Interviewed During the biography, plenty of people interviewed, discussed personal experiences with Bob Ross, and shared their admiration for him. Examples include Annette Kowalski (one of the people responsible for running The Joy of Painting and more famous for painting florals), a cameraman named Richard Collins, and his former sister-in-law named Nancy Cox. Each person interviewed discussed Bob's life, and their stories were briefly yet beautifully told. There feelings were sincere, poignant, and praiseful towards the late painter. Why It's Great? This would not be a review without describing why it is so fantastic. And while I am a huge Bob Ross fan and painter during my free time, this biography is tremendous for several reasons. 1. So many sincere stories are told. Each person interviewed described their joy for the show, especially the people behind the scenes. Annette and Walt Kowalski told stories about Ross throughout most of the biography, such as how she and Ross met and their introduction changed their lives forever. It was not just Kowalski's stories that were told, but also former WIPB station manager, Jim Needham. WIPB was the public television station in Muncie, Indiana, where Ross hosted The Joy of Painting from 1983 to 1994 (Series 2 to 31). By the way, if you ever go onto the Bob Ross website, you will notice that the series on DVD and the How-To books are only sold from Series 2 to 31. This biography tells viewers why clearly and simply, and there are two (or three, if you want to) REALLY good reasons. 2. So many secrets regarding the production of the show and Bob's life are revealed here. Some secrets are short, while some are described step by step. Some examples include the method of putting the paintings from the television show into the How-To books, the all-black studio, (in the beginning) how Ross loss a digit of his left index finger, his afro, and how Ross eventually created his own product line. These pieces never became long-winded, allowing the biography to flow from one point to another without becoming jarring to the viewer. 3. Stories regarding Ross were not the only ones told. Actors, hosts of other shows (Phil Donahue particularly), and other Bob Ross Instructors described their feelings on the wet-on-wet technique. One of them admitted to being absolutely frightened as he was using the signature palette knife on the canvas for the first time. These stories are also what Ross and his friends felt was the biggest purpose for The Joy of Painting: the instant success as a painter. These purposes strike me as a painter who utilizes this very same method in both acrylics and oils. Ross felt that anybody could paint, and his moral was mentioned several times in the biography and clips from the show. This moral is personal for all ages, and it was said and demonstrated simply. The narrator even mentioned the criticisms surrounding the user-friendly technique at one point. 4. The music fits, too. Often, music is playing in the background, especially when the main narrator is talking. The music is soft and gentle, in character of Ross's soothing voice. When it was happy, it became upbeat. During rough or sad situations, the music slowed down. The music was a crucial addition that helped convey targeted moods in the biography. 5. Lastly, the story itself was beautiful. The biography tells the long, beautiful story of Bob Ross and how he affected so many lives. Ross and his show influenced millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. His tranquil voice is so iconic that the Japanese did not translate his words. With The Joy of Painting celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year, the biography represents the history of Ross's life along with the influence The Joy of Painting has on people. So the biography has a slight personal tone towards JoP fans like myself. Conclusion Bob Ross: The Happy Painter celebrates the life of the legendary painter. Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1942, he underwent hardships as an adolescent. But while working in the Air Force, his twelve years in Alaska mesmerized him and allowed him to turn into a world of painting. After discovering The Magic of Oil Painting and Bill Alexander, he became an art instructor and eventually went on to become on of the most well-known television artists in the world. Ross has been a gigantic influence for millions of people since his show went on the airwaves in 1982. Although Ross passed away from lymphoma on Independence Day, 1995, he still lives on in The Joy of Painting and fans alike. On behalf of the Bob Ross fanbase, happy painting, and God Bless.