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Found 14 results

  1. I know chickens and waffles both are delicious foods, but why those two specific food served together in many places? It’s like eggs and bacons or burgers and fries. (Which I understand why they are served together.) Anyone know why? Any historical background or a practical reason like convenience or just the taste of them two compliments each other? Or a nutritional reason? Because for me, I think them two together seems a bit random.
  2. Hello everyone! I hope it is allowed to post this. I need as many responses as I can get for my anonymous servey for my research project for college. It is regarding prescription medicine and sleep. This is the survey: Prescription Medicine and Sleep ! It is completely anonymous. I will use the responses for my large scale research project for my college class. Thank you for reading this and considering to help me. Have a great day!
  3. Do you think seaponies like Princess Skystar are mammals or fish? It's hard to know, isn't it?
  4. The results for the Dazzlings in "Rainbow Rocks" has already been shown, which they still live without their pendants, although their singing has became more poor as a result. But seeing that every Siren appears to have a gem on their torso, I wonder what would happen to a Siren (as a Siren, and not as a human like the Dazzlings are) if someone cuts it off, and/or destroyed it, would it harm or kill the Siren? Or would the removal or destruction of the gem on their chest affect them the say way it affected the human Siren Dazzlings? (Image by StacySolitude)
  5. Do all horses, including ponies and many equines, come from the Pleistocene era?
  6. DQ stands for "Daily Question", a new theme I started recently. This is a really heavy one from my helpful philosopher. Honestly I think it entirely depends on the technology at hand. When you look at the iPhone and how it eats up our days like a hungry monster, it makes you stop to think just what ways technology is impacting us. Almost every technology created has some sort of negative impact in one area or another when you think about it long enough.
  7. What do you think of the way the animation and physical anatomy of the ponies? Something about this show that we must admit is that... it uses Flash animation and some pretty basic, large, soft designs for easier animation There's quite a few animations, poses, facial expressions, things that the pony and equine characters do, but especially the pony characters do that... has variable aesthetic appeal visually. Do you ever feel that you have trouble getting a feel for exactly where their limb joints are located? I imagine that the ponies have skeletons and bones, but sometimes, the actions they make with their hooves start to use cheap cartoony anatomical inconsistency and their front limbs in particular start acting like human arms with functioning elbows. The picking up of things with hooves I don't mind, since it is depicted so blatantly that we have to just assume that their is some unspoken granular jamming or some suction mechanism at the bottom of their hooves, but there's quite a few other things with the animation and anatomy. What bugs you, and what anatomical aspects. bodily design aspects do you like? I do like it that she show bothers to animate their manes moving around and bouncing around realistically.
  8. What are the origins behind the ponies' instinct to break into song, and join in? Can it affect non-ponies? If so, how can you resist their song? It is said that looking at a pony's cute gaze can cause you to love him/her, or suffer some form of "diabetes". Is it true? Do ponies like to assimilate newcomers and visitors into "their Herd"? If so, then how? Are they strengthened by, or attracted, to friendship?
  9. NOTE: THE PEGASI AND UNICORNS IN THIS THREAD ARE NOT RELATED TO THOSE IN EQUESTRIA, BUT IN EARTH MYTHOLOGY. If such creatures did exist, then can you explain how did they evolve from actual horses? What kinds of circumstances/adaptions/mutations could cause things like this?
  10. Ponies...they're really really weird. From a physiological stand point. First thing. Their forelegs. They can move them around like a horses, and on the drop of a dime they start moving them around like a person's. Check your anatomy books. They can't possibly have a upper body skeletal structure like a horses, and I'm doubtful that region of their body is precisely like a humans either. Are they double jointed, or something? How would that work? I'd love to see some interpretive fan art displaying an Equestrian pony's skeletal structure in all it's scientifically plausible glory. Second thing. Those damn hooves. I haven't heard a lot of theories behind them, but the two biggest ones that I know of are, "Magic," and something I read in a fanfic about the keratin molecules rearranging themselves to be adhesive or something. What do you think? Also...if we stepped away from the fantasy aspect of MLP and looked at it through a purely Darwinian light, what set of circumstances would have to have existed that would lead up to the evolution of such a species? I need to know! For science!
  11. It was a few weeks ago when my professor introduced me to my independent study topic. I was to look at the reproductive system of a highly studied insect: the Rhodnius prolixus. It's an insect that's found all over Central and Southern America. They are the main carriers of a disease called Chagas. With the research I'm doing, we're aiming to delve deeper into understanding the reproductive system in insects like this one and eventually find better methods to control Chagas disease in South America. The entry image is that of the Rhodnius' circulatory system. What looks like a thin tube moving in the anterior-posterior direction is its vascular system. The dorsal vessel is near the insect's front end, and the aorta is nearer to its back end. All the white stuff attached to it are the insect's fat bodies. All that stuff I have to remove, along with the digestive system below the circulatory system, in order to get a closer look at the insect's reproductive system. However, what makes my independent study exciting is that I'll be the first person in the world to look at the reproductive system of the Rhodnius in its LARVAL form. Apparently. these insects develop their structures only if you feed it enough blood. My job eventually is to see how the reproductive structures develop from this: (just the testis, the transparent blob on the left and right side of the middle section of this picture): Into this (what you see there's just one of the accessory gland complexes that comes with the testis. Every Rhodnius has 2): This is just the preliminary work I'm doing for my independent study. There's a lot more to come over time and by then, I'll have a much better idea of what to write for my 50 page thesis!
  12. Ok today in school some moron in my biology class kept touching my hair saying it was soft and like the total moron my teacher is sitting in her chair being brain dead and doesn't do anything so next time he touched my hair (This may seem extreme). When the bottled up hate inside me was about to explode imagine a nuke with a fuse the size of a firecracker i swear i was about to shove this pencil so far up your a$$ engrave my name into his memory. I was never expecting something like this to come out off my mouth, I am a very nice person but then to make him think i meant i stared at him and gave him a smile but it looked so serious that he stopped messing with my dam hair and the people around me the rest of the day now. I feel horrible for doing that but the guy is so ignorant about everything he think Africa is in china and asks way more stupid questions and never stops talking when the teacher is i don't now what do u think should i apologize to him i really don't now this has never really happened to me before i feel so weird
  13. This was a project I put together for biology class. The idea was to abstract the process of inter-neuron communication that occurs at a synapse into an unrelated context to show that we understand the process. We were given full creative freedom, so I decided to make my project pony-themed. I'll be presenting it in roughly ten hours from the time of this post. In a nutshell, I translated this: ...into this: The translation wasn't perfect, as I couldn't figure out how to represent the calcium ions in pony form. I'm also well aware that Twilight Sparkle is not a mailpony, but my resources were quite limited and I only had two days to make this. This animator kit from deviantART was a lifesaver, as I haven't done any real animation since I was 12 (even then, I was hardly good at it). The music is from the Iron Pony Competition in Fall Weather Friends. Everything was done in Adobe Flash. I took so many shortcuts while making this (using screenshot backgrounds, premade animations, graphics, etc.), I'm not sure if I can even call it my animation. But the mere act of crossing ponies with my studies was fun and rewarding enough in itself.