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Found 105 results

  1. assuming that ponies and humans are interacting each other for long time, one day you get an invitation from your favorite pony and you must give her/him a perfect present! how do you react for getting the invitation? What present do you give her/him?
  2. What do you give them as a gift? For Celestia and Luna, I’d get them necklaces that symbolizes the sun and the moon and I’d also make breakfast for both of them!!
  3. All right I was thinking, when's the worst time of the year to have a birthday? Like what month. No this thread is not meant for bashing people who have birthdays in said months so if anyone ever mentions your birthday month or whatever, try not to feel offended. In my opinion, I always think the worst time is around Christmas that is if you celebrate it. From what I've heard, it can be either two things. Either, you get twice as many presents, or people just group your birthday with Christmas and give you one present, saying it's for your birthday and Christmas. So discuss away!
  4. Good evening! I haven't posted on the forums in a while, although I do read about what's up and what's going on which is fun. On a tangent, I'm going to be a legal beagle in a few hours and that's exciting (yay me!) I'm unsure if this is the right place to put this but we will see... I've never played multiplayer ever (I know it's sad and I'm lonely) I'm usually fine being alone but I also find it exciting playing with others, although my none of my friends play any games online and when they do it's none of the games I play which is disappointing. So through that scramble of words and tangents, does anybody still play Terraria and if so, does anybody want to play with me?
  5. Post your date of birth below (don’t have to include birth year, just month and day) and wait for someone with the same birthday as you to quote/mention you! Simple and straightforward but fun. My birthday is February 7th.
  6. This Tuesday on July 28th, I'm going to Main Event Entertainment for my birthday such as Laser Tag and Bowling. I'm about to turn 15 and will have a large cake on that day. So where are you going for your birthday? You can share your thoughts here about your plan for your birthday.
  7. We do not have a birthday thread. Oh... wait, now we do. There's this handy little box in the upper right-hand corner that tells you about birthdays, so why not have a place where you can announce it or to wish other forum members happy birthdays? So, happy birthday, Zonra! Hope you have an awesome day!
  8. So, when is your birthday? My birthday is December 2nd, 1994.
  9. I've been ultra-bored all day so I thought "Ehh, I'll make a fun little poll". So, what month were you born in? I was born in March (March 27th). I also want to see if there really is a bell curve or not. (Google it.)
  10. I think there should be a "Birthday" banner under a users name. I'm sure I've missed wishing a lot of my friends happy birthdays because I didn't know when they were. @Tacodidra also came up with the idea to receive birthday notifications for the users that you follow.
  11. I randomly thought about how these things were all the rage back on the MLP Wiki 3-4 years ago, so I thought it might be fun to create one now! Maybe some already exist, but this is my version. To play, just take whatever day of the month your birthday is (X), and that will correspond to a forum member. Then, look at your birthday month to get the situation! Forum Members (X): (the first 31 I could think of, completely randomized order) Chrysalium Prospekt Lightwing Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man IronM17 WWolf Leere ChikoritaCheezits Trotteur Sauvage Nightfall Gloam Wingnut Stormfury Frostgage CypherHoof Hierok The Cerberus Arid_Blitz Duality meme Twisted Cyclone GrimGrimoire Flutterstep StrawCherry Lucky Bolt SolarFlare13 TBD The_Gobo Sparklefan1234 Mirage SparklingSwirls Snow Birthday Months: January: You find out that you and X are distantly related! February: X proposes marriage to you! D'aww March: You and X are stranded on a deserted island together! April: X decides to boop your snoot every day for an entire year! May: You and X have a dance contest! But who will be the judge? June: You and X go on an epic quest to take down evil monsters! July: You and X have been turned into cats! August: X bakes mystery cookies for you. How nice! September: You and X team up to take over the forums! October: X dresses up in a creepy costume and scares you! November: Oh no, you and X are banished to the moon! December: You and X get into a crazy huge snowball fight! EDIT: Oh, I forgot to do mine! Looks like @Twisted Cyclone will be joining me in another attempt to take over the forums! I totally didn't put that for September on purpose
  12. Hello everypony! This is the Birthday Scenario Game. All you have to do to match your birthday month with your birth date and see your results! Post them below.
  13. Post your results!! My result: Destroyed Equestria with Derpy Hooves. :3
  14. You can find a good amount of accurate information on yourself if you enter your birthday on the following website: So, what do your birthday say about you? My information:
  15. Well, I must be slow or something. It only took an uncounted number of rewatches of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" and "Secret of my Excess" for me to connect the dots and realize that when the girls are celebrating Spike's birthday in "SomE" they should also be celebrating the day they all got their cutie marks! Unless the ponies celebrate his birthday on the day his egg was birthed, but I seriously doubt any of them actually know what day that is, and that includes Celestia. So my point is Pinkie Pie should have thrown an even more epic party than she did in "Secret of my Excess", because they're not only celebrating the day Spike hatched, but also when they all found out their destinies. Plus Rainbow Dash did the first Sonic Rainboom ever. Totally epic day! Here you go - epic Spike for an epic day!
  16. So the other day I shared a MLP cake my sister made. Over the last 4 years she has fallen in love with crafting homemade cakes, dinners, desserts, and crocheted items. This prompted me to find all the pictures we have taken of her creations, as well as some of the other projects my family members have created. *Unless otherwise stated: ALL OF THESE ARE LEGITIMATELY FROM MY FAMILY! NO JOKE. My participation has been photography...haha and taste-testing! **I've edited over most of the names she has written onto the cakes ==================================================== I'd love to see what other things your families have created, if you have pictures of course! So feel free to share what you can! PIRATE CAKE, Cupcakes, & Cannons This was the first cake that she made so it's a little rough around the edges! We had a pirate party for Halloween 3 years ago (we've actually had 3 now...we like pirates! ) The Captain Barbosa toy on the deck, the masts, sails and string-rail, and flags were the only non-edible parts. My father created the little cannons and cannon ball piles out of various candies (Tootsie Rolls, mini Oreos, Hershey Buttons, Sixlets, Milky Ways and I think Whoppers) ==================== Giraffe *I don't know who Aspen is so I figured I could leave that name there. ==================== 50/50 Split She made this one for some twins: ==================== MLP: FiM - Rainbow Dash ==================== Gingerbread Houses My mom and another sister made these a few Christmases ago:
  17. a late birthday present for my favorite stalker my pal, this past march 29th, I drew hic OC Psyche Clops the panties nightwalker in SAI, "vectored" and shaded it, then in Photoshop added the bg, the lens flare, and the red glow of his glasses.
  18. Yesterday was my 15th birthday. And what was my gift....a Princess Twilight Sparkle toy! Why did I buy one...well, I thought that Hasbro has given me this show, so I should at least give it some money. And so, I set off to Toys 'R' Us. I had some trouble finding the My Little Pony section. But once I got there, I felt really uncomfortable and embarrassed. I was in a toy store! On my 15th birthday! I looked around trying to avoid eye contact with all the parents, children and shelf stackers around me and tried to find a Twilight Sparkle toy. There were many toys of the mane 6, but most of them came with combs, which I definitely did not want. I was not going to spend time combing a pony doll! Finally, I found a series called Cutie Mark Magic, which was reasonable and looked more like a collectible rather than a hair brushing doll. But I wanted a Twilight Sparkle one (after all, she is my favourite character). For some reason, Twilight Sparkle is in very high demand. Maybe it is because she is the main mane character...or little girls just want 'princess' toys. So, I want to another store, Entertainer. Luckily, I found what I was looking for there and even better for a discounted price. There was only one piece, which seems to confirm my previous hypothesis. I took it to the counter. I anticipated the question. The shop keeper asked me, "Is that for you?" I wondered whether to lie or say the truth. I decided that I will stay true to the shows ideal of honesty and said, "Yeah"! And that is the story of my 15th birthday (leaving aside all the food). P.S. I will post some pictures later.
  19. Introduction This entry is actually a special one, seeing as one of my friends' birthdays was today. So, I'm dedicating this one to you, yayayayayala! THIS IS MY B-DAY PRESENT TO YOU! :3 The Episode Our episode begins in the Juice Bar (...HGHTHBGFHFHFHFHFHFHAAAAAAAAAAANOTAGAIN!...Oh, wait, they actually have a legit reason this time...), where the Rangers aside from Zack are setting up a birthday party. Ernie has his suspicions about the Rangers, so the gang tells him that the Rangers are space aliens. This seems to satisfy the bar owner, so he leaves the matter at that. Meanwhile, Rita plans to give Zack a "present" of her own: an ancient warrior of hers known as the Knasty Knight. Squatt and Baboo help forge the Knight's sword, and the creature is brought to life. The next day, Zack tries to get Kimberly to remember his birthday. She lies, and Zack leaves, rejected and disappointed that his friends don't remember his birthday. As he goes for a walk, the Knight ambushes him, and Zack morphs...only to find out he is powerless against this new foe. Zordon informs the others, and they go to help. Unfortunately for them, their Power Weapons are ineffective as well. Rita makes Knasty Knight grow, and the Megazord is summoned. After getting their butts kicked, the Rangers find out the monster's weakness: his own powers can be reflected back at him. They use this to their advantage, and at the end, they celebrate Zack's birthday. My Opinion After the previously three good episodes, this one goes back to formula...but subverts it a bit with the Knight's weakness. This, however, does not save it from a "Eh..." score in my eyes. Final Score 5.5/10
  20. We really don't know when either of their birthday is. We do know they are almost opposites, though. So finding a common ground while still being able to have fun would be a great theme for an episode. Pinkie Pie needs to plan the birthday party of not one, but two of her friends, Applejack and Rarity. Those two ponies are almost opposites, so there is some problems with planning the party. Applejack wants a country theme, and Rarity wants a high class theme. (Or something along those lines.) They can't agree on the theme. Pinkie Pie helps them find a common ground, and they have a really fun birthday party together. What would your opinions on an episode like this be?
  21. So, what kind of ingredients would your ideal cake contain? Whether it'd be for your birthday or just for personal eating, how do you picture the best cake for you? Mine would be a mixture between chocolate and vainilla, cause i love them both. With sprinkles to boot. (Yeah, I know it's not very creative)
  22. I wanted to make a special entry for my kitty Luna's fifth birthday!!! <3 <3
  23. What's your surprise gift? =3 EDIT:
  24. Hello all, this is Whimsey Daze! I am here to see what your birthday tells about you! This is just a fun little quiz I wanted to do around here to see if anypony wanted to learn something fun about themselves. No really, it's easy! Just fill out this form, and I'll return back with results as soon as I can! Birth Month: Birth Date: Birth Year: Favorite Animal?: Favorite Flower?: