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Found 16 results

  1. Bakugou Is My Man <3

    When Is Your Birthday?

    So, when is your birthday? My birthday is December 2nd.
  2. Everyday, five birthdays are highlighted on MLP Forums. But there are like, 50 or so birthdays everyday here on the forums. So who or what decides which ones are shown?
  3. So, most of the voice cast with the exception of Ashleigh Ball are extremely responsive to fans on Twitter and other social media websites. I've been lucky enough to get a favourite from Tabitha St. Germain and Peter New when I wished them a happy birthday (got a reply to a question from the former, too!!!). Anyway, on the subject of birthdays, I've noticed that a lot of fans often tweet the voice cast asking something like "It's my 22nd birthday today, could I get a happy birthday from Fluttershy/Celestia/Spike?" A lot of the time they reply and the fans are very grateful, even if they don't always say please :/ I was thinking of doing this but then I thought isn't it a little rude or attention-seeking (the voice cast honestly don't seem to mind - Andrea Libman and Nicole Oliver in particular are very nice about it but I dunno it feels wrong :/).
  4. ranul

    pony gifts

    What were your three favourite my little pony related gifts that you received that you did not ask for .
  5. Faerie-StarV

    Happy September Birthday

    Since it's mine and any pony who shared the same month as I am, I present a pony pic for this month, Morning Glory! Happy September Birthday to every pony who is born this month!
  6. So there have been birthdays mentioned in the show Pinkie and Rainbow Dash? Do we have any way of knowing what days the others fall on? I guess we can go on the episode Party of One for Pinkie's day and Pinkie Pride for RD's birthday and the day before Pinkie's birthday is said to be Gummy's.. But, have their been any other clues to the birthdays of the other ponies? If so, I can't remember any hints except for when Pinkie was mentioning how many days each background pony had until their birthday right before breaking out into the Smile Song. Oops...Almost forgot Spike. He had a birthday episode too!
  7. I'm sure I'm not alone in getting a little depressed whilst scrolling over the day's birthdays to see that the majority of them haven't logged on in years. Would it perhaps be possible to sort the birthdays list by last active, or filter it to only display those that have logged in somewhat recently?
  8. flutterinmyheart

    Pinkie's RSVP Song, Lucy Style!

    Pinkies RSVP Lucy Style.mp3 So, it's my friends birthday and I made her a little something. The audio can also be found at my MLP blog on tumblr HERE. I record audio with my phone so it's not perfect. (working to get a decent mic) And lemme just say, omigosh to get my voice that high when it normally isn't was a pain. But it was for someone very special to me! This not much of an update but I felt like sharing with my MLP friends. Please be gentle, it was my first time doing Pinkie's voice. *hides* I hope everyone is well! Take care friends.
  9. Rainbow Skywalker

    I've ruined my birthday.

    "It's not me, it's just my mind." -- George Harrison, Live Concert for Japan. I love it how everybody on the forums manages to take time out of their day to wish a happy celebration to an appropriate recipient. Even if it's just a auto-sent message from Chigens and Kay (XD) But somehow, I've managed to go against everyone's wishes. I truly screwed myself over this time. My family was there, they gave me presents. The cake sat on the table with all of it's overly sugared glory, waiting to attack me with diabetes on the first bite. My mother had the camera out, my brother looked bored, and my father handed me the bag. It was a bag with Star Wars print on the outside. They sure do know what I like Then I opened the present bag. I pulled tissue paper out from the bag, and flinging it to the side with the same amount grace I use when I flop into bed after a long day: none at all. What I revealed was what most people might consider unsatisfactory. Most teenagers get cars for their 16th birthday. I got a pack of Star Wars gummies from 2010, and a nice, blue mousepad. I was disappointed but I didn't show it. This is what shocked me. Not the fact that I got less than perfect gifts, but what I thought about it. I should have been appreciative for what they got me. I should have loved those stale treats and adored the other gift along with the cake. Instead, my first reaction was "Dammit." What have I become? I have never had a happy birthday before. Something always seems to go wrong. This was by far the worst however, as I realized that I am transforming into some sort of greed ridden monster. What the hell was I expecting? Some sort of mansion? A stack of bills? Why would I expect anything in the first place? So I ruined my own birthday, or at least my subconscious self did. Should I blame it on human nature? No, although humans are cruel, they are only natured from their own environment. And I have had many wonderful friends in my life who influenced me in amazing ways. Who is there to blame but myself. TL;DR The thing I am getting to is that I am afraid of myself. Afraid of the way I think and why I think that way. Why do I behave this way? Why am I an unappreciative monster?
  10. Descant

    Thoughts about Birthdays

    (I evidently forgot to publish this... I wrote this on June 30th, the day after my birthday. And I stand by it all.) I know my birthday was yesterday, and I'd like to start this little spiel off with a disclaimer. I had a good birthday. Nothing horrible happened apart from the entire staff of a restaurant coming to serenade me and bring me free ice cream. And that wasn't bad either. I just wanted to share my thoughts, which have nothing to do with how the day itself actually went. Now that that's out of the way... I honestly have never cared for making as big a deal of my birthday as people insist on making out of birthdays. It always kills me a little bit inside, honestly, to see dozens of 'Happy Birthdays' plastering my facebook wall. It's not that I don't like being the center of attention - quite the opposite, in fact - but when I'm the center of everyone's attention, I want it to be for something I'm proud of, for something I worked for. And being born doesn't exactly meet those requirements. It's not special or everything, I mean, everyone I've ever met was born at some point in their lives. It's not special, and honestly, I don't think it's worth making such a big deal about. I never feel I deserve the attention or gifts or well-wishes I recieve on my birthday, because I've done nothing to warrant them. It's not like I cured cancer, or starred in a musical at my school, or was a background character in a musical at my school or anything worth bragging about like that. All I ever did to earn this day of superiority and attention was being expelled out of my mother. At least on Christmas it's the wishes, attention, and gifts are reciprocated and shared among my entire family. I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, I love everybody who wished me a happy birthday, or gave me a nice gift, or sang that dreadful melody at me. But that being said, I don't like being recognized for something I didn't work for. I'm starting to ramble, so I'll just stop here, I guess. +10 Experience Points for whoever managed to read all that without falling asleep.
  11. Yup. Not sure if this should go here, or in Forum Games. Gonna say here because why not? :3 Attached, hit it to enlarge. It's not rigged at all. NOPE.
  12. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Happy Birthday, ds8! [With Luna]

    So, as some of you know, today is 's birthday! I know that he thinks Luna is best pony, and I couldn't find an OC of his, so I did this instead! Happy birthday, ds8, hope its a good one! (click it for a better view)
  13. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Happy Birthday, Flame Dancer!

    Well, today I was browsing the front page, and I couldn't help but notice that to day is 's BIRTHDAY! So, I went ahead and did some art, in my newest style! Happy Birthday, Flame Dancer, hope you like your present!
  14. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Happy Birthday, Aureity!

    I know its a bit late in the day to put this up, but today is @Aureity's BIRTHDAY!!! So, in celebration of their birthday, I made some art of their OC, Aurora Flare. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
  15. Octavia's Cellozoid

    Happy Birthday! [Illustrated]

    Happy birthday, Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer! An American birthday song... Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Comrade! Happy birthday to you! (A different, less known one) This is your birthday song, it isn't very long, And now its done. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Пу́сть бегу́т неуклю́же Пешехо́ды по лу́жам, А вода́ — по асфа́льту реко́й. И нея́сно прохо́жим В э́тот де́нь непого́жий, Почему́ я́ весёлый тако́й. Припе́в: Я́ игра́ю на гармо́шке У прохо́жих на виду́ … К сожале́нью, де́нь рожде́нья То́лько ра́з в году́. Прилети́т вдру́г волше́бник В голубо́м вертолёте И беспла́тно пока́жет кино́. С днём рожде́нья поздра́вит И, наве́рно, оста́вит Мне́ в пода́рок пятьсо́т «эскимо́».
  16. Pony Joe

    Testing The Birthday Paradox!

    The Birthday Paradox states that when 23 people's birthdays are compared, the chances of 2 birthdays being identical is 50%! With 57 people, it reaches 99%! So, I want to try a little experiment. For each post, put your birthday and continue the count. We will see exactly how many posts it takes for us to find a match. Let's begin! My birthday is March 22nd, and I will start the count at ONE. Birthdays so far Posts: 28 Total matches found: 4