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Found 9 results

  1. So I saw we lacked one of these and I thought it would be a nice addition to the site. Let's here talk, share stories and bring up other nice things about us who like people of our own gender, both genders, identify as the opposite gender or any other traits of ourselves and/or our friends who fit under the LGBTQ banner.
  2. Let me first start off by explaining why this thread needs to exist; due to the fact that some of you may be wondering why a thread like this is not merged with the LGBT Support Thread. Bisexuality is different than both hetero and homo sexuality in that it, by it's very definition, means the attraction to both male and female genders. This has lead to false stereotypes and discrimination not only throughout society, but also throughout the LGBT community as well. These stereotypes include bisexuals being promiscuous, greedy, confused, ect... And if you're still in doubt that bisexuals face discrimination within the LGBT community, then watch this video by, one of my favorite YouTubers, TheNotAdam where R.J. explains how he experienced biphobia at a pride parade in L.A. Do to the fact that allot of these particular issues effect solely bisexuals, I felt compelled to make this thread. That being said, this thread is open to anyone and not just bisexuals. I want everyone to be able to join in on the discussion. Lastly, I'll end on this. This thread is also meant to be a safe haven for people who are bisexual. Any bullying will be reported to a moderator or administrator. Thank you for your corporation! ~Cyber Spartan
  3. Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like. I shall start a PM thing with this, and we should RP as if we're in a boarding school Just place your OCs down, and yeah, we will commence once two are here. I shall set up the things. We shall all be in one room with many bedrooms. Everytime we get a new person here, there's another bedroom added. We shall do normal classes, and there shall be no specific person as the teacher, so we might throw it around alot. Finally, there might be relationships in this, so, if your OC's bi, that's better. If not, that's ok as well.
  4. There are some people on this forum that might already know about this, but for the ones who don't, i tell it here. I am Bisexual. I realized it since a few weeks, after i found out that i have a certain attractiveness towards man, which is something i kind of knew since 2013, but i only just recently accepted now. But i am not homosexual, since i am still attracted to Woman. Which now brings me to my good friend LZRD WZRD. LZRD and i know each other for over 2 months now. I met him after seeing one of his S5 Trailer Reviews and thinking that he was a very cool dude. I was PMing him a few times here on the Forums, saying how much i like his stuff, which he of course appreciated. The talks went a bit further, with me asking about him about other pony stuff, about movies we like, about music we like, etc. We then exchanged each others Skype and that's where i considered him a very good friend. So we pretty much chatted with each other, almost everyday. We laughed with each other, debated with each other and did all the other stuff that friends do and i felt very close to him. That's where i thought "is there something more?" And just a few days later i thought "Oh god, i am in love with LZRD WZRD." I was very nervous, because i didn't know what to say to him. He also opened to me that he is Bisexual, but i didn't knew how he would react and i thought he would reject me. One day, i took up the courage and opened my heart to LZRD WZRD. I told to him that we pretty much share each others secret and that we know how we care for each other, etc. Wouldn't you know it, he actually felt the same. So yeah, LZRD WZRD and i are in love. I feel a very special connection to him, something i never felt before and we show our appreciation for each other very often. I wanted to share this with the forum, because i also want to encourage other people who might also feel a bit hesitant to this situation. Trust me, it isn't so bad. Show your love to the ones you want to share it with. I love my Lizard <3
  5. I know we have quite a bit around here, show yourselves This is to also discuss, and share anything related to LGBT! I also have a Skype group, small right now. If you want in, add me on Skype. It's clean chat.
  6. Welcome to the ??? Bisexual Pride Thread ??? bisexuality (n): the potential to be attracted—romantically and/or sexually—to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree (source: bisexual activist Robyn Ochs) ??? Purpose ??? This is a thread for bisexual bronies and pegasisters to openly discuss bisexuality in a positive way. Being bisexual comes with a unique set of issues and experiences when compared to being heterosexual, homosexual, or any other sexual identity. Therefore, I thought a thread specifically for bisexuals could prove to be useful. Feel free to use this thread to... - Connect with other bisexual MLP fans and make friends. - Discuss any bisexual issues that come up in your life (coming out, relationships, biphobia, etc). - Talk about what bisexuality means to you and why you choose it as an identifier. - Post motivational content/graphics specifically for bisexual or LGBTQ+ people. - Share your personal experiences with others who may find your stories interesting or helpful. - Discuss how MLP or the MLP community has helped affirm your bisexual identity in any way. - ...or anything else, as long as it's about bisexuality and it's not negative or insulting ??? Rules ??? - Stay on topic. - No debating. This thread is not in the debate pit for a reason. If you use this thread to bash bisexuality or argue about it in any way deemed to be negative or insulting, you will not be pandered to. You will simply be asked to leave. - Keep discussions respectful and mature. - Make sure all discussions adhere to MLP Forums standards when it comes to sexual or graphic content. ??? Happy Posting!???
  7. I was recently wondering after a quick search on both Google and this forum as to whether or not there was a forum (or place) for the LGBT brony community. I only wondered as many other forums tend to have one and I am surprised there is not one here. If there is one and I have been ignorant enough to miss it than I do apologize for you waste of time and I am also sorry If wasting forum space.
  8. So i was at school. I was taking a little beating for being bi. But you know what? I didn't really care! This is who i am! Once I was open about my 'bronieness', people freaked. They started saying stuff like "You're just a faggot!" and "You're such a loser!" but the funniest insult that i heard was "You like My Little Pony? You're gay!" i could stop laughing. I didn't understand how this was an insult because i was open about me liking the same gender. I realized that they are just spewing out insults left and right because they were afraid of me. They felt threatened about how i didn't care for their insults. The next Monday i can to school wearing a Fluttershy T-shirt. One bully came up to me and started pushing me. I told him to stop. He pushed. I pushed. He shoved. I grabbed his arm, kicked him in the groin, twisted his arm and pulled him the ground, and kicked him in the leg to get him on the ground and walked away. I didn't fight him. I only defended my self. I now that this story seems to lead to nowhere, but i just home that somepony can take some information from it and use it to better themselves in the face of their enemies. Thank you for reading.
  9. Ok, I'm going to try to make this quick because I have a football game to go to tonight. I told my "friend" that I was a brony and I love to watch MLP: FIM. He said alright, and just went on his merry way. (I told him because he asked if I liked MLP) Turns out he's been making me a laughing stock in the sister school to us. I found this out today on the bus. He started telling people that I love My Little Pony, and that escalated to people calling me bi-sexual. I told them (In a calm voice) that a majority of the fanbase is heterosexual. They didn't want to hear it. Now my "friend" has told everyone that I am bi-sexual (which I'm not). I don't like conflict so I really can't fight him, nor verbally scoff at him. I'm more along the lines of peacefully ignoring him. I found myself clenching the bus seat so hard it made imprints on it. I really don't like getting into conflicts so I just sat there listening to this happening... I'll show all of them, by wearing my MLP shirt that I'm going to get soon. ~Dusty~