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Found 27 results

  1. Hey everypony! Just wanted to announce, I had a great idea to start a Call Of Duty Elite clan/group, for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Anypony is free to join, just have an Xbox 360, and Xbox Live. I thought that all the ponies out there that are lookin' for other ponies to play with/group up with on Black Ops 2, so anyone lemme' know whatcha' guise think, and if yall' are up for it. Any day, any time! Hope to see at least some of yall' on Black Ops 2!
  2. Hi! Not sure if this belongs in the gamertag sharing thread, but I was wondering if there were any active brony call of duty clans on the PSN. All of the clans Ive seen have been on Xbox so far and its been tough trying to find one still active. My PSN's "DiTzyy-" encase anyone wants to add me. Just say youre a brony and ill gladly accept.
  3. You’ve carved up the turkey, so that means it’s time to carve up prices! Let BABSCon help you enjoy the insanity of Black Friday Weekend without having to brave the stores and malls. The con crazy enough to bring you the list of guests we had last year—and which has only gotten started with a slate to date of Tara Strong, John de Lancie, Cathy Weseluck, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Heather Breckel, and Tony Fleecs—is crazy enough to give you 4 days to buy your membership to see them for 20% off. ANY membership. From NOW until 11:59 PM PST Cyber Monday, register with promo code BLACKFRIDAY20 for your 20% discount. 3-Day Foal Pass: $30 $24 Ponyville Pony 3-Day Pass: $60 $48 Canterlot Pony: $150 $120 High Society Pony: SOLD OUT! Crystal Pony: $500 $400 Noble Pony: $1,000 $800 Mane Character: $2,500 $2,000 You don’t want to miss this opportunity to secure your own membership, or to buy one for friends, family, or loved ones. We’re actually a little worried we might have to cap attendance this year… Once again, go to and use code BLACKFRIDAY20 for 20% off ANY membership, before it goes away. The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information! • •
  4. Bronies I come with a message of grave importance. The Realm of Xbox-Live has become a warground, instead of Fighting for Peace and Harmony, people fight only for Glory and Bragging rights. I call upon you, Loyal Bronies of Equestria, To take up arms and fight back against the Tide of War and Chaos. This Also includes other Brony Gamer Groups they know not of the truth, they fight only for fun, we must be the ones to sacrifice everything, for we shall Unite all under one banner. If you are willing to Fight the Good fight, Please add my Gamertag, to build up a Reputation, we shall start on Black Ops 2 and we shall move on to others, such as Halo, Battlefield, and World of Tanks, also Minecraft, but even if you do play other games, please still feel free to join. GamerTag: BRONY KNIGHT Now Join The Death Korps, for a Brighter future. ~ I Live To Die. And I Die So they May Live Free ~
  5. The one new Emblem I'm relatively proud of, probably because it took the most effort, considering the tutorial I followed to make this emblem wasn't exactly the best detailed one in the world... infact, It was probably the worst detailed. That said, I Love how this one came out. (Playing on Xbox 360)
  6. What First person shooters do you like? Share your stories of your favourite FPS's throughout history from Wolfenstein 3D to COD:Ghosts. Personally I like a lot of FPS's from the mid 90's - early 00's. Like Doom, Half Life, Blood, Unreal Tournament, Vietcong (my TL;DR tumblr post on that is here if anyone is intrigued) I'm more keen on singleplayer campaigns then Multiplayer when it comes to my FPS. What about you ponez?
  7. Now, I personally love Black Ops 2. I feel like it changed up quite a lot of things. Yes, I know, it's not like it revolutionized the first person shooter, but it did pretty good. But, I must say, probably one of favorite things of the game, is the ability to create an emblem ( a picture or artwork) that everyone you play with on multiplayer can see. Soooo, I wanted to show you my emblem, hope you all like it!!!!! :-D This is my emblem.
  8. The last angle is the one to look at (yes, this is me playing). Point is, there was plenty enough innovation for me in this game. People complain about every title being the same, but for me... If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Treyarch added (mostly) new guns, new maps, a 10x better "Create a Class" system, 10x better score streaks, and an overall balanced game. The lag though. It kills me. I have never had so many connection issues in my entire life. If you disagree, that's fine. Personally, CoD is just an entertaining way to pass the time. That is all.
  9. Anyone want to play Zombies? I will probably been on, so send me a friend request and we can start a game. PSN: HeLlZrEtRiVeR
  10. Since I have officially dubbed Mutiplayer total BS, I have dedicated my time to simply playing zombies instead. And since the Black Ops 2 thread is full of MP discussion, I have made a thread for the epicness that is zombies. Discuss anything related to CoD Zombies. If you want to play Zombies with me, my PSN name is HeLlZrEtRiVeR.
  11. Since there is a lot of Call of Duty players on this thread than I expected, I have decided to make a discussion thread. Share your tips, weapons, rank, emblems, anything to do with the series. Please, don't come here to hate or post about how much you hate the series.
  12. So as we all know Xbox Live isn't the place to go for intelligent conversations with level headed adults. Too bad i dont care. Me and another Brony friend have a ritual where we troll people (mostly try hards) on Black Ops 2. We have rules to this such as no trolling Troops and no trolling fellow Bronies. So our trolling is usually in game. such as flashbanging team mates, trapping the team mates,stealing care packages, and jumping in front of bullets from the team ETC. We hold back on it if there are fellow Bronies with us or if the other users are nice. As of late we voice troll by saying how much we Love the Stallions of MLP. If some of you have played with us than you know how bad we get.
  13. Well, so far the journey is getting deeper and deeper by every passing month. I am feeling very confident, that Master Prestige will be within my reach in probably about 2 months. So far my prestige is currently Prestige 8. Two more prestiges to go through, wish me the best of luck!
  14. Ever since I saw YouTube videos of the Team Fortress 2 classes being ponified, such as the Pinkie Pyro, or the Flutter Medic, and so on, I started thinking about other games and doing the same thing with those characters, recently I've been thinking about the zombies story line from Call of Duty: World at War, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2. There's something about the zombies story line I love so much, unlike the campaign, which I find rather dull to play through. It might be the characters, and their quotes that make them so enjoyable to listen to, or it might be the fact that there's a lot of mystery in the story that isn't too apparent in the game, and you kind of need to make your own theories. For the past few days I've been making a list in my head of which ponies closely fit which of the characters/survivors. Like the TF2 classes the list was made paying no attention to gender. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt(WaW): Marine #1: Lyra Heartstrings Marine #2: Bon Bon Marine #3: Carrot Top Marine #4: Berry Punch I chose background ponies for the marines on Nacht der Untoten because the marines are nameless and I don't think they have voices(I started playing zombies in Black Ops 1, just going off the wiki here.) Any background pony would work for these characters, these are just the ones I chose. Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon(BO1): Edward Richtofen: Discord Tank Dempsey: Rainbow Dash Nikolai Belinski: Pinkie Pie Takeo Masaki: Fluttershy I see Discord being a lot like Richtofen, as they both want control over the world; Discord with his chaos magic, and Richtofen with his current control over the zombies. Dash is like Dempsey because they're both aggressive and somewhat egotistical. Pinkie is like Nikolai because they're both considered, by me, the comedy relief of both the Mane 6, and the Survivors respectively. Fluttershy is like Takeo because they're both usually the quietest and least obnoxius of the group. Five(BO1): John F. Kennedy: Mayor Mare Robert McNamara: Undecided Fidel Castro: Undecided Richard Nixon: Undecided Mayor Mare is JFK because she's the only pony in politics that I can think of. Call Of The Dead(BO1): Sarah Michelle Gellar: Rarity Danny Trejo: Undecided Robert Englund: Undecided Michael Rooker: Undecided Sarah Michelle Gellar is probably the most lady-like survivor yet, making Rarity a good match. Green Run, Die Rise(BO2): Samuel Stuhlinger: Undecided Marlton Johnson: Twilight Sparkle Abigail "Misty" Briarton: Applejack Russman: Granny Smith Twilight is like Marlton because they're both smart. Applejack is like Misty because of Misty's country-style outfit, and the fact that Misty's voice sounds like a combination of Rainbow and Applejack, anyone else notice this? Granny Smith is like Russman because they're both elderly. Other Characters: Dr. Ludvig Maxis: Princess Celestia Samantha Maxis: Princess Luna Celestia is like Maxis because of the fact, Maxis guides the survivors in Green Run and Die Rise, much like how Celestia will summon the Mane 6 to save the world against evils such as Discord(Part of the reason why he's Richtofen), and King Sombra. Luna is like Samantha because she's the closest relative to Celestia, much like Sam is the closest known relative to Dr. Maxis. I hope my fellow zombie fans found this interesting to read. I apologize if it's a little confusing and a little bit long, but I feel like with more thought from other minds, the two series are more comparable than you might think in terms of characters, again, just like the classes from TF2. Any suggestions for character comparisons would be great, even if it's a zombie character that I've already compared with a pony character. It'd be kind of cool to start seeing art of this popping up on the subject, such as ponies dressed up as the survivors. I'm no good at drawing, but I've been thinking of trying to draw Fluttershy, in Takeo's uniform, holding the Arisaka. I'm actually a little surprised as to how little art I've found on the internet on this subject, proving it's something people haven't really thought of. Only things I managed to find was an OC that looked like Dempsey, and someone who turned what looked to be a G3 pony toy into a Richtofen pony.
  15. I see a ton of My Little Pony emblems floating all around Call of Duty: Black Ops II. So I decided to take a snapshot of whatever emblems that I find, and post them to the official COD forums, linked below: This page also has a few YouTube tutorials so you can "pony up" your Black Ops 2 experience. If you have custom designs, you can submit them here, or I could take a snapshot of your design if you have Xbox 360. My GamerTag is, "Rugged Savior." **I'm new to the site, so if I post anything in the wrong areas, please let me know. Thanks!**
  16. So after quitting xbox live and black ops 2 over a month ago i decided to get back on. I get in a match and my eyes could not comprehend the images in front of them. It felt so weird when i first started to move around the map i was amazed. I kept saying, "wow look at those graphics. its like im actually there." I also downloaded the newest map pack which came with a new gun. Thats a first for the Call of Duty series. Tried out the gun and enjoyed it. 2 games in i started to realize why i stopped playing the game. Lag and those jerks that use lag switches. I was about to steal an enemies care package that contained a AGR when all of a sudden the lag comes. Then the enemies spawn next to me and i die. I have decided to keep playing only if im in a party or with an Xbox Live friend.
  17. '' Well Mares and Gentlecolts, Revolution will finally be upon us tomorrow and all of the PS3 players will fight on the battlefield with glory and rejoice in victory.'' '' I say may the odds be forever in your favor.'' So to pump you up.. here is the Black Ops II Revolution Downloadable Content trailer..
  18. Here is well an update on the downloadable content for Black Ops II. Treyarch © announced on Twitter, that PS3 and PC players will get the latest downloadable content on Black Ops II: Revolution on the 28th of this month. So all players mark that date on your calenders, February 28th! If you didn't buy the Season Pass, you can still buy it today! You can either buy it separately, or buy the Season Pass which is $49.99 on PS3. So, get your guns ready and game on!
  19. Well everypony, since the next Black Ops II DLC will be coming out soon. I decided to do a review on it. I really think this DLC will be pretty decent, I just hope Treyarch fixes the lag compensation though. So without further ado, here is my review. Call of Duty Black Ops II: Revolution DLC will be released January 29th for Xbox. Later on for PS3 and PC players. This DLC will feature the following: New maps in the Black Ops II game, when you purchase the DLC. Hydro Grind Downhill Mirage It will also include the exclusive Peacekeeper SMG And finally, it will have the new Zombies DLC map, Die Rise. Hope everypony enjoyed this review. News: Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC pack releases for PS3 on February 28th. Get all 4 map packs free with the Season Pass. Season Pass is $49.99.
  20. My road to Master Prestige, like every other person that has not went to master prestige yet. You don't lose any scorestreaks, guns, but the camos you have to earn. So wish me luck, to becoming Master Prestige in Black Ops II.
  21. I haven't played it in a good while and I'd love to jump in with a few of you guys tonight. Nothing serious, just for fun! I'm not expecting many replies here since most people play CoD on console primarily, but I would be interested in getting a few usernames down regardless so we can get a group session goin' sometime. I played this game for the first time in months last night and I always get totally pooped on whenever I'm playing team games solo - but I'm sure playing with some of you might even the odds a little, plus it'd be fun! So, interested? Drop me your Steam username here and hopefully we can get a sizeable group together, even if it's only a few people. EDIT: Here's mine. Derp. -Equity
  22. Since I can't seem to find any responsive ones I made one. It is called MLP Wonderbolts and I will accept any Brony in to it, just apply on the link elite is a free service and a pretty cool one too showing you your stats from black ops too black ops get perks for being in a clean too ;-)
  23. I found call of cutie black clops and I decided to edit it into call of cutie black clops 2. BTW I'm not a cod fag, I play mostly skyrim but I admit call of duty is fun. Black ops 2 was the only one that really appealed to me though, the sci fi, the art and concept was amazing. Please don't think I just added a 2 to the photo, link to origonal:
  24. I've been making game-play videos on YouTube for a while now, but i've started a new series in-which i play Black ops 2 with some brony friends. Right now i only have 2 of these videos up under the series title of FiM (Friendship is Murder). The format i am using is to post 1 main video that has all of us playing in it and separate videos to watch from our points of view throughout the match. I'm looking for any form of feedback an suggestions for how i could improve or change these videos, i am open to suggestions for renaming the series as its just a name i came up with last minute at like 4AM. This is the first video, it has no editing on it therefor is much easier for me to produce: The video is a montage created in the in-game editor, there are links to watch from either my point of view or my friend's point of view. While this method is the fastest way to produce a video, it limits what can be done, leaving very little room for editing and the video is limited to 20 clips in length by the game. This is my second video, it is highly edited therefor required alot longer to produce: The video is filmed in the CODcast feature which means i can record the whole match rather than just 20 clips, clicking on either of the video sides will open up a highlight video of the kills in that match by that player, so clicking me (top left) will bring up my highlights. This method takes alot longer to produce but removes most limitations meaning i can edit to my hearts' content. Which do you think is the better format, and what other changes could i make? Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated